How Indivine Works ?

I have wrote 172 posts so far, never wrote a post for this size and never enjoyed a post to this extent, my dream post I can say and I request you to read throughout honestly.
I repeat THIS IS QUITE A BIG POST.* A VOTE OF THANKS TO INDIBLOGGER ( A site which i love to the core) :)

How to improve my blog traffic?

I joined Indiblogger some 4 months back, ever since that moment MY BLOG has seen and also seeing so many moderation, modifications and modernization.
70% of traffic to my blog comes from INDI.
Whenever I write some post, I will keep Indi in my mind, blame me or appreciate me. I will keep doing it.

So, I don't want to self portray me and I don't want to sound like a Narcissist, but I wish to share you all some sweet, sour topics on improvising your blog traffic.
If you wish to hear some silly points me, kindly stay with me.
if you have a single question like, WHO THE HELL HI IS TO GIVE ME TIPS?
Sorry my dear friend, this post is not for you... you can clean and re-install your browser.

How to Gain Traffic?

Though there are several points and several tricks, there is only one trick which you can experience, understand and teach.
SHORT-WAY survives for a SHORT TIME.

Then, what’s that long way?
Is that what you want to know, well I can share with what i know and i can share my little experience on the SWEET SITE called Indiblogger?

Will Votes help you to get readers?

YES, there are so many topics and news inside a Newspaper, but when we have them in our hands, obviously the first page will be visible.
Be it Sunny Leone on the first page or Uma Bharti, whatever crap it is... EYES WILL LOOK FOR THE VISIBLE PAGE.

So when you gather and pile votes, automatically you will reach the top spot and so whenever a newbie comes and visits that page, he/she will consider you as a prominent blogger(Honestly you can be a mediocre) but the kind of image you will get for staying in the first page will be precious.
Point to remember- When you gather votes, indirectly you gather readers.

Why should i promote?

Plainly speaking, if you have voted or if you are going to vote for this post, NO sane or insane person will deduct money from your bank account, keep it chill yaar..
What you gonna loose by voting me?
Your girl friend? Your bank balance? NOTHING YOU LOOSE.
Promote as much as blog you can, even promote imperfect blogs like mine....

Appreciating and encouraging is the best work you can do for a fellow human (hopefully for positive things)
Point to remember: CLOSE YOUR EYES AND VOTE

Should I promote everyone?

Wait guys, i feel that am going to contradict myself here.
Honestly speaking, i follow one mantra.
I will be grateful to a person who promotes me.
I will ignore a person who never promotes me back.
I am not asking you to follow this; it’s your wish...

Point to remember: while spending and wasting your time on someone who never visits your blog back, you can spend your time on a person who is loyal to you, GOTCHA?

Yes, comments…. These are like boomerang.
When you throw them at someone it will come back to you, comment on as much as blog possible, try to be honest.
99.99% yes, I will read and comment, if there exists a blog which bores me to the core, I have no other way than to lie by appreciating him/her.
Point to remember: Commenting is the best way to familiarize you on blogosphere. GOTCHA?

These are all some overviews; here I begin my post... Come one DON’FAINT… I write for you
J cheers.

If you are a GIRL/AUNTY/GRANDMA you must read this.
You are LUCKY, I mean it totally…
There is an uncle, there are some sweet uncles who votes, reads and appreciates irrespective of the blogger’s gender.
Yet there are some SWEETEST uncles, who will promote only Women (even grandma) blogs…
I had that experience, I visited that uncles’ blog and commented, you know what he did…
HE REPLIED FOR ALL comments (from GIRLS) BUT NOT FOR ME (and so for any other BOY)
I asked him straightly, YOU WILL NOT REPLY FOR GUYS? Later then he replied… SUCH A WONDERFUL CREATURE.

