An Escape From Alcatraz

Surrounded by strong currents, fortified with Steel and Cement and finally a prison, from where only air can escape. these are all the possible Google search results if you Google as "ALCATRAZ".
Dubbed as one of the most secure prison in the world, Alcatraz is still a night mare for many law offenders in America.Hold on, I am not writing a post on Alcatraz nor on tips to escape,survive Alcatraz, But i have my own story and an adventure to share. which can be interlinked with this Secure fort, though they are not as great and as big as Alcatraz.
I believe they worth a read.*Quite a big post- If you wish to read it short and To summarize you can read PONTS 5,6,7.

1)This part of post is called "Vote of Thanks".

Yes, i have to mention and thank  MAHINDRA and INDIBLOGGER for providing me an opportunity to expose my darkest part of life, DO YOU HAVE AN INCREDIBLE STORY TO SHARE? yes i have but i can't label it as universally Incredible, its up to you to read and valuate it Honestly.
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Thank you Indi and Mahindra .

2)This Part of Post is called "An Inception of an Inception"

Like any other and every other Kid of India in later 2000's, i was ruined with so many distractions, i will not concentrate on studies, once in every academic year, my dad will be getting a letter from my School, "Dear Parent, Your ward blah blah blah".My Dad with his cool attitude will clear the acid tests set out by my school.
Up to my 10th Grade, i have been a kid who plays, plays, participates in quiz competitions(but never won any), my school gave me all platform to perform well in co curricular activities.
That can also be a reason for my poor show in 10th standard board examinations, i was labelled as SO CALLED AVERAGE student, just because i got 68% marks.

By hearing all such funny humiliations, my parents were annoyed to the core. so they took a wise decision by throwing me in a residential school but all for my welfare, as soon as they told me their plan, i agreed. reason could be... hmm, possibly from the pseudo-Hostel scenes in the movies, where guys will always have fun. so i accepted and i was packed and delivered to a new environment.

3)This part of  post is called "Watching Soap operas"

No it doesn't mean that they show soap operas at school, but it has a common result. guessed? yeah... i cried cried cried.
I was a pampered kid at home and also at house, i couldn't tolerate the new environment and new rules, regulations and especially i couldn't tolerate a man called "SOTTA".

Sotta(Ganja), A Tamil word for BALD HEAD... He is our chief warden, as Origin of universe remains a history and so his hatred behavior to me and certainly it has got no reason.
We cried internally for his NAZI rule and we cried externally by falling HOME SICK and especially, we missed our home foods damn badly. COMMON RESULT: TEARS :(
Why should girls/aunts have all the fun?
Bottom line: Together with my room mates, i hated that residential school and we hated our hostel warden.

4)This part of  post is called "Sketching a game plan".

As months passed by, we were well seasoned with all sort of punishments, plainly we never felt any embarrassment. Experiencing all such worst things gave us some unknown strength and bravery.Our warden(Sotta) will beat us if he his upset with his wife, he will beat us if we had pressed the Light switch instead of the Fan.
Err...With all such humiliations, We had some plans and obviously ABSURD plans...
Its all about skipping the Post ceremony of cycle test, a function where least scorers will get kisses.

source: Google images

I dint finish, kisses from a seasoned bamboo stick and sometimes a metal scale.
We wanted our asses to be saved and we are sick of that ceremony and also sick of our Sotta warden, once the exams got over my school had a habit of screening some new films on projector. that's the only leisure we had and for that we had our own censor board at school, who will only cut the scenes.
Bottom line: We drafted a plan, its all about RUNNING AWAY !

5)This part my post is called "BEING A STUPID".

As the movie screened, we pre-planned our moves, Me and my friend Harish. we two are those absurd souls who had plans to run away from a residential school.
We have to follow queue system everywhere, some times while watching movies. these circumstances gave us a feel of being trapped inside a REAL JAIL.

We had 10 feet compound walls and still then metal foils covered it, unimaginable to climb them and there are two gates, one of it will be locked all time.

Another gate had one watchman, during the film screening time, he will be present near GENERATOR room, to make sure POWER supply all right.
Its my friend's idea to sneak through the main gate, i argued with him by terming it as dumbest idea but still he showed me some alternatives.

