Rewrite Section 375...

*This is an aggressive post, In this post you may find some harsh, strong and absurd views, i am not warning you, if you wish to read a RANT(500%) go ahead and for next few minutes by reading my so called article, Either you will find me mentally unstable or totally impractical...
And if you are below age of 18, you MUST read this post, there are NO MINORS in India, there are only majors whose age are less than 18.

Article 375, It is all about rape... READ THIS for more....
Recently there has been a considerable rate of hike in CRIMES against women, for your Information, our president is a women and ruling party's chair person is a women and very importantly 99% of Indian rivers are women and after all we call India as MOTHER land.

Problem of reading news, it is not a James Cameron's science fiction but it is all about real incidents happening from Kashmir to Kumari every day.

Of all the news, in recent times one news steals the cover page, main show and it is none other than RAPE.
They won't define the story or the troubles of victim instead all that they will highlight is VICTIM'S FACE inside a "RED CIRCLE" or her half covered face.

They will define all about the steps involved in the crime, they speak speak speak TILL THEY GET NEXT BIG news and that would be, NEW PICTURES of "BETI B"...
I don't know, whether i over react or whether i am the lone person to think in an aggressive fashion, luckily my dad is not a politician, so my chance of getting a seat in ELECTION has been ruled out and i don't look like Salman Khan, so i can't contest in election.

We blame women for wearing fashion dress, i say "Even if they wear a plate Armour, there are some monsters to break them".
Yes, i do agree... dress part plays only 5 % role, BUT 95% of role is played by ????
What else, it is our DUMB Indian Law system...

Rape convict will be jailed inside a stone wall, timely food will be given and after few days, bail will come boss will go out... THE END.
Other side, Rape victim will undergo daily horror and mental pressures and stupid society will isolate her as a SIN.

I have some weird GIFTS, yes gifts for those monsters...
When a person is convicted under all evidences and if it is crystal clear that, he did that then...
1) Castrate him/ them and publish it in all news papers with their name as of in their identity card.
2) Award them capital punishment, ranging from Death sentence to minimum 10 years of jail.

3) Operate their body and take as much as ORGANS and donate them to poor people who undergo surgery.
4) Minimum penalty of 10 lakh and all his/their possessions must go under hammer for auction and half them should be given to the victim.
5) Never reveal the identity of the victim and ban the television channels which shows the victim's picture or name and give her a mental therapy free of cost.

6) Give women the right to kill the person who tries to molest her, make her free from all laws.
7) If more number of cases are repeatedly files from a particular area, step down that respective police authority.  

In a state where a women is CM, a doctor has been charged for raping a DEAF and DUMB, how could she convey this tragedy ? with sign language ? i am not sure whether there is a sign for rape.
16 year old was raped and 37 year old mother of two was also raped, in car, school etc etc.
What a shame ?

Only reported victims are these, what about unreported and what about those who have been persuaded ?
Declare India as unsafe for women or declare some harsh, iron hand rules for the convicts,

In some gulf country, 5 youths have committed raped, you know what's their gift ?

Hanged to death in broad day light at a TRAFFIC SIGNAL.. how sweet, can we imagine this on India ? some stupid Human rights activist will come and argue, stop crimes against criminals.
All kinds of hole, from black hole to loop hole exists in INDIAN law system, No durga devi or No krishna will come with a SAREE to help a victim...

It's all in our hands...
we have a weight balance with us but we have our eyes opened, not like Indian law system

one hand we have 100 rape victims and other hand we have 10 rape convicts, who should live ?? a monster or an infected lamb !
Make some irony laws and rough actions(perhaps kill them in encounter) and check the rate of crime against women, no bastard should think of it even in his dream.


  1. Deepak neither you are mentally unstable nor totally impractical...and I appreciate that you've written the post...and I sincerely wish that the 7 points you mentioned should be added in the law book...
    indeed that was a good read... :)

  2. You are 100% correct ! And you are not at all mentally unstable.
    Those 7 points should be added to our law so that there will be some change in the frightening present condition.
    Once again a powerful post, and I really appreciate you for that...
    Keep writing.....

