RealitY Kills !

Vulnerability, if you ask me to frame some words with "Vulnerability". without a second thought i will and i can write" Indian Media,Indian Television shows and Poor Indian viewers".
China recently made some STRICT laws over reality shows, do you know who ordered that? Not their ministers but their premier president, can we think like that with our PRESIDENT? Funniest fact "we have a woman president at our capital."

Recently i saw an article quoting,"Aftermath of Sunny Leone".. it has been found that minors are doing mini research on her in online, several parents found their kids browsing and speaking about a porn actress, which is really really too much for their age.

What happened in China ? China is very similar country to India in ethics and culture,population. but definitely not similar in laws and rules. They do whatever it takes to save their culture and people, they recently made media to follow some strict rules,regulations which will guide their people and let them live an indigenous life, is that situation possible in our country? in future ?

Kingfisher calendar girls a trending zone, whole airlines and people working there are fearing about job loss throughout the calendar, yet their head is busy on posing for clicks with chicks of his son's age and his crap minded son is busy on dating actress(it's his personal) but when
 it comes on every dailies as if he struggled for Women empowerment. it is no more personal stuff.Shame shame shame..                                                                 

Everyday there comes a news a hot news, which we can't watch with our mother and sister."Sunny Leone Bares all for Jism-2", what a holy crap ?? is she in famine or is she sooo poor ? or is this America to show philanthropy by baring all?
What our watchdogs doing ? we will give all our best to stop a film giving a good message like "Aarakshan" for which political parties stands together and opposes such movie deliberately to gain votes.But if it is for a movie which shows nude scenes or kissing sequence, they will open their jaws and watch it out till THE END.  

We are changing and probably most of us are changed, Personal life should be kept apart from can do whatever you wish for but never spoil others for your personal gains and pleasure.
Pooja Bhatt and his insane father, how could a father and daughter make a film like "Jism"?? and worst thing is that they are bringing the sequel.

Very soon,it will be hard for us to differentiate between a porn film and commercial leisure film and our beloved television shows are not lesser to those malicious movies, they show every possible crap in the name of "reality" shows and talent hunt and especially the cunning serials.just like sneaking in to neighbor house and watching what he or she doing.

There are some 10-15 serials everyday in a single channel and none of them teaches good thing, it is all about how to kill your daughter in law and how to spoil a family. how to add poison in food.
Indian media which is already at death bed is now going to coma stage, we are traveling through the roads of grave yard, which gonna hurt our next generation pretty well and pretty hard.
Make some watchdog,authorities and give them power,bring some regulations to cut down these craps.

Constructive role, French revolution is stirred with media, print media is the reason for that initiation, i don't ask you to stand up and fight to the streets, better you can show people what is good ? show the dark side of struggling people, show people with houses and let them have a blanket and show some technology,geek shows to improve science knowledge in kids.
Bring infotainment to people. you are in position to do good, so do good !
Learn from others from our neighbors..
P:S) If China Bans such crap shows which has more population and viewers than us and world, why can't we ? why can't our laws ?
You can add crap scenes to your film which you make with your money but be sure that your daughter or son is among the actor/actress, then let us all see it..

There is wide vast difference between doing what we wish to do inside a boundary and doing what we wish to do inside an auditorium,television serial directors and the reality crap directors are dangerous than Kasab. i wish we should have some strict knot on media.
Media has got great roles to play than featuring bitchy calendar girls and porn actresses.
(i feel relieved after venting down my agony)...


  1. its all about money and to make money one has to sell..

    and beleive me SEX sellls a lot quicker then anything else ..


  2. insightful article... but while I agree that sex sells, Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo, with some batman and light-hearted Friends can sell faster.

  3. Yea, I agree with Bikramjit.
    In fact I would say they are spoiling the minds of young and illiterate who are most vulnerable to their stupid shows and news.

  4. Great post on social media. Media in India has become the corrupted system next to politics.

  5. Good post, as usual. I used to watch "big boss" earlier. The first two seasons were watchable. But since then it has turned into a competition on who can shout the choicest of bad words. I stopped watching it long ago... Serials are no different. There is no good thing happening in the world according to them. All people are scheming and selfish. Sadly, they have a large no. of viewers....

