WhO iS ThaT BlacK SheeP ???

Describe an event where your sharp mind and fiery tongue got you out of a sticky situation- Fiery Grilled and Indiblogger asks me(us) to describe an event where our mighty mind and fiery tongue which altogether saved our bacon !
In that case, i must and most of the college students of  present must have to discuss around 90% of their college memoirs, it's my turn and am here again to share my sweet memoirs, i think this one perfectly suits the contest objectives(hope so),rest i leave it to you to decide how good i explained,narrated,bluffed(show some mercy). 

am narrating)There are only 2 things i HATE to the core in this beautiful world.  
1) Mathematics-1

I don't know why i hate it, but i know and i am sure we(me and Maths) hate each other very much, whenever maths exam shows up, i abuse the person who invented the problems in my Maths book and as a PAY BACK, my Maths staff will mark my paper with RED INK.(Sad story sob sob)

In my Second year of engineering life, especially 4th semester. I enjoyed my classes to the core, the timetable will be in such a way that we can pack up earlier than any other sections,branches, i love Wednesdays since the day will end by 1:10 PM, there is small problem in enjoying. we have math class from 12:20 to 1:10PM, actually rest of the classes will be finished up before 11:30AM, to attend this one class we have to wait 50Minutes ? Impossible but possible when we have lack of attendance and also when we have someone as PROXY.

Since Me and Maths are thin friends, i hate attending his lecture. so i have a loyal friend to give proxy for me, i will leave earlier and will text him " Please Give Proxy Machi "
he will reply "Sure Machi, TOMORROW YOU HAVE TO GIVE PROXY FOR ME", see how loyal he is.

So i messaged him to give proxy for me and i left the spot, i dint get any reply from hi and i was quite busy in chattering with other department guys, i checked the time it was "12:15", 
still no reply from him, i messaged him again and gave a missed call(Kanjoo's).
Still no response, Damn him..
I walked fast to my class, this staff is crazy guy, he will not give attendance if we reach 5 minutes late, somehow i managed to reach class but he was taking attendance there, i silently sneaked and sat at my place, the friend whom i told to give proxy was giving me a HORRIFIED LOOK !

Why did you come ? he asked... 
I was shocked,"Why you din't reply" i asked..
"I GAVE PROXY FOR YOU but I dint check my mobile as it was in silent, WHY DID YOU CAME HERE ?" he replied. 
"YOU ARE GONE" it's my inner voice :P

Latecomers stand up and tell your name-this is my Math sir !
I dint stand up but that tricky sir spotted me out and he was coming through in an order.
What to do ? what to do ?
"Find if someone is absent today"-My inner voice !"Who is absent today ?"
"Who is absent today ?" LOWER TONE ! i asked my friends...
"Karthik" and some other names they uttered(same silent tone).

beta man mein ladoo foota
"Karthik would be reasonable name"
Hey you What's your name ? -it's MY MATH sir !
sir ah ah "Karthik"
Mission accomplished ! Phew.....

Now sir started a headcount, i think it got tallied, wait now someone is late...
"What's your name HERO"-Sir asked him !
"Karthik, He smiled and replied" :)

What Karthik ??? It's already marked as present :O
Who is that black sheep which gave him proxy ??? :P he asked at us :O
Waited waited and lost his patience.

"See,This will be the last warning i am giving you", "if i catch you red handed at that time, you people are gone" (I think this was the 3rd time he giving last warning to us.
Now it may look funny(?), but at that time, i went mad :(
Excuse me sir !
Now a peon came and showed him some slip,"urgent work i guess"
He said,"well class, i have got an urgent work, meet you all in next class".
beta man mein ladoo foota  :P :P

Yippeee !
After that fiasco, he gave us attendance only after seeing individual ID card :P
I revolutionized the way of taking attendance :P :P

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  1. College is not just for education, but its fun and a place full of memories. That was a good read and i liked your post with the college stuff in it.


  2. the embedded humor is just so awesome indeed.yes at some point we just all hated Math.The silly mistakes .. the silly misses ..oh goodness !

  3. hahaha....this one is a fun filled account!

    Mathematics....my God!

  4. I wish you all the best for the contest :)

  5. Haha!! Nice story ;-)
    And I HATE MATHS as well! Arghhhhhh!

  6. Wow..people would have hated you on revolutionizing the attendance system.
    I had done a post on Why people hate maths.. Maths I hate you and Maths -There is more to it than numbers
    Hope u enjoy it.

  7. Interesting to read and thrilling

  8. congrats on ur win:)....interesting post:)

  9. congrats for the win D...loved this post !

  10. hey this was really funny. Proxy's are a tricky job. I've never been caught till now thankfully. Enjoyed reading it :) and congrats for winning the voucher :) :)


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