Shame Shame Tommy Shame !

We are going to a cinema theater now, don't worry i will not ask you a penny for tickets, IT'S FREE, are you ready ? 3...2...1.... Here we go....

"Dear Vivek, i love you dude... i want to live with you, i know you are in love with Tanisha, please ditch her for me, i will give everything for you dude everything, do you want me to bend the rainbows ? i will do for you... Should i ask moon to come at nights ? i will do for you dude i will do... please marry me" Jacob finished his dialogue.
Cut cut cut... Jump to this scene...

Showrukh khan proposes Sellman khan, throws a dozen poem and asks him out for a dinner, there comes a twist in restaurant, as they see Catherine Kaif dating Shallowika padukone...

They are Jumping to Switzerland, A ROMANTIC LOCATION.
There Catherine dances with Shallowika and Showrukh dances with Sellman, behind them a couple of black and white guys, singing in our regional languages..
Now replace all film Jodi's with Actor Actor and actress actress... adorable or horrible ?

I really regret for making this post, a disgrace post you may name it, i don't wanna use or write these topics, everything has a yielding point right ? a point where our patience will break :D read the conditions below !
1) This post is all about Gay and Lesbian acts in INDIA.

2) If you don't wanna hear these words, please i request you to close the tab and delete your history,
3)If you are a gay or lesbian, don't think that i am offending you, am offending your ideologies.

* God created ADAM and GILCHRIST...
They both are enjoying the beautiful garden of Eden, a devilish serpent spoils their mind(just imagine), if they had married each other, will HUMANITY BE WHAT IT IS LIKE NOW ???

* 100 years ago, all male and all female alive on earth, decided to practice Homosexuality(just imagine though it is ridiculous), will we be here?

Some one termed Homosexuality as Against nature, what's wrong in it ???
When you have right to do what you like, why don't you give him rights to speak what he like to ??

You have 100% rights to do what you want to, i accept that and i respect that, see there is something called "SOCIETY".
We can't live for ourselves always, sometimes we need to live for others.
Society is a core part of our survival, without interacting and co living, it is damn hard to survive.

I am neither a member of Ram sena nor Rom sena... But if some stalker wants to walk nude in to a mall, will you allow him ?

It is his wish and interest, but it spoils someone's eye and their freedom.
Similarly, when you have some intimate relationship with a person of your gender, how ridiculous it is ?

You are going to a beach with your best friend(same gender), next to you there sits a Homo couples kissing each other, now how society will see you ?
This is a stupid society, people will talk bad even if you are a good one inside.
Indirectly you are bringing a disgrace to someone's freedom.


1) A man and man, a women and women, if they join hands as life partner, EARTH WILL BE SAVED AND ANIMALS will be saved, know why ? THERE WILL NOT BE ANY FUTURE HUMANS. so without humans this world will survive wonderfully.

2)Without the Help of science or without the help of a MAN and WOMEN, a gay couple or lesbian couple can't make kids, can they ?? so NATURE is that ??? Nature asks you to cull Humanity ?

3)Please, don't follow lesbian culture, already there is a scarcity for women, if all women chose an another women, where will men go ?
But Practice Gay, at least the sex ratio will be be tallied and guys like me will not face any competition to find a girl :D

4)Go to USA and BRITAIN, copy their technologies which saves life and which improves infrastructure, don't copy such useless things and spoil the generation which is already spoiled.

5)In India, most of the parents never allow a girl to have a combined study with a guy and vice verse(orthodox), if gay and lesbian acts are moved to common man, i am sure NO PARENT WILL ALLOW a guy to study with a guy and suspicion will come, it will spoil the beautiful Friendship !

6)Don't make true friends uncomfortable, i have a best friend... i love him a lot and i care for him, it doesn't mean that i want to have a relationship with him, LOVE and LUST are different.

