No, this is not a review for the movie wrong turn and i can smell that many of you are uncertain on what this topic is all about, since there are numerous wrong turns everyday, this one(this wrong turn) may be the first nail in our(bloggers) coffin.

"Tele-marketing advertisements which were haunting our mobile phone's inbox is no more now and so my messages to friends", instead of slashing the convict our government is penalizing the victim.
We are the victim, previously they limited the messages per day to hundred and increased it to 200, why din't they find a solution to avoid or eradicate to remove nonsense messages alone ?" WHY PUNISH ALL FOR FEW ?

Similarly now ONLINE CENSORSHIP, instead of removing the offensive and malicious content alone ? it is impossible ? OK if impossible will you remove the entire site, which also educates some good and much needed things.

"It is ridiculous to ignore the whole basket of fruits for finding few faulty ones " that's what happened on limiting marketing messages, this may happen in the case of online censorship too.
Are we moving to the TOTALITARIAN(Chinese) way ?  yes, i think so. if those 21 companies don't comply with the government's stand, that position may happen soon.
I wish that should not happen, Harsh ways definitely can't be a perfect path to reach perfection.

I wish and expect government to find an alternative way to remove obscene and malicious content which they fear, before going and talking about removing and banning offense, INTERNET is that really growing or available in India seamlessly .

Most of the networks and service providers are giving Unlimited internet usage for huge bucks and giving limited usage for low bucks, before  deciding whether to ban or not, government has to think upon the GROWTH OF TECHNOLOGY in India.
Steps like India's and world's cheapest tablets deserves an applause, why government can find a user friendly way to fight viral contents than banning the entire thing.

Even if they ban or block, people will find a way to view it using proxy settings, fact is that we can't eradicate 100% things we can only lessen them, in that case why government is keen on bringing draconian laws to technology ?

Government often fails to safeguard our premium institutions like CBI and often their sites are hacked and some data's are hacked, instead of banning things government must think upon safeguarding our Online subjects.
We must appreciate certain things like, removing obscene and offensive contents which speaks blasphemy and brain washes people.

Google and other sites named says it is difficult to block only the offensive contents, similar position happened with China and Google opted to go out !
They are just like Landlords, finding revenue from both kind of tenants :)

But "BLOCKING EVERYTHING" is not the fair way to achieve that, Indian online community can't survive peacefully without social networking sites and blogs.
While opening PHOTOSHOP CS3, i can see 10-15 Indian names there, all our brains are serving aliens.
Why can't we bring them here and find a solution, why cant' we find an effective way to keep worms at bay ? GOVERNMENT must think well before they take a foot on BANNING.
I am very sure, government won't ban or censor major things, you know why ?


  1. If I am not a blogger than I am not an Indian too... It has become my nationality and identity now. Good that you gave your contribution to the cause.

  2. This needs another social media campaign sooner than later, we cannot allow these people with archaic mentalities to lead our judiciaries.I don't think the websites can do much to curb such keyword specific content

  3. And the last line says it all...Elections are on the way..So we do not have to worry..Some stupid laws suddenly pop up and disappear quickly than ever..Nice reading

  4. First, let them make this country corruption free, then they could do think about internet censorship.

  5. One problem with censorship is who decides what should be censored? The majority? The religious 'heads', this political party, or that? Everybody has their own biases. Unless something actually harms someone, like child porn, or terrorist activity, the rest should be left for the users to ignore.

    The danger of allowing things like hurt sensibilities to decide what should be censored is that this becomes an easy tool for political or religious powers to use.

  6. @indianhomemakerPretty well said mam :) i missed these points :)

  7. Censorship??? By Indian Government...???
    They won't censor songs.pk but will censor cartoonagainstcorruption.com??? BULLSHIT

  8. politicians already have a long list of pending cases of corruption .. they must resolve those before adding more cases related to internet censorship!

  9. i rather not say anything , because my words will hurt a few of these IDIOTS who we chose .. and that makes US the bigger IDIOTS..
    and yet again we will do it again in the coming elections..

    Its like Taliban has left afghanistan and come ot india in form of our LEaders ...

  10. We are a country of censors, aren't we? See what we are doing with Rushdie in the Jaipur Lit Festival. What we did with M F Husain is also deplorable. We do similar things with quite a lot of things.

  11. @BikramjitHEHE !
    then all corrupts will get WHIPPING :P :P lol

  12. @matheikalwell said sir.. but i feel none should hurt a religious sentiment !
    i am an agonist but for that i can't hurt others sentiments !

  13. Actually what I think that the government is having the problem with these sites because mos of the offensive stuff is about them...i guess these days its totally about them...so better than banning the websites, the should check their actions...

    nice post... :)

  14. @CYNOSUREhehe HELL yes ji :) well said
    keep visiting !

  15. Hi,
    I owe you a thank you note for a supporting fellow blogger with this award-tag.

  16. Yes, a sensible way is the need of the hour instead of a complete extinction of everything.

    A very good effort that concerns bloggers so much in present scenario.

  17. The world is changing. But regrettably politicians do not catch up with that change. They do change, perhaps a generation later ! The present day politicians (and bureaucrats !) have a mindset that is far behind the current generation. So, it is quite natural that we get our laws and rules not in line with the aspirations of the new generation.

  18. @Rajan C Mathew

    On the same thought, why i feel the Indian govt is censoring india and technologically backward.



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