Inequality And Italy...

Dishonest, Unfair, Unequal, Impartial, Disparity and i can add a dozen words to denote the term INEQUALITY done by Indian government. I can hear you saying "What's new in that?"...
Yes, there is nothing new or harder for our Indian government to show partiality, they have been doing this and i hope they will.
But this time, dishonest decision has been done by Indian government not to any Indian living in India and not to Indian staying abroad. then for whom? well it's for ITALY, Yeah, ITALY from Europa...Explain me, is that what you ask?

Well, i can provide you a short story.
Two thieves were caught by cops and it has been proved 100% , evidences says that pair had looted a temple nearby. But our honorable cops left one of the thieves who has 50% partnership in the crime and summoned the other one and he was hanged to death.
Two thieves were involved in a robbery but one was hanged to death but other one was made to witness it and then let off.

Story over... Understood my point? I am a bad ass in explaining a story...
I will tell you in a way, even people like me can understand.

Two marines from Italy killed an Indian fisherman and as of now they are spending their nights at Indian land as a person who have committed a crime and similarly 100's of Navy personal from Sri Lanka killed 100's of Indian fisherman but they are roaming free across the ocean.GOT MY POINT ?
I have been told that all lives are equal, but how can our Indian government be partial in treating similar criminals ?

Whenever there comes a problem in ocean, i mean the ocean between the Southern tip of India and Sri Lanka and whenever a fisherman got killed by the atrocity of COWARDS from Lankan navy, media reports "Tamil fisherman were killed by Lanka Navy".

When a incident similar to this happened across the other part of India, be it Pakistani or Italians attacking Indian fisherman, Media reports "Indian fisherman attacked".
Hours after Italians idiotic work of killing Indians, Indian government awakes and takes stern step, i have never seen them working like this and i have never seen the external minister speaking and i have never seen defense minister raging up.
I am happy to see the descent retaliation, i am happy to see the Italian marines inside Indian custody and i will be happy if the same thing is repeated for Lankan navy.
How shameful ?

We are letting criminals to escape on other side but on the other hand we are arresting a criminal for the same problem, so nice right ?
It is not partiality ? it is not an act of dishonesty?
I am not making regional politics here, i am not speaking because am a Tamilan, any person who observes this will speak like this.

If there is a match between India and Sri Lanka. Most of the Indians except few traitors will pray for India's victory, but there are some Indians(our own Indians) who prays for Sri Lanka victory, not for money BUT FOR LIFE!
Know why ?
If India wins, Sri lankan navy will show brutality to Indian fisherman, they will loot their nets and fishes and will humiliate them in mid sea.

Italian minister reaches here and fishing community uproars and Italian embassy releases a APOLOGY LETTER, has any one of thing happened for the same crime done by Sri Lanka?

Dear Ministers, i am very sure for 500%, that you people will never read my blog or any blog, you people are busy in watching red,blue,green films in assembly and poor Indians, Tamilians, Keralite, Bengali fisherman are fearing for life.
Instead of fish, fisherman himself dies at his net.
Repeat the law for Lankans and bring them to India, try them under law....

If all lives are same then criminals who committed the same crime must be treated in same way, be it Pakistan or Vatican.
Silence for Sri lanka and disparity for ITALY ?

Hiya Italy are you reading this or at least are you aware of these? NO ? THEN use these to escape through the BIG holes of Indian LAW system and am sure, you will have an Indian envoy waving his hands till the flight vanishes from his sight !        


  1. nice to see that once again, you've raised a very important issue...
    BTW I'm quite sure that these ministers will never reach such posts...not only because they are busy watching films in the assembly but also because most of them are not literate or decent enough to give a damn about what's happening in our life...They only see whether the bribe they took has timely reached there account or not... x-(

  2. Another Political issue..
    Uff! I'm tired of scolding these people..
    They never learn!!

    I didn't know about this :O. Really!! I know it now. Hmm! I have no comments. I can't waste my time scolding these people, who doesn't even deserve a nano-second of my precious time.

  3. You have talked about a significant issue. The most painful thing is our own government and media are calling ,'Indian fisherman','Tamil fisherman', as if they are from separate country. Our government will always ignore the fisherman issue, because even the powerful Tamil speaking Indian politicians don't give a damn.