Are you a person interested to gather readers? I write for you... Are you a person who is satisfied with your own readers, sorry you can skip this...
1) Have an attractive display image in Indi, don’t worry… all you need to do is “HAVE A GIRLY IMAGE”
99 % work over, you can see votes falling in to your pockets.
2) Visit a guy’s blog and comment as “GOOD”. I bet that guy on whose blog you commented will remember that even at his death bed.
GUYS ARE LOYAL (think a lot and use that).
3) Appreciate fellow blogger with sweet words, if he/she don’t deserve an appreciation, advice them in private about their mistakes.
4) Irrespective of your gender, every blogger must develop a good relationship with fellow bloggers…

If you are a boy/uncle/grandpa reading this; I have something for you which you must read.
1) We are the most sinned creatures.
2) Also, we are the creatures which commit sins most of the time.

We are the victim and also the convict, got it? We hate men and women hate men… so all hate men and we are men. CONFUSED?

1) develop a good network with bloggers, be wise and be gentle (TRY). Appreciate fellow bloggers despite of their name, place and color.
2) Write quality stuff, girls can make in to top by writing a post for a line, but even if we write by squeezing brain, we will land up in 5th page. That’s how world works. So try to write quality stuffs.
3) Have a punchy headline, which lures readers.
4) Read others blog frequently and forget not to promote them.
5)  Don’t waste your time on ungrateful people’s blog and above all, be grateful to people who are grateful to you.

Apart from gender, together as a BLOGGER, we must learn few things.
Everyone who reads your blog owns a blog, go there appreciate him in public, advice him in private.
Everyone commits mistake and also everyone has got their own talent.
IF you say you have got no time to visit his/her blog, you should not be blogging.

1) There are people who produce posts like Chinese population, but never give a damn to look at another person’s blog,
2) Few people will try to project themselves as HONEST COMMENTATORS.
They will reach you blog, you would have wrote a poem for 200 lines, which will have a mistake in 199th line,
They will comment “YOU HAVE A MISTAKE IN YOUR 199th LINE, change it”.. WTF?

We are in VIRTUAL Place; our presence here is for life time (of blogger/Wordpress) when we are not here, no one will miss us, may be there can be few. To have such few readers, be a good person… Appreciate others, IT IS MEANINGLESS to expect someone to visit your blog when you don’t visit his/her.
There is no use of having a 100% perfect blog where you are the lone reader of your own works.
Honestly speaking, am no great writer, all that I got and achieved (as a blogger) is all because of my GOOD NETWORK and GOOD RELATIONSHIP with fellow bloggers.

I do have some people who consider me as ENEMY, yes Am 100% sure… That’s the problem of growing, when you satisfy 100 people certainly there will be some 10-15 persons who were unsatisfied with your works.
I have great belief in product life cycle, today we may be a great person but someday a strong substitute will replace our position, then WE ARE NO MORE.

I am not very old to advice everyone but I am old enough to say something,
I remember a QUOTE from my favorite movie SAVING PRIVATE RYAN…
Final quote….
“James... Earn this. Earn it.
Don't give up on life, Make a difference with what you do, Help others with what you can, never forget your starting point, someday you have to go back there.
P:S- I love getting votes and i wish to stay some more time on front page, don't ask me to retire soon:D
So with all my greed i ask you to vote and i assure you, i will vote you back:) THIS PROCESS WILL CERTAINLY IMPROVE THE NUMBER OF READERS that's why i ask for.
There is nothing to feel ashamed of by being yourself, ourselves :) so BE YOURSELF !


  1. good one and fundamentally right to some extents.. though not all ! A good hai post Deepak:)

  2. @Kajal SUCH A SWIFT RESPONSE :) Thank you Kajal.. i agree with your view ! may be :)

  3. Good Tips and great post; Deepak Karthik rocks !!

  4. Wow Deepak ... you being quite honest about yourself and i like it !!! Your posts are witty yet carry a message, which is good. All the best and am sure in times to come you would relish the friendship of the circle of loyal commenter and voters of your blog.

  5. I was expecting this post from you, Deepak :D
    First post was about "Read before voting"
    Second, "Vote, but also comment"
    Now, "How everything works" :D
    I also joined Indi at the same time you did and most of my blog's traffic do come from Indi as well. It is one of my favorite websites to visit. Through Indi, I met so many great bloggers (don't be shocked, you are also included) :P Some real nice tips there, if you are on Indi for a couple of months then you would learn most of these tricks on your own but yeah thanks for these tricks bro. We will need it. :)

  6. @EngramSIr, i must also confess that you are one of the very few passionate reader of my blog :) glad to have you !

