5 Feet 5 Inches

Ten is greater than eleven, Disagree?
Well, take a paper, pen and write “I disagree; Ten is not greater than eleven”… even if you feel lazy to follow it, just remember this sentence, I will be asking you again.

There are few things which we the human beings will give more importance to. Apart from food, cloth, shelter and some other basic needs, we will consider few things as CONSTITUTIVE. Be it politics, entertainment or whatever. Undeniable fact is that, we the human beings will consider few entities as an essential one.
If it is Chess for Russians and football for Europe and all along with a billion and counting population, you and me must shout “ It's Cricket for India”.
There are some unexplained phenomenon which revolves along the earth, I must say”Craze for Cricket among Indians” will be one of the unexplained mystery. That’s a different part; let’s not discuss why Indians are Cricket maniacs.
Plainly speaking, Cricket is a sport played between two teams, which consists 11 players per team.

There are ambassadors who represent an organization or a group, if you ask “Name me an Indian cricketer” to any of the sane people among 1.2 billion heads in India, I bet you will have a common answer perhaps the most common answer and that will be “Sachin Tendulkar”.Indians considered, considers and certainly will consider CRICKET as their household person, to all the cricket maniacs and even to the person who never watches cricket; SACHIN TENDULKAR will be a known name.

Not only to the Indian cricket fans but also to any person who loves the game of cricket, the name TENDULKAR will be a well known name, be it Australian or a Pakistani. Tendulkar is a demigod in the cricket’s religion.

To speak about his achievements which will list like the Great Wall of China, we will find days are not enough, one of his recent milestone “100
th TON”, honestly speaking it is not so easy to score a single ton, even against a group of school guys, there are more ways to get us out of the pitch, when we have situations like this, “How can a man score 100 tons?” “Has anyone accomplished it?”
YES, an Indian named “Sachin Tendulkar has done it”, we can say with a pride.
Frankly, India is not great at any sport, even in Olympics we never made a big show, with a billion heads with us we never rocked; even in the game of Cricket we are not wonder kids.
Whatever it is and whatever game it is, there are some Indians who made us Proud by standing taller in the global field.

Days back, Sachin scored his 100
th 100, but India has lost that game to minnow nation (in cricket), believe me that never echoed in India, if you read the news or hear news, it was like “Sachin scored his 100th ton”. There were no sign for India’s humiliating loss against a minnow nation.
Know why? Or ask me why?
I will point my finger at two people, one is Media guys and another one is Sachin Tendulkar.

That’s the craze we have here for Sachin, he is a gentleman and note it only very few gentleman are left in the gentleman’s game (cricket), there are so many incidents to prove and quote his perfect, matured behaviors.
I am no great person to write about that or on his attitude, because his cricketing experience is more than that of my age. When I was born he was playing cricket, when I write this he is playing cricket.
Around 22 years or so, how can a man follow the same things without a lack of interest in it? While most of the players
who played with him are holding mikes and sticks, he has got a bat in his hand and still plays for country.

Forget the game and forget the country, just remember it “HOW TO DEVOTE OURSELVES”, Tendulkar is a standing example and a living legend, everyone has something to learn from him, to million youngsters like me, “He is still a Youngman when it comes for a fight and he is a strong man when it comes to chase our dream”.

PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE- have you ever heard it? Well, it is all bout ups and downs of a product in its life cycle from its inception to its end.
1) Introduction
2) Growth
3) Maturity
4) Decline

We can relate these to anyone and anything, but there is man who conveys us a message, He had an introduction stage, growth stage and maturity stage, but he certainly will not have a DECLINE stage. For 20 years and more, he managed to survive the tough path and still now he is following his dream.
Irrespective of our domain, we all must learn one crunchy thing from him,

Now, we are in a conclusion part. “Cricket, a game played with 11 players per side”.
FINE, Let’s take Tendulkar as TEN (short form) and rest of the cricketers as “ELEVEN” (Assume).
TEN is Greater than ELEVEN? Agree or Disagree?
Alike the Media guys, I have to seize this opportunity and I must thank this TALL legend for making a billion people and we can say proudly THIS LEGEND WHO ACCOMPLISED COUNTLESS MILESTONE IS AN INDIAN and we can say to our future fellows, “I was alive when he played cricket.”

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  1. He will always be remembered as one of the best ever...as an Indian he has made everyone proud... :)
    nice article... :)

  2. nice post deepak :) :)special premiere was too good again :P :P :P Always sachin sachin dha :D

  3. Nice post Deepak.. yes Sachin achievements has made the population of India proud.

  4. I agree. Ten is indeed greater than 11 :-). And as you said about the passion, the flame dies out for most people in about a few years, but playing with such passion and dedication for 2 decades, is not something we can witness every day. I'm proud to say I was alive when the Phenomena called SRT scored a century of tons! :-)
    NIcely written :-)

  5. @EngramThank you sir ! certainly he made us all proud

  6. There is something, something very special about cricket that connects us together.
    Nice post Dee :)
    Loved the starting (which made me continue reading till the end;):P)!
    Freaking yes, Ten is greater than 11 !! :)

  7. Anything we say about this legend is less. He is beyond words. There can never be another Sachin. Great tribute bro. :)

  8. Beautifully written..

    the very reason I never got bored of cricket is this man. even if he is not playing, I know he will come back and don the blue jersey.
    Hard to imagine crickey without him at least for our generation

    Beautiful tribute. :) :)

  9. @Kinara :)Thanks a ton Kinara :) indeed 10 is greater than 11 :D

  10. @PrasoonHi prasoon, thank you very much for your visit and thanks for expressing yourself :)

  11. I am neither a fan of the game nor his but I have to accept that he has done something which will be remembered for generations to come.

  12. certainly 10 is greater dan 11 , even more coz..if ders one constatnt in d Indian dressing room for d past 2 decades..it has been d Master D GOd SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR

  13. He is a great player. Unfortunately irrespective of records people believe that if Sachin scores 100, chances of India losing the match is more.

  14. Great article and a wonderful tribute

  15. Fifty years from now, if we are alive Deepak, we will definitely say to our grand children: "We were born in the era of Sachin Tendulkar, we watched him play live, we saw him from the stands, we looked at him awe inspired out of the team buses, we met the genius!"

  16. Rightly said Deepak,'Ten is greater than eleven'. For sure, sachin is a demigod for cricket lovers. Keep on writing . . . .

  17. A good tribute to our Great Sachin Tendulkar. . . 'Ten is greater than eleven'.

  18. The 5ft 5in will be a legend unlikely to be ever matched:)

  19. Good one :)
    And congrats on getting featured in India-Intro.com..

  20. welldone sachin

    welldone deepak

  21. He is an ageless wonder. I am proud to say i watched him hit his 100th hundred.
    Everyday in office, i fight with people who criticize him as selfish player. I hate them.
    Well, thank you deepak for showing gratitude to the great man with this post. Loved each part of it.

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  23. enjoyed your simply plainspeaking style of this post,

    11 people playing and 11000 fools watching - no more holds good! " DAS" post:)))

  24. Great Post! So much hype and hoopla over Cricket! And if you could keep the font consistent it would be nice :)


  25. Very well said..:) somehow i dont feel like contradicting you in this post! :)

  26. sir, it was a great treat reading this....being a a die hard sachin fan all i can say is...THANK U on behalf of all the sachin lovers.


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