What are they? They are just a temporary state but that temporary factor differs from people to people, for few it stands for seconds and for many it will last for years.
Magnitude of the worries depends up on the people and the nature of their problem.

Billionaires have worries either.
*Ratan Tata worries, whether people may blame him for selecting a wrong successor
*Cyrus Mistry worries that, whether he is a right candidate to replace Ratan Tata.

You know even Munna has worries, his worries are for the food that he receives and FYI Munna is the name I gave to a stray dog near my house.
* 1st rank student fears and worries that whether 2nd rank holder will surpass him in next term exams.
* 2nd rank student worries whether 3rd rank guy may surpass him.
This order continues to the last level.

I can classify people in to two kinds.
1) People who share their worries.
2) People who never shares their worries.

It is true and obvious that everyone has worries like every house has windows.
Only difference is that, how effectively people share it?

At some part of time, every one of us will be a PRISONER.
In Exam hall, we all are prisoners, who are expecting to leave the hall and also to pass the exam.
Every mother is a prisoner for some 10 or 9 odd months with a baby in her womb.
To be precise,
We are(all of us) are prisoner of circumstances.
Our circumstances drive us and order us to do things, though we like or not, we have to do that to save our ass.

What’s the difference between a Central Prison and our prison,
1) Both has a guard outside, criminals calls them as WARDEN and even hostellers calls them as wardens too,
2) Residents and land lords calls them as WATCHEMAN.
3) There lock has been made outside but we lock ourselves inside.
4) Wardens never salute a prisoner but all watchmen will and have to salute their landlords

Worries are everywhere and prisoners are omnipresent, only the terms and conditions may differ but the fact is, we are no free bird.
We have to eat to survive; can you avoid eating or drinking?
Similarly we have to face all sort of state, Happiness or sadness. Whatever it is, we have NO CHOICE than to face them.

As a prisoner of circumstance we behave, as a prisoner of his circumstance HE KILLS others, HE LOOTS others.
As a prisoner of her circumstance, she cries to come out of it.
It is evident that all of us here are prisoner of our circumstances, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Because of my surroundings I wrote this, Gautama Buddha wouldn’t have started Buddhism if he lived like a prisoner inside his sophisticated castle.
(Even earth looks like a prison to me, we enjoy suffer here. But we can’t go out of it alive)

Everyone has to break the prison where we lock ourselves, frankly speaking I worry a lot but I never lock myself in a confined place, I don’t want anyone to show sympathy.
It is always better to be at the giving end than to be at the receiving end

To my friend, who worries about his/her posting I dedicate this post to you...
There are people on our either sides, few enjoys better than us and few struggles worst than us.Then why worry? Why cry?
Every dog has its own day… come let’s wait for our turn…
I finish my post by saying a wonderful quote…
There is nothing that cannot happen today. - Mark Twain

worrying never improves the current position, I don’t want to be a HYPOCRITE, I worry a lot and I can stop worrying for few things like, WHY I RECEIVE NO COMMENT? WHY NONE READS THESE.
But these worries never stopped me and can never stop me.
Let us all come out prison and lock the worries inside…
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  1. It's a great read. :) We all are prisoners, I agree.
    Not sharing worries is better than sharing, in my point of view :P

  2. I belong to the second category :)
    நம் வாழ்க்கை நமக்கு மட்டும் தான் வாழ்க்கை, பிறருக்கு வெறும் வேடிக்கை !!! great post :)

  3. Worrying will only lead to more worrying...
    Good post.

  4. agreed...We're all prisoners...
    That was rightly said especially for some who need this to understand..."few enjoys better than us and few struggles worst than us"...u're not always the best...then y worry...??? ;)

    nice post... :)

  5. I have tried to break many walls and be free .. my mom has helped me so much to be myself. Nice post and thanks for supporting my blog.

  6. It is evident that all of us here are prisoner of our circumstances, NO EXCEPTIONS. what a grt thought !!!!
    chinta (worry) leads to chitta (pyre) !!!!
    as usual a grt post from D BOX :) :D

  7. Hmmm..makes sense to a perpetual worrier like me!

  8.'ve already got's another one for you... :P

  9. Good post! I guess we will continue to worry despite of of what we think or say - its a human weakness...

  10. @muddledupwell said.. thank you POI(prisoner of interests)

  11. so true dude - "all of us here are prisoner of our circumstances, NO EXCEPTIONS"....
    cheers :)

  12. Yes, we are all prisoner of our circumstances.
    Nice post :)

  13. Beautiful post Deepak...I remember a teacher of us telling us something about worrying that I will never forget - If you have studied - don't worry. if you haven't studied -there's no reason to worry". Till date whenever I am in a situation I think of that. Glad I stopped by... Just getting to know IndiBlogger actually:)

  14. Hey Deepaqk, really interesting read. Yes we are all prisoners, some more, some less. I really like your comparison with every house having windows!

  15. All are born free but are in chains everywhere, as the thinker said. But I'm more of an existentialist who believes that we can achieve freedom once again (and again, of course) by making choices.

  16. Wonderful post about the prisoners of fate, it's inspirational too.

  17. @KajalA compliment from you is great to hear and read :) Thanks !

  18. Appreciate your analysis and a good post to read.
    The more we think of it, the more likely we concentrate upon it and chance for thing to grow more..
    Bothering worries & sharing weaknesses..might decrease the possibility of recovery..need is cheerful equanimity. Hope for the best.

  19. Nice post Deepak.. true, worrying never really helped anyone, except maybe create more damage...

    Nice one, Deepak. :)

  20. A thought provoking post!

    As Mirza Ghalib said, "qaid-e-hayat-o-band-e-gham, asl mein dono ek hain, maut se pehle aadmi gham se nijat paaye kyun?". Roughly translated, the prison of life and the bond of misery go hand in hand, a release from them coming when life itself ends.

    Prisoners all?

  21. A nice and interesting way of defining things Deepak :) I feel someday you might become a philosopher.

  22. Munna is the name I gave to a stray dog near my house. HILLARIOUS! :) Message conveyed so effortlessly.. Love this post!
    If worries are like windows you still have scope to open it and get out.. but if they become the walls with no doors or any means to escape, thats when one actually has to begin worrying.. ;)

  23. Good post Karthik....but I think we can't share our worries with everyone

  24. Well said Deepak. We are all Prisoners of Circumstances. How we deal and react to it, makes all the difference. A good insight :-) Wonderfully written :-)

  25. very well written Dee...

    as the song hotel california says "we all are prisoners of our own device"

    i completely agree with you we all have worries like house has windows but one must know how to enjoy life even in the sea full of worries ..

  26. Good and interesting post if u have time could people check our brand new blog website called mute horizon (type it on Google) and you are there, hope we get some comment and future subscriptions!

  27. Nice thoughts.
    When we leave the worry and get out of the ring, life is much better. That wisdom comes much later in life.
    Leave, let go, and live.Easier said than done.

  28. Nicely conveyed . . . .
    According to me not sharing your worries is lot better as then you are not dragging the other person in your miseries . . . .
    Deepak you are great, keep on writing . . . .

  29. very well expressed... deepak I jus love your blog <3
    keep bloggin' :)


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