A Time Travel !

“It has been raining all the day, all that we can hear will be the music of rain drop kissing the heads of soil, roof, stone, open drainage and some human being (very rare)”
Despite all these wonders, India vs. Pakistan match is on full swing…
Wondering HOW?

Well that was a match in my cousin’s all NEW laptop, he was well immersed, soaked and drenched in that EA CRICKET’s rain.
While me and rest of my family members were enjoying the wonders of rain, my little cousins were playing GRAND THEFT AUTO, EA CRICKET and some WAR GAMES etc.

Wait with me; I had a strange LINK,”Indiblogger”…
Hell yes, there they displayed a CONTEST as always an interesting one.
“Tell us about the 100% real experience you had growing up”
Beta mein doosra ladoo foota?
So here am, making a post from my experience!

Passengers, Tighten your seat belts… If you don’t have one, no worries GRIP WITH me, I am going to show you some time travel, free of cost*(conditions applied).
I can’t take you to Samrat Asoka or to Bhagat Singh, since I am the one who help you to experience time travel; you are supposed to abide my rules…

We are going to a remote town in Southern Part of India.
YEAR 2002.
 Folks, we have landed in that town, people in that state calls it as RICEBOWL of TAMIL NADU.
That’s my pride and my home town, THANJAVUR.
Certainly my family is fortunate for not following Agriculture (toughest job in Modern India),
Here we are seeing a BUNCH of Monkeys(in kid’s disguise) climbing trees….
This part of story is NARRATING part, give that job to me!

Tendulkar Tree…

Cricket has been an indispensible  culture, game and whatever we may add to Indians, as a common kid of developing India, I loved, lived cricket and so the folks in my area.
Alike cricket, cricketers name are so familiar to us, Players across the boundaries….
Steve Waugh, Michael Bevan, Ijaz ahmed so onnnn…

What we do, 1) Play cricket 2) play cricket 3) Play cricket….
We never had a foot ball or a hockey stick to play.
For cricket we had, a dried branch of coconut tree (which we used as BAT)

Ball is an easy product in local shops, Stumps? Easy boy… break the woods and cut them in to THREE.
Sadly Tendulkar tree is dead now
L there is a house in that place, we named it Tendulkar because… It was the shortest mango tree among all and also easiest one to climb.

We loved it so much and spent our lunch times there, but it is no more…
Kids across my neighbor can’t feel its leaves and can’t eat its fruits and importantly they miss the fun which was enjoyed by me and my pals.
I must say, my age guys are lucky enough to experience those stuffs.

Inzamam Tree….

Yes, you read it correctly, Inzamam ul Haq tree…
We has some strange games but very familiar with in India, Ice boys we call it.
We will sort out a guy from the gang, HIDE AND SEEK simply…

Where to hide? in the woods? There will be some snakes, so we had a BIG tree like the belly of Policeman, spread like a cloud.
Banyan Tree, for our convenience we named it as Inzamam (Just because of its OVER SIZE)
Inzamam is alive now, but the tree we named after him is no more, constructors ate that fully, not even bones are left.
Kids of today (in my area) are hiding behind Tata Sumo and some truck; I feel they are unfortunate to hug Inzamam.

There are many more such trees like, Klusener tree (named after South African all rounder) that tree was bent to its left side, we used to swing with help of that and Ambrose tree 9named after west Indian fast bowler) as you rightly guessed, this tree was the tallest in our area.
All those cricketers are alive (as of 2012), but all those trees are no more.

Saturdays and Sundays are the best days of a week; we often crave “Why there is only one Sunday in a week?” “Why Monday always comes after Sunday”…
We had a great relationship with nature.

We had a river short behind our area and there will be rail track over it, we will have our seats there and will act as if we were fishing, by inserting a long stick with a thread in it.
Antony Anna, care taker and gardener of the nearby garden.
We used to help him with our lunch, excess will be given to him and he will give us some gooseberries, mangoes (with salt pocket)…
Will be a good feel Nature helped us to understand what History teacher can’t…
Yeah about GOODS EXCHANGE in our primitive civilization…

We will make some "KOOTANJORU" roughly translated as MIXED RICE, we had a tin with us and guys will bring some rice, few will bring vegetables and few will collect woods to lit fire, we never had that food fully.. can't even taste them, BUT THAT JOY of making some weird things together as a UNIT... that has no words to explain.

