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Can you read the post title ? yes ? fine then.. This post is all about SMILEY :D
Certainly i don't know what to write or what to blabber about this... Being expressive person, i will say fuck you if am pissed off and i will ask tons of sorry if i had troubled you and will say loads of thanks if you have helped me...

Words are pretty stronger, aren't they ? it can save and kill people as well..
Communication, it is all about sharing thoughts rite ? whatever dictionary says, never mind, it is all about sharing information and receiving information...
"What are you doing ?"- a message..

"wt u dng ?"- this conveys the same message..

What's the difference ? both conveys the same message, but which one takes lesser time and lesser efforts ? if you are a person who invented/discovered English and if you are a person who prays English by keeping oxford dictionary.. you will certainly hate the SHORTCUT FORM...

Let' s don't dig much with shortcut forms, coming to the spicy point,
There has been a misconception that, "only girls uses Smileys"... if you hear a person saying this, just ignore those MORONS...
Smileys are not meant for girls or kids, it is an expression of an emotion..

How will express your sadness to a person who can't see your face ?
I use sad smiley...
How will you laugh for a joke, when a person can't hear your laughter sound or noise ?

I will use SMILING smiley...
For everything there exists a smiley and hopefully, they conveys our emotions pretty stronger than words and definitely it will make the other person to think and feel the way we feel...
It will be pleasing and will be effective way to express our STATE ...

I have a friend, who messages likes..
"HI :)""What DOING ? :P :P ? HAD DINNER ? :D :D :P :) ?"I had JUST NOW :P :P .. COOL LOL :P :P ) :)"

Whenever i see her/his message, i will feel energetic and enthusiasm will acquire me :)
It is easy to express our humor and feeling with smileys

Read these.
Thank you....

Thank you... :)
Imagine me saying thanks with my lips locked, my face will look like "I AM GONNA KILL YOU" but i will spell THANK YOU... it won't be effective and pleasing...
Imagine this. THANK YOU WITH A CONTROLLED SMILE.. how sweet it will be ?

You are an Idiot
You are an idiot :P
You are an idiot, this is a direct INSULT...
Add a smiley, :P and send YOU ARE AN IDIOT :P, other persona may take it as a FUNNY COMMENT...
Remember friends, Smileys saves your teeth :) yes, imagine what if the other person do, if you call him an idiot without adding smiley :)

There are few person, who easily get annoyed with SMILEYS....
We can't expect everyone to be like us, but i love smileys a lot and will use them drastically...
Most of the expressive people will use them, it simply helps the other person to rejoice and feel our feel...
Even in Text messages, it is easy to show our contempt by adding smileys...
If you say you are sad, it wont be effective, but if you add a series of sad faced smiley, you will get a quick reply...

POWER OF SMILEYS that's it and a funny thing about smiley is even sad faced smileys are called as smileys :P :P
I dedicate this post to HARVEY BALL, the person who invented smileys :)
Keep smiling and be expressive. we and animals share not much of difference nowadays...
Animals don't smile, lets smile :)

Cheers :P


  1. Nice post. :)
    Whenever I talk to the person who doesn't use smileys, I feel like I am talking to an emotionless animal. :P

  2. :) :) :) :) :) :) Nice Reading! :) :) :P :P

  3. Hahaha!! :D :D :P Super Dee :D A funny read :) You are sooo coolio :D

  4. hey, i saw u hv also won the kFC contest, cheers to both of us...tc

  5. Hey! :D being a smiley head I use smileys everywhere! :D :D this post made me ":D" I'm not really into the internet slang or the text slang or whatever you call it! But still smileys do rock especially when you're insulting someone or being sarcastic! :P :P
    Awesome! :D

  6. @vinayVINAY BRO :) :) :) :) cool ;0 ;0 we are emotional animals :) :P thanks a ton :)

  7. @~iyshu~Hey iyshu... i must have credited your name :) due some circumstances.. it has been prolonged !

  8. hahaha...nice one... ;)
    Smiley's are necessary...very well said... :P

  9. ossssssssssssum deepak :) :D :D :D smileys can easily convey all our emotions :) :) << SMILEYS KING >> :) ;) :P :B

  10. This is awesome!! How do you get so many visits and comments? :O :O ( see there are my smileys..hahaha. :P : P: P..oops there I go again! )

  11. Yes. Smiley's are not just used by girls. Even Guy's use it. And Yes, any day Saying "Thank you :-) " is much better. A smiley indeed conveys a lot, and using a good Smiley after a sarcastic comment, it would leave the other person confused :D. Anyway it adds a lot of emotions to the words :-)

  12. @Prerna Subramanian Sarcastic appreciation ??? :( :( SOB SOB,, i don't deserve ah ?

