Humorous Human Rights.

Scene 1:
5 Robbers stormed in a Nationalized bank in a broad day light, they looted Mr.Kumar's money, Mrs.Uma's money and the list goes on.
Hearing the news, people who deposited their money in those(so called) safety lockers rushed towards the crime scene, they cried at heart by seeing,hearing that "their hard earned cash and coins are looted".

Some cried physically, they had thought to withdraw those money and they had commitments and plans to execute, wanted to pay their kids fee and to buy a new car etc etc, Are they humans ? i have a doubt and i can't hear you, are they humans ? Yes you say ? do you think that their rights has been snatched ?
Yes, their right to buy something with their own hard earned money is no more right ?
So technically and practically, they are HUMANS and their rights are postponed or removed.

Where are those guys with banner ? saying "Protect Human rights", "Save Humans", say NO to Encounters. where are they ??? i see none, did you see anyone shouting slogans against the robbers ? where are those goddamn human rights activists ? i see none and i hear none. what about you ??
(restraining myself from using harsh words).

Scene 2:
Police forces killed those robbers(assumed) in action, actually they had went there to investigate but those merciful robbers opened fire against police(police claims), so in order to protect themselves, POLICE forces retaliated and killed all the robbers swiftly.

5 hours later.
"Book those police officers, charge them with murders" a human right activist shouts.
Here comes the hero, to save our rights.

Just think about this a minute, suppose a police officer is killed in that firing, will these same so called activists will shout slogans? BOOK THAT ROBBER for criminal acts..
Will he or will she ? they will be having some tea and watching some soaps...

So a police officer's life is so cheap then ?
but a robber's life is as precious as his stolen things?
Oh god, Oh Shiva,Oh Allah,Sweet Jesus.. i have no trusts nor beliefs in any of you, but i still pray you to give them SOME BRAIN AND HEART.

WE have a misconception, that anyone who stands for the minority or anyone who stands for the victim is a CRUSADER. so without knowing what is what(even i don't know), people shouts against the encounter and blah blah....
Don't you think these things are pretty SHAMEFUL ?

I remember a dialogue from the movie ""Collateral""...
Guy gets on the subway and dies. Think anybody'll notice? 

There are so many people kissing death every hour, few because of mal nutrition  few because of crimes like GUN POINT robbery etc etc.
Where are those activists ?


How partial we are ? by fighting against some lame things, we can claim hero title.
Ridiculous, there are so many crimes to be noted and there are so many rights to be given.
Why giving SHOW OFF ? please FUCK OFF !
I can relate some other incidents, Take that Gujarat encounter, am not sure whether that is true or not, but what Activists did there was a commendable job, just because one encounter is a fake, it is not mandatory to fight against all encounters.
Criminals deserves those kind of death.

IF KASAB was hanged to death in streets of MUMBAI, i will be the happiest man alive on Earth, but that won't happen... we are so called DEMOCRACY, we are so called CULTURES monkeys.
If the same incident has happened in GULF, by this time LADEN WOULD HAVE MET KASAB(@ hell).

We are fakers, we want our self a VEIL to cover our reality.. how shameful ?
Again i am saying, there are so many HUMANS starving to death and there are so many gals facing molestation and crimes.
Show your banner there.... Don't sympathize with criminals.
I am not asking you to take an EYE for EYE, though the world is BLIND already, have some sense, act like a MAN.
I personally HAIL and appreciate those police officers, who killed those robbers*

*If they are really robbers.

There are more works to do Mr.Human Right Activist, visit there and show your HUMANE touch.i will respect you if you do so, i will not respect you IF YOU CRY LAMELY FOR A COLD BLOODED ANIMAL.


{Views expressed here are AUTHOR'S OWN, am sure i am a HUMAN and i have rights to speak and write what i feel :D, if you ask me not to write... i will complain to that HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION:P:D and certainly am a mad monkey not a cultured monkey, hopefully mads will not be tried under law}


  1. I loved the post Deepak...Hope the human right activists read this...
    a very true story of India...

    BTW i loved that "Cultures Monkey" part... :P :P

    well KASAB has become our national heritage...I don't think he'll ever be :D :D :D

  2. One of the activists said in an interview to NDTV that the criminals had robbed just 31 lacs; there were five of them; per head some 6 lacs and odd only. So it is not fair to kill them! What logic!
    Also you see these kind of activist interviews only in NDTV. Ever wondered why?

