Gangs Of Bloggers...

1) Don't read this post if you have some great work and if you have very limited time..
2) Don't read this post if you are a PROFESSIONAL blogger...
3)Please don't read this post, it has no use.. a mere crap :P

After seeing Martin Scorsese, blindly i downloaded the film Gangs Of New York(which took 6 hours for my network), to be honest... that movie i hated the most and despite of 
Leonard's presence, this movie tasted less :(
I am not gonna bore you by writing a boring review about a boring movie, i leave it to you...
I just loved the name GANGS OF.. so used it(plagiarized)
Screens down"Gangs OF Bloggers"...

I don't wanna classify and name people for my pleasure, i have no right to attack a person personally,but i do have rights to share my lame views.
Bloggers ? Knowingly or Unknowingly we classify bloggers as amateur,mediocre and Professional.
I am an amateur blogger(not showing my humbleness, i know what i am) and when someone calls me as "Great blogger"... it feels like melting all sweet items and pouring in to my tongue:)
It is good to get appraisals, matter is ARE THEY TRUE ?

As for as i have seen, there are some invisible "Gangs" in existence, few bloggers considers themselves as professional bloggers like Julian assange and they will visit your blog and say "see you have grammar mistake, i din't like this and i hate this part" they wanna highlight themselves as STRICT and HONEST BLOGGER...

There are few groups(narrow minded folks) who will not visit any other blog than their network, they will visit too but no appreciations and depreciation :P
Even if we go to them and read their stuff's, they will go only to their network's blog..

Honestly tell me, is that good thing to do ? they say "I have no time to read your blog ya" FUCK YOU(i won't say them)... they never reads our blog and they will reproduce blog posts like Chinese Triplets and still they will say "I have no time ya"... again FUCK YOU..
Bloggers here to share their views and appreciate with some honest and pleasing comments, but few people in the name of accomplished bloggers irritates me to the core.

Few ass holes will come only to curse me, "you don't write good Deepak" " you have to improve Deepak", "Few dumb ass will speak some science and few tech, YOU ARE WRONG DEEPAK"
I never expected anyone to accept my point...
But these ass holes will tempt me to slap them LEFT RIGHT but i will pretend to be like a SOFT BOY, "will say THANK YOU instead of FUCK YOU"

RESPECT ? How much per kilogram.. few idiots will ask, seriously...
When someone reads your blog and expresses comment, be it honest or some fake, you ought to do the same...

Honestly i don't know why i wrote this post, call it is a RAMPAGE OR RANT at so called professional bloggers or GREAT BLOGGERS..
For me they are just an another human ALIVE...
A man who don't know to respect the person who respects him is not a human at all, respect me i will crown you...

It is stupid post i know and it is one among my useless post i know, i am an sub standard writer i know :P but I WILL KEEP ON WRITING :P

Amateur blogger or professional blogger, RESPECT THE FELLOW BLOGGER, you may ask me what i did ? yes, i disrespected them... remember i disrespected those only who deserves it(in my view)..
I can expect some fiery abuses at me as COMMENTS and a SEPARATE POST as well, i don't give a damn.

I know a fellow blogger, as calm as MANMOHAN Singh... an average blogger and the best thing in him is, HE RESPECTS PEOPLE WHO VISITS HIM and COMMENTS at him...
Again i am asking why i am writing this post ? It's valentines day they say.. i never loved a girl and no girl will love me as well..
SO why i write the post(don't scold me will say)

Peace peace peace/// LOVE LOVE LOVE///

Let's love all and let's not abuse at people like i abused above:)
Let's encourage everyone, even some retards like me and some professional bloggers as well:)  so let's love each other and let us prevail HARMONY:)

P;S- this post is particularly aimed at few fellow bloggers... this is not an imaginary pot on imaginary people... CURSE ME if you can.


  1. Frankly speaking...I too didn't liked the I skipped the review part... :O

  2. Gangs exist in blogging...I'm surprised....I think it is a platform to share creativity with like minded people...

  3. brilliantly written and cunning post too!! i could sense up its triggered towards few so called honest bloggers ;)

    goodluck!! :)


  4. Seems like too much is cooking in your head.. The word you'll have to know and apply about some people is IGNORE :) That will get you more peace :) Otherwise,a good read.. :) It pours out the emotions of many of us out here I guess.. :) Hoping to see a change atleast from now on :)

  5. Abuse reported, Deepak! You seem to be observing Valentines day with full josh! I thought I should let you know that you don't write good, you make grammatical mistakes, and you have to improve, but my post on The Secret Secret (no link, on Subho's Jejune Diet) was born out of my trying to imitate your and Debajyoti's writing styles (or lack of it!). It turned out that people liked it. :) Thank God for your critics and detractors, they put your fans and lovers' love in perspective.

