Plagiarism Copyright ©

Plagiarism copyright protected :) Original copy... are some funny examples for oxymoron BUT has some relevance to this funny post...
Once upon a time there lived a Black man in America, in those times blacks were used as SLAVES, this young black man was working as a COOK..
One of his customer complained often and regularly for that black man's FAT FRENCH FRIES, so after losing his patience, he made the french fries very thin and he added as much salt possible and made that chips to fry as long as possible...


Today from construction workers to rich barons who go to their premier BARS use wide variety of chips, but not all of them knows WHO INTRODUCED CHIPS...
Why i am telling this lame story ?

I have been seeing plenty of bloggers displaying a copyright symbol in their blog, i have never tried one for mine, PLAGIARISM they say ?
Plagiarism ? Yes, the act of stealing another person idea or work or whatever...
Pretty shameful you say ? i wont agree it for 100%..

Before i begin this post, there are two things i must say, Discovery Vs Invention, what's the difference ? i am no scholar, i can try to explain my best...
Discovery.. Discovery of India, it is like witnessing things for first time which has been there for a long time..
Invention.. It is like someone does something for first time, a materialistic matter or some new things..
Coming to Plagiarism, i will classify my opinions as two kinds..

Plagiarism in not entirely bad:
[Source Unknown]
Time 9:30 Pm
[Source unknown]
Leave these craps, i have been adding images to my posts, but i never thanked Google or any site for courtesy. first reason is am lazy about mentioning the name and second is it is useless, we don't know whether that photo was an indigenous one..

Alphabets that we use ? it is not ours and Time that we follow it is not ours and earth that we live it is not ours and the air that we breath it is not ours and the lives that we kill it is not ours, we came empty handed and we leave empty handed, what the hell we invented ?

There is nothing call invention(My view), we came empty handed we learnt things and we found out geeky crap and we claim the rights over it, while we die we are not going to take it with us certainly.
have you ever been to temples of South India ?
I will say, a person donated tube lights to temple, what he did was, WROTE HIS NAME DISTRICT and HIS CHILDREN NAME in it....

Because he claim that donation was his own, how shameful ? i will say one thing, if Edward Jenner or Louis Pasteur protected their works and if they have used only for their families, half of our population will be inside the ground.

We learn from her and we work hard to achieve something and lame part is claiming the priority over it, our humanity has been doing this for a long time.
If someone copies our work and achieves fame, certainly it will be a hard blow,
For a period of time, so many scientists has been blamed as PLAGIARIST :P
Everyone is a plagiarist, we learn to do things from our parents and we learn all good,bad things from the society and we are not born with LOADED CHIPS...

Plagiarism is ENTIRELY BAD:

What the hell man ? who the hell you are to claim my WIFE as yours ? lol, if someone comes and argues that MY NEW MOBILE phone was his own, certainly i will punch him as hard as possible.
It's human nature to attribute his credits to things he believes that he owns it, Be it Land or Car or whatever, we claim our lordship over things and people.

When our hard work turns in to a perfect process and at that when someone steals it and enjoys the publicity, our blood will pop up like pop corn :P
But just think(as a blogger),
1) Did we wrote a scientific journal, which cures AIDS ?
2) Are we Chetan Bhagat(so called IIT guy) to fight with film makers ?
3) After all my posts are not worth copying :P 

I have never experienced that pain, pain of losing my original work, because my works are not worth copying, if someone copies it i must appreciate him :P

Plagiarist is the cheap and lame person, i admit that... i have been a plagiarist either, never copied from others work, but from GOOGLE and WIKIPEDIA :P
Everyone who writes a blog. be it so called celebrity blogger or amateur blogger, everyone needs an INFO to write about, we read things and write on it...

Everyone are plagiarist and everyone of us are an HYPOCRITE :P
Just arguing for name sake, like I HATE PLAGIARISM possible he/she might have copied it from someone's post :P

Graham Bell invented Telephone(not sure of it), whether he invented all parts of that phone? certainly and honestly NO... he collected parts and made it a cocktail and he formed it in to a phone :P
All of the things that we have and gonna have are TAKEN from here, perhaps molded here..
In this line from GITA,{WHAT YOU HAVE TAKEN, YOU HAVE TAKEN ONLY FROM HERE.} So don't cry if someone steals your work,,, we are here to share....
The Cars that we have and Music that we hear and the film that our stars acts ARE THEY ORIGINAL ALWAYS ? Certainly no... we are in the world of plagiarist, so don't cry like a child and complain " Mommy he stole my RUBBER :P "

Honestly i din't point this post at anyone alive or dead and i never expect my readers(if there are any) to embrace my opinion, opinions are subjected to DIFFER...
Why copyright and make up your blog like a new bride ? just leave it free and remember the above line(Don't yell at me if i CR my blog in future:P)


  1. you always contradict yourself! :P for & against! I strongly oppose plagiarism.

