Exam Bhooth !

Phewwwwww to the infinity...
That's the height of my Maths preparation, nothing else can annoy you than a semi solved problem, next step ?

Assuming A= omega B=Alpha C= Beta, but my English teacher in primary schooling had never taught me these, either she should have arrears in English or i must have had a deep sleep.
Bull shit....

Why i am talking all these ? still i exist in my Exam medium.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? that was the most annoying,irritating question for me in recent times, from opposite house aunts to backyard uncles... all those ALL INDIA RADIOS will ask this question every time i see them.


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For this particular purpose, i skipped attending neighbor's marriage (sad that i missed my delicious banana leaf food) and also i ll reach my home like thief, will take long routes to avoid those leeches.
For 6 months i was like a terrorist, will run run run....

Run Deepak Run, its my MANTRA !
Let this stop and i was talking about exams right.

Well, we can talk for years if we talk about HOW EDUCATION WORKS IN INDIA, perhaps education in India can not even worth calling it as EDUCATION.
If we copy some answers from a guy near by us, we will be barred but if we just repeat the phrases as it was in the book, news channel will spot us @ TOPPERS.

Night before the exam, oh my goodness, hardly sleep will touch me. if i close my eyes

"Will the question i studied will come ?"
"Will i pass this time ?"
AND after all those questions, finally i will krrrrrrrrrr...

My alarm sequence,
5:30 AM, 5:35 AM, 6:00 Am, 6:30 AM
apart from these, i will keep alarm in my mobile, dad's mobile, mom's mobile...
Despite of all these forts, i will wake up only after the final alarm :P

Have to do morning duties, rush up and catch the bus...

Footboard and conductor saab will say this "What you doing to pluck by studying engineering?"
You will not be fine in future i swear you- he punches.

After hearing all these appreciations, i will run to find my exam hall and also will await some cute girl(expectations) to have a seat with me.
Suppose if the exam sucks she will be helpful for time pass....

At the verge of final bell, suddenly i will read all the chapters and one voice "Get inside get inside"....
That giant invigilator KEEP YOUR MOBILE INSIDE YOUR BAG, remember i can ban you from attending all exams if you have it inside your pocket !
Even Kasab sleep peacefully inside the jail, but students cant even breath inside the exam hall :P

That blue sheet:

Question paper, it will be distributed....
Having a FINAL LAUGH, that's what i remember... laughing for one final time.
Once the question papers are given, i will try to see my friend at other corner, he will laugh at me and so me and so the exam invigilator !

Additional sheet:

Honestly we don't know why we add additional sheet, it will be hard for us to complete the main sheet, we will write HISTORY,Geography in MATHEMATICS :P
there will be a war, whether we pass or not, we will not let the invigilator to have a seat for a minute.

Sir additional sheet :P
we will be more curious on who gets the first additional sheet.
Frankly even if they provide us a mark for an additional sheet, we would have passed :P

Exam OVER !

"" Machan Will you pass ? ""
"" NO how about you ?????? ""
hehe NO !
(if the other one says YES, then we ve to call an ambulance)

Then a sigh of relief for both Einsteins...

but this time, i have done my exams well :) skipped my blog and regular activities and hope i will pass...
that's the reason for my irregular and inconsistent blogging activity :P 


  1. :D same condition on my side too :D funny post :P

  2. Funny...These, we all faced during our college days. Sometimes really I wonder, whatever I have learnt during Engineering, where is it applied now? But no answer.
    Please let me know about your result...especially Maths result.... :)

  3. Hehe, nice post and I hope skipping blