A Time Travel (Version 1.0)

"You gonna pay your debt or shall i approach the cops?"
"You idiot, come out and talk... where are you hiding?"

"I am in full KOLAVERI. come out and answer us, where is our money?"

Reading and wondering what are these conversations are?, you sweet rascals...
Remember a post named A TIME TRAVEL ?
You could have have forgotten it, but i can't and i won't, people from those i borrowed money are approaching my doors everyday and asking me to pay them back. sob sob
Know why i borrowed? i showed you a time travel free of cost :( i am bankrupt now.
So here i am with its upgraded version but this time not for free.(pay me with your feedback) Like vijay mallya, am bankrupt now with a bad governance.

So passengers, should i repeat? fine... "Tighten your seat belts...."
Here we go 5,3,1(weak at Math).... Zzz
Year: Unknown.
Place: Unknown.
We are floating over a town, don't worry no hazards as like now, ten years back we had some less pollution level than now, so passengers avoid using masks.

I have got some questions for you, if you answer them perfectly at least to 90%, you will stay on this plane else else else you have to read this terror and you must report back :D

Fine amount of fun has been done(hope so), let's get in to serious stuff :)
As i have said in my previous post, my native place is a green place, imagine this.
There is a play ground, beyond that a railway track which runs over a short passage of river and after that plenty of paddy fields.

This post is dedicated for nature by nature, ain't we nature ?
Hmm we may not be having nature's traits like helping others but we are certainly NATURE:D

Like any other kid of India, i enjoyed my childhood days much with cricket.
Bat- For bat, we will use the fine base of coconut tree's fallen branch :D
Stumps- hehe, 3 sticks ? pretty easy to grab the hibiscus plant and break them in to 3 :P
Fishing rod- we have never fished a single fish, but my full gang will have a so called fishing rod, which is obviously made out of wood and some goddamn thread without a HOOK :)
all these stuffs are mostly made By breaking our next door grandma's all new x plant :)

Very next day we can see her scolding milkman, know why ? she thinks that his cow grazed her plant, she is still unaware that was not a cow but a battalion of monkeys.
That grandma passed out recently(hey granny if you are reading this post kindly comment:)) we really miss your shouting and scoldings :(

While talking about her, i must share a wonderful incident.
We usually play cricket which has no rules, which means if a batsman cries at pitch, he will be given another life :D

If a bowler says he have bowled 6 balls then that over is over :D but actually he could have bowled 5 balls.
No third umpire, so the gang which wins the argument will be the third umpire :)

Lots fun re... while playing such a modified cricket on a beautiful day, one of my friend knocked a incredible six, it landed directly over the window glass of that grandma's house :D
Her insane son, came out with a bare body(up to waist :D).
We don't know how to react, as soon as we saw a hairy ghost approaching us, we ran to a nearby mango grove. that poor uncle thought that we will be having MRF bat and Kookaburra stumps(but actually made of plant from his own house).
After that we never played a single game near to their house, so we were forced to adopt a foreign condition :)  
I take this opportunity to bid adieu for those soldiers(plants) succumbed to our tortures and they gave their life to give us some little fun :) 

as i mentioned in my earlier post
Expect nothing and give everything - Nature's policy.
Give nothing but expect only good thing- Man's policy ..

I felt like these things have been missed out in first part, so made this post again, if i have wasted your valuable time forgive me :D

And forget not, as per our deal. you have to pay me with your comments so that i can throw back the money to those FULL KOLVAERI guys :P
** This post is an exclusive entry for Indiblogger KISSANPUR 100% REAL EXPERIENCE contest, wanna share your real incidents? Use this link.
P:S- Image courtesy danmerchant.com.


  1. osssssssssum again deepak :) :) Time Travel version 1.0 is well improved and lotssssssssss more funny :) :D :D loved it totally :) :) next version ethachum irka enna??? :P :P

  2. another nice journey for someone like me who loves time traveling... :P
    Journey to your past filled me with nostalgia...you reminded me of the days when we too got scolded from our parents(after breaking the glass of anyone of our own player's house) and but never changed the pitch... :P :P :P
    nice one Deepak... :)
    good luck for the contest... :)

  3. @Uma Uthrahehe :) illa
    this is FINAL :)
    thank youuu sooo muchhhhh !

  4. @CYNOSUREglad to make u feel nostalgic sarab :0 thanks for the encouragement !

  5. haha, very funny :) .. even I've had my share of playing awful cricket and breaking the neighbor's window too. But thankfully no angry granny's were there to reprimand me and my friends!! :)

  6. too gud :)
    loved the line:We usually play cricket which has no rules, which means if a batsman cries at pitch, he will be given another life :D
    ha ha

  7. That was nice to read. :) :)

    I also had similar experiences of making our own rules for cricket, when I was small. One of them was that, if anyone hit the ball so hardly that it goes out of our compound to the road nearby, he will be declared as 'out' !! Getting a sixer was highly risky !

    And I remember the previous post also-'Time Travel'. Keep writing.. waiting for the next.. :)

  8. Fun filled post Deepak....Yes we do have the liberty of time travel but then only rewind is possible in our minds..reminiscence of childhood does bring out a smile in each one of us.

  9. Sweet rascals? Haha!!
    Very funny post, I can imagine the hairy ghost coming out and shouting at the monkeys.

    I hear 'grandma.' She says, "Seriyana korangungu! thiruthave mudiyadu," :D

  10. Oh boy...it's brilliant Deepak! :)

  11. Hahaha :D This is so nice :D.
    Granny come down here and beat this monster b-) :P.
    This is such a cute and humorous post :D :D.

    2-2 posts haan? ;) If you win take a trip to Bangalore :P :P

  12. Didn't we all earn the wrath of others while playing by breaking things which belonged to them and fled from the scene of crime? Wow. Memories ;-)

  13. @Princess PooLOL :D too much poo :D lets see :P thank you so muchhh

  14. enjoyed...........thanks for sharing

  15. Deepak, Here I am with my comment. Dont want you to be tormented by Kolaveri guys or galz? Lovely times isn't it? I m sure you relived those moments once again.


  16. Really written straight from heart. Loved it!

  17. LOL! That was a laughter packed post Deepak! You totally relished & relived every bit! Way to go !! :)

    And all the best for the contest!!! :)

  18. It was worth travelling in your plane.

  19. Haven't had such experiences but have seen many...certainly time travelled in a sweet way... thanx:)
    I haven't forgotten you, just got tied up few commission works...
    Always thanx for your visits and comments...:)


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