7) I am no one to stand against YOU(gays and lesbians), i have no rights. but have some heart, as i said this society thinks everyone alike, for example... "Muslims faces a bad reception and they are facing still, know why ? because few bastards(terrorists) are Islam followers, just because of that so many Muslims faced cruelty, so don't make that position come alive for FRIENDSHIP !

8) I want this idiotic post to end, before that.. i know people will voice against me, there are some so called CRUSADERS, who thinks that standing against such issues will improve their image like SAVIOR..." Dude, this guys stands against anyone, wow he is a savior of GAY".
I am not a bloody stupid, who craves for attention. i don't support gay and lesbians.

9) People will QUOTE Khajuraho sculptures, that case is different... they have also given some other good things to follow, are you following ? you people will go there and piss at walls and will write your lover's name(hopefully an opposite gender).
Did ancient Indians did that ? i am no historian, as of i know... Historians believe these sculptures are made to lure people for KAMA life, one of the for way in Hinduism to attain Moksha, you people will see those sculptures and shout as if you have seen some WHITE CROW flying..

10) Some people will quote ANIMALS, Homosexuality behavior in animals they quote, Some ANIMALS shows loyalty, do you ? Most of the animals will not laugh, you too ??? Animals has less senses than Human(though many humans has same sense that of animals in numbers) do you have same sense of that animals ??
Show some difference.... Show some individuality... Show some Culture, why copy Homosexuality in Animals ? Copy their Loyalty... Copy their togetherness, copy their advantages and analyze their disadvantages, why do you see that Homosexuality in them ?

- For those who argues with erotic sculptures at temples, read this "
In the medieval period monastic Buddhism was prevalent and the people were  losing interest in the married house hold life, and hence the temple were built with erotic sculptures and attract the people towards sex and family life to renovate Hinduism."

This is an useless topic, there are many more topics to be discussed, but still i felt that, these words could help someone to think, just shared.. Don't take offense in them, if i have hurt you or if i have hurt your feelings, am sorry for that!

P:S-Dear commentators.. i dont expect anyone to follow my view, it is ABSURD to ask everyone to support my view, this is my blog and i write what i feel, But if you call me as HYPOCRITE(which i am not), i am no gay and i hate gays... so if you call me or accuse me any words personally, i dono who you are, if you call me hypocrite, I will find you and will break your teeth :D (feeble attempt to remake TAKEN dialogue :D) Chill yar, it's a joke(50% joke)...


  1. lolz.. since it was you who wrote it i find this post very funny and entertaining! But I support gay and lesbian since it's not their choice that they wanna fuck their own sex. God made them that way. But not every man love every women.. likewise not every gay man loves every single man.. so chill.. and they r a rare piece. the earth is still save

  2. gays and lesbians are a curse to the society. They are against the nature. Really Horrible. As the post title itself says, they are really a shame.

    You strongly expressed the views very well in a funny way.
    Keep going...

  3. its funny but i dunno what to comment here, I enjoyed reading and had a really hearty laugh :P :P :P But gays and lesbians are born like that na? I don't know. Good post but :) :)

  4. Dude..I appreciate you expressing your views on your blog, and I wont even call you a hypocrite because you said whatever you felt like, that is not hypocrisy..But I just wanna tell that whatever people wanna do in their bedrooms is their business..Some people are gay doesn't mean that everyone else is..You see the human mind is very complex, we cannot comprehend some things that happen inside..if you have ever been in love, you'll know how uncontrollable the feelings are, so this may happen to people of the same sex..they cannot control it, if they do, it'll only lead to more frustration and may end up causing more trouble to the so-called society, they may end up becoming rapists/paedophiles..Instead, just live and let live..Tolerance!

    Long comment..again tolerance :)

  5. @Ana_treek
    First of all i am shocked to see such a big comment from you...
    Thanks a ton, i appreciate your view and i respect it, opinions are subjected to differ !

  6. LOL! Satire.. Loved reading it.. On the subject. I would say.. I differ.

  7. @ della .. God made them that way..? Or is it they themselves went that way..?