We will run in to the woods, we had an HABIT of Making VOLCANO from candles,Soda cover and some fire sticks, that THRILL... NO film can give me that, no game or no virtual reality can replace that.. HEART GOES HARD....

Knock knock knock… We are back to 2012, what do you expect me to do? For free of cost I can show you for less time.
From Kasab to Gandhi, everyone started their life as CHILDREN, when we were kids; we all had some adventures, funs and experiences close to nature.
After all we are ourselves a NATURE.

Just imagine about the uncountable nerves and perfectly arranged bones and neatly drawn layout of our body, cant we replicate that with 100% similarity? Hell no…
Man made things can never replace nature.

Nature teaches us many things,
1) HE who hurts you and he who helps you, treat them equally and try to help them.
2) Don’t show partiality, Treat everyone with equality. And so

how to relate us to nature? I mean how to relate nature with nature? We are ourselves a nature’s product but a question?
Are we treating our brother RAIN and SISTER trees with love? No… not at all.

10 years ago, what I (we) enjoyed is not available for my younger brother, how can I or you expect my son or my grandson to experience that green real fun?
“Hit her, steal his car… Kill him with sniper”…
These are the familiar words with kid’s generation, they see no trees, they see no rain no beach.
They watch Big Boss and it’s a HUGE LOSS!

Early man, started his life at caves, but if the current trend continues, the last man of the world will not even have a tent to end his life.
I had a beautiful neighborhood, Trees were my neighbors… But today my so called extension area becomes a HUB; no fog here only coughs of Bikes and cars.
No trees here, only metal roof!

We play no ice boys and Tendulkar tree, Inzamam tree are not alive, I miss them but I have their sweet memoirs, Antony Anna disappeared but I have his food gesture, when someone gives us something be thankful. – Antony never told us these, we learnt from him
Never expect but always help- Tendulkar, Inzamam tree never told us these, but we learnt.

Grand theft auto and counter strike will never tell such stories to my nieces or nephews,
After all we are destroying FARMS and PLAYING FARMVILLE over that!
But I am lucky enough to see grow with trees and am lucky enough to have a parents, who stayed near a town not in a hectic city.
I end this essay with an irony message,
“Vicky, enough watering the plants… terminate that game and dress up, we are going to botanical garden, want to see some TREES ?”
I feel this situation is not too far unless we build a great future for our followers,
Instead of firing SILVER bromide at sky and to wait for rain, we can plant some tress and help them to teach beautiful lessons for the next generation !
Expect nothing give everything - Nature's policy.
Give nothing but expect only good thing- Man's policy ..

** This post is an exclusive entry for Indiblogger KISSANPUR 100% REAL EXPERIENCE contest, wanna share your real incidents? Use this link.
P:S- Image courtesy GOOGLE.


  1. எப்படி தான் இப்படி ஆங்கிலத்துல எழுதுரீங்கலோ. நானும் பேப்பர் பேனா எடுத்து ஒரு பத்து வரிக்கு ஆங்கிலத்துல கட்டுரை எழுதலாமுனு நெனச்சாலே காய்ச்சல் வருது. அதையும் மீறி எழுதுனா க்ராம்மர் மிஸ்ட்டேக், செண்டேன்ஸ் பிராம்மிங் தப்புன்னு சொல்லே சாவடிகுரானுங்க நண்பர்கள்.....இருந்தாலும் இன்சமாம் பற்றி எழுதுனது எனக்கு அவரோட பாட்டிங் ஸ்டைல் ஞாபகத்துக்கு வந்துருச்சு....

  2. @சேகர்Thala enna apdi solitinga. ungala maari yaarala Tamil la azhaga solal mudiyum... neenga ivlo seekrama ah comment panuvinga nu na ethirpaarkala :D
    nandri nanba !