  3. **Applaud*** what the hell, let me stand up and applaud again! Yes! they must be done exactly as you said.

    A killer post i say, Mr.Killer writer! i totally enjoyed reading the violence part :) gave me a weird satisfaction visualizing the pain of those monsters

  4. 95% is not de to law, it is due to the excessive horniness of these motherfuckers who cannot respect the female gender and treat them as objects.
    Sorry for the language... it just comes out.

    First we must teach people how to control themselves. But as you said three posts ago, activist people dont allow dog control; how can we control people? People don't use democracy properly, but misuse it very well.

    Please read my blog: I would value comments

  5. wow deepak. your suggestions are perfect, though i dont thing compensation in cash helps. the rich could easily wash off their crimes with money.

    but castration or even better, capital punishment is the need of the day.

    thanks for the post =)

  6. @Rohan Shankar A good POV indeed :) thanks for voicing your view !

  7. I agree with the punishments you mentioned for such assholes.

  8. Dee I'm proud of you.
    Want to know why?? When people think posting the word "Rape" on their blogs would ruin it, you have pushed it all aside and spoke for the people.

    I agree with punishments, as I have mentioned in one of your previous posts. These people :| Gosh!!.
    You know what I wonder? They mention the Victim's name and put her pictures everywhere possible, but the Convict is happily enjoying Raping others :|. What the HELL? is all I can ask. Why put her name and ruin her life? Instead put that bloody freak's name and publish his photo everywhere. He doesn't deserve to live peacefully.

    I can keep going on and on, but what's the use?? The government doesn't give a shit. Effin people :|. You know whats the worst thing about our country?? A GIRL ISN'T READY TO STAND UP FOR ANOTHER GIRL.
    Afraid they say. I don't understand them?? I tell you, this is a shame. Pee Shame :|.

  9. Even I feel Strongly about this. Instant Death, is what they should be given. Those psychopaths.

  10. Well said deepak!!!...a good writer for the society straight from the heart,
    I have been thinking to discuss in my blog..right time u mentioned it.
    Really i hate indian society making a big issue by putting victims photo in channels
    n newspaper,i enjoyed each n every point u mentioned.
    Only when given high punishment,crimes will be reduced.
    There is a partiallity in executing the law for rich and poor people.
    Like that killer attitude..wish every guys should have same thought..
    Keep writing...

  11. @vinaycheers bro ! thank you :) at least in future if u r about to take a short film, try this concept :D like pakistani acid attacks :D

  12. @Princess PooWhoah girl :) cool downnnnn
    you fired it i say...
    Thanks a lot for the honest opinion.

  13. @MayaThnak you so much maya :) thanks for the read :D

  14. If I had my way I would shoot all those bastards in full public view. I was shocked when the victim's name was revealed by the foolish cops. Agree with each and every point you have made Deepak. A strong and powerful post. :)

  15. Our law is really dumb on these matters. Your suggestions or 'Gifts' looks like a good solution.

  16. Your right infinite percent!!! Let the change start here. Our laws talk on human rights for the cruel people (who are not humans at all) than the victims ( innocent souls). A bitter truth! Well written.

  17. I love idea number 3. That would make our country a better place in more ways than one.
    Thank you for addressing this issue. Actually you know what, maybe you should try a hand at politics. You have your blogger friends' support. Now let me go back and vote for this post first. :)

  18. Deepak - I am proud of ypu !! agree with princess poo !! But let's not forget about the innocent boys too who go through this and mostly go unreported ... every child, every person, everyone has their right to safety !!!

  19. your suggestions are good deepak and in Last few days there were too many cases of RAPE in MP.
    RAPIST should be hanged till death

