Blogging has given loads and loads of happiness and inspirations to me and i have learned a lot, be it good,bad or ugly, whatever it is... I have experienced,enjoyed some of the beautiful moments in my life with this blog.

I am TAGGED, when someone praises you or when someone quotes you to their friends(hopefully in a good note).. our heart will beat happily and proudly.
I am not sure about all, but to me it matters a lot and it makes me to experience euphoria.
Tag, is certainly an innovative way to know about the fellow blogger and also a platform to point out people whom we respect, admire, love or whatever(even HATE).

Honestly i am not going to tag anyone as am already under fire for not nominating people i know for VERSATILE blogger award, so i don't wanna add fuel to the fire.
But i must thank and reply the people who considered me and tagged. i have that basic courtesy of respecting people who respects me. if it makes them feel good, why procrastinate then ? here i go.

RADHIKA VUNNAM - She is the first one to tag me, I must say that, "Her mentality to see things and her maturity to respect others perspective are COMMENDABLE and adorable."
I must use this situation to thank her for seeing things wisely.
Her BLOG is certainly a best blog among the blogosphere, i admire her way of classifying things. she must have hell of patience to do that and also to write about those all groups.
Thanks a ton RADS for tagging me and it is pleasure to share about you.

JEN - Jen this is how her blog names her, sincerely i don't know what her name is... But obviously i know one thing, if i take top 10 NARRATORS in the blogosphere, her name will be in TOP 3, one of best narrator that i ever witnessed.
Her blog posts will glue us, it won't let us to skip even a single word, her way of selecting and using words are worth praising,BUTTERFLY EFFECT - her small post can make huge sense and i must confess that i admire her blog.

DIVYA - As soon as i see her post, i will start imagining that "THIS POST MUST BE ABOUT SCIENCE", her way of defining some strange and tough things will be awesome, understandable i must say, she will easily touch up the sensitive topics.
Clinical Hypnotherapist here, LOL.... so she must be certainly a one who understands complicated things and certainly a person who shares the simplified form.

In Short i must say as a blogger for simplicity. TWIST YOURSELF.

So now GRATITUDE part is over... Toughest part is yet to arrive :)
And that is to answer their respective questions :)
Already irritated ? sorry bear for some more time !


1) What do you like about my blog, coz I know you follow it?
I like your blog for its context, to be specific... your way of listing and defining things,, wah.. Chance less :)

2) What was the last romantic-comedy you saw?
Crazy Stupid Love !

3) Do you dig photography, or abstract art, or both? Why?
Photography, because it captures the moment and embalms it.

4) Do you believe in magic?
Hell no, but i admire it.. it is just a TRICK.

5) Do you think Lady GaGa is crazy?
Lady gaga ? even stray PIGS will have good dressing sense when compared to her.

6) What's your favorite electronic gadget?
Ipod Touch :)

7) Do you think Apple products are overrated or the most perfect examples of creative engineering ever?
They are not overrated neither they are perfect examples, but i hate them for their partiality in distributing things.

8) Who's your favorite author?
Sujatha(Tamil author).

9) Your favorite blog/website, other than mine ofcourse :P
Killer question, WIKIPEDIA :P

10) Pastries or Cupcakes? Why?
None of them, i hate sweets :P

11) What are you listening to or have on your media player right now?
 Listening to Ilayaraja hits.

JEN'S 11-

1)What do you like most about yourself?
Mr.Dependable... Need a help ? give a call :) iappear

2)The best day of your life :) 
Is yet to come...

3)How would you equate life ? (As in, I equated it like this : live+laugh+love or like the pic above ;) 
Life ?? it is not about equation i feel.. it is a PERFECT cycle... Study,Earn,Marry,Multiply,Protect and then Die.. it repeats for all Humans !

4)Who is that one person you think is the reason for what you are today? And why? 

There are many such precious people... BUT i will say Mother, without her i am NOTHING.