  7. @Akshay Kumar GA typical Akshay's comment.. THANKS BRO !
    keep encouraging me like this :)
    i will return for sure !

  8. A bible for novice bloggers........:) , real stuff bro , really you touch on every single point abt blogging fundas..., your extensive research as well as experience have been brilliantly summed up in this post..real stuff bro :) awesome...:)

  9. @saikat mbka ghoshHere comes my favorite reader.. TOO MUCH FOR ME SAIKAT :)
    myself a NOVICE BLOGGER...

  10. GOOD-GOOD...lovely post...I too love getting votes(everyone does)...and you are right about the reaction of error finders :P...they are really meant to ignore... :P

  11. Some nice tips for the not-so-smart bloggers like me :-)
    But I agree with what you say, If you want people to genuinely read your blogs, you have to do the same. Totally!

  12. @Ashwini C NYOU SHUD HAVE ADDED US in the place of ME
    Thanks a ton !

  13. love your straight forward approach..enjoyed it thoroughly !

  14. ha ha.. Deepak. That was neatly written and hilarious at times. That was really like a "Blogging guide for dummies (that would be me; others dont get offended :P)! And the thing I have really admired about you is your sincerity in reading others' blogs and commenting them. Keep rocking bro!

  15. Thanks for your post Deepak. Those are valuable points for any blogger.

  16. This is soo sooo true...I could not agree more with you...Bloggers don't get readers coz they are great writers but coz they have a good reputation among the blogosphere...once again its the person that's important not the lifeless blog pages...awesome post! and I really didn't think it was that lengthy, maybe coz I have lengthier posts :D

  17. Coming from you, I'd call it expert advice!

  18. Generous of you to share your tips. Btw, being young, you missed out on grandpa special issues:):) Very few of our circle are in blogosphere and, so, we don't even have a ready-made circle of friends who will kick-start you:):)

  19. Very valuable Post Deepak. This is an expert view.

  20. This may be an educational post for me.
    I am new to blogging and I thank Indiblogger and people like you (and others who I follow, who follow me back)to get such a good response for such a new blog.
    Amazing post man!

  21. Cool, you said it all, with a pinch of humour. I had an LOL moment reading about the 'uncle'
    Good one Deepak. Here's wishing you many more voters. I was serious when I suggested 'politics' for you :D

  22. Now do I give a honest comment or just a glossy/glamorous comment Dee?? This post did bring a smile on my face - for your nonstop blast of words and thoughts! Loved it! And some points like keeping a girl's picture on profile, and other gender based points - ROFL types! (honestly dude!)
    I do want a bit of traffic increase, but never wanted too many readers and commentators who just leave "nice adjectives" in the comment. I am someone who believe in quality over quantity. That said, Indi has definitely helped me increase the traffic and has given me good readers.

  23. A very useful post for new indibloggers,like me...thanks a ton Dee..:-)

  24. @radsYEah for you nothing will look like lengthy :) Thanks Rads

  25. @C. SureshWelcome sire and keep visiting :) wish to see you again and again !

  26. @D.NambiarPOLITICS:) Thank you D.. i think i dont worth that :) sweet comment again :)

  27. @Vaishhaha :) Experienced it? i guess you may experience much more(if you have added ur image :P)
    LOL... just for fun
    Thank you ji :)

  28. A lot of information.. in ur own style of satire and sarcasm.. way to go..!! :)

  29. Hey Dee..hard facts put together in good humor and cheer..but you, the genius, are quite modest too! Thoroughly enjoyed though with minor differences of opinion at few points!Congrats, you rock!

  30. Thanks alot Deepak. Very nice compilation of the thoughts on IndiBlogger. I have also joined it recently and fully enjoying being part of it.