  2. @Kanmani LOL :P
    okay and so many people who opposes it.. thank you

  3. I don't like people copying from me and claiming it as theirs but if they ask for my permission n credit me I don't mind. I do google for a lot of stuff I write but I credit my sources most of the time unless I've forgotten about it. But this a pretty contradictory topic, and every person has their opinion, though I think otherwise, i do respect yours and understand.

  4. As usual, your post had me in splits. However, on a serious note, there is nothing plagiaristic about using "facts and ideas" as they are the common resources that no one can claim copyright to. So if I write a post based on what you have written here and include the facts that you mention (you don't, but I am just giving an example), I cannot be called a plagiarist. Same applies for your google and wikipedia. It is not right to call research and reference work plagiarism. Very useful and thought provoking post, just when this issue (of a "controlled" and "safe" internet) is being so fiercely debated. Great work, Deepak!

  5. sharing is cool. plagiarism ain't! if u have a cool idea and if i flaunted it saying it's mine, how'd that feel? bugs the hell outta ya,right? it's as simple as that.

    but good read here!

  6. I disagree with some points but on a whole I do agree with most points you have mentioned bro. Very good post.

  7. @rads A wise comment i must say, thanks for the read :) well opinions will differ as always !

  8. @Subhorup Dasgupta That was a sensible comment, thanks for appreciating

  9. Well basically plagiarism is all about imitating or copying some other persons intellectual stuff and then claiming oneself to be the original owner of that stuff..
    ...WIFE I don't guess comes under one's INTELLECTUAL STUFF .. :D ;)

    Anyways nice attempt and its really WORTH READING....*COPIED by my Grey Matter*.. ;)

  10. Plagiarism always existed & always will. With the world accessible at a click its easier to get catch the culprits now. Well written.

  11. if someone copies my work i will not happy but if he inspired from my work and discover a new thing i will be happy

  12. Hey, another one your well written posts.

    But hey, donating a tube light to a temple and having your name listed in the records, doesn't make the tube light yours. Its analogous to gifting your friends, on their birthday. Irrelevant of who gifted, the gift still belongs to the birthday dude/dudette. Its just an act of recognition, which by no means restricts it's usage by anyone.
    Secondly, the wheel was invented by a bunch of dudes, who got tired pushing around square shaped stones. Now if centuries later, Mr. Dunlop gets an idea to use vulcanised rubber in a circular shape, and thereby improve the 'original wheel', it's not plagiarism. It's only an idea, where the specific process followed, can be patented.

    Trivia: Did you know, that even the Rosogolla was 'invented' :P

    And as we are on this: Genius is ninety-nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration.

    Good post man. Keep them comin! :)

  13. lol! Another brilliant post :D ;) :P.

    I was actually wondering why anyone would want to copy someone else's work. I'll say that they would right it better than that :P ;). As you said, we learn stuff and we right about it. Obviously we are copying but in a different manner. And what more obvious is that, our words make more sense than the words of other persons :P ;).
    For eg: I read for my exam ;) :D. I never write the same thing in the paper :P :D. It will be my own words :P. And fortunately the teacher doesnt understand it and hence give me marks :P ;) :D.
    See the use :D :P

    Hehe! Anyway I think your views are correct :D.
    I never put COPYRIGHT stuff on my blog either :) :D.
    And just like you said, if anyone copies my works I'll probably end up thanking them Infinity times for being so dumb B-) :D :P.

    Once again :O A long reply :P. Forgive me for boring ya ;) :D

  14. @Princess PooOf all comments i loved reading yours :) keep inspiring me

  15. hehe.. A different approach on plagiarism. And very well explained! Kudos!

    The only plagiarism i encountered was when i post a carefully thought status at facebook... and a min later one of my fren posted the same thing without crediting me! Boy, that was so irritating! :P

  16. It looks like somebody has so much fun writing this post. :)


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