As Altitude Increases...

How good is to be a MODEST or HUMBLE person ?

There are quite a few virtues which will highlight you from others, now a days and in coming years i doubt their(virtues) SURVIVAL.
One life on One Earth, that's the only thing we have. so as long as we stay here, there are something which should be taken care of.

We have people, who hangs Draupadi VastaHaran picture in their house (The picture in which Lord Krishna will save Draupadi from Humiliation)
But moral of what they do will be straight opposite to that of the picture...
"Journey of a thousand mile will start with a single step", you can be 6'6 or 7'6 or 4'5,
We were all once a toddler.
Similarly, how far you may go and whatever you may fathom...

Never forget your past.

Reason for this post is my experience with people who forget the past.
There exists a marginal difference between feeling inferior and showing humbleness...
Gotcha ?

"Famous Tamil quote Katrathu Kai alavu, kallathathu uzhagaluvu", which hardly means, what we know only handful of things but there are so many things to learn which stands in the size of world... What makes a legend ? Legends are treated as legend for their activities.

Apart from lack of humbleness and modesty, people lacks an another thing, to me which is like water in our body,

Why do we lack something which is abundant in a dog?
That's shameful, not for us but for DOGS.

They will kill themselves if they came to know that they are compared with human beings :)

Forgetting someone who stood by in hardship is as equal to burying him alive, not all humans are same, yes i can understand that. but all humans are alive because the heart beat, do you deny ???

Then as we all same in that case, why can't we all show some gratitude.

Phew... why i am talking all these? i don't know... Just a piece of peace.
When i vomit something in my blog, i have the feel of relief and when someone reads it and tries to implement at least by 1%, what else will make me much more happy?

It is not always about what you are and what you show but it is also about how you are and how you show.
Remember it, Humbleness and gratitude are the most wanted thing for the people at top:)

Geographically proved.
Know why?
Most of the people who are at high level, their HEART turns in to a STONE after reaching the SUMMIT and so it forgets the past and so the water evaporates...
Stone heart has got less water in it :)


  1. So damn true buddy!
    I totally loved the way you proved it geographically!
    [ Keep vomiting(blogging wonderfully) Btw ;) :P ]

  2. I loved espcially the last signing off quote.Thoughts expresssed directly from the heart! I agree with you,altitude really makes people's heart's cold but such people can never become legends as they cannot be remembered by people because of their stone-cold heart(or they might be remembered for bad things).Its the people who reach great heights but still remain humble are the ones who get etched into our hearts!

  3. keep blogging...wonderfully written:)

  4. Agree with you here that once people achieve a place they just pretend that they had been same since beginning, to me its nothing but their shallowness and such people can never lead or influence the mass.....

  5. Well written Deepak.. Especially the geographically proved one is the best :)

  6. Very true!...I've seen many people like that...After reaching good positions in their lives.....They forget the past...They aren't humble anymore.....And I always pray God that...I should have only enough to make me happy....If I have more...may be....I'm scared..that I'll behave like them.....

  7. Geographically proved......., another ingenious thought from DEE :) awesome

  8. Is something bothering you buddy? I felt it when I was reading this post.

  9. very thought provoking post-as altitude increases,warmth decreases.

  10. "Why do we lack something which is abundant in a dog?"

    Eternal question, enjoyed your post :))

  11. These are some beautiul nuggets about life to enjoy the beautiful shows on this earth.
    The geographically proves the environment you choose shapes you!! Brilliant!

  12. That comparison to water vapor ...Super! ha ha...True Deepak, People change as the altitude increases!

  13. Very true Deepak.Totally agree with you...:-)

  14. Seems like your posts are like feelings or senti's..
    Missing humour;))... Anyway nice post.
    Keep blogging

  15. You can't rise above a certain point if you are not humble and thank those who contributed to your success. Or else your fall is bound to happen...


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