  3. @CYNOSUREThanks sarab :( shameful !
    Kasab is enjoying all privileges

  4. @Hariharan ValadySir, you could have told me this earlier and i missed this joke... i must have mentioned, thanks for adding it:)

  5. ""It happens only in India""...I'm just singing a song..:-)

  6. Great take on Rights Dee ;).
    You have brought out the TRUTH.
    I know many people will say against this in here itself, but don't take it to your mind ok.
    I agree with your views. What you have said is 100% true.
    I so wish the Gulf policy would be brought out here.
    The criminals need to face the pain which they give to others.
    Just hanging them in a courtroom would do no good.
    What the difference between them being Hanged and Bhagat Singh being hanged?? Both are opposite right? One hanged for being right and the other for being wrong.
    Its like providing our Murderers and Robbers with a key to heaven.
    To hell with them. They ruined so many people's life, they don't deserve to die peacefully.

    Ok! I need to calm down :P. Really :P.
    Awesome Post Dee ;) :D.
    Loved it :D

  7. That was a great post, Deepak. It is really thoughtful. Our social systems should be rechecked.

    Awesome post !

  8. As usual a great post Deepak. There are too many couch experts in our society ( some of them are activists)who jump up each time any such incident occurs so as to get a wider media coverage for themselves. Like you mentioned about gulf countries, we need to have a stricter and a rigid laws that cannot be bent by criminals and law breakers once they are caught to escape the punishment.

  9. You might want to check this out


    great post again deepak :) HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA sadly... ellarayum pudichu jail la podanum, but police ah first jail la podanum :P

  11. @Princess PooCOOL DOWN :) :) uff !
    drink fruiti... you are firing :D
    thanks for expressing yourself !

  12. @EngramBeautiful point, i missed it out sir !
    Thanks a ton

  13. @Uma UthraEllarayuma ???? appo neeyuma :D EKSI,,,,
    Thanks !

  14. ellarayum dha, but enna illa :P all bad police :)

  15. same feelingsss :) why blood same blood :D

  16. Couldn't agree with you more..I also remember a Mahila mandal once trying to stand by a rape victim and raping her some more with their publicity of her situation...ppl really have no sense sometimes...they just want fame and they don't mind being irrelevant n thoughtless in the process...n "culture monkeys"? loved the usage of those words...awesome post!

  17. I agree with you.
    Stupid people they care for Human Rights of the people who aren't 'Human' in any way. :P

  18. @krznahaha :P cool... i checked yours, that looks stunning

  19. wow.. this is a blog post worthy of a round of applause and some more. the police get injured, hurt all the time and no one cares. same goes for poor and the less privileged. they die day after day from malnutrition, terminal diseases and no one would care a bit. a celeb gets cancer, even if it's the simplest one, and everyone is crying and screaming. why??

  20. Totally agree with your views ! We don't hang terrorists, we feed them biriyani ! True Indians don't have any rights...isn't it enough that they have a right to breath ?? If these so called "human rights activists" come forward to defend these people, they would not get media coverage (& funds too), would they ?
    btw, thanks for the comment at my blog, I really appreciate it :)

  21. Good to write about all this before they start censoring what we want to say! We are a democracy but then u never know - considering we are a democracy only when it suits certain higher powers

  22. @muddleduphmmm you strongly disagree ? thanks for the visit !

  23. Come on, Deepak, not all human rights activists are of the sort you picture them to be.

  24. Well written Deepak... Love ur writing style...

  25. You are right when you point out the various violations of human rights that need to be addressed, but if you look at our legal system and our law and order enforcement system, you will agree that it is a major violation of human rights. I am not saying this from a theoretical perspective, but from having experienced the utter inhumanity of both the legal and the enforcement systems that claim to dispense "criminal justice" in India. The justice that is dispensed is truly criminal!! Enjoyed your post, and time will tell whether the protests were justified or not.

