i Blabber i Post !

A sailor lost his actual path while travelling in his broken yacht, he was forced to settle in an uninhabited island, he had everything with him. delicious and nutrients filled fruits and that island had no venomous insects(including humans).

Months passed, he got bored of it, he got bored of the fruits and he closed his ears to avoid hearing the typical waves.
Frustration engulfed him, irritated to the core and finally he tried to kill himself. 

After making up his mind, he closed his eyes and ... 

"Hai..." a sweet female voice interrupted him.
Stunned sailor opened his eyes and stunned yet again, know why ? that sweet voice belonged to Sunny leone :P
Only when we are in his position we can understand that adrenalin rush.

Somehow i am experiencing it now, no am not with Sunny leone, it has been 3 weeks since i touched key board and it looks like an alien planet to me.
Honestly i don't know what to post and i am struggling to write this post.Its just like the feel of a blind man watching an IPL match.

There was a time where i had no time to write but many more topics i had and i wanted to write a post and also i had a good network provider.
Now i have time but i don't have anything to post on/about and i dont have a good network as well.

But still, i decided to blabber something and i scribbled this, but that's not the sole reason for it.
Whenever i bunk my class, be it college, school or extra curricular classes, my teachers will express a sigh of relief, thank god D(devil) has not come today.
Surprisingly, in the blogging network FIRST OF ITS KIND, people still remembers me and few are mailing me continuously about my absence.

The moment you know that someone is missing you, What to say? it has no substitute. it will make you feel good, better, great on hearing that "SOMEONE MISSES YOU"

SO, hiya fellow bloggers. i strongly believe in two words, they are 1) Thank you 2) Sorry.
A person who never express sorry and thank you is just like a ROBOT. even robot expresses something.

Thank you for all your comments, tweets and mails which expressed your concern, i was just flying to see people missing me, thanks for making me feel special.
And sorry for reading your posts, its out of my intention and this is temporary.
i would love to come back active on Indiblogger, its just like my home.....

A home where my heart resides :) 
P:S- This post was written on rush and push, wrote after a while. kindly ignore the typo mistakes :)


  1. Finally, good to see Mr.Prolific back on the blogging scene. Sort your your connection issues soon bro. Missed your posts. :)

  2. Ya, its very special to hear that someone is missing us. come back soon with stunning posts :)

  3. Welcome back buddy :) Its been a long time since i had not read yo posts!!!

  4. அதுக்கு எதுக்கு நண்பா உள்ள சன்னி லியோன் பேர சொன்னீங்க, நானும் ஒரு ஆர்வமா படிக்க ஆரமிச்சு கடைசீல பல்பு வாங்குனது தான் மிச்சம்..

  5. Welcome back. You were so right about the Robot!


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)