Tumhara Naam Kya Hai ?

Couple of years back, i was standing near Pune railway station, i was looking for small shop nearby, at that time a middle aged man came swiftly and asked me something(i think he asked for address) he spoke very fast but very clear, i can hear all his words and his expressions, i guess he continued for a minute or so and i have no clue what he is asking for, talking about. Because i don't know Hindi but (HE DON'T know that fact) so at one point he stopped his oration and smiled brightly for my answer...
"Sir, Mujhe Hindi Nahi Maalum hai" - This is what i said... Luckily he dint slap me, but i can see the KOLAVERI in his face.

I have studied Hindi up to my 6Th standard and believe me i was good at Hindi, After that i shifted my school and Hindi rested in peace happily without my torture.
But the school i joined had no Hindi teacher and students below 6th standard never touched a Hindi book.
In a land of blind, one eyed man is the KING :D
Got it ?

SO i am the hero, Hehe.. i know few Hindi words for book,window,teacher,English and more more. so i will use Hindi words while talking to my friends intentionally, pretending to be a Hindi Pro.
My child play dint last long, there came a VILLAIN, Gaurav Aggarwal.
A new admission guy, We will sit behind him and tease him in Tamil, since i am the hero, i will scold him in Tamil words, like simple words (Dog,Pig,Monkey)....
This extended for sometime but not much longer.

One idiot asked me, "Deepak you Know Hindi very well na, why don't you speak with him ?"
I got butterflies in my stomach, My king position is at stake :)
I made a condition, "guys, i will have a conversation with him. but you guys should not interfere us and more importantly you should not ask him anything"

I went to him, "Hi Gaurav, Kuch kuch hota hai ? Kya ? aur ? ghar kahaan hai?"
He replied, "What ?"...
After that
 its a huge story and at some time, my pals found out that, "Deepak doesn't know Hindi da"
Most of that guys will be reading this post,"Guys sorry, FOR CHEATING YOU ALL:D"...

Here comes college life, B.Tech Mechanical Engineering :D
Mechanical engineering is the roughest branch, because ? it will have 99.99% of guys :D
My batch had 50 % Tamil guys and 50% mix of Andhra,Kerala and Bihar and U.P ...

I can't play my game again here, i will be knocked out.
Still then, few Bihari, U.P friends of mine will love to have conversation with me in Hindi,
I will help them to learn Tamil but they will never help me to learn Hindi :D Our conversations will be like.
"Fannaa me rang de basanti hai, kya ? taare zameen par aur dilwana dulhaniya dil chaatha hai saalaa"
Stop laughing or scolding, when you speak so fast, it will look like, DUDE this guy know so many Hindi films and can speak Hindi:) During my lab hours, we will spend time like such.
I don't know what DAR is...

Know why ? Because i don't know it's meaning :D
Such funny jokes with my Bihari friends and we had a great time with HINDI...

You know, i am killing Hindi nowadays(means i am learning)...
While having a chat with my friend, i had this strange idea of blogging it..

SO i made it :)
Tumhara naam kya hi Basanti ?
achaaa, Dostana mein kabhi alvida naa keha....
Ek ladiki ko dekho tha haisa lagha ?? Akkele akkele kahan jaan rahe ?
See how beautiful my Hindi is....
bye bye :)
i am sure, next time i will come up with a pretty good post :D will write a poem in Hindi :D
Learning learning :)
- by

Madrasi Hindi Development Board
(enna da rascala)
no offence, Just for laughs SAALAA :D


  1. hahahaha...that was entertaining post...I loved it... :P
    anyways...jokes apart...I think u're doing good...hope next time when I'll put a hindi post, u'll be able to read it...all the best... :D :D

  2. செம.. எனக்கும் பள்ளி பருவத்தில் இதே நிலைமை தான். ஹிந்தி படம் பார்த்து கொஞ்சம் கத்துகிட்டேன். நம்மலாது பரவாயில்லை. வட மாநிலத்தவர்கள் நம்மை கொஞ்சம் இளக்காரமாக தான் பார்பார்கள். தேசிய மொழியே தெரியவில்லை என்று. என்ன செய்வது நண்பா இங்கு தானே ஹிந்தி ஒழிப்பு போராட்டம் நடத்தும் குடும்பம் தன பிள்ளைகளை மட்டும் ஹிந்தி கற்க செய்வது போன்ற நிகழ்வுகள் அரங்கேறுகிறது..எந்த கல்லூரியில் படிக்குறீங்க தோழா...