    Much love, blogging love, and otherwise, to you!

  6. ஹி ஹி ஹி. நான் ஒன்றும் ப்ரோபிச்சிஒனால் பிளாக்கர் இல்லையே.....நன்றாக எழுதுறீங்க நண்பரே....

  7. Now this was awesome. I may be the one though. Never mind.

    "Honestly tell me, is that good thing to do ? they say "I have no time to read your blog ya" FUCK YOU(i won't say them)... they never reads our blog and they will reproduce blog posts like Chinese Triplets and still they will say "I have no time ya"... again FUCK YOU.." I read this again and again. I can literally hear you yelling.! :P Awesome Lines!

  8. After reading this, I tried to act know it all and here is another contribution to writing and writers...
    "Write for pleasure of writing and the passing storm won't worry you." - Barun Jha ;-)

  9. Quite a rampage rant Deepak and frankly i liked what you have stated. Yes a person needs to respect others irrespective of the field be it blogs or work environment or any other place. Not everyone in this world are endowed with brilliance, intelligence, wealth and so forth but then all these attributes does not give the person the right to disrespect others. Very nice post Man !!! :))

  10. @Saru SinghalVery true, but it is not wise thing to do.... confining ourselves

  11. @Subhorup Dasguptahaha subh.... a typical comment of yours.... thank you

  12. @Amy-ritaHonestly i dint mean you here.. thanks a ton for reading and bearing my non sense and quoting !
    loved your comment..

  13. @barunjhawell said, but i cant accept people promoting and commenting on women bloggers alone..

  14. @EngramSir, i respect you and elder people, i will always use sir or madam,,, iam a person who respects everyone :) thank you sir !

  15. @DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420)

    Thanks a ton Deepak and my comment was on the post and i do know that you respect all but as you mentioned there are some persons i have come across who think otherwise.

  16. You asked not to read right??? :P
    Oh well!! Am commenting as well :D :P.

    Can I say Nice post? :P :O. lol!! ;).
    It was interesting to read your view ;) :D.
    You know, I never used to comment on your blog even though I loved your posts. One reason only, you got all the attention you deserved. There were so many posts as good as yours which were not noted. So I was busy reading them... But then, I thought I'll wish you on your birthday, and then started my Commenting(long) mania :P. I made sure, even Now I do, that I comment way before half the people do so that I wont fret about not reading other posts :P :).
    I wish like you I can read everyone's post and leave honest comments :). You are really a good guy :). And I'm not just saying it. Its what I learned about you from the time I've known you.

    Moreover, you are a MATURED Immature blogger! Hehe! Don't worry. Even I don't know what that means :P :D.
    Nice scoldings :P :D.
    Can't say keep it going :P :P :P.

    Good post :).

  17. Oh! I Forgot one more thing!!
    You said, "I never loved a girl, nor does any girl love me"... Don't you think you are forgetting that your MOM is a girl? :P :P :).
    She loves you na :). Spend this day with her :D :).
    She'll be your first love after all :).

  18. uh well.. what am i to say when you're raving and ranting the way you are!

    laughs aside, it'd good that you aired how you felt about other bloggers and how they ought to behave. frankly, sometimes i feel we need an unspoken code of conduct/etiquette on how to strut about blogsphere. innit right?

    kp blogging,

  19. Perhaps this post serves the purpose of blogging like no other post, because blogging is all about pouring out your emotions.

    I could sense a humorous tone in it as well, I don't know whether you intended it. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  20. Gangs do exist in blogging, Glad you brought it up.

  21. Even I wasn't aware of the blogger classifications, Deepak.
    I enjoy blogging;as and when I post something, I try to visit all my blogger friends...and that's about it. As iyshu pointed out Learn to ignore. I would say ignore the unwanted:)
    Keep Writing...and enjoy it!