    Deepak - good read. Honor your views.

  8. Nice post deepak...surprisingly I'm in total favour of ur post... :P
    3rd and 6th points from "Points to remember"...superlike... ;) :D :D

  9. I really donno where I stand on this one coz it is really a contradictory topic...but in US/UK gay couples seek the help of surrogates to make babies, and lesbians go for artificial insemination, so they have paved their own lifestyles to suit themselves and since making babies is not really an issue so humanity doesn't have to end according to them...I also know that life's really difficult for them coz even in the US gay ppl don't have the courage to come out of the closet coz of the fear of how ppl will treat they have gay rights n strikes n what not going on sometimes...if we try to limit a human this is what I think we should just let a person be whatever he/she wants to be as long as they are no real harm to everybody else...though I never really understood the whole point of being gay, I don't humanity is going to end (if it ever does) only becoz of them...

  10. Gay-ism or Lesbianism is not an ideology. It is physiology! I have same respect for homosexuals as I have for heterosexual people.

  11. Enjoyed reading them, but I can't agree to some points - I'm straight,but I can't expect every other person to be so.
    But lol :) @ India is already facing scarcity of girls - so promoting less lesbians and more gay will balance the equilibrium :)
    In a country like India, it is really difficult to accept LGBT rules, but it's a freedom/right of a human to choose what they wanted isn't it? I see this liberation very positive though!

  12. I love the lighthearted way that you take on so many different and serious issues in your posts. You have done it again. Sexual orientation is not just a matter of choice, but also of genetic origination. This has been proved by science. Gay bashing is just another form of discriminatory behavior, similar to racial discrimination or casteism. Keep rocking and writing about issues that bother you in your own style. I already have a few broken teeth, so don't come to break the rest of them.

  13. @radshmm interesting point, more we lock them more the rise... yeah damn true...

  14. @Giribalathanks for conveying your view, no physiology will arise without an IDEA ? right... i don't respect people who are homosexuals....

  15. @VaishThank you, but they are spoiling my freedom, why should i respect them ?

  16. Lolzz...nicely written Deepak.By the way unlike transgenders gay people are not born and it is by choice or by the situation they are subjected to during their lives that they are following their sexual preferences. I like the various points you have mentioned in the post...All in all a great post

  17. Cool deepak..
    * Well gay n lesbians are jus few percentage,why worry about them
    Unless or untill they dont harm anyone they have rights to live their own life.
    *As the population increasing more than 7 u need worry abt tat too.
    * Friendship--->love have been happening everywhere,so does every parent
    Oppose boy-girl friendship or even though they do..nobody cares
    Same thing in this case,nobody cares(if u stop them,they cheat u)
    Hey these are my opinion,don't force anything or anybody..

  18. :) i am open to everything ooops MUUU HA HAH AHAHA


  19. a genius at finding out controversial topics! You wont believe, I get an itch when I come to know that I have been busy and missing your posts for a few days, then I hurriedly come back to check what you have written.
    Now coming back to the point, take a chill bro, homosexuals were there 1000 years ago and will be there in future as well but that doesn't mean straights will get obsolete, don't you think the increasing figures for rape and molestation are the relevant data to support my point?

  20. @Arnab MaityThat was a sweet comment bro, happy to hear that and you have a wise opinion, i must respect that :D thank you !

  21. no offense but i differ on certain things mentioned here...anyways, loved the satire !

  22. Jab hum jawaan honGAY; Jaane kahan honGAY
    Lekin jahan honGAY; Tumhe yaad karenGAY....Lolz..
    You forget to mention your views about Bisexuals :p
    Lol...Condom factories will shut down if the trend continues..
    Good Post ;)

  23. @DeepaK KarthiK (420*)

    In which way is your freedom being spoilt? Are others suspecting you to be gay? In which way?