5)From where/how do you think jealousy stems from? chuck the drama and be straight & mean.;) (You can site incidents too :)
Jealousy stems from.. Unhappiness,Dissatisfaction,Greed and certainly when we see something that we don't have. 

6)What makes YOU jealous of someone? (Not to worry,we're humans ; there's no such thing as I-am-never-jealous-about-anyone! :)
I am jealous about the HOSTS of eateries show, they eat things and get paid.. like getting paid for drinking sugar cane juice :( sob sob

7)If you were given a second chance to alter your current living life ,how different would that be from what/how you are living now? And why?
If i was given a second chance, one thing for sure " i will expect a 3rd chance "... i am happy with what i have and what i am. no other go !

8)That one celebrity/person you would want to be, given the chance.Which one would that be?
 i wanted to be like DHONI..

9)Red or Yellow roses?
Yellow, everyone likes RED :( i hate it

10)Treasure hunt :The longest route to the treasure box or the one that is shortest but dangerous?You are provided with NO map.And no instruction is given that you'd require a gun to shoot down that savage lion.
I prefer the SHORTEST but dangerous, lets see head to head :P :D

11)If you were awarded 1million US$ for being ALONE for two years on a strange island ,No connection with people via any means but given all the food supply and water for 5 whole years.You are completely cut off from the world .No nearby countries. You are dropped by a charted flight. Would you take up the offer? Yes/No? Why?
Depends, if that happens when i am in need of money, i will take that as challenge and have to undergo that to lift the money.
If am happy financially, i will say FUCK OFF and GO GET SOME LIFE !


1. Life's most beautiful moment?
Haha, is yet to experience... 

2. Your definition of God?
The person who saves my life, protects my life and helps me in every needy moment..
There are so many such GODS, without them.. am NOTHING.. but i have no beliefs in RELIGIONS.

3. What's the best thing you admire about Nature?
Uncertainty and it expects nothing, they give us RAIN even if we give them Polluted things.

4. Your biggest weakness and what would you like to do about it?

Will trust everyone.. i am not going to stop it :)

5. What keeps you moving in life?

Happiness and Satisfaction..

6. One thing you would just like to do only once in your life and forget about it?
MURDER :P i want to kill a criminal like pedophile,Terrorist,Rapist,Murderer... any of them, wanna kill them and enjoy. at last will forget it :) :)

7. If you were guaranteed to live another 50 years, your top 5 targets for this lifetime?

1) Will thank everyone who helped me for what i am today.
2) Will adopt a kid or kids, will motivate them to sustain.
3) Will trek Mt.Everest and will fix a board which will say " Deepak karthik was here "
4) Will visit as many places i can, will meet people across the world.
5) i will keep this as an INVENTORY for future :P

One of the toughest post i ever wrote :)
I must thanks them once again for tagging me...
i loved each and every question...
I am not going to tag anyone but am going to ask a question for anyone who reads it...

1) Why Melody is Sooo CHOCOLATY ??


  1. LOL! I had a great time reading your answers.Good luck with many more tags,blog posts and lots a luck your way!! :)

    And hey,My name is Jennifer :) I like my work doing all the talking!! :)

  2. Aww Thanks so much for such sweet words about me and my blog...Thanks for answering all my stupid questions patiently...I like Wikipedia, and Ilaiyaraaja too :)...LOL about Lady GaGa...Loved reading your answers to everybody's questions...I've been known as Miss Dependable too...and yellow's one of my favorite colors...adopting kids huh that's some serious stuff and good luck with climbing Mt. Everest, I really hope you achieve it some day...and answering your question...its so chocolaty coz its got 3 layers of chocolate in one :D I just love it...

  3. i really enjoyed reading this post. now i got more blog to follow :D

    and MURDER! i knew it! :P

    melody is soooo chocolaty because the chocolate God peed on it XD

  4. enjoyed reading your answers :) Thanks for accepting the tag and responding ;-) And a BIG THANK YOU for those kind words on my blog!


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)