Writer's block, phew.... am glad to come out of it, i have been rolling my head to write on something, first i decided to write a post on Indivotes and then changed my mind to write a post on my hostel life and then thought to write about women.
After drafting them all, i just trashed it :(
Thanks to JE SUIS blogging and ZRADAR for helping me out from this terrible position,
Awards... Yuppie, it gives a great feel to see someone awarding us, Thanks to Je suis and Zradar, who made me feel special.
I was not aware of a award called ABC award, glad to know them now.
There are some rules they have designed and i have to comply with them.

I just googled to make sure that my alphabets were on placed on right order and here i am degrading them by attributing to my so called qualities:D
Bear with my narcissism, though i hate narcissism i can't help myself, because this is a part of that award CONDITION :(

A- Aggressive
B- Bike maniac
C- Chill, Cool.
D- Dhoni ka fan !
E- Entertainer
F- Footballer
G- Grateful (to the core)
H- Humorous (not hot :D)

I- Impatient (always a proud INDIAN )
J- Jovial
K- Kind hearted(sob sob)   
L- Lemonade lover :D
M- Mimicker
N- Night admirer
O- Ochlophobist(fear of owl:D)
P- Patriot
Q- Quick return mechanism (i love it)
R- Risk taker

S- Sarcastic Satan !
தமிழன் (Tamilan)
U- Universe lover

V- Villain (hehe)
W- Witty

X- XUV 500 (love that car)
Y- Yawn
Z- Zeus   

1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

BHAVIA'S Eleven :
1)How did you start blogging?
Accidentally :D, i thought that blogger is a similar site to ORKUT and created with an existing E-Mail id :D
2)Is there any post in your blog which made you cachinnate/cry while writing it?
No no no(hehe), i will either laugh while writing or will fume, Only the keys on my keyboard will cry :D

3)Are you romantic?Prove with explanations
Hmm yes i guess :D but never romanced and never had a person to romance(might be in future).
4)What is your dream possession and why?

A luxurious yacht to enjoy with my people.
5)A movie character which you have empathized?
Captain John H Miller (Saving private Ryan)
6)One simple dish,with recipe,which you know to cook apart from Maggi noodles and egg omelet?
Dosa and coconut chutney :D
7)Have you fooled anyone or vice versa?

I need an additional sheet to add people whom i cheated :D
8)Which is your close to heart sound track and why?
Mudhal murai killi parthen a tamil song by A.R.R.
No reason :D
9)Which book are you reading now?
Chicken soup for the soul
10)Your favorite woman and why?
Tough question, Who else it is my MOTHER and then maternal Grand mother, without them am NONE 
11)What effort do you make in your life to make India a better place to live?
Haven't took an effort so far, will try to be a ROBIN HOOD :D

1) Do you think there is a woman behind every man?
Hmm not sure, may be yes. but i am pretty sure, there is a man behind every women.
2) Do you believe in God and why?
Am an agonist, have no trust in Mythical gods, to me god is a person who helps me at tough situation.

3) Why do you think you blog?

I blog because, Blogspot is a free site :D
4) What is the bestest memory with your lover/spouse?
Hehe, never had a lover and not sure about spouse... Single :D

5) Which is that one place in the world you wouldnt dare to travel to and why?
Exam hall :D hehe i am sure, you know the reason.

6) Do you like the US. Why?
Nooo, i hate those parasites.

7) Are you smart enough to escape from any situation? Describe.
100 % yes, i have a mouth and i am clever enough to use them according to place and position.

8) Which is the one circumstance you could not have survived without the support of your parents?
Everyday, they provide me food, shelter and cloths.

9) Staying with In-laws is like……
i need some years to answer this. too young to comment :D

10) What change does parenthood bring into your life?
Pass :D :D

11) Are you able to remember your grocery shopping list by heart without making the list?
No, every time i have to call my mom, "Amma, 1 kg or 2 kg ? 1 packet or 2 packet ? Surf or Tide ? :D hehe"
I have decided not to tag anyone, last time when i nominated versatile blogger award, so many people fumed at me, so i don't want to make anymore enemies...
That's the problem in nominating, we make 10 friends and 100 broken hearts.

Time to thank Bhavia and Zradar, two well known bloggers>
Bhavia-  It was a total surprise for me to see her nominating me, never seen her visiting my blog, a silent spectator perhaps. her blog is the reflection of her ideas, like using PAGE HITS- INCLUDING yours and blog headers.
Lovely blog and certainly it holds good content. Post i enjoyed- THE DAY

Zradar- I guess, most of you reading this post would have encountered this RADAR'S rays :D Friendly and a matured blogger across the blogosphere, her topics will be funny and but it holds a hidden message in it :) can feel the essence of the post while reading.
Post i enjoyed- Treasure Hunt

Thanks a ton Bhavia and Zradar for tagging me and making me to feel special, hope i have   half filled the rules :D 


  1. Enjoyed reading about you....made me laugh reading about not wanting to travel to exam hall :P...we all have the same problem :-)))) Oh I forgot to mention congrats on your awards :-)

  2. oh ya...missed a thing....Congrats:)

  3. Great yu hv time to write for others :)

  4. Hey Deepak..I am so happy that you picked up that tag..
    Loooooooooooooooooved your answers..I couldn't help not commenting about the ABC tags..
    Then like you understood,I am a silent spectator of your blog..otherwise I would have not nominated you :P
    Thank you that write up about my blog.. :)
    Keep writing brother!!

    PS: Lemonade Lover and Sarcastic Satan,eh? good one ;)

  5. Congrats..
    Enjoyed reading :) Your answers to the questions were really funny. And the tags were very much interesting :):)

  6. congos deeeeeepak sir :) funny question answer session :) n i agree, cent % smart enough to escape from any situation :) T TAMILAN :) :D

  7. வாழ்த்துக்கள் நண்பரே...தங்களின் அனைத்து பதில்களும் அருமை. இறுதியில் தாங்கள் அடுத்த நபரை தேர்வு செய்யாமல் இருப்பதற்கு கூறிய காரணம் உண்மையிலேயே சிறந்தது.தங்களை கேள்வி கேட்டவர்களுக்கும் எனது வாழ்த்துக்கள்...

  8. hahaha...congratulations Deepak...u escaped well... :P
    BTW on everyone's behalf thanks for NOT nominating'd have created a hell lot of problem for many of them...too many questions... LOL... :P
    just kidding...nice one...congrats once again... :)

  9. that was a different tag i saw and i liked it
    its nice to know about you
    and how you think that blogging site is similar to orkut
    anyways thanks to that thinking of yours,
    that thinking gave us a amazing writer and friend.

  10. Congratulations. Keep Rocking :-)
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your answers :-)

  11. Hehehehe :D This is nice :D.
    DEE give the award to me ;) Or I'll snatch it with you :P You know that na :P.
    Ask me ques ;) :D :P. I want to answer :D.
    Pleachee Dee.. Monchter Jhi :D

  12. @heyithinkthiswayPleasure is mine :) thank you so much for tagging me :D

  13. An Award for one of my favorite Blogger :D :).

  14. Congratulations on ur award ! quite witty answer. Enjoyed read them :D


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