  3. Wowww... Super writing style bro :D :D Loved reading. All the best for your contest!

  4. Are we treating our brother RAIN and SISTER trees with love? No… not at all.
    u and your ideas they a simply out of this world, so divine and touching ...really awesome..wished childhood and simplicity were eternal and nt ephemeral :)

    U rock bro \m/

  5. Made me nostalgic...
    Good post.. :) :)

  6. @saikat mbka ghoshThatw as a sweetest comment... so fast bro... thank you

  7. Good reminiscence of childhood Deepak. Yeah there has been a sea of chnage over the period i have grown up and the way things are progressing we may need a protected area for the trees and plants (similar to Zoo) for the future generations to know of the plant life.

  8. @vinayThanks bro !
    Glad to see your quick response !

  9. @Engramnice words sir ! from your generation to my generation itself, there will be some drastic differences !

  10. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy deepak , naanum thirumba poganum ennoda KOOTAANJORU samaikka :) osssum post <3 chance a illa :) semmmma narration :) :D it was pamparam, teacher game, daddy mummy game, cycle race, train game, skipping, RED GREEN BLUE etc for me, not cricket :)Nostalgic :) :)

  11. Hey Deepak ...very lovely post.....all the best for the contest

  12. @Uma UthraThank you somuch ! for you free ticket :D always welcome

  13. Nice ! It was a pleasure to read those childhood experiences.......:)

    At the same feel sad that today's children are not lucky enough to experience the nature..... :(

    From the childhood stories told by our parents, I feel they are even more luckier than us in that respect.....

    That luck is diminishing from generation to generation......:( :(

  14. that was a nice post dude
    and i liked the name of trees
    sachin, inzi great

  15. Wonderfully written post, Deepak. It's a shame that children nowadays are growing only with computers. All the best for the contest too.

  16. That was too good Deepak...loved the post...reminded me of my childhood days...wish I could really go back in the timeline... ;)
    Good luck for the competition... :)

  17. great bro .. love the way of "tree name"
    with my best wishes to you :)

  18. Wonder how guys can associate cricket to everything! :) but nice and nostalgic post.. all the best for the contest..

  19. I am from Bangalore (VEHEMENTLY NOT BENGALURU) but ancestrally from your place only. I have been to Koothanur and Mannargudi many times, and the place is awesome. Even when we used to play cricket in 2002, stumps were always trees on the opp sides of the road, we made marks on it using tree barks, for bails.

    Now I am not in bangalore, and bangalore has transformad from garden city to silicon valley :(

    Its new, but check this out: http://cryptic-visions.blogspot.com/

  20. you took me for a ride back to a happy kid world.. i miss climbing trees.. and you conveyed a great message which was totally impressive! i hope you win this contest and share the prize :D

    BTW i was a hard core farmville's farmer once. reached level 100 too.. lolz

  21. Well, I am from bangalore, and when I was in 2nd and 3rd class, we used to keep trees opposite to each other as stumps, and play daily from 4 to 7. 365 days a year.
    Now, I miss those days. College is good, but well...

    Rohan shankar http://cryptic-visions.blogspot.com/

  22. sorry for the second comment, if there is one, i thought the fiest one didnt go through.

  23. Thank you for the trip into your childhood. Sweet post. Save these stories for your little ones. Probably it'll be the grandchildren who'll enjoy them the most :).

  24. very nice dee ... going back to the past and re-living it :D

  25. Hi Dee- I am not a cricket geek but I thoroughly enjoyed this one-and the Tendulkar tree- wow what fun
    My best wishes for you always.

  26. Really great post Karthik..:-)I felt the same,while reading "Pather Panchali"....."A relationship with nature"-This is what this generation kids are missing..And we elders are completely responsible for that..This artical made me recollect my memories..Thanks for the post..:-)

  27. @KrishnapriyaHey KP :D thank you :D yea it is like part of our life :D

  28. @Rohan ShankarGLAD TO HEAR and am surprised bro...
    i have been to your place.. thanks for the read :)

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    am happy o hear that from you... thank you so much ji...

  30. @Dellahaha sure.. why not :) but lets wait for the best !
    Thank you della...

  31. @Rohan ShankarNo probs bro.. i published all,, thanks a lot for your words :)

  32. @D.Nambiarsure sure... wise words :) i must follow that.. thank you D :)

  33. Excellent post. Giving me ideas for one more post for this contest. Even I was thinking of bringing Farmville into my post. But eventually did not.