  31. Deepak, neat post!!! I realize there is a huge difference in being a writer and a blogger. I guess I am first and foremost a writer and use blog to keep me at pace and provide me a continuous space to practice to write fast, well and good. But blogging, buddy, is so different. And you are good at that:):)

  32. Deepak, your post should be included in major marketing text books. And probably in behaviourial sciences too.

    Good work.

  33. Great post Deepak ! It was a good guide to all. Neatly presented with a lot of humor. . enjoyed reading each sentence.. :)

    Indivine offers a wide variety of subjects to read, from a large number of bloggers, that makes it so great. I also like promoting as much as I can, but can't keep up to the speed of Indivine :D

  34. @DeViL on WheeLs...happy to help you... anytime i am at your service :)

  35. @BhavanaThanks a ton pal, made me feel good :) thanks again !

  36. @umashankarThank you so much sire... glad to see your comment on my post :) PROUD

  37. @Abhinavyeah Abhinav, time matters :0 dont give up !

  38. You know what, you are my teacher!!! A master who taught me how to comment. I saw ur comments in many blogs, even in my cousins who had never replied or noticed it. You have encouraged a lot of bloggers to stay in the blogosphere :)

    village girl

  39. wow!! Deepak, that's great observation From an expert. This post seem to contradict one of ur previous ones at places. Indiblogger has helped me evolve and the votes did bring in a lot of genune readers on my blog.
    if you take a look into my indipost history you'll find all my initial posts found it tough to earn even 10 votes . The same posts when resubmitted after one post got featured in the top voted list, gained atleat a 100 votes. So the bottom line: get as many votes to get noticed.

  40. mm.. Really, a very long post... To be frank, I read only half of it. Your "Give and take" voting policy is good. :) :D Wishing you more votes :)

  41. the line i like d most in this page.............
    Visit a guy’s blog and comment as “GOOD”. I bet that guy on whose blog you commented will remember that even at his death bed.
    anyways its nice one

  42. I read it right till the end and nw am gonna bookmark it to guide me anytime :) What an effort u have put in !! Thanks for sharing ur experience and suggestions..really helps someone new like me :)

  43. so next time I have your votes CLOSE YOUR EYES AND VOTE is what you did. ;)

    this is a good take. so true. I know people who are brilliant with their writing but hardly any traffic except for a few selected friends. and I personally never buy it when one says he/she writes not for others. it is always about picking good readers. :)

  44. Super post! You're no doubt one of the top bloggers of IndiBlogger... and it'll feel great to read more of your posts...

  45. nice post Deepak, agree with u completely.

    Who is that enemy? is it me :D?

  46. Hey u've written 172 posts?? Cool man congratulations for that first.
    I had commented on your last post as one of your best but let me tell you this is your best post till date.
    And you will be happy to know that both you and I've same views about Indivine. :)

  47. @roopzyour teacher:) thank you so much for making me feel special !

  48. @Leo PawYour bottom line is the meaning for this entire post !
    Thanks LEo, it feels good to have you here :)

  49. @Silent AellaI dint mean that entirely...
    i said VOTE as much as you can and vote blindly... know why ? it develops a good relation and good traffic, hopefully when you vote for a perfect person :)
    thank you so much for being here !

  50. @the paperlessOMG:) too big words for me... dont make me like that :) thanks for your love !

  51. @vinayThanks bro :) haha fun reading your comment as always !

  52. @DEBAJYOTII know that you will come back again to see what i have replied, many of the people will not do.. so taking much time to respond you :D

    Enemy? you... I have never considered you as enemy, i have considered you as a person who hated my behavior at times:)
    yes and it was a PAST tense, after seeing your comment, i have the same question on you...

    Mistakes are done by everyone, if i have done any.. i am SORRY :D :D
    i dint mean to hurt anyone and i am sure you will know about me bit much than many others here:)
    Thanks for giving a come back :)

  53. Now I know all the secrets of your success. What a hilarious post, yet, so much of it is actually fact. I don't agree with your philosophy of promoting everything, even if you have read it. I feel it is more prudent to promote good work. I am not in the minority, and I see this based on Indivine votes for posts, since the ones that I see on top of the list are 8 out of 10 times, the quality posts. The other 2 unfotunately fall into the marketing and promotion categories as you have so correctly pointed out. Wonder if other blogger-networkers agree with the numbers.