  13. Lovvved this post and I love smileys too :))) ... I even have a post on my blog that explains how to add real smileys to your blog posts...Smileys show that ppl are reacting and mean what they are typing, they give a sense of connection on a closer n pleasant level...gr8 post!

  14. Hehehehe :D :P.
    I love smileys ;) :D.
    I've been officially given the title of Smiley Princess ;P :D.
    Sounds cool right? ;) :D.
    God! What would life be without smileys? :O :(.

  15. i cannot imagine a world without smileys ;)

  16. heehehhh ;) :D superlyk post :)) me too use smileys and know wat , I defined a name *cryley* foh dis one-->> :( :'( ;) :D n hats off 2 u baba :O foh making such long long post without txt title ;) :D :P

  17. @Princess PooPrincess here :P :P welcome princess of smileys !

  18. there is hardly time for ppl to smile and even look at each other now a days.. good post that tells the importance of expression!!!

  19. :):):)Funny:D:D:D.....and cool:P:P:P

  20. :):):)Funny:D:D:D.....and cool:P:P:P

  21. Oye., i always wanna to write on this topic.. i dint get time to write.. :(

    Cheater? Stole my thought :D :D

  22. Terrible :). I spent half my time on this post tilting my head to the left so that I could read all those smileys. Have some pity on the non :) people of the world, they are not all grumpy. Kidding, I use smileys a lot especially on phone and on chat. They can help convey what words sometimes cannot.

    I remembered when I got a new phone some years back which was a first time brand deviation for me (from Nokia and Sony to Samsung) and I just couldn't figure out how to use the smileys on the SMS, I used to spell it out as "smiley," and hey, it was still more powerful than words.

  23. @Smile :-) hehe am not di caprio like INCEPTION THING ! thanks sister

  24. @Subhorup Dasgupta
    sincere apologies SUBH...
    thanks for your wonderful comment :)

  25. Talk about random posts :)!! This made me :D

  26. I really loved this post and your lots of smileys too:):):)
    thanks for sharing such a smily post:):)

  27. Gosh ! I was so right! You just rock buddy :) Your "Smile" blog etched a smile on my face :D. In this world of hatred, atrocity and dirty politics where people only know to point fingers at others , the only serene and beautiful thing you will find is a pristine smile. Keep Smiling no matter what. And never stop blogging. Cheers !

  28. A very interesting post Deepak, never thought someone would write about these beautiful smilies, generally the purists hate it by calling it a part of sms lingo, but I love it as you do and well said, they help us showcase our emotions. I remember the first time we used smilies were in yahoo chat and since then it has been an ubiquitous medium of expression of emotions in the virtual world.This really made me smile :):) even though you didn't write it well :P:P Just pulling your leg:P:
    P, now don't smile :D:D

  29. In terms of a topic to write about:the smiley is as creative as Smilies themselves.

    I second your argument that they help express better. Though I am not that well versed with the use of smiley, I like its use.

  30. 12 years ago, when I was first introduced to Yahoo chat, I was so impressed by smileys. Still love to use them in mails and chatting. BTW you missed my wink smiley in my last comment and took what I said seriously LOL.
    Being a teacher, I am kind of used to watch out for mistakes and make corrections often, but when reading a blog, I point it out only when it is making a difference to the meaning itself.

  31. great expressive post and love the smileys

  32. Once again! A big hello!! :)

    You've been featured on my blog!! Check Your Tag!! on my blog!! :)

    May you have lotsa fun doing it :)!!

  33. Hey a good one!:) I LOVE smileys too!:) It helps us to express in a much more effective way. Keep Blogging :):):)

  34. Over-use of 'smiley' irritates me. I feel what is wrong in expressing what you want to express in words? But we want everything fast - even we have no time for emotions!! Using smiley once in a while is fine but replacing words by those isn't going to make us better communicators!

  35. No doubt they help in communication and allow you to say a lot, but unfortunately, also a fact that many dont know when to use it, and when not.. That can be a mega destroyer.

  36. Good post! Life does seem so incomplete without a smiley, may it be the phone or the net, no talk is ever complete without the favourite smileys :)

  37. My full stops have been taken over by the smiley:)


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