  20. They very much deserve all those gifts you mentioned..Great post again..

  21. Very, very powerful post, Deepak. There are several tragedies running concurrently here, apart from the tragedy of the act of rape itself. 1. Parents who do not teach their male offsprings to respect, honor and if needed, protect women. This does not always have to be in words. If the father does not respect, honor and protect the mother, the child learns! If the father physically or verbally abuses the mother, and faces no consequence (gets his nightly sambar-rice or whatever else it is called), the child learns.
    2. Parents who believe it is okay to put up with abuse for the sake of peace. Those who tell the kids not to stick around if they see someone else in trouble. Not to report neighborhood violence to the cops. Once again, not something that you have to teach in words. Your actions are strong enough.
    3. Politicians who view rape as an app. Rapes are "fabricated" and used as a political tool!
    4. A media that is glad for every rape that they can cover and get their TRPs up.
    5. Parents who encourage their children to deny their sexuality, leading to levels of repression where morality is no longer a strong enough deterrent against rape.
    One can go on. And thanks Deepak for reminding us that the President is a woman. Given her diminution of the already diminutive role that our President is expected to carry out, I had almost forgotten about her existence. I thought only our Madam PM was a woman.

  22. So, I dont agree with what you wrote and it is my problem...But I do want NUMBER 5 to be implemented.
    If you read section 375, you must have also read section 376 IPC
    and you should also know that the judiciary is liberal when it comes to treating a rape victim. If she doesnt want to be checked by the doctor and thus getting some evidence about the whole rape scene, she can say No and the court will never say that she said No because she was never raped.
    Yes there needs to be a change in Section 375 with harsher punishments, but clearly tell me when section 376 even imposes life imprisonment and people still continue doing the crime, then whats the whole point of doing it. Making harsher punishment never curbs a crime, statistics proves that. Take murder for instance. But yes, I believe Rape should be made a NON- BAILABLE offence and a Minimum imprisonment of 10 years. Minimum and no compromises.

  23. The problem you've raised is indeed a very serious one. I too feel some stern measures (not as stern as the ones you've proposed) should be taken to deal with rapists.

  24. @D.NambiarPOLITICS :D sure... why not, but how many bloggers here will vote ? :D LOL
    thank you sooo much !

  25. @A Homemaker's UtopiaYou impressed me to write this post :0 thank you !

  26. @Subhorup DasguptaWhoa,,, SUBH, beautifully said, espl the 1st point :D TY

  27. @Red Handedthanks for shring the info.. i am not aware of that, but you know what,am not giving 100% to reduce the crime, i am saying WHY YOU LET OFF THE criminals easily ?
    Stern action against them will sooth souls like me... thank you for the honest comment !

  28. Everyone just discusses the problems and their reasons. Only some gives the solutions. I must say your suggestions are really worth considering. Really good post.

  29. @Red Handed

    I love how you have identified some core flaws within the system. very well written comment! :)

  30. Deepak I think the sentiment behind the post is brilliant and all of us want to see the criminals getting the punishment they deserve.

    I think why I do not agree with some of your punishment ideas (like hanging someone at the traffic light) is because there are major repercussions psychologically on a society and the youth, where such events occur.

    In my opinion, one needs to make the youth more aware about cause and effect of such a crime. Stop repressing their sexuality. Stop trying to find excuses like clothes, profession of a woman etc to justify the crime. As a society we need to stop accepting such crimes! And your post shows that there are many who refuse to accept that this is how things are.

    I would rather live in a safe environment where such an act doesn't occur than be a victim and wait to see the rapist being harshly punished.

    Also there is a reason for the existence of Human rights activists. There are certain rights that we as educated people shouldn't take away from others no matter who they are. If we all started disrespecting the basic rights, the thin line between a criminal and the victim will start blurring.

    All of this is ofcourse my opinion.
    Well written post :)

  31. i totally agree with you Deepak your sentiments have come out pouring through this post.

    i wonder why the govt or the NGOs and police sit back and not doing anything to curb the issue and let media enjoy the ghastly incidents through their papers...such a shame !

  32. Deepak, This crime is worse than murder because the victim dies and everything being done in the name of law is post mortem. In this case, the victim lives as a corpse going through the pain of it minute and minute in life and death. Rape must be termed as the most horrific offence and should attract the maximum punishment under law. Unless law controls it with Iron hand and makes the punishment instant without dragging the cases for long, there is no respite. Kudos to you on such a wonderful post.


  33. @zephyrThank you so much for providing your honest views... really glad to see people like you reading and sharing opinions !
    You have shown valid points...
    Keep visiting !
    Thank you

  34. @rahul aggarwalI missed out that point :( thank you bro !
    keep reading !