  26. i so very much want kasab should be hanged to death or killed at the earliest !

    great post Dee...

  27. Your are thinking in right way...Human rights should be protected to those who deserve it.. not to scoundrels... The Police done in right way in that incident. These humen rights people are only famemongers who try to fish from troubled waters. Never speaks about the rights of a common man and police forces.

  28. Hmmm..many people writing about this issue..But ultimately I think no one has the right to kill another person, at the same time I also think no one has the right to loot another person..aiyo, who knows!

  29. Couldn't agree more with you on this Deepak!! Wonder why Human Activists lose their brains sometimes.They aren't really propagating any humane activities in fact reversing it!! God,where in the hell is our country (& this world) heading...

  30. Let me first clarify about Kasab- I don't think he should be hanged. It is too easy death. He should be hanged with few helium balloons so the death is slow so that he has enough time to recall the images of all the people he killed.

    As for the encounters, the problem is we are losing faith. So many fake encounters, so many false cases and misuse of law has created chaos that we do not know who is right and who is wrong.
    As for the activists, it is just a publicity gimmick with not much achieved.

  31. மனோகர் ஒரு திரை படத்தில் கூறினார் "இந்த நாடும் நாடு மக்களும் நாசமாய் போகட்டும்" என்று.இதற்க்கு விதிவிலக்கு போல் மனித உரிமை கழகம் இறங்கியுள்ளது.திருப்பூரில் பத்து கோடி ரூபாய் மதிப்புள்ள நகை கொள்ளை அடிகபட்டுள்ளது...அதற்கான தொகையை மனித உரிமை கழக நிர்வாகிகள் தர தயாரா?????

  32. :) Deepak, I dont know what to say...

    Don't stop yourself from using harsh words -- use them freely and maybe then somebody will notice. Never know - those very words can turn up in google search results of our ministers while they surf the net in the parliament ;) - got my drift?

  33. I have a few things to say.
    Activists have no other business. Animal rights activists also do the same thing. 4 year old gets ripped open by street dogs, but they shouldn't be killed.
    Don't say Gulf. Even in democracies like USA, the NYC bomber was caught in 10 hrs and imprisoned for 70 years.
    The ruling party, by virtue of almost monarchy for the past 65 years had destroyed our India.

    do visit: http://cryptic-visions.blogspot.con/

  34. *If they are really robbers.

    I think that's the reason people protest whenever such an incident happens. They never had a reason to prove their innocence, if they were. Can anyone guarantee that an innocent will never be sacrificed at the altar? Is it justified if a few innocents are sacrificed at the altar for the sake of so called greater good??

    And if you believe public lynching helps matters, I will not say its not there in India. There are many such cases of mob mentality where groups of people have been known to take matters into their own hands, more often for the wrong reasons. This is just an example.

  35. "POLICE SHOULD HAVE TOOK YOU ALONG, YOU WOULD HAVE SUNG THEM A LULLABY and THOSE ROBBERS would have SLEPT NICELY" I like that. Of course we have to think what we would do in a situation before giving our suggestions of flustering for chemicals when life is at stake. Yeah there are a lot of genuine issues in which people dont speak up because they cant speak against convicts and criminals who may come and kill them for it the next day but they will shoot their mouth against the common man who cannot retaliate and has no option but to hear it all out !!! Good post

  36. Human Rights speaks so just to give space for what the legal system calls "the benefit of doubt". If there is noone to watch, everything becomes legal according to the idiosyncratic tyrant who rules it... Deepak can be killed for supporting a particular cause, not for supporting it, for choosing to keep silent or just because he did not take a stance. Law ofcourse needs to be flexible and cannot exist without commonsense... but now, tell me, how common is commonsense?!

  37. @Rohan Shankar country is not a matter, what do we understand ? what do we learn ? NOTHING

  38. @Ramakant Pradhan i am not that elegant to understand what you meant here....
    Thanks a ton for your comment
    and yes MOB mentality is a factor, which affects many such things.... BANDWAGON

  39. @VST
    That will be HILARIOUS...