  3. @சேகர்nandri nanba.. SASTRA university(thanjavur)
    Muduichuten nanba :) Unga gmail id ah check panunga, have sent request :)

  4. @சேகர்nandri nanba.. SASTRA university(thanjavur)
    Muduichuten nanba :) Unga gmail id ah check panunga, have sent request :)

  5. haha.. having lived in 3 entirely different parts of the world with English being my prime language, trust me! I know how you feel! :P

  6. Just one reaction: I am at office and already on the floor holding my stomach and laughing out loud. Everyone is staring at me hehe
    Uff, Kya Quatilana Hindi hai Apki :P. thanks for a lovely ending of the day.
    Waise Sholay mein Deewar pe Deewane ko Kuchh Kuchh Hota hai Kya?
    Story in pieces

  7. Hilarious post Deepak. I must say that my wife did learn to speak hindi very much the same way when she joined me in Delhi in 1989...there are times when i could not control my laughing yet without any thoughts she used to make sentences and people around never gave it much thought because she was making an attempt to converse in their language. I am sure in times to come your hindi speaking skills will enhance considerably.

  8. @Engramhah cute story sir !
    thank you for the patience !

  9. Funny! you are so funny:))) Loved it and I think you are doing great.

  10. Deepak, ROFL that was damn funny, "to tumhe kabhi kabhi hindi bolnekeliye sab hindi film o ki naam ki zarurat padthi hain kya?!!" :P
    OK, I was just trying to show off, my hindi sucks too.. (I don't even know whether the above sentence is grammatically correct :P )
    I can understand plain hindi very well (not those marathi/bihari/punjabi accented ones) but when I have to actually do the speaking, I get all tongue tied. its so difficult to get out of one's comfort zone when it comes to speaking a new language.
    Enjoyed reading it :)

  11. hahaha....That is so funny.....laughing from beginning to end....

  12. awesome one! :D I know not a single word in hindi! :o :p and sasthra? :D kewl! :D got too many hindi walas in my college too! :/ lmao! I was reading one of your posts with one of my friends, we had a good laugh! :D you truly rock! :D keep going :)

  13. @Nehahehe :) funny comment neha :) thank you very much !

  14. @Harshinithat was interesting :) thank you very much :D

  15. That was hilarious man. :P I was able to visualize all your encounters with your friends in school and college. :) I studied in BITS Pilani and I remember one of my friends asked the guy in the canteen: "1 chai 2 tea" - And the guy was so shocked. :) A very interesting and entertaining post. Loved the "Madarasi Hindi Development Board"!

  16. Nice post. Even I suffered because of Hindi. Everytime I went to watch Hindi movies, my friends used to avoid sitting beside me, because I used to ask in every scne "What happened?". Now its improved, because of Saas Bahu serials :-) Still I can't teach Hindi to my son. :-)

  17. A hilarious post. i had same experiences too. Luckily, my friends still didn't find out the truth.

  18. LOL...this post made my day...Hindi was forced on me from lkg to 10th so I never really had a prob with it...although, I never really liked talking in Hindi..but after coming to US and meeting Indians coming from different regions, it was the only way we could communicate coz Indians here liked talking in Hindi even though they knew English (what an irony considering when they're in India they like talking in English) so I had to and it worked ok...but I know people who suffer coz they don't understand the language...IMHO, I think all schools should force Hindi on students considering its our national language.

  19. You and my husband are the same kinds ... infact he accuses me of ruining of whatever he knew since I would laugh listening to his hindi..

    Your hindi and my malayalam are the same I guess !!

  20. LOL post padne ke baad kuch kuch mujhe bhi hua hai :)

  21. Haha... :D
    Start watching a lot of Hindi movies but the old ones...that's something which can help. ;)

  22. @Ranjana's craft bloghah.. there are some books Ji, help your son with that :) thank you !

  23. @ArunWhat if they read your comment :D thanks bro !

  24. @radsYou have made a serious point :) thanks for sharing it :)
    hmm happy to help you have your day :D
    TY rads !

  25. @alka narulaALKA you are so cruel,, now i have to google your comment and check its meaning :D: D
    shukria :)

  26. Rolling On Floor Laughing :D :D.
    Know why? ;) Not For Your Hindi ;). Because My Hindi is the same :P.
    Hi-5 Dee :D. So proud of you my boy :P :D :P.
    Chup Chup Ke Rockstar ban gaya :P :P.

    lol =)). So happy to find someone like me ;) :D.
    We both have to start HINDI CLASSES ;) :D :P.

  27. LOL...had great fun reading ur post..heres is to more "killing" :P

  28. hey nice reading ur post..,very true during our school days,
    hindi movies were famous and we add some hindi words just to show
    scene..ha ha..after when i came to pune,i learnt a bit like u say
    i killed hindi most of the time..,like how hindiwala's kill tamil

  29. HILLARIOUS! this was one of the most funny post I read offlate! you know when anything becomes even funny? It when we have the audacity to put forth our weakness in such a funny manner! Well.. that strange friend of yours with whom you did chat is surely happy reading this post.You are gonna get me killed now.. am @ office with work overload but cant stop laughing reading this blog.

  30. Hahahahaha funny u deepz :D kuch kuch hota hai? kya? aur ghar kahhan hai :P :P ne appove apadithana :) whatever u made my day.. laughed so muchh :)

  31. Real funny...ரொம்ப நல்லாருக்க் தம்பி! Think my Tamil is better that your Hindi??? :-)

  32. really commendable post and lol....its was fun:)

  33. All the best to your attempts to learn Hindi. It took me years to learn its basics and I haven't gone byond those basics yet!