  34. Hey Deepak... I've been following your blog for the past few months... And man... where do you get such awesome ideas to write a post about these... I barely remember my childhood and now after reading your post i guess even i could refresh some of my good old memories and make it cherishing one :) You are doing a great job indeed... Love the way you express your ideas :) Keep blogging :)

  35. @MayaThanks a ton Maya.. keep appreciating,, those are what i needed, glad to know that you are checking my blog regularly !

  36. @The Fool Thank you sir ! you rock with another post :)

  37. Nice one Dee...All the best for the contest :)

  38. You are awarded and tagged here

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  42. Tendulkar tree LOl.. that was amazing. This is a wonderful post, not only for the contest but it entertains, gives a message and takes the level of your blog a notch up.
    I love computer games too ;).

  43. wow! saw a side of you that I share with, I too love nature and feel todays kids are missing out on things we enjoyed in our childhood..n fact I have a post in mind for sometime that is not on blog yet. Will write soon hopefully. Keep up the good work :)

  44. Playing in nature is a great experience in itself. Unstructured playing gives wings to imagination...
    Throughly enjoyed the post. Best of Luck for contest

  45. @Jerlyhehe yeah :) glad for that jeryl.. THANK YOU

  46. Nice to see you talk about the Good old days. Atleast we were lucky enough to mingle with nature and play with our cousins. these days, the kids hardly get a chance for that. Good luck with the contest :-)

  47. macha "Racha(Superb)" entry.loved the way u narrated.
    Whole thing was awesome..
    im sure u will win..
    U deserve it :)

  48. @GamingGarage.blogspot.comthank you macha !
    too early to comment on winning part :) thanks a lot !

  49. Nice post :)... And your time travel narration made me go all nostalgic. As kids, even my friends and I used to run around trees, playing hide and seek and many other games. I wonder why I never see any kids in my street playing those games anymore! And so sad all those beautiful trees are no more now. This current development of concrete jungle is leaving no space for nature's real jungle :(
    And good luck for the contest :)

  50. A very nostalgic trip down memory lane- loved the mango tree as well as the post, both really lovely, and yes Thanjavur is a magnificent place with the peria kovil in the background standing testimony to your childhood memories :)

  51. Hey nicely written man :)..Inzamam tree is aptly named!..all the best!

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  53. @NehaI raed your post as well, beautiful ! good luck for your contest as well ! thank you

  54. Nice account of childhood days...they are always the most treasured reminiscences of all time. I have a great attachment to tanjavur even though I haven't been there even once.

  55. it must be a good experience .I can see that ;-) Good luck for the contest

  56. You have been Awarded the "Lovely Blog Award" @ http://b00kr3vi3ws.blogspot.in/2012/03/lovely-blog-award.html

  57. Yes Deepak, did soak in Tanjore's rich heritage for couple of years, hubby worked for AAMEC Kovilvenni and we stayed in Manambuchavadi and then in Natarajapuram colony on MC road.

  58. Fantastic write...i give you 100%. Let me pick this line from your post " From Kasab to Gandhi, everyone started their life as CHILDREN" and let me dedicate this one to the CHILD...(http://iamdirtyineedwashing.blogspot.in/2012/03/child.html). Keep up the great work :-)

  59. Omg, I'm so proud to have born in tamil nadu, and Yeah this reminds me of that cricket I used to play with my older cousins, It feels real good, The old memories. Thanks Deepak, for once it reminded me of those "Vetti officer" days of mine! Boys are mean, They never let me play really :I And yayys! Nice one again! :D

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    have read that as usual a great post !

  64. Very nicely written Deepak.

  65. Great Post Deepak...
    I traveled at a great speed, with u being the rider, had no fear of dash... Woke up when u slow down, applied the break, and horned
    "“Hit her, steal his car… Kill him with sniper”…"...... ITS TRUE,
    Even 3rd n 4th grade child, forms a gang, commanding at other kids not to play with his\her rival, I ve seen this happened in my apartments...

    After reading the post, I started looking at the scars at the joints and remembered those muddy legs....

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