  54. lost my long comment because of my poor internet connection. in case u see two comments, delete one. ll just try to write the same thing again :D

    i do go back to see my comment replies coz my future visit to any blog depends on that.

    there r ppl who don't visit my blog coz they don't agree with what i write that doesn't make them my enemies, blacksheeps or ungratefuls (don't know if that's a word, very bad with language).

    i read ur post on sachin on that site and was really glad to see ur name there. u have an amazing followership coz ppl like ur writing. so continue to do that. all the best.

    spread more happiness. applies to me as well, even i need to cut down on many things. cheers :)

  55. @Subhorup Dasguptahaha... on top 10.. 2 are mine.. so that 2 imperfects posts must be mine SUBH :D

    fine fine.. i must say one thing
    all are words and all words has their own meanings.
    Any true work of ours is a work of quality.
    BAD MARKETING will lead to failure of good products and similarly Good marketing will lead to a success of a ordinary product :)

  56. @DEBAJYOTIIt's all about a perception...
    :D fine :)
    Yeah Enemy could be a STRONG word.. could have added some other word...
    Thanks a ton for comment and also for enjoying my so called post on Sachin:)
    spread the Happyness :)

  57. May be I should change i like to read all the content, however I believe I am too lazy to give a comment, I guess only in ur posts I had given more comments, let's see how it goes :)

  58. haha..seems like i need to change a LOT! but honestly speaking , m a little unsatisfied with how things work at indi and even in d blogworld. y cant we just comment on wht we like instead of being bias and reading only those who read us? i know sounds too saintly :P
    newys good post!


  59. Nice! Loved this post. As long as you took to writing it and enjoyed it, I loved reading this too!

  60. I am just following your recco about comments :) May you survive the wrath of the mob.

  61. One thing I must say that reading ur post always yield a positive ROI
    (in terms of investing time)...Great posts...Great job

  62. I am tamil blogger. I believe Your valuable suggestions will make my blog more familiar

  63. Great intro, Indiblogger is definitely a great community for Indian bloggers. I've also joine BlogEngage which is quite awesome too.

  64. Really such a wonderful post Deepak....I enjoyed a lot....very well written...thanks for sharing all these points in detail.As I am not so familiar with on-line matters.My daughter(the leo) create my blog and she teach me every thing about it.And now I can say that I am very lucky to find such a wonderful blogger friends through INDIBLOGGER.

  65. If anyone from Indi team is reading this comment I request them to have this post as "guidelines or to do list" on the website. Man..this is a Bible/Quran/Bhagwadgita for the bloggers. Awesome Deepak.

  66. Honestly, I'm appalled at the truth of this post. I mean, I know parts of it seem funny, but almost all of it I found true. And that's not a pleasant thought.

  67. I usually don't read such long posts. I read this one.
    You have a fish-hook from your posts to readers.

    Sadly, i DONT :)

    Awesome, true stuff!!

  68. OMG!
    THE perfect explanation Dee :D :D :)
    I rarely comment on your blogs, just read and go..But this time, you tempted me so much :P :P !!
    S.U.P.E.R.B! correctly summed up :D

  69. Great post! (I know you know that already)
    What you probably didn't know- people are going to read and re-read this post. Every word. I did the same.

  70. Thats one awesome Post. Mindbogglingly mind blowing :P. I bookmarked it. But there is a reason why i did it. There is a thing in your post which i love from the bottom of my heart. "Honesty".
    Keep writing. You Rock Dude :D Cheers Martini!

  71. Deepak, this one was a very honest post.. though may not be "politically correct".. I am a new blogger and i dont care about politically correct.. I got some good tips. Thanks!

  72. Though there is one thing, i feel if you do write well people will find you eventually, even if you are a recluse. provided you are patient and keep writing. But yes promoting as you suggest should take you there faster (much faster):)

  73. First: I didnt know where the promote thing was, till two days ago.

    Second: I wont close my eyes and vote for every damn nonsense there. I will vote, if I like.