  22. @EngramNice and happy to see your comment back sir :)

  23. @Princess Pooahh here comes my favorite commentator, as usual lovely comment :) thanks for sharing it and feel good... your second comments ROCKS.. she is WOMEN :P

  24. @RaphaelYeah. i accept and respect your view :) thanks for cheers :)

  25. @deepazartzThank you mam :) happy to see your comment after long time :)

  26. Hmm well myfriend NEVER forget what these people have writtne about you .. NEVER forget that for this should be something that should make you write better ..

    And usually the people who write such things are themselves very sad people, who have nothing better to do rather then put others down.

    I take everything that people say in my stride for it makes me write more and piss them off, wish i can see their face when they have to read my post full of mistake and problem WELL TOUGH .. its my blog I write what i want to .. if they got problems then you can tell them not to visit you simple ...

    A lot of things happen in the blogging world, But it does not concern me as I do what i want to how i want to ...

    And the so called honest bloggers yeah i have met a few of them tooo, well good luck to them ..

    Good you took it out , I wont say as everyone says forget about it .. NO dont forget ...


  27. Deepak - you are good at what you write .. and the best part is you are very genuine :D

    keep blogging away ...

  28. @BikramjitHai bikramji ... i must thank you for reading all of my posts and commenting honestly !
    Thanks a ton for your words....
    but i dont agree with you fully :)

  29. Whoa man! This on the day of LOVE!? :P
    I sense you're pissed at not just one person, but to say in your own words 'GANGS' of persons and you know Anger is such a lovely emotion! :)

    Btw, you forgot a GANG of folks, who vote for posts, they don't read completely. :P

    Take it easy, and I hope you have a good evening. :)

  30. yes.....Amateur or professional, RESPECT THE FELLOW BLOGGER...and get the respect back...:)

  31. We need to respect people, no matter who they are. Each person has their own style of writing. Each writing can be interpreted in a different way. SO No one has the right to tell you that you don't write well. it might be their opinion, but its not the fact, coz they themselves wouldn't have looked at the article from the perspective you've written.
    Good that you vented your thoughts. It would make you feel better.
    CHill :-)

  32. Deepak Sir aage badho hum tumhare saath hai :) hahahaha...
    If you stopped writing whose blog I will read???
    Keep writing boss....we love your blog :)

  33. @Irfanuddinwell said, are we following ? i dont :p this post speaks

  34. Phew! I'm sure you felt good once this post was over. Got a lot out of you, eh? :)
    Now I'm wondering what group -- sorry, `gang'-- I fall into :)

  35. as every person has different personality, every blogger also have different view on different post and blog.
    nice post and iam agree with all type of blogger

  36. Good post.
    And you consider yourself as an amateur blogger? You are hell of a writer, keep it up bro.

  37. Hehehe...As usual,your post made me smile.In between, which category do I belong?

    village girl

  38. That was funny and true! I even came across a blog where the blogger had put a separate post stating that she wasn't accepting any more friends in the blogosphere and was gonna stick to the network she was a part of had actually asked people not to that was the most ridiculous thing I have ever read!

  39. People probably do not comment cos they have nothing useful to say other than "Nice post.."? Or because all that they wanted to say was said by an early bird commentator? We have our visitor counts to know that people read us.

    And is it really wrong to say "Your perspective is wrong or incomplete.. Did you think of these aspects.."? I hope not :)

  40. @D.NambiarYOu belong to GOOD BLOGGER KIND :) :) :) tnx...

  41. @roopzThanks roopz :) you belong to NICE BLOGGER.. you are a good person :)

  42. @muddledupThat was annoying and terrific.. is she blog goddess ?

  43. I will say that Deepak: "WHAT A GR88888 POST!!!!!"
    Because lot of people reciprocate the same feeling as you did throughout the post...and I hate when I see that fellow blogger telling me "Have you gone through my post (have you commented on my post is what he/she meant)"

  44. Iam not aware of this gangs.glad you brough it out.
    nice post...keep rocking..

  45. @theconjecturegirlThanks for your thoughtful comment.. i must think :)

  46. nice post deepak...i'm glad i met u in this blogosphere. U bring out the feeling that everyone is bottling up. Now, u know u do TWO things by doing this. ONE, we don't have to write about it anymore as u wrote it and others gave their thoughts. I liked it and it helps solving our issues too. SECOND, i don't know what to write anymore since u wrote it.hahahaha...just kidding yaar...i think u have da gift to bring out da feelings of people and connect them in this world of blogosphere. Like this ur making many unknown like minded and hearted people to join each other. I'm one of them and will be forever your fan and follower. Keep writing and bring out the true and real emotions that some of us are not able to bring up. Thanks for reading my long comment. Keep in touch ..and take care,bye.

