Warning: This Story is entirely STUPID, i warn that you will not find it useful or interesting and importantly this story is intentionally made to hurt dead and alive people as well.
Her SCREAMING attracted the neighbors, it was a dark and stormy night(night will be always dark), few trees giggled and rest of the trees laughed derisively.
Now rain drops started to kiss the dirty soil and some unlucky rain drops kissed the drainage which is kept open.

A black ambassador car entered that devil's house, now that giant doors opened with a typical creaking noise, yes i can seem them and i can the dead body covered with white cloak.
Now the car's mouth(trunk) is wide open to accommodate the lifeless body.
-Through the box(TV) i witnessed all these. "Deepak go to bed it's 11 already !" -this was from my mom.

Then what else i switched off the TV which was telecasting some very old black and white film:P, but don't worry(don't enjoy) i am about to start the story :)
I don't have the habit of sleeping before 1 or 2 AM.
TV over next " COMPUTER ".

SO i just came to my room, previous day i downloaded FOURTH KIND movie, pretty scary and weird one, i love to watch thriller,crime movies at night, it gives a typical feel.
Fourth kind is movie of a different kind, for those who have watched it. you may understand the sense behind it.

This movie deals about alien abduction,hypnosis and some brutal murders etc etc, will be fun filled scary movie, there will be a seen where "a mentally disturbed women will be in her room, suddenly a white owl will come and sit near her window".
Then some random voices which were told as Sumerian language blah blah !
"Door opens", "Not sleeping ?".. Sleep soon, it was my dad ! Phew....

SO decided to rest myself and dived in to my bed,"Pow Bam !!"  this sound is neither from movie nor from my people, this was a REAL SOUND !
Problem of watching too much of holy-wood movies is WE WILL LOOK EVERYTHING IN THE WAY WE SEE THE FILM, SUSPICIOUS :P

SO i convinced myself as some wind and rested again, now i head a DOOR CLOSING sound, suspicion reached 100%, stepped out of my bed, there will be small utility in our upstairs, went there and it was like opening the BANK'S TREASURY, so many locks to be opened and i stepped out.

It was dark as the tribal villages of India(No electricity), used my mobile to find the switch board, OH MY GOD ! another one body is moving with me in near distance.
When you look straight you can see a bit of your side(Imagine in that view)

Yes, it was moving with me, i can feel and see that image it was on my right side and i was confused should i turn to it or should i close the door and scream THIEFFFFFF (with my hands over the mouth- typical heroine style)

This all happened in a matter of second, when i moved my hand front it was doing the same, heart knocking out and i decided to turn to that image.
I TURNED TO IT, OMG ! It was also turning and it was wearing same color dress of mine, wait it was wearing my dress and it has a familiar funny face, IT WAS ME !

Yes my stupid image on MIRROR, phew relaxed and came back to normal condition, i just laughed at that mirror(mirrors wont slap you for an ugly laugh:P) and now stepped inside the house and as a customary i locked the doors and it made the same creepy noise.

NOW WHAT ? Damn, i can see an image moving but it was not mirror for sure, OMG it was approaching me and with a help of 10volt bulb i spotted it, it was my dad again, " WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT THIS TIME ?",
"I HEARD SOME NOISE so just went out to check everything is OK or not"- me
Ok MR.Responsible, continue your sleep- he vanished.

TOO much of crime thrillers effect and now what is "RoRRIM" you ask ? just the mirror image or MIRROR :P :P
So called thriller-comedy ENDS :) :)


  1. As you said, too much of crime thrillers affect your mind. :P

  2. Good touch of humor and good creativity in writing the Mirror and Rorrim.

  3. I usually don't read the full article but it was so interesting and funny I can't stop my self reading the whole Mirror-Rorrim Story. Love it. Fully entertaining.

    Love your posts. Following you now. :)

  4. Haha!! Scary movie of a typical 21 year old :P

    Good one bro :)

  5. I was expecting sumthng really scaryyy but the second half was not expected as so.. funnny indeed :D betta doze off before 2 am Mr responsilble :P :)

    nice read :)

  6. I was expecting sumthng really scaryyy but the second half was not expected as so.. funnny indeed :D betta doze off before 2 am Mr responsilble :P :)

    nice read :)

  7. i remember when i was young i always used to fear of some bogey man hiding in my closet and looking at me...

    nice warning :P

    nice music in the bg...



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