  74. and do you even have to approve your own comments? i hate this shit! approval!

  75. Great analysis of Indivine and promoting blogs...

  76. @subtlescribblerWell, that's your perception and it is good as well :)
    do what you wish :)
    but if i were you in that place.. i ll not be doing it :)
    thanks for the comment :)

  77. @NimsrulesGlad to hear that Bro :) thanks for expressing it

  78. @SeemaI have never seen you commenting like this ji :) i am soo happy to see your honest feedback...
    you rock as always !
    thank you

  79. @Makhaha bro:0 thanks for your praises... if they see it, they can be scolding me :)

  80. @Rohan ShankarReally... thank you and anyone can develop that with experience ! good luck for you

  81. @Rohan ShankarYou must have learnt about PROMOTING some time before...
    i am not asking and compelling to cote blindly. but voting for some nonsense things will not degrade our standards !
    Thanks again for commenting and approval is for avoiding some spam craps :D

  82. @Marita AbrahamHey sorry for late reply, comment unfortunately redirected to spam :(
    well its your perception
    thanks for Sharing :D

  83. Well I love reading your posts karthik. I understand it would have taken a lot of fun and enjoyment to write this post :)

    And as my hobby is writing and adding cool comments, just a chill out comment again :)

    I am subscribing to your blog. A new post and i would be most probably there passing through your blog.

    And final words, just also give name and url in your blog for commenting because mine is live account and I rarely use my Google account. Anyways cheers and bye bye

  84. Indivine unplugged, excellent deliberations.

  85. Short and Sweet? :P
    Nice post Dee :D :).
    Now All I Gotto Do is follow this ;) :D.

  86. whoaa...captured quiet many from the heart..I am sure though its your longest post, you might have taken perhaps shortest time to write this one, coz this one was direct from the heart! Keep writing more such honest, blunt posts Dee....

  87. So that means you will stop visiting my blog, if I don't comment on yours for some days haan?? Come on! Don't do that please, I might be traveling without any access to internet whatsoever and I don't want to loose a reader like Deepak:)
    I always say that you have your own unique take at things and this is one of those posts, but I completely agree with your point about voting on Indi, we don't loose anything to click on that button, so what's the big deal? But I am still kind of judicious and I don't promote the posts which I feel is against my moral values, sometimes though I end up missing some good posts as well due to lack of time :(:(

  88. Great man. Nice suggestions. I hv noticed some of the facts you mentioned in the post. Nice post. I enjoyed reading this. Very eye opening.

  89. waaaw... thoughtful stuff yaar.. good for a newbie like me to move forward in blogging.. like it... keep up the good work..
    (i'm not appreciating this much for u to look at my blog,just being myself and honest :) u get it right?? i know u do :)

  90. So one must simply and blindly vote regardless of the quality of the content? And if I don't follow you, you won't follow me? So even if my posts are absolutely awesome and deserve merit, you won't follow me or add me to the network unless I do? Isn't that selfish, Karthik? :-D
    Honestly, this way it's no different than spam voting and getting your respective blogs onto the front page. Perhaps you have nothing to loose[sic], but I would urge the readers to vote only if the post is good and not because someone urges you to.
    And the "retards", as you so curtly say, are still your READERS. They have read all 200 lines of your poem to make a statement that there is an error in the last line. So don't unnecessarily expect everyone to heap praise on your work. As long as the criticism of your work is legitimate (ie) true), it's wrong of you to label such people with such harsh language.
    These are some of my impressions and I hope you will take the time to read and take it in the right spirit. No offense whatsoever, machi. I'm being honest in my commenting just like you want us to.

  91. @Nitin JainThanks a ton for your comment Nitin.. will follow your words :) BLUNT BLOG

  92. @Arnab MaityHeya Bro.. chk ur indimail :P :D and prepare well for your USA TRIP :P

  93. @VARUN K.Rgood luck ahead varun.. thanks for your time here and looking forwards to help you !

  94. @Nikhil Rajagopalan THANKS A TON FOR BEING HONEST AND EXPRESSING YOUR VIEW. i respect your perspective..

    i need to justify.