  35. @rahul aggarwalI missed out that point :( thank you bro !
    keep reading !

  36. @chennaifocus2011well said Katie...
    Glad to see you here,,,
    Thanks again !

  37. I agree with your views - I really wish our law and justice and media framework was more sensitive to women. Btw, are these news channels allowed to give out names and identities of victims without their permission? Shouldn't the victim be allowed to sue them if her permission wasn't take before publishing her identity!
    Also, I'm not sure if increasing the punishment will necessarily prevent rape...there are arguments made that increasing punishment (to death penalty or a heavy fine) will encourage rapists to commit murders after raping.

  38. First of all the law makers has to step forward of these gifts to get amended in the IPC. I think we people has to walk down the streets raising flags and organizing protest to the section amended.
    I do have a suggestion, The gift no4. Penalty of minimum 10 lakhs, the victim has to pay working behind bars, with the inflation adjusted rate.....

  39. Deepak - nice read..and I quite understand the 7 punitive postulates that you want to be imposed against the crime..just couple of thoughts, thinking like a lawyer, for I can't help but be one..
    sec 375 talks about rape of a woman..and then there are some famous cases like "vishaka vs state of rajasthan" and "apparel export promotion council" etc which made further guidelines as to what constitutes a sexual offence against members of the fairer sex..everything makes sense, men act like beasts and there is no justification in the act..but sure law recognizes it and there is atleast a punitive sanction in place, though not quite to the level as what you had suggested.. what about the men, who are the victims of the sexual exploitation..oh I am sorry, the media nor the law recognizes that, so men can't be the victim of sexual exploitations, if one goes according to that..
    rape in indian context is a crime against women..but then for sure the punitive sanction should definitely be in proportion to the act committed..we have a social reforming theory behind our penal system and we don't follow the punitive or detterent or compensatory theories of imposing punishment..the idea behind punishment in india, is not exactly to make the crime doer, undergo punishment for the crime...but rather to reform him and make him a socially responsible person..don't ask me, whether I agree to the theory, I quite don't..but the father of nation believed in such a theory and it so holds place in our lex system...i think you might like to read about something similar I wrote sometime back..

  40. very powerful post deepak , you are abs right in saying such people need to be dealt with severely ...infact apart from law theres a need for human rights organisations to change thir stand ,atleast in rape cases.wonderful read.

  41. Totally Agree Dude.. The first person to castrate should be our PM and all the leaders including women especially the ruling party leaders.. they are the ones who have made our country into the shit hole it is

  42. You are right Deepak, the only catch in this situation is what if a person is accused falsely.. In my life I have seen twice women accusing men of molestation when their advances were not reciprocated.
    But at present the law is too weak not only in India but everywhere. Appreciate you bringing this up and showing your support for a good cause

  43. @zephyr well said zephyr.. I agree with you.

  44. Neither you are thinking in aggressive fashion, nor you are overreacting. It's quite obvious to have a blood boiling anger when you see those news headlines depicting the rapist in red circle and the victim in blurred or the face is covered.

    About role of electronic media, ...... Agree with you 100%.

    thnx ..

  45. honestly the only way to suppress crime if through swift and harsh redressal. when will govt understand this? Oh wait, Govt is full of rapists and criminals.

  46. A big round of applause! Oh really Deepak! I think this is exactly what should be done to such monsters who are even worse than murderers or even mass murderers.Very well written!

    God! I sometimes wonder,Did God forget to give them a heart?

  47. I think your addressing the right problem. Not like the current 7 years is not enough of a deterrent. Just that people know in our legal system they can avoid even this by hiring good lawyers. It is the conviction rate that is an issue. So solution suggesting itself is to make conviction much easier. But flip side of that is it becomes a opportunity to victimize innocent guys. For example in our college they brought very strict ragging rules. One first year student genuinely offered help in carrying luggage of a 4th year student returning from home. Security guard reported it as ragging and the innocent 4th year student was punished. The 1st year student's evidence was rejected on the ground that it might be under coercion from other seniors.

  48. I totally completely agree with whatever points you have put forward here Deepak, we seriously need a overhaul and some deadly laws to stop these criminals


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)