    News channels too are not far behind. Sensationalizing has become the norm of the day...

    The less time we spend in front of the idiot box, the better!

  6. A nice read, I somewhat agree to your thoughts, but there is very little we can do.We are moving towards globalization, which essentially means, we are forgetting our cultures and the age old taboos, which is feel is essential.And trust me or not, SEX is still the biggest taboo in our country and that is why it sells like pizzas and burgers here.I wont be fussy about Sunny Leone, she has just got a great exposure and a market to promote herself, its all to blame our enterprising reality show producers!
    As far as children looking for Sunny Leone over the internet, I guess even their parents are doing it! Her site couldn't have got better traffic before!We are witnessing a huge change in our society and moral values. Days are not far, when you see prostitution and pornography becomes legal in our country.Just vote for the liquor baron as our prime minister and see the magic!

  7. @Arnab Maity Very very wel lsaid :) i accept your point ! Best comment

  8. Bikram,Nabeel,Vinay:) Thanks a ton for visiting by !

  9. @arun:0 Thanks bro !
    @nishaji:) thanks for visiting by yes you made a good point by adding news channels :)

  10. Deepak,our leaders are overworked.They are so busy looting the nation,fooling public & staying on the right side of law(it must need a LOT of scheming,synchronizing &networking); that poor folks don't have time for such useless pursuits as saving our culture & future.
    Don't worry,be happy!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Words of fire about dirty truth.

  12. your article has set my mind into a endless loop of questions.. and since you provoked them, its only fair i ask you to answer them.. so here goes..
    show porn to a 5 year old. he will be bored. show porn to a 11 year old.. he will be curious. to a 14 year old.. it has the "intended effect"
    bottomline is, you cant justify censorship for the greater good.
    and if you justify censorship for sex, you might as well justify it for freedom of any expression. be it humor, rebellion, or journalism.
    media is a mirror. they will show what most people want. whether they choose to see it or not, is their discretion.
    people see what they want to see. at this point of time, some adults like you and me are blogging, readin news or pursuing sports. some others are hooked on to TV sets wondering who kills whom in the saas bahu soap. and some others are watching porno wherever they can find it.
    lastly, a human follows his basic instincts. sex, violence, crime appeals to your innate animal cravings. assuming you censor the internet, the media, the nude painters,and impose a dress code in discos.. how far will you go?
    will it stop adolescents from fantasizing about pretty women?
    will it bring down incidents of 'crimes of passion'?
    can it protect kids from molesters?
    and why is pubertal age 8-10 years now? because of the media??

  13. @manan guju wow, thanks for asking all these straight :)

    MEDIA is a mirror ??? Man, are you in 1947 ??
    Print Media is different from the Electronic media.

    Today print is media is OK type, but Electronic media is DAMN DAMN bad !

    You dint understand my point !
    I dint say MEDIA is the reason for everything !
    I said MEDIA can play a +ve role in development, instead of showcasing a porn star to family people.

    Why don't they do shows on FARMER suicide ? WHAT is lokpal show ? some infotainment ?

    Hard fact is that our media has rotten, to understand this just go to ibnlive, times of india or whatever, they portray glamour than anything !

    They are seeing profit, paid news ? haven't you heard that ?

    You are totally concentrated on PORN part bro, come out !

    People will watch and are watching whenever they can, but there are people who have no idea of wat is that ? why you spoil them ??

    There are so much important things to show people about what's happening
    but what they show ??

    I cant expect everyone to accept my point, glad that you stood up and asked me straight

    KEep visiting !

  14. You speak your mind brashly without fear. That's what people like about you I guess. I think media won't do the role. They are all bought up. We bloggers have to replace the regular media and we have to maintain the values. We should also avoid google ad sense etc. They give a few cents and can show these type of advertisements in our own blogs. That is why I avoid google ads. I am not serving their shit to my readers.

  15. @The Fool Thanks a ton sir !
    Very well pointed !

    YEs we must take care of people who follows us !
    a point that all media must follow

  16. totally agree serials are total waste of time

  17. truly said ..they never think of culture as they are busy increasing their trps ...while for a film to go well ...they need all the crap except the best story plotting..indian media is good in spoiling the culture ..there are some expections too


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