We had a VAN sort of mini van... For transporting those projectors, wide screens and also some special chairs for teachers.
"We must try and give our best to sneak in to that van, if we did that, we are getting away from this jail"-Harish told me.
I was pretty scared about the consequences but i consoled myself by saying "It will be fine once you reach your home"

You may not believing it, but its my duty to share incidents as happened without exaggerating, we executed our plans without a flaw and that's how me and Harish ran away from that pseudo Jail. that van had no helper/cleaner, so the driver has to walk all the way to post to sign in the register, once he leaves the van. We both acted swiftly and reached the other end of wall.
Bottom Line: A successful escape attempt. 

6)This part of Post is called "Ticking Hourglass "

My school stands alone in a NATIONAL HIGHWAY- NH7, i am not going to mention my school name as it may bring harm, Nearest city is SALEM and nearest town RASIPURAM. we chose to reach the city, since we will get frequent buses and at this late night and also no bus will stop in the middle of the road for two School kids.

In our en route, we had fine Barotta and mutton gravy, not so near to school. at least some 10 - 15 km away.We had no choices than to walk, we walked and we hardly spoke with each other, i had great fear and i never showed it to him and i think he too had his worries.

We are clueless on what made us to take such a stupid decision, we walked walked and we are damn tired and at last THANKS to our pocket money, we hired an auto and reached "
Seelanaickenpatti" a suburban area of Salem and then we reached SALEM bus stand.
We had a time to laugh by seeing a straight bus to our places.
He is from Tiruchirapalli and me from Thanjavur both lies on the same route and it made us happy since we have a company of each other.

Hostel wardens will take attendance once again in night time, by that time we boarded a bus. they could have easily found out that two duffers are missing. we are scared about it, we really don't know what happened there(in school).
We were dying for the driver to turn the ignite key of that decade old bus.
I called myself as STUPID, know why? 
Will any idiot run away from a hostel by wearing a School uniform shirt and a jean pant.Yes we did that.

7)This part of post is called " GETTING BUSTED " 

As you know, every city bust stand will have a police control room (we know this only after getting busted, actually they found our native places and informed Police regarding our identity and places. so ultimately it will be easy for Police to find out 2 dummy school boys in a midnight time, who were sitting like dolls on a DIRECT BUS).

Sadly we were caught, that police constable was so sweet to us, he didn't abuse us neither slapped us, he kindly asked for our name and place. we were given 2 chairs to sit, i broke into tears, as if i have been caught for murder.
I cried, cried and so my friend... Only at that time calm constable uncle got irritated and asked us not to weep like babies.
We were taken in an auto to School, i gone numb. i can see plenty of wardens and teachers waiting for us outside the hostel to welcome us and i can see my room mates standing like pillars, later then we realized that they went through some tough interrogations.
Bottom line: we were caught after a short lived short cut.

8)This part of my post is called " A Sleepless Night "

The first thing my wardens and staffs asked " Which way did you chose ", by then it was mid night and they asked us series of questions and i was totally upset with my stupidity, it was like a typical interrogation i have witnessed in films, i was asked to sit in metal chair and my Physics sir tried his best to vomit all the truth and i told him all the tricks and tips we used, it was around 2 AM, they left us to our respective rooms.
Will anyone can sleep peacefully with these incidents ?
The last word uttered by Head master blasted countless butterflies, " i am going to give you your TC but with a tick mark on BAD CONDUCT box"


My room mates added fuel to fire by cooking up stories, "Dude, if you have a bad conduct on your TC, no school will allow you to have a seat in their premises".
Shattered to the core, i disappointed my family and i disappointed myself.

9)This Part of post is called " Salvaging My Seat ".

Previous night, a call has been made by school directors to our respective parents, they arrived on Sunday morning, i couldn't see the usual smile on my dad's face and my mom was on full kolaveri and my lawyer uncles was with them, only one soul to show some smile.
Being a  son to working parents. I know how peaceful and restful their Sunday's are AND i ruined it, somehow by attempting a series of excuses and explanations, School management agreed to take me back under one condition, No more stupidity will be tolerated.
But another guy's parents were upset with the school's tyranny kinda behavior over their students, so they took him back to their hometown.

Bottom line- SALVAGED my chair.

One promise i made to my dad, " I ll never repeat such non sense and i will never let them down: i have been following it till now, ever since that shameful, funny incident. i have never got a single black mark in my academics, somehow i worked hard to reach 83% in my boards from 67%.
If there could be a reason/secret, it will be that promise made by me and apart from that in a team event DOUBLES BADMINTON we won in ZONAL level and i was a part of that team. same head master who threatened me on conduct while giving me my board mark sheet with a smile. all that happened because of the stupid plan.

