Versatile Blogger Award !

(Please Read P:S for sure) HEHE :) Know why i laughed? Just check my right side gadget bar...You can see a versatile blogger award. Honestly and sincerely, i know that i am not a versatile blogger, anyone who knows the meaning for VERSATILE will accept this with hands wide open...

When someone recognizes us for our work (either stupid or sensible) and so called blogs and awards us, certainly it must and it will give a good feel and by seeing someone mentioning us in their blog, we will feel special about it...

So all of us here are versatile? really ? But i won't debate whether all of us are versatile or not, honestly i have never seen a versatile blogger, i have seen PHOTO bloggers, POEM bloggers, Short story writers and some personal bloggers, they all are good in what they do and the best as well...

I have been refraining myself to do this, i must have done this long ago... but problem is While nominating or awarding whatsoever, we make some 15 friends but 100-200 enemies (Haters)...I feel that i already have plenty of people who are waiting to stab me :P
Let's Forget them, here i am with my versatile bloggers.... Every time when i finalize as OK 10 bloggers enough, i cant stop myself adding numbers to it, still now i have a feel like I MISSED THAT PERSON....

So called Rules(subjected to modification)

1. Nominate only 1 fellow Blogger.
2. Inform the Blogger about nomination
3. Share 7 random things about yourself
4. Thank the Blogger who nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blog Award picture to your blog post.(FLEXIBLE)

7 random things about Myself:

This is also a reason for prolonging this post, i don't have a single interesting point to add i finds these as narcissism,self bear this punishment !

1) BE WHO YOU ARE and SPEAK what you feel is my attitude... so i will just share whatever i feel, at times i will be right and many times i may be wrong.

2) Gratitude... It means a lot to me, i will not forget people who helped and who were with me in tough times, i certainly hate people who lacks gratitude.

3) Have you ever had a chat with me? i swear you will find me damn funny, entertaining,I have a kindergarten school working all day all hours inside me...
i wont complain always :(

4)  I hate back stabbers and i hate to follow conventional methods, i am no innovator but for sure certainly

5) If i develop a sound sleep even Rajnikanth cant wake me up... best way to wake me up is to shout "Deepak, You have got a new comment!" 

6) I
 fear for only three things, 1) OWL (ewwww), 2) Mathematics and third for my 1 year old NIECE(:P)..

 Master of all jack of none, perfect example for that... Have played all games like basketball, cricket etc etc but never won a single game and participated in all possible competitions but will always ends up as LOSER.

 Die hard DHONI,CSK fan and have indulged in ugly spats and brawl by supporting DHONI(though he is not aware of it sob sob)...
Once i got addicted to things or people, will never leave them :)  

I must thank the blogger(s) who nominated me,, toughest part, i have bad memory(must have added it in those 8 points)...

Deepak(Special blogger to me,Thanks Bro)
Zradar(Thank's a ton sissy)
Surya Murali(Thank you)
Divya(Thanks a ton DP)
Akshay Kumar(Hey bro, should i thank you ?)
Alka Narula(Thanks alka)
Pooja Desai(420 here)

Liebster award:
Christy Rathnalatha (Thanks JI)
Debajyoti Ghosh(Thanks bro)

Sorry sorry, if i have missed out your name... All these things happened months ago, if i have missed you SLAP me and ask me HOW CAN YOU MISS ME, GIVE BACK MY AWARD ? i deserve that :P


  1. Cynosure
  2. Ramesh Sir
  3. Jen
  4. Iyshu
  5. Princess poo
  6. Vinay
  7. Harshini
  8. Uma
  9. Lancy
  10. Komathi
  11. Saikat Basu
  12. Chirag Joshi
  13. Sahitya
  14. Raphael
  15. Hitesh Varshan
  16. Della
  17. RADS
  18. Amitaag saab
  19. Saikat MBKA

MATHEIKAL(uncle ji) Actually there are several bloggers, who feel happy for receiving award, but there are several bloggers who will make the AWARD to feel happy, Matheikal is of that kind.. i follow each and every post of his blog.
Honestly without any jaggery i must say, True commentator who voices his concern over social things and the way he delivers will be awesome.
He is quite famous, if you don't know him.. here's the link 

Initially, i tried to restrict by 15, then 16.... it ended up in 19 and there are hundreds more, i am lazy to add links and name(that's the truth)...
See don't swear at me for NOMINATING MORE GIRLS :P
Already i got a comment that, why nominated more girls, i don't and won't find difference in genders... consider it is a normal thing :) i am not Johny Bravo !

All of the bloggers those i mentioned are a pleasure to that AWARD..
It is easy and easier to add a BADGE by ourselves...

All of us here are versatile; if i am and other blabbers are versatile...Even Mayawati is also a versatile blogger...
Don' expect someone to award you, nothing matters.. i give you the badge and paste it in your blog( i don't expect bribe, neither these worth bribing)...

P:S- Sorry to infinite Y... There are regular commentators and VOTERS, it is not that you are less important to me, if i have missed you out then MY SINCERE APOLOGIES, you can mail me or abuse me...

Sorry again if you feel bad for missing out my name and i hear you "This idiot missed my name, i have commented in his post as WONDERFUL WONDERFUL AND ALL, still he missed me:("
Please don't stop visiting.... help me to grow :P
IF YOUR BLOG DOESN'T"T WORK.. do let me know :)


  1. Thank you so much for Nominating me Deepak :)

  2. :'( it has A SAIKAT but thats nt me....:'( :'( sob sob sooob sooob sob
    y dis kolaveri Da :P :D my name is saikat ghosh nt saikat basu :'(

  3. Be what you are and say what you feel. I guess this summarizes you the best. You write what you feel, its very genuine, and that's why they are very popular. As you say (no filters) :P

    And its time to wake you up again. Coz you got a new comment. :D I'm a huge Dhoni fan as well. Best captain ever. :)

    One doubt bro, is that me you have mentioned above? Coz the link isn't redirecting to my blog. ;-) :P

  4. so excited to see me getting nominated up there! you almost killed me ;) thanks!