  34. adipoli...hope u got it since u had a few mallu guys in college :-) had good fun reading this one...

  35. @Maya yeah very true, their tamiil will be like, "daie ennnnna daa panri ?"
    hehe lol :)

  36. @HarithaReally glad for that :) thank you ! sweet comment chechi :D

  37. @Kartika shukria kartika :D aur kya karthein hai ? :D :D

  38. and the very opposite happened with me during my stay in chennai telling each and every person, tamil teriyaade!!! or tamil illey!!!

  39. Hilarious post - Ek dham!
    You should've known - "Ek Ghav mein ek kissan raguthatha"??
    I am not very good in hindi too, but I can understand hindi movies, but can't speak. I happily use English words wherever I don't know a hindi word...

  40. I doing my BE Mech from BITS Pilani. Lived whole of my life in Bangalore and Chennai. Now, core rajasthan. Full Hindi and Andhra. Thankfully, I can understand every word of what they say, as I have done hindi till 10th. I dont speak bcoz the accent sucks. :)

    Rohan Shankar: http://cryptic-visions.blogspot.in/

  41. This one's really funny. Your humour is the kind that everybody enjoys. I laughed all the way. :) Keep this kind of writing coming, ok.

  42. LOL... your post screams HUMOUR! Loved it.. i face a (not-so) similar problem... m a south indian, but hav stayed in north india too, so my hindi is pretty good.. but having stayed in south for a while now, i lost touch of hindi... then when i joined my college 4 yrs back, i realised most ppl r north indians n evryone converses in hindi.. bt i stuck to english in the beginning... n i got STUCK rite there... i never dared to speak in hindi to my frnds for the fear of lack of fluency.. If its not my frnds, i speak to em in hindi with ease.. but if i find ppl who know me around, then my hindi takes a backseat! :P

  43. Deepak, I have heard that kind of Hindi from a lot of my friends who hail from Southern India!It is fun like we try to pick up words from other languages and experiment:)

  44. @PranitaThanks pranita :) thanks for sharing your experience... read and enjoyed :D

  45. ROFL !!! If there was any genocide of Hindi, you would have been the Pol Pot :P

  46. OMG! That was really hilarious :) Good luck with your learning :D And btw have you never used "ek gaav mae ek kisan raguthatha" ?? :D

  47. Deepak,

    My God! I am in splits. Brought out lot of my memories in North India. Poem in Hindi? :) will you be giving the meaning too?

    Great post, simply hilarious to the core.

  48. thats okay-the only words i know in tamil are kolaveri D.

  49. again semmmmmmmma post deepak :D :D mujhe bhi hindi nai maalum hai :P meri hindi kuch khaas nai hai :P :P :P but i am takin classes now, with a lotttttttttttta kids, HINDI TUITION :p not for the sake of learning, jus for fun :P :P

    and POEMS?!?!? REALLY?!?!? please venanga, tamil thollaiyae thaanga mudila :P :P :P anyway nammalaala mudinja alavu hindi ah kolvom :P :P JK, waiting for that :) :D

  50. This Happens with many people :-) really funny to just listen to such conversation :-)

  51. Nice. You at least speak Hindi. I don't even speak. The language feels strange in my tongue unless I am drunk. When I am drunk friends say I speak pure textbook Hindi. Now that I stopped drinks, Hindi also stopped.

  52. Deepak, the best part is your wish at learning a language which is new to you and also that you are trying to be good at it, I know many of my friends who hate Hindi and Hindi speaking people because they feel they are forced to know a language which they don't want to know, now that is a wrong attitude towards life and I am sure many of us will agree to have met such people.Keep learning and help others come out of the dogmas in their mind.
    Personally, I live in a cosmopolitan South Indian City where you don't need to know the local language, but I have left no stone unturned to learn it because I enjoy learning languages and don't say like some of my friends do : "I know Hindi, these people should learn it, why should I learn their language? "

  53. :D :D Eagerly waiting for your hindi poem! Post it soon :P

  54. LOL.. that was funny. My son Rayyan has problem with most of the languages.. eeeewwww he kills them mercilessly.

  55. I remeber myself killing Tamil (continuing to do so) when i was new to it. Very funny post Deepak.
    I remember one of my mallu friend telling " too saala ek no. ka saala hai". We used to laugh like anythin.

    Rumba nalla post :) it seems i have improved my Tamil.

  56. This was such a cute post. Enjoyed it through out! Keep it up :-)

  57. ha ha... very nice.... its true .. i have few friend who kno only "anna" and " evlo" in tamil and are managing here for years together... u seem to be knowing a lot of hindi comparitively!...lol

  58. Humorous Indeed! Bahut Badhiya Laga Tumahare Blog Ke Iss Ank(Post) Ko Padh Kar.


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