Should we Laugh or Cry ?

There is a famous dialogue that me and most of the people in TN will use at funny situations,
"Neenga Nallavara ? Kettavara ?" this is a well known dialogue from Nayagan film, which literally means," are you a good person or a bad one ?"...

Answer will come as,"Theriyalayae pa" which means, "I don't know"... funny part of this dialogue is, this dialogue comes in a saddest scene but people uses it for funny position...
Jokes apart, why i connected this dialogue here ?

Should we laugh or should we cry ? how should we react for..."Ministers caught on watching porn during assembly proceedings"
There are two kind of people, who gets damn annoyed after hearing this news
1) People who develops HEART BURN, shit ya.. all television channels morphed that video scenes, damn it..
2) What a shame ? Porn videos in assembly ? where India is leading to....

Hypocrites i say, personally everyone knows what they are up to and how they are inside..,
You watch a porn actress performing a pole dance in a family show, you show all these in the name of reality but you shrink your face after hearing "PORN"...

I must say 2 things, Watching porn during assembly proceeding is a shame(peak) thing that any politicians can do, Politicians are sitting in proceedings with a rape case pending and a murder case pending and a corruption case pending...
What's wrong in watching porn then ?
FYI Years back, we caught our sir watching PORN in his staff room...
We Din't spread that out...LOL, everyone commits mistakes but very few embrace them, rest acts like bloody hypocrites..

Go to times of and just see what they highlight ? we are bloody hypocrites you see
but some part of me says that "what's wrong in developing a hatred environment against the tainted beggars?"
In an assembly where representatives of people from all over the state sits,stands,dances and blabber, how can you watch such things ?
you watch it personally, none will ask and none has right to ask your personal freedom....

The moment i saw this,"Minister caught on watching porn in assembly", i just burst to laugh..

How funny our politicians has become ? and later the minister himself accepts that he was watching the video, but he denies the ownership of the mobile..

Women and Children development minister(Strictly no laughs) is one among the guilty idiot,
When you commit a mistake, you must commit that in a way no one catches you red handed...
What if a college guy was caught on watching these stuffs ? Meet our principal, bring your parents, you are suspended for a week, get you transfer certificate...

India is glowing right ? we can teach Berlusconi and JFK regarding dirty secrets...
Even the Bollywood guys are speaking against, what a joke ?
Most of the films comes with a dirty scene and all you idiots commit mistakes, like slap gate and blah blah, but you people raise slogan against ministers ?

There are no rules that can be made to stop such non sense and there are no minister to accept and pass that bill...
Certainly, i don't know should we laugh or cry for this incident ?
Half the population never asks questions, let's join them...
Berlusconi you must learn something from Indians:P


  1. Media is sensationalizing the issue and like you mentioned most hypocrites are boarding the band wagon of moral policing.An old phrase comes to my mind... "Practice what you preach" but then here people practice something else and preach exactly the opposite !!!!

  2. what ministers did in past was big thing in comparison to watching porn, they found in porn films most of the times and still they are behaving as they are god of this country and why not we made them god.

  3. When I came across it, I didn't know how to react to these news. I couldn't be angry nor could I laugh at that stupid despo.

  4. everyone's a hypocrite in india. u bash western culture, hit people who're dating, and then watch porn in legislative assembly??? in the legislative assembly of all places?!

    i'm sick and tired to where all this is heading. but this is just the tip of the iceberg as we all know

  5. @Raphaelhmmm interesting words :) kinda my fell :) thanks a ton

  6. Even I broke out to laughter seeing the news, the best part were the angry protests which portrayed the matter as an insult to the women in india and then the ministers getting back saying the involved star was not an Indian lady so they have not insulted the Indian Womanhood. I almost fell on the floor laughing at this.
    You are right, everyone is a hypocrite, I would doubt if a man is normal, once he confesses he has never seen a porn in his entire life!So I am sure the point is not about watching porn, it is about WHERE and WHEN. What they did was a disgrace to the assembly and the nation.The problem is with accountability and normal tax payers burning holes in their pocket to elect these idiots who utilize their time in the assembly in such style!

  7. LMAO @ the 'nallavara kettavara' part! :P Seriously these people gotta grow up :/ These 'analphabetics' in the parliament really gotta be thought some lesson! Anyways they ain't gonna change! all we can do is Laugh at those lame fit for nothing ass holes! :)

  8. @Arnab Maity yes such a sad news, its our tax money :( thanks bro

  9. I laughed too. I laughed harder when I read about his excuses in the paper :P

  10. We all know that this is a Mad Mad world,Deepak!!! :) There is nothing sensible we can do but LAUGH.Honestly, I think too much hype is being created.I think the amount of money they spend in highlighting this crap one can actually highlight better things this country is suffering from the already pending cases. This country.No.This world.. is practically perverse.We indulge in too much blame game.That's the real problem.Period.

    Great post! :)

  11. Oh! I almost forgot to add. Wrong things happening to the wrong people at the wrong time! Wow.

  12. @Jen..The Butterfly Effect Thanks a ton Jen :) loved the comment(both).. well said

  13. I think media is making a mountain out of a mole hill. Most of us would have indulged in entertaining ourselves on a mobile phone or some comic magazine or playing book cricket with neighbor during boring lectures. And with all the shouting and interruptions during assembly sessions, I am sure it would be much more boring than school/college lectures. So it is understandable behavior only.

    As far as the pornographic nature of content, most people do watch. Having interest in such things is only embarrassing and not criminal like looting public money and killing people.


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