NeW \m/....

I guess it was my physics hour and the last hour of that day as well, i had my eyes only at two places...
One at minute hand and another at the seconds hand of my wrist watch, i can remember that i was in my class 6th, Very much excited to leave the school and to reach my home asap.
One & Only reason..
I got a NEW desktop at my home, which had a DAVE GAME !
At those times, desktops are not a common and usual one, friends in neighborhood will gather at my house sharply by 5 and we all together enjoy that thrill of jumping to new levels..

This temporary addiction soon left me in months and after a while i bought a new cycle.. "Hercules Thriller" and i just love the smell of my new bike, during my class hours i will start to dream and imagine the looks of my new cycle,color and the wheels :P but now only the addiction has changed, instead of a desktop it was my cycle...
Friends around my house will have cycle race all over the dusty and bumpy roads, can't wait much to start that RACING thrill !

This was also a temporary addictions, years rolled and there came a Pokemon series, if we buy Cheetos we will be given a Poke ball shaped freebie, we will die for that and everyday while leaving to home from my school bus, we will have a fiery,hot discussions like who got what ?
So now the addiction has changed and it is got a new thrill as well !

What i am meaning here ? Old is gold, that is undeniable... because our country and state capital has got more white heads, experience is the best teacher that is an undeniable fact as well :)
What about New ? New products ? New procedures and New Relations and New blah blah !

Smell of the New Book :P and the clean,stylish,sexy look of the new product wah wah !
Every year, the night before Diwali and my birthday, it was hard for me to get some sleep, in my childhood days, i will fantasize the new dress and new crackers...

Those are temporary pleasures but yet quite stronger addictions...
Not only to me but to any children of that age and to any children across the world, despite of economic background, all of us had a temporary addictions.. it may differ wide

But the addiction to new things, like new bike,new car,new house, new dress,new hairstyle like such are pretty different :)
NEW ? the word has new has got no meaning in this full swing world rite ? today's new and tonight's past :P
If we take the blog, after writing a new post, all of us(i believe) will be eager to see the responses and appreciations...
I don't know why i wrote this, just felt the times of past after reading few nostalgic lines of diary :) i was in a doubt and i am still in a doubt... Whether i only had this strange addiction to NEW THINGS ?



  1. The magic of what lies ahead and the nostalgia for things which have changed irrevocably can motivate us to savor the present more fully. We still "dial" a phone number though no phone has a dial any more, and we still watch "footage" of news stories though no video is measured in feet any more. When I was younger, I used to dread the older folk whose stories would always start with "in our days..." Now my stories start with "in our days..." Time changes everything. I just hope it does not cure you, Deepak!

  2. When I remember those golden days...Tears of Joy flows from my eyes.. :`) Even I had an "ATLAS" cycle(upto 10th)& use to update it with cool stuffs in order to look my cycle better than the best \m/

    Later came my "Hamara Bajaj" scooter.. lol.. then came the 1st model of Bajaj Pulsar 150cc :) Later Pulsar 220cc...Similarly in PC too..CRT > TFT > Lappy \m/

    Now the times 've changed & why not? Times should be changed..For betterment! It's good! Isn't it Deepak?

    School days are always memorable than the college days! I had the best time going through your diary :) Keep reading...

  3. Beautifully written. You captured the innocent but memorable moments of excitement in everyone's hearts as we look forward to something that is new. As you said, it may be anything but for sure it keeps us hooked on for a while until we jump on to another passion or addiction. :) I guess in a way, this is what keeps our hearts young always! :)

  4. very well written!
    yeah, we all chase new things, or try to find newer meaning in the old ones!

  5. beautifully written Deepak.....our childhood memories are precious.....

  6. @Subhorup Dasgupta Well said Subh... at end of the day all of us are Humans who are filled up with emotions :P

  7. @Raj Pretty word raj... great comment :)
    Thanks a ton

  8. This is a post i connect myself most with ,Deepak! Coz I too used to be obsessed with anything new and with those "smells" ;)

    I used to love the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil,petrol bunk,shoe rack(oh ya!;) ,new shoes,new anything and everything! :)

    I think as children we all go through that phase!! :)Very well potrayed.:)

  9. na-na...u're not alone...everyone of us did such things...infact I did(dunno about others...) :P

  10. How about new girlfriend every month? :p
    Good post Deep; enjoyed it :)

  11. i remember when we bought our first desktop in 1994 dad kept it in drawing hall as an antique to boast among the relatives .. we were the only ones in our entire lane to have a computer then..

    nice post D !

  12. very beautifully written ...really we always are addicted, but only our addiction changes wonderful thought

  13. No Deepak, many times, the child in us keeps us living. I also had a fancy for new things but it was as long as it was new. Few mins, few seconds depends on what it was. Our world was much simpler and restricted to those small things and the world was still beautiful. Today unfortunately new things are more dependent on what the other person bought or has and competition to stay ahead. I really wonder if it is happiness..

  14. Very well written Deepak. Feel the same way in the day-to-day life.

  15. Even i loved dave :D
    well 'NEW' has its own charm and pleasure like 'OLD' has a sense of nostalgia associated with it. this new will become old too, and charm will fade away, nostalgia will prevail. Its a cycle i suppose :)


  16. @Chennaifocus It sounds very familiar and cool :) well said :) keep reading

  17. @subtlescribbler wah... great explanation :) thanks for appreciating :)

  18. @subtlescribbler wah... great explanation :) thanks for appreciating :)

  19. Hahaha! So True!
    Actually the truest words to be precise :).
    Even now, I get excited when I get new things but after a few days it just vanishes.
    I must say I had the same taste like you :P Dave & Pokemon <3.
    Actually, Even now I have those Pokemon cards and other items we used to get. Looking at it brings back my memory of those days when me and my friends used to trade cards so that we all can have get rid off the same ones. It was fun.
    Just looking at those things, takes me back to my future. A future where the only thing I was worried about was not getting a nice card or having same cards :P.

    I seriously don't know why I wrote all the above things :P. It just came to me when I read your post :O.

    Nice post :).

  20. i love the example used in the beginning of the post..pls enlighten me is it true?was this how our beloved chips were invented?

  21. @Princess Poo DAmn happy to read your comment, excited and inspiring me..
    keep reading...
    you too Brutus :P

  22. I recollected the days I smelled new cycles (seat cover to be specific)

  23. hey!! im new to this blogging world..n iv started to follow your blogs...yup...i can also recollect the essence of 'new' things...smell of new text books ..shine of new tv..;-)
    i must say it was a simple yet unique topic to speak of...every1 can (and will) relate to it!!!

  24. @ashitha hey thanks a ton :) really happy to see my badge on your site :)

  25. nostalgic :) when i was a kid i used to collect the tatoos inside BOOMER, remember???? the bubblegum :P i was totally obsessed with Mr.MARIO too. From cycle race with neighbourhood friends to show off the new barbie labels ....... awesome memories :)


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