  47. @Hitesh VarshanTHANK YOUUUU VERY MUCH :)
    you made me feel good, really happy to see you here and your comment !WAH THANKS

  48. Dude write whatever u want..dont think if people r commenting or not..its ur space enjoy it..Ya, i know sometimes we need encouragement and all that, but what the heck..if encouragement comes at a cost of reading a thousand blogs so that we'll get 20 comments,hmm its a bit dunting, I don't know, my opinion.

  49. " Peace peace peace/// LOVE LOVE LOVE///
    Let's love all and let's not abuse at people like i abused above:)
    Let's encourage everyone, even some retards like me and some professional bloggers as well:) so let's love each other and let us prevail HARMONY:)"

    To be very frank buddy you just made a point in here. Keep posting, keep writing and cry your heart out every time. I was about to skip your post but then suddenly something grabbed my attention and I could not stop reading the entire stuff. Loved it. I love honest people and I love them more when they speak their hearts out. They are way better than artificial snobs. Cheers ! Keep posting. This is your blog and this is your domain! Following you :D

  50. Dont know what to say...but a very good message for some thinking. Nice write

  51. A different valentine's day greeting :P :)

  52. LOL! Super post deepak :D I hope you feel a lot better now... :) if not write one more .. looking forward to it :D


  53. Oh WOW...looks like someone pissed u off real bad...I'd hate to be the one but you might be right about the gang stuff...some bloggers just confine themselves which is so silly...if they want to do so why even bother to blog in the first place considering the internet is public and should include everyone.

  54. Like I say "I blog because I can" and screw everyone else.. ;-)

  55. yes like any other place even blog world isnt free of gang making. we are not unprejudiced. but to be very frank, i usually dont admore such postsfor they do not represent the true spirit of BLOGGING.
    I blog, i read what i like , i have my favs and my own reading list which i prefer to read first. And most of d others out there too do d same!
    d simple point is - one should blog for himself/herself and not attract comments or attention.
    and u r a good blogger so worry not about others :)


  56. Wicked take on proffesional bloggers lol!

  57. I am worried Deepak. I remember pointing out a mistake to you sometime and wonder whether I am included in the group. ;)
    I think your blog holds my attention and makes me read to the end than many other professional and famous bloggers. Many times I cannot reach the bottom of every blog post I read, but your posts are different. So I consider you a top blogger.

  58. BTW I had to deal with my son who does not have a girlfriend yet and had no friends either on Valentines day, so wanted to start a blog. He is making a good beginning and will be seen on blog circuit soon. LOL.

  59. You are awesome... My best friend is just like you.. I call him wierdo.. may be I will name you wierdo No 2.. :D and all points completely accepted... been there done that..!! My corporate blog is equally annoying.. don't you think you should have used is instead of was? A for the.. WTF.. just take the content and ignore the minor grammar errors..! loved it!

  60. Facepalm :D direct dil se !!! Hmmm man? :P
    I understand what you are trying to convey. It is not necessary to agree with one's viewpoint, but then there is something called positive criticism which many so called great bloggers do not understand or probably they think they are being very straight forward and it adds to their personality! What they don't know is that there is a difference between being straight forward and being rude.
    Story in pieces

  61. Gosh I had to scroll down so much to write this've come a very long way...because of your straight from the heart posts.
    While reading Your post, there were quite a few names that came to my mind, I'm sure it took lots of restraint on your side to not name them...though you have of course let the sex points for guessing whom you are talking about.

    Another thing I liked was that you have used the blogging platform just for the same reason most of us started blogging, to speak our hearts out. To write what we can't express otherwise, to put words to our feelings.

    Hope it made you feel better...that's all that matters.

    By the way you have been tagged...

  62. Oops I think I may have hit some wrong have been tagged...on my blog...

  63. Am really surprised by reading this one..
    Ha ha politics in blogs also and also rude bloggers..
    I do read many blogs sometimes am invisible other times
    I just share my views but wondered how could a person
    Comment in a conflict manner...
    You have full rights to write ur thoughts..keep going

  64. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

    Travel and tourism

  65. Whoa dude! With each line I read, my mind went, "Gosh! That's so true!!!" Keep bloggin'. (I mean it, no flattery!) :D


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)