  4. @CYNOSURECertainly an Important issue bro... DO WE HAVE A BACKBONE TO RETALIATE ? NO

  5. @Princess Pooyeah yeah.. Time WASTED and some life as well :(

  6. @ArunThank you bro ! glad to see your response !

  7. I'm very happy, Deepak, that you chose to write on this. I wanted to write a blog on this issue but couldn't. It was a terrible crime that the Italians perpetrated against very poor and innocent fishermen in the Indian Ocean. Tragic indeed. How far will this kind of globalisation go?

  8. am not sure what should i write...i wrote in some previous blog post as well...there's no point of talking about indian government and its matter how loud we are...bells will not ring on deaf ears!!!

  9. I did read about some Indian fishermen getting killed by the Italian Marines, but had no idea about the hardships they are facing with our neighboring country Sri Lanka. I can't believe a win or loss at a cricket match could lead to disrupt the poor people's lives in this manner. Absolutely disdainful. And our government is filled with Hippocratic politicians... old news... these bribed-up politicians are spread around the country like cancer cells. Hard to remove them all even with the toughest measures of chemotherapy.
    Nice post.

  10. Thanks for raising this issue...I had no clue about the Tamilian fishermen's problems...good one...

  11. Every time there is one political issue...we are tired of our government,its policies...and everything abt it...they will never change....infact they dont it......God knows....

  12. am glad that you have thrown light on sum brutal facts...hope some one from our govt gets to read ths.

  13. There is only one answer to this - China. If India takes an aggressive pose towards Sri Lanka, they will rush into China's open arms. Already China is sitting on one side and had created an extremely hostile Pakistan on the other side. Nepal is being moved into communism. Did you see today's Newspaper? China is increasing defense budget. China will keep needling India and India can't even dream of attacking China. If we dare, we will be dead meat.

    Italy on the other hand is an insignificant nation. It is a country going bankrupt, having no strategic importance for India. On the other hand any kind of preferential treatment will confirm where Sonia Gandhi's loyalties lie.

  14. i wasnt aware of the sufferings of the tamil fishermen :0 . . why wasnt it brought to highlight before seriously ?! and even my mom was muttering . . so many civilians are being killed across the boarder each day . . now why this sudden fuss about the italy issue ! well and good they are retaliating . . but then sure there is something fishy going on . . maybe because the defence minister is from kerala . .anyway aweaome post deepak. . . keep your rage coming if it ends up as such enlightening posts ;)

  15. @matheikalwish to see you writing this sir !
    Thank you :)

  16. @rahul aggarwalVERY TRUE :) thanks for the visit bro !
    i just vomited here :D

  17. @Seemaam tired of scolding as well :) thank you Ji

  18. @The FoolVery true sir ! 100% i accept this, but there must be some way out... INDIA should not step back

  19. சோனியா அம்மையார் இத்தாலியர் அதனால் இந்த விவகாரத்தை சுலபமாக முடித்து விடலாம் என நினைத்தனர்..இதில் மத்திய அரசின் நிலைபாட்டை விட கேரளா உயர் நீதிமன்றம் மற்றும் கேரளா அரசும் உறுதியுடன் இருப்பதால் தான் இத்தாலி அரசால் ஒன்றும் செய்ய முடியவில்லை. தற்போது வாடிகன் ஆர்ச்பிஷப் மூலம் பேச்சுவார்த்தை நடத்தியது. இருப்பினும் இங்கு இருக்கும் கிறிஸ்டியன் சமூகத்தினர் மற்றும் பிஷப்புகள் இதை எதிர்த்தனர் வாடிகனும் இதில் தலையிட வில்லை..இலங்கை பிரச்சனைக்கு காரணம் அதே பழைய ராஜீவ் காந்தி கொலை வழக்கு தான். பலிக்கு பலி என்ற நினைப்பு இன்னும் அவர்கள் குடும்பத்தினர் மனதை விட்டு நீங்கவில்லை.