    1)Call me selfish or whatever, aren't you selfish? WORLD WAITS FOR NONE BRO. i cant waste my time on a person who never cares me. this is my attitude, call it abusrd or watever, i dont care.

    2) I have people who visits me regularly, if i spend time on some called wonderful blog, i will not be having time to reciprocate my loyal person. i give value to the people who follows me.

    3) I hate error finders, there are 100 reasons to live and 1 reason to die, what you will choose ? appreciate the +ve things.. why find faults ?
    NO ONE IS PERFECT(even you and even me).

    4) I don't give a damn on what other person thinks on me, this is me bro. i will be like this and i cant give up my originality.
    it may be stupid but i love being myself.

    5)Am sorry i was Harsh :( as i said bro, am kinda emotional. i will change that, for sure i have to, sorry if i have hurt you.

    6) By voting i loose nothing, by appreciating i loose nothing.
    By avoiding votes i gain nothing and by being sarcastic on mistakes i gain nothing.
    why find faults and depreciate a person.

    everyone has talents but not everyone appreciates it.

    As i value your perspective,
    i have warned before the post, this post is not for a person like you. i mean the person who hates such crap :)

    From Bottom of my heart, thanks for your comment, sorry if i have hurt your sentiments.

  95. Good effort ..

    It might help me (a newbie) in getting more visitors.. :)

    I read your post because of your catchy headline and of course coz I wanted to know how this Indivine works. I am unable to understand its process of promotion and votes even after so many days. Most of the times I am confused - if I have viewed someone's post have I promoted it or just viewed it because I am not able to see my name in their list of promoters.

  96. @Anjali Saini

    Hi Deepak, This is not really a reply to Anjali, but I'd like to add to her point: I read this blog for the same reason - i.e. I'm a newbie and still finding my way around Indievine, and your title promises to explain exactly that!
    So it would seem that choosing your title wisely will directly result in more views, more recommendations and therefore more visibility.

    I enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek gender-bias thingy too. Especially: " SUCH A WONDERFUL CREATURE." Haha!

  97. wow.....this seems to be a perfect post for me.. :) and i had idea of writing such post too ...:) :(.. he he.. :)anyways... nice ways thoiugh!!!

  98. Good hai, very straightforward and to the point way of putting it! Noted

  99. @DeepaK KarthiK (420*)

    "Thank you ji" - does make me feel like I'm 20 years older to you :( I'm not!

  100. I have too many problems with this post, and in my honest, humble opinion - it totally kills the idea of expression and community in writing. In many aspects, I agree with Nikhil. word, STOP assuming WOMEN/GIRLS/GIRLY PICTURES will work. If you do, then you are passing a WRONG message to the world. I had to, had to comment here. One thing though, it is a good read for someone who has never used promotion before.

  101. hmmmm. a good long post about indi i must say. though i dont think much of thoughtless commenting and sweet, empty praise :P
    it sucks. i mean just a 'beautiful' for a decent poem isnt simply done isnt it? criticize if you want to, but dont reply WITHOUT reading. though it doesnt apply for you i must say, i always have thought you were a genuine reader. :)
    and promoting posts? hmmm. maybe i should do that more often. i usually read and comment, but i dont promote.
    being girly works? maybe i should try and be more chrming, but i dont have that much patience to pose :P
    nice read Deepak.

  102. I see an underlying theme.


    Give first to get. Its nice to see that you're promoting such a culture Deepak.

    Hopefully we all get our unique messages across to fellow readers with your effective advice!

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    I couldnt help but give my vote on this page and ya expect some thing in return ;) :P!

    Well such and elaborate and honest post ! Loved it thru out
    I have always had complaints on INDIBLOGGER!!

    Trust me...Am no John Keats and am no Arnab Ray but I Write lot better than many girl/ boy bloggers

    SOme people just sneeze 2lines of poetry and get 200votes which clean bowls me

    & I could never develop all these marketting strategies U suggested. May be thats why I never got too many votes and I never won even If my post was lot better than the post in 3rd posn atleast. I spoke to indi admin and some famous bloggers but no use! and ya AM A GIRL DEEPAK!