That adventure gave me guts to experience ups and downs of life, in every bad incident there exists some good thing, i can tell this stories to my next generation, while writing it HONESTLY it gives a hard feel inside me, an unknown joy.
At one time it was the most humiliating incident and now its an unforgettable moment/adventure in my life.ALL FOR GOOD i learnt and face anything i experienced.
Can't say it as my life changing moment but it is certainly an unforgettable moment.

Harish- He joined in a school in his native and after our 11th standard we neither talked nor had a meet. Last time i saw his face was during that mid night fiasco, As years rolled on i got a shocking news from another friend of mine who was searching for him,
"Do you remember Harish?"- My friend
"How can i forget him, where he is ? what is he doing? i couldn't get his contact, i searched him even on face book"
"Yeah, i heard that he succumbed to an accident in Chennai few months back"

And I don't wanna add his details and take advantages like creating sympathies, Strange Coincidence. you believe in that ?

An Incredible Experience !
Whatever it takes ! - This is what our strategy during that runaway and also my blog name. some times i feel guilty, a guilt of not being with a friend who was with my tough and good times.Whatever i reason, i have our cherished memories which lives on for years through this post!

*This platform merged with my memories and certainly an adventure for a life,
which taught me so many lessons but from them, what i learnt is very few.

Thanks to Indi and Mahindra for helping me to feel good by sharing my least share memoirs.
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  1. Superb adventure Deepak . . . . Before reading this post I thought that no-one except me could do such crazy thing like running away from home in standard 7th and returning after 5 hrs . . . .
    Hats off bro ! ! !

  2. 67 to 83...That was a pretty drastic change for anyone...well done bro... :)
    your warden...SOTTA...appears more like a movie villain...can you share his pic...if you have...just curious to this NAZI ruler... :P :P

    nice one...well framed... :D

  3. @CYNOSURE you are asking me a picture of Dinosaur while running for COVER :) mathematician you have great sense of HUMOR :D :D
    Thanks a ton Sarab :)

  4. Whoa bro! That was a fantastic read. I am glad you learnt from your mistakes and you are doing great in your academics and your life.
    Staying true to your blog name, "Whatever It Takes". Great!

  5. Seems like you had quite an adventure :)

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  7. WOW ! What to say ?! It was thrilling to read - the runaway part.

    Anyway, very happy that you corrected yourself from the mistakes - 'There is always a good thing behind a bad thing'

    Nice post.. and appreciating you for that amazing improvement from 67% to 83%. Keep it up :)

    I see new deepak , from here!:)
    It was very nice to know more about you!
    And no matter what you say, it is surely incredible <3 !

  9. that's quite an adventure.....!!!! but i must say frm 58 to 83 wow dtas greaaaaaaatt....:) another greatone from d ingenious Deepak ji :)
    all d bst 4 d contest 2..

  10. Ha ha....Too much guts I should say....But I simply hate beating or punishing kids at school and I cannot bring myself to terms with parents who send off their wards to boarding schools for the purpose of disciplining them!! Hmm!!! That was a good read Deepak!

  11. Wow That was a fantastic read.Quite an adventure!!That post ought to become a film someday :D..

    Btw Is the thing about Harish real???

  12. @Abhinav 67 to 83 :) that's nothing great bro !
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    Thank you so much...

  14. @saikat mbka ghoshDeepak S. saikat :P not ji :D
    thanks for your love :)

  15. @jaish_vatsRightly said, but all parents want their kids to be good right? perception differs.. THANK YOU JI

  16. @Nikhil S.P 99% yes Nikhil, we still have no idea about his presence. even in this interconnected world, its hard for us to track him !
    that's a guilty part..
    Thank you

  17. great brave attempt at escapade, luckily, I would say, didn't fall through. sweet remembrance.

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    Haha...Its "The Shawshank Redemption" but only difference is that it went bad for you. ;)
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  20. Interesting. The beginning of this postis perfect.

    I loved my stay in hostel. I do believe it is a crucial part of a student's life. It can make or break a career.

    Doing mischievous activities is, and should be, every kid's birth right but controlling it at some point is absolutely necessary.

    Love the way you write. Keep going.

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    Sorry to hear about your friend.
    Lovely post and all the best :)

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    Good going..

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