    TEll me, if any police man got killed will the same IDIOTIC human rights will raise STUPID slogans ?

    There are people raped everyday, WHAT THE FUCK human rights plucking ?

    NEar by chennai, 30 crore of money got stolen ? it was owned by a HUMAN, what the HUMAN rights did ?

    Some Criminals,Scoundrels dies BLOODY human rights comes out...

    coming to your comment, i don't understand your view on Deepak getting killed, WHY KOLAVERI BOSS ?

    YEs as you say, if there is NO wathcdog, people will not be happy because of a MONARCHY rule...
    ARE WE HAPPY WITH THIS DEMOCRACY RULE ? and with this so called WATCHDOG ?

  40. Absolutely loved this one. You know, this has become a trend or say fashion statement, a short-cut to gain popularity which automatically brings money. Speak for all those who do not deserve it, speak about terrorists when you are into human rights, speak for women (without knowing the truth, without getting into its her or her husband's fault) when you are into women empowerment, speak for dogs if you're an animal activist because they are more important than humans.
    Remember the famous Arjuna story? I can only see the eye of the bird, nothing else! These people come from the same family. They can only see what they want to see and what will benefit THEM!!!
    If given a chance, I'll first to shoo them out of our soil. Only due to these people, Kasabs are eating Tandoori Chicken in Jail and our brave policemen are suspended for killing a robber/terrorist.

  41. @Animeshyeah very true and that is the saddest part...
    Army people struggles every day in the border, every day and night... but that bastard is demanding us by sitting inside jail !

  42. The words that is used in almost every alternative line like "Fuck" "Bastard" and so on and so forth so easily is a classic example of the extent to which human rights exist. What if everyone started addressing everyone just like this??? Crimes that are intolerable these days are crimes indeed yet these are derivative crimes born out of far deeper crimes committed against them... Instead of killing the poor, try killing poverty; instead of killing the ignorant, try killing ignorance; instead of killing the people, try killing the cause for which they rob, steal, plunder, murder... thats all I say. By the by, you precisely got my point, neither monarchy nor democracy, nor for that matter, communism or anarchy or bureaucracy or technocracy is going to save the world... unless people learn to govern themselves. The utopio you want... and I wish for.

  43. @VSTThanks for visiting back :

    well i was harsh i know that :)
    You have valid points, you want that ignorance to be killed instead of an ignorant ?
    Sir, i can tell you one thing for sure, world that we live in is not our own, we have to fight as much as we can to hold our place.

    when we loot a bank or when we steal someone's money, is that a fair thing to live ? or at least to justify ?
    Think about the people who earned that money hardly....
    How would they feel, instead of letting 1000 criminals to escape the laws., killing them will not be a worst thing...

    Honestly, these guys and so many such guys and many are in these kind, all of them are BURDEN...
    Glad to have them dead instead of spending money for their food and shelter. travel !

  44. I understand your pov. Yet, I agree to disagree. Deepak I am surprised how a wonderful person like you who cares for the "material" gathered by others would value it more than the "life" of someone else! Bottomline: Killing for peace is like fcuking for virginity.

  45. @VSTLOL :) i loved that last line.. but i must say it was a weird comparison...

    What about the Killing of Osama Bin laden ?
    if he is alive he will be planning some more bomb plots, innocent people will die in 1000's...

    No wrong in killing one person to save 1000 innocents !

  46. I had similar views and had even tweeted about them. When a common man is ill treated, the Human Rights commission doesnt bother to help them. THey always come to the aid of the terrorists and gangsters. What they police did was right, whatever their intentions where. They committed a crime and deserve to be punished. No use giving a second chance to them. Sometime this Human Rights Commission acts so stupid!

  47. @Ashwini C Nvery true :D great minds think alike :D just for fun !
    Thanks a lot,,,

  48. I loved the post and the way you have written it...I hope that atleast few so called Human activist read this....


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)