  20. I cant help but disagree.

    The Italians killing Indian Fishermen and Sri Lankans killing Indian Fisher men are not quite the same. The Italians killed the Indian Fishermen because the Italians thought the fisher men were pirates. They did this in Indian Waters which is why it is an offense. The Indian government can arrest the Italians who shot the fishermen.

    But in case of the Sri Lankan navy killing the Indian Fishermen, it is the Indian fisher men's fault not the Sri Lankan Navy's fault. The Indian Fisher Men go for fishing in Sri Lankan waters. The Navy's whose sole responsibility is to protect their ocean from aliens, do what they can do - "Shoot them Down". If Sri Lankan or Pakistani fisher men come to the Indian waters, what will the Indian Navy do? They will be shot down as well. That is why the Pakistani Muslim terrorist who were responsible for the Mumbai blasts dressed up like Indian fishermen with hindu temple threads tied around their hands. They came in Indian Boats. So when the Indian Navy saw them, they let them go thinking it was Indian Fishermen.

    If they came in Pakistani boats, dressed as muslims, they would not have made it to the Indian shores without being shot down dead.

    If Sri Lankan navy ships entered Indian Waters and shot Indian Fishermen, then it will result in something close to a war. The government wont turn a blind eye to this. They dont even have right to enter the Indian waters. If they did, it will come up in the Indian Navy's radar, and after a fair amount of warning, they will be destroyed. So let us not worry about the Sri Lankan Navy shooting Indian Fishermen. They are only doing their job :)

    Ammunition is not cheap. I dont think Sri Lankan Navy will shoot Indian Fishermen for time pass for their Nets and boats. The bullets they use to shoot them down will be more expensive than the boats they steal. :)

  21. @The Narcissist
    OHHHH you must be the inventor of the CENTURY
    I dint asked you to agree neither asked you to help.
    But one thing i can say, you missed out the total point.
    I will ask you to read some more Journals at SASTRA.

    All lives are same, Sri lankan bastards a.k.a NAVY arse holes, you think they kill because we reach their border ?
    GROW UP and never tell about this outside.
    What a crap you are saying ?

    see i have made a short analysis and got published in a tamil daily called Junior vikatan, YOU MSUT READ that...
    If you wont or cant, you should speak like what you have commented.

    Don't speak without knowing what is what...
    Killing an Indian, i cant accept that, be it by Italians arse holes or soem Sri lankan arse holes...

    One more thing, Some sri lankan fishing community along with their navy kills Indian Fishermans, i have some sense and i will beat anyone who beats me...
    i cant expect it from all !

  22. தங்களின் இந்த கோவம் நியாயமானது...

  23. P.S - I will check back for your reply ;)

  24. @The Narcissist There is way to comment, you are sooooo Ignorant in that,,,
    i am sure, sastra library has some daily section and some shit old psych books, read that !
    Don't fuck here...
    i will not approve any of your shit smelling comments !
    bye baby...

  25. dude what happened to u? Did u not see the comment before the P.S comment? u published only this one. I am sorry man. I was just giving u my opinion. what was wrong with my comment?

    u tell me and I will change my ways from now on.

    I am new to blogging and I am open to any suggestions which will help me improve. why are u so pissed off with me? tell me what I said or did wrong so that I will not do it again? I was only saying what I thought about the issue but you are cursing me and my college with bad words. why?

  26. @DeepaK KarthiK (420*)I see a point in what Narcissist is saying. Agree that killing Indians is not at all acceptable, but then we have to look at things more closely. The basic difference here is on the ownership of the water. It is true that Italians killed our people in our own water and they have to pay for it.
    When it comes to Lanka, there is a basic difference. The distance between Lanka and India is very less. So less that it becomes very difficult to identify at a point that which water belongs to whom. Agree that our fishermen do not cross into their water knowingly, but they do reach there. Any country will do what Lankans do in that case. Or second option is an agreement between Indian and Lankan governments where both governments agree that in such cases, fishermen will be arrested.
    Tell me honestly, if an innocent Pakistani citizen crosses our border, will our Army leave him thinking he did it by mistake? They will shoot him, right? Because no one can just see someone and say whether he has done it unknowingly or knowingly.