  24. I was thinking like that at your age. Later I got to know few homo people and realized that they have a mind which is different from others. Some gay people have underlying psychological issues but not all of them.
    We people who are not homo need not love or support them, but it is fair not hate them or discriminate against them. As you say we are not animals and therefore we can learn acceptance of things which is different from us.
    On the lighter side take this as good measure to control population.

  25. Hi Deepak

    One thing I can make out is you are very honest when expressing your opinions in your blog :)

    Well, I do not know for sure if Nature made Gays and Lesbians the way they are. But if what is said is true then let them be is what I feel...Who gives anyone the rights to meddle in their personal affairs or their relationships?

    If people had to make noise it should be about transgenders in our country...They need support and acceptance and opportunities!

  26. I have to admit you have some solid points there I want you to read two related post I wrote long time back and tell me ur vew

  27. @Farila a valid point farila JI :D this argument wil goooooooooo on gooo on !
    Thank you...

  28. @jaish_vatsThanks a ton jaish...
    If they have right to do what they like to, can they do ANYTHING ?
    i have no enmity with themm but because of them, new weird relationships may arise, i don't wanna mention them :(

  29. @VaishNO VAISH.. i dont wanna be selfish, what if someone abuses a good pair of friends by just confusing them as GAY ?

    Because of his weird relation, this may appreciate sprouting of some other weird relation..

  30. LOL! This was just amazing to read!! :D Agree with you.A simple question-If God wanted us to be lesbians or gays;why on earth would he have created Adam & Eve?! He could've created Adam & Tom or Eve & Martha! :P Awesome post!! :)

  31. Interesting post! Loved reading your points. I agree with many of them. I did think most of them are born that way...anyways as Farila said...acceptance can ne'er be a vice!
    Good Day, Dee:)

  32. @Jen..The Butterfly Effect HEHE .. i have mentioned as ADAM and GILCHRIST !
    good pint jen, Thanks for the comment !

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    kindly stop this non sense !

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  35. ha ha ha,.. :) gosh... good one... !!!

  36. Your blogpost, your views.... read, smiled and ignored by me! Keep blogging sire!

  37. Nice reading.Really witty and refreshing too. keep it up.

  38. "Sell" man?
    "Shallow" ika?
    Cheesy but :D nice!

    If people want to be homosexual, lite dude, let them be. you and me shouldnt have any problem.

    It is not wierd or a desicion by people, it is their intimate wanting. Some people internally have a feeling of intimacy towards their gender (also?) . We shouldn't criticise that or call it a "decision" on their part.

  39. that was a strong and controversial topic, i appreciate the way u hv put ur views in witty manner..

  40. Not sure what the future generations will prefer when it comes to making babies. Today people go crazy when they hear the mother gave birth to a baby in the house and not in a hospital.....tomorrow i thnik we would talk of designer babies which would be created in test tubes and that would be very normal. Now with changing scenerios in time and space i think babies have nothing to do with relationships or its kind. As for the Gay and Lesbians....i am not an expert but feels that because there are people who feels for the same sex the way we feel for opposite sex .... there is something that has to do with thier wiring and in the Animal world too we have similar longer

  41. @Red HandedHaha nice comment and TRUE.. your comment but i will remember this :D

  42. @ShamsudTrue words,, i can smell that as well :) thank you !

  43. @Rohan Shankarhah thank you for noticing that :D well i must respect your view as well :D

  44. I really hope that u were just trying to be funny coz otherwise this is one of the most offensive posts I have ever seen (couldn't finish it, sorry my patience gave up)...getting into someone's bedroom is no one's business and let's leave it at that...

  45. This one is for u buddy

  46. You just Bollywood an idea with that creativity of yours. It would be really funny if this formula was adopted. Interesting names too; they help us re-create in our minds, those scenes you wrote out.