    ALL GIRLS dont hav the benefits u mentioned... I guess it takes a lot more than writing to be famous to gain votes may be poking ur nose always in to other blogs as u told......which I cant do as my dialy thing!!! SO THERES LITTLE OR NO HOPE THAT I WILL GET READERS/ VOTES / win

    A MOST BFUL DP which I Cant keep changing

    Just voting watteva U Come across -- I Did it once bt ya my motive was not fulfilled and I HATED THOSE POSTS I VOTED. I voted as they voted for me (some of them)

    I Can totally write a post on this topic :) but I WILL END HERE

    Honesty/ creativity and talent is not wat u need to be a celeb
    Thanks to indiblogger that i realised this soon and also thanks to u for writing this :)

    KEEP Reading if at all U like my blog

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    Apart from votes and traffic,through Indivine I came to know about many sweet blogger friends like you...

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    Take Care,
    Sandra :D

  110. I knew such a post will come soon :) and when I saw it on IndiVine, I immediately promoted it (first time I did it without reading a post). When I came to your blog, I had expected something else and am thankful, its not what I expected. Yes, you wrote what I had expected but the way you have wrote it, made it interesting rather than annoying or offensive, I never knew this quality of yours :)
    Good one, am just confused which category you count me in. Am sure, the sinner one who does not even get votes despite of all good relations and networking :(
    Story in pieces

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    Anyways a smooth a nice read it was.

    Keep writing and I feel really amazed that you have grown so big on the indiblogger paltform and that too in such a short time. The votes are the reward for the hard for put in by you.


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  119. loved reading it ! I wish, I had that much time to implement all the things that you have written, but still I'll 'try' to do that, whenever I have time.
    By the way, according to your view, one should not be blogging, if one does not have time to visit other blogs, I fully agree with you...just that in my case, I like to write...blogging is my hobby, business is my bread & butter ! Because of my business, I don't want to stop writing.
    Anyways, I'll remember your words-Guys are Loyal :)

  120. I don't understand how a person can be branded a 'retard' for pointing out flaws? A flaw is a flaw, even if it is present in the penultimate line. Period.
    ...the underlying assumption is that a writer is too big to fail or be critically analysed in any respect. The greatest achievement of an author comes not by shunning himself from criticism..but by surviving the raging storms, the darkest of the nights.

    I've a matter of fact...ignored your fundamental grammatical errors in the first line itself! May be, I am not a 'retard', after all.

    Good luck!

  121. Thanks for the tips. I will ask a professional photographer to click a pic of mine and photoshop it to make it good. :P

  122. Hey, I'm reading this post now. And you are absolutely right, voting is just a simple click of the "vote" button. One shouldn't over-think and abstain from promoting others. If I have honestly read a person's blogpost, then I will vote and even leave behind a comment. Sometimes, I can't read the entire contents as they may be long and maybe not of my interest, but I still vote because maybe I'm greedy to some level as expect a favor in return but more importantly, I know the trouble a blogger goes in producing a post and I want to promote their effort regardless.
    Great post Deepak :) and I definitely don't consider you as my enemy :P
    And FYI, not all girls get voted based upon their DP on the Indi.. Even we have to struggle hard you know!! After so many months, its only recently one or two of my posts are getting substantial amount of votes. I just want people to read what I've written rather than vote for me blindly. :)

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    I like it that you're not afraid of being politically incorrect. So although my intellectual pride frowns at your tip of women flashing a cute pic to get readers, I concede that the tip works, at least for the first read. After that, it's your writing ability that brings repeat visitors.

  133. Bhai ek baat samajh nahi aayi....ur blog heading says 'How Indivine works'....and the post you have written is all about how to gather traffic. Yaar pura blog parh liya but ye abhi bhi samajh nahi aaya how Indivine works. Mujhe laga tha I will crack the concept behind Indivine after reading this post....hahhaha

    But achha hai...liked the style of writing.casual and honest. Ab ye mat kehna maine ye comment sirf genuine dikhne ke liye likha hai....hahha


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