  5. Aww Thanks so much Deepak :) My blog is totally versatile, just like me I guess, I can never stick to a single topic, but I never thought I'd be awarded for that :D Thanks so much..will post it asap.

  6. @saikat mbka ghoshHey Saikat, u are already a versatile blogger...
    that was another guy :)
    sorry bro !

  7. @Akshay Kumar GBRO THANKS A TON :) your comments will be special always
    i have changed ! sorry for the mess

  8. Hey, Thanks a lot...Deepak's really embarrassing to get blog award in a period when you have almost stopped blogging;coz it's tough to nominate 15 bloggers every time :p But still it's act as a great tonic which recoups us to start blogging again.You are too humble to accept your versatility;that's really nice of you.Keep sharing wonderful thoughts; Take Care

  9. I am dizzying! i still dont believe my eyes Bro!You just nominated me as "Versatile Blogger"! It means i can paste that green badge in my blog ?

  10. Congratzz Deepak on the award. :) You blog on a broad variety of topics. So you certainly are versatile. :) So keep writing.

    Btw.. I really liked reading your 8 random things. Very heartfelt and honest. :) btw.. you fear the owl?? ;)

  11. @DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) Thank you so much for the Nomination Deepak :D

  12. Hey I am ur new follower .. Love the way you write .. and great to read random things about u..I can so relate to ur 4 points . And hey congratulations on ur versatile blogger award ... :D

  13. Aww Dee :) Such a sweet thing you are <3 Thank you so much :) Other dealings in private ;)

  14. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? i am nominated????? just two posts old :P:P:P

  15. WOW!! So sweet :)!! Thanks *Deepak. I'm just happy I never stuck to a single topic!! I've had quiet a range of topics though my blog is offered to "spiritual love" alone.

    And I don't think ppl will stop visiting you.I dono why you are worried. Yours is a great VERSATILE blog!! Congratulations to you too!!

    And thanks for making us 20 happy :D

  16. @Uma Uthra I MUST HADVE ADDED YOUR TAMIL BLOG.. you are damn great at poems

  17. hmmm, i sholuld thank you na??? THANKS A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOT deepak :) :) feeling really special :) :p It means a lot to me :) :)

  18. Thanks for nominating but seriously I don't deserve this..
    All I write about is movies and sometimes some short stories, where is the versatility in that? :P
    Still thanks a ton for appreciating. :) :) :)

  19. @vinay SHUT UP :P :D
    none here are versatile...
    so what ?
    You are great in reviewing movies
    and ARUN KUMAR as well,

  20. lol :D.
    Funny Funny post :D.
    Now I know what scares you ;) :D. U forgot MY NAME in that list :P :D.
    Bwahahaha :P.
    BTW what should I do with the award? :|.
    Whatever, Thanks for nominating :). I know its cause you didn't remember anyone else name :P :P.
    Thanks again :D.

  21. thanks deepak
    will post it on my blog

  22. uuuhooooooooooo thanku thanku thanku so much Deepak first blogger award....thnx thnx.....uuuhhhhhoooooooooooo..luv u i can paste that green badge in my blog :)

  23. Thanks a lot DEEPAK for the award... :) means I'll have to now think about "7 random things" about me and nominate others...the 2 toughest things...I completely agree with you...LOL... :P ;)

    1 more thing on which I disagree with are a indeed a very versatile blogger... :D :D :D

  24. Thank you so mucho! :-) Wait, Hi5 on that kindergarden school inside you :P and hi5 again for the comment part, and hi5 for the Math Part and the dhoni part! :D :D 'Mikka nanri' :P :P

  25. Ah! I had almost hoped to be in somewhere there :)

  26. Hope my comment gets added.. Dude, commentin on yur blog is a serious pain... i literally copy nd paste it again nd again.. for some weird reason im unable to comment :-|

    BTW glad that im one among your nominees :D
    Thank yu

  27. Deepak, I felt flattered (no, delighted) reading what you've said about me. More than the award, your opinion about me is what does the trick. Thanks.

  28. Awww thank you Deepak for nominating me and am sorry for delayed response as i have no connectivity since am traveling. Your nomination puts me in an awkward position since i need to nominate back 15 bloggers and i really do not know so many of them. Thanks once again and as usual it is fun to read your post !!!

  29. My heartiest Congratulation Deepak,
    Present impression on this field, now perfectly suits this eligible recognition..Wish for your progress & perfection.

  30. sahithya : wooo.. thanks a ton 4 nominating me in this....:)

  31. Congrats on the awards Deepak! You are being too modest :-)

    Now, you have been tagged too

  32. thanks a lot deepak...for nominating me. Now what should i do? i don't know anything.

  33. Hey it has come to me by the way of Iyshu :-)

  34. As usual loved the blog.... and now I like you for 3 more reasons... :D no actually 4... For Dhoni, hating Math(Kill all the mathematicians in world by directly putting a dagger on their over sized brain!), supporting CSK, You hate back stabbing, me too Shame to shame... :P and one more one thing that makes me like a ping pong ball.. 'Gayu you have a new comment and a follower' No force in the world can stop the over excited me!! :D

  35. loved this post Dee .. and loved those 7 interesting facts about you ..

    i just love to be surrounded with maths...i love playing with numbers...and no offense but i just love to hate Dhoni :P



Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)