  27. @The Narcissist hey SORRY BRO !

    i think i was HARSH and HURT you
    am sorry again :(

  28. @DeepaK KarthiK (420*)Kudos:). I respect you for the courage that you showed here to admit your mistake. :)

  29. @Animesh Thanks a ton :)
    and to all who are seeing this comment from FORUM :) sorry for wasting your time :D

  30. It is okay man. I thought I did something terrible to you.

  31. I agree with what the fool (not such a fool after all :) had to say. At the same time, it is good that you've objected, Deepak - brought it to everyone's attention. Government should feel the pressure from the people to show accountability. Perhaps they could use diplomacy to get the SriLankan government to meet out punishment to their own soldiers. How can the deaths of a hundred fishermen be so cheap? They'll simply get emboldened enough to kill or threaten a hundred more. We know countries are in a permanent state of war disguised as "diplomacy" but not ordinary people. Ordinary people like other people - wherever they come from.

  32. @AnimeshI understand your point bro !
    Trust me i know 95% of this real story, as i said i have published an article in a local daily...(tamil)

    Sri lankan navy alone will not Kill Indian fisherman, even Sri lankan fisherman along with rowdies will steal Indian boats and ships,
    yesterday it happened and today it happened !

    I will kill when some alien eneters my border, that's very true !
    How can a navy kill a fisherman in International maritime border line ?
    Incident happened less than 10 nautical miles in Indian water

  33. @The Narcissist

    First of all, you dint check out the good points here i mentioned,
    your relative is working at Kerala not at TN..
    How can you comment on a sensitive thing, so many lives have lost, how can you make fun of them ?
    Like saying ROFL and LMAO ?

    I dint agree that comment because it had non sense, whenever you feel my POV is wrong you can raise it against me, but with LMAO ? ROFL ?

    I will feel it as another way to tease...
    What you and me know is very less, but trust me i know the problems faced by fisherman in TN side.
    If any of them reads your comment with LMAO ROFl, you will be in ICU.

    see the sensitiveness in the issue and speak. you ignorantly compared them with Kerala side,
    Kerala shares very less % of water with kerala.
    Have some Indian feel inside you.

  34. well nicely put in... sensitive issue.... u have handled it well!..:)

  35. The problem is real and Obstinate and the solution lies outside the periphery of our writing and even media is not bale to grab much attention. We dont even think about them when we eat fishes instead end up praising the cook or the restaurent. India is going though a transiton and i think in the coming years with the transition completing with more youth in the forefront we will see LIGHT. Thanks for sharing

  36. Whowwww! I take a backseat when it comes to current affairs... so never heard of these issues... very informative post.. at the same time, yet another issue to add to the shame of our ministry... i wonder whether i ll ever see a day when ppl will shower praises about em! Not in this life.. cos they'll never change! Sigh!

  37. Hi karthi, your post in turn have some great issues covering up, however I did not agree the way you respond to mr narcist or what ever. You write the post and you have a big comment box, which says "Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)".
    And how can you tell a commenter to 'get the fuck out of here (Don't fuck here)', only because he did not agree with you. If that is the case do not put this comment box out here. Any ways wishing u all the best , big time :) Hope that i will not get something like that for this comment :)

  38. @PranitaThanks Pranita ! problem is still alive, but it has got no solution

  39. @theaterbalconyThank you very much :)
    the case between me and him is different !
    it is off the record now..
    am not such a rude person to behave without a reason !

    so, it is better that you and me leave the topic :)
    cheer up !
    Thanks for the visit !

  40. @DeepaK KarthiK (420*)OK, I had no idea about that part. I know what media tells me. Since, you are nearer to that part, you must have some more knowledge about all this. But, even in that case I'm not surprised. Who knows the DELIBERATE action in case of Italy might be to show SOMETHING if you understand what I mean

  41. @animeshMEDIA is a court jester bro !
    funny guys, will emphasize on B baby than a hungry baby !
    YEs as you said, people who are close to such situations can know better than others..
    Deliberate actions against Italy may help for sure, but a deliberate action against lankans will be much stronger,better !

  42. The cursor appears to be awesome on your blog.
    really nice


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