    Looks like some girl rejected your proposal this Valentine's Day, saying she was interested in somebody else :D? Really, are girls competing with you, these days? :)

  47. No doubt its your view point and has to be respected. What I want to thank you for is that you have not been careful enough not to use wrong words!
    By the way, walking nude in a mall is different than having sex. If someone has sex even with opposite gender in open, it's not acceptable. And if someone is doing something inside his/her bedroom, it's noone business. Kissing in public? India does not like it even if a boy and girl do it in public, why to talk about kissing about same sex only?
    Gays and Lesbians are like that not by choice, but by design.
    Story in pieces

  48. @prateek mathurHai Prateek.. Thanks for the comment :)
    its is like SATIRE....
    Bed room business ? then prostitution is also like that right ? why ban it ?

  49. @AnimeshActually that was a weird comparison !
    its complicated right, if someone loves hi sister, is that necessary to bed with her ? my point is if we accept all these stuffs open handed, just think about tomoro...
    People will ask to accpe DOG man marriage.. ridiculous :)
    i am not stuffing, i am just commenting..

    Thanks for the comment bro...
    No offence :)

  50. @D.NambiarNOOO NAHIIIII :) :P
    not at allll ji :D :D thanks for the comment :D

  51. @prateek mathurhi bro.. checked that out :) she spoke her view nicely.. INCREDIBLE bond :) hmm hmm !

  52. @DeepaK KarthiK (420*)We are not talking about brother-sister or Mother-son love here and we all are aware what love we are talking about. And why to worry about something which has not yet demanded.
    As far as topic for discussion is concerned, if a topic is worth enough to be on a blog, it is worth enough for a discussion also. Had it been so useless, people would have just ignored it and not jump into discussions and debates, right?

  53. @AnimeshTrue that we are not talking anything other than Gay,lesbians... But my fear is that, by seeing all these liberation and so called freedom, future will be very tough...

    Nothing i have against that gay or lesbian pairs, my pov is that why bed with people who we love,, may be that is their personal part... i have no right to talk about that, but what about other people who are not really homosexuals but uncomfortable with these people !

    in between, thanks for coming again to check comments :)
    welcome !

  54. @DeepaK KarthiK (420*)Somewhere you said during commenting that you hate them, it means you have something against them. There may be a difference of opinion, but hating another individual leads us towards animality.
    As far as people being uncomfortable is concerned, so they are uncomfortable with a lot of things. There are people uncomfortable with love marriages also and that's why honour killings happen. Does it mean love marriage is wrong?
    And at the end of the day, as you yourself said, whom to bed and whom to not is one's personal choice. Why to interfere there?

  55. @Animesh hmm.. you see, this society is Bull shit and i give some value to someone's opinion about me...

    i cant live by ignoring all. so when someone mistakes me as gay, just because i am close with my friend, what makes them to think so ?
    just because of few un common pairs

    i am not interfering in their private, but they are making me and many others to feel uncomfortable....
    I ve nothing against that person !

  56. @DeepaK KarthiK (420*)Let me tell you what makes them think so, it's their own pervert mind which makes them think so. Aren't they the same people who think if a boy and girl are together, they are a couple?
    By the way, I never faced any such issue. No one called me Gay due to my friends? Aisa kya kar diya dost? :P

  57. @Animesh hehe :P
    Like me and many such ignorant guys, Indians are not matured with this topic bro,,, we cant blame them, India is Not USA or UK now, may be in future we may be like them...

    we are too early to accept these new traditions, by the way do you think any parent of today, i mean 40+ parents. will accept gays or lesbians ??

    thats wat i am, when you and me are in above 40, we(certainly not me) may accept this, since we know what is what... we are too early to introduce these uncommon things..

    i can see you and me commenting for all the years :)
    i respect your opinion bro and am not expecting you to accept mine :D
    i am chill, you too have some FRUITY :D

  58. Is there any way Ghulam Nabi Azad gets to read this?

    Love your wit.

  59. @DeepaK KarthiK (420*)Right, neither can I change your opinion nor can you change mine because both of us are hard-headed :(
    By the way, last line. I don't expect our parents to change. I expect our generation to understand. Anyway, once again loved the way you wrote this. I have started loving your blog

  60. @DeepaK KarthiK (420*)I understand your angst against this. I'm sure anyone would feel offended about such a situation. But that's how our society has been. If you are with a friend who is a 'girl' - they think you are in love with her; if you have a few 'girl' friends around, they say you a flirt. Are you worried about these comments?? I'm sure you are not. So just don't take those comments to your heart and worry.

  61. @Vaishwell you got my point... i am sick of discussing this topic :)
    you have a valid point and i have mine...
    Lets wait and watch ji :)
    thank you sooo much for coming back to check my reply :D

  62. Nice thoughts :P.
    But well, here we differ :).
    I have nothing against you ;) you already know that :).
    You have made some strong points here which has to be accepted.
    I'll let you know my views via my blogpost ;).

    Again, its not against you or your post.
    Just my view, like you have posted yours.

  63. I liked the PS part. :-)
    But I feel that how a person wants to be, is his personal choice. Agreed there are a lot of things to take into consideration, Still.

  64. @Princess Poo whattt ?? against me... i will find you and KILL you :D :D :P
    jest bor bun :D
    leave that and enjoy your post.. i will give a read for sure :D

  65. @Ashwini C Nthanks for the read :) opinions will differ :)

  66. Ofcourse you will read ;) :D.
    I'll KILL you if you don't :P

  67. Do you both want me to write a story "Who murdered bloggers?" :P

  68. @Princess PooOMG :D :D i am frightened :D :D ANIMESH WILL HELP ME :D

  69. Yes Ani Please Do :D. And make sure I MURDER DEE in that story :P :D

  70. @Princess PooPOOR POO :D :D be happy... i have no problems :D
    If that is vice verse Ani will be having problems with BLUE CROSS :DDD

  71. Hmmm... Homosexuality!! BIG BIG BIG Issue in India!

    My question is why blame the guy or the girl for their sexual orientation? Wanna blame somebody - blame the parents for passing on such genes. Just go tell them -- "oh by the way, 'during the production process' please make sure not to pass on the "gay" genes onto your child please. And while you are at it, also make sure that he/she is a genius and is really outstanding cricketer!" (What! we do need more cricketers -- the sport is just dying out in this country!)

  72. @Debdatta Dasgupta SahayLast point is really funny :D
    certainly a big issue.. THANK YOU FOR THE COMMENT :D

  73. Buddy...having read several of your other posts...I smile. But here is the deal--Ayyappa was born from the conjugal relationship between Vishnu and Shiva. In our ancient texts, there is a place for homosexuality and transgenderism. Arjun came as a transgendered female teacher in his exile. In english language there is only two sexes. But the sanskrit had an option for the third sex. Homosexuality is not a choice--it is a natural expression. So it is impossible for all of man/woman kind to turn homosexual. In fact homosexuality exists in birds and animals too:) Did not intend to write a long comment. But since I read many of the comments in response to your post, I decided to pen this down--not so much for you as it is for the others in this thread.

  74. hey deepak, i landed on this post as the taboo topic in india ..i dont knw whther its still tabooo
    but i do agreee wid u on this stand that western culture is imbibing in india ....but take the good ones out of it they adapting gay/lesbian culture ..other day they ll run nude on beach!!

  75. homosexual here! :)

    i like the points you make.

    you should write scripts for films. your imagination is fantasy, and far far from facts. :)

    i wouldnt want to comment on all of the points you make. because i have taken it in a lighter vein. but will answer one point..

    you say... homosexuals are a bad influence to society!!

    arey, how do heterosexuals get influenced so easily man? i have been in a largely heterosexual society since so long, i have not been influenced to be straight yet?...

  76. Hi Deepak
    very well written post. But dnt you believe all that is new is shunned in the society in the beginning. M straight yet I support gay nd lesbian rights.They are different and we should accept the difference. Just let them be in peace. Anyone who accepts his\her sexuality openly is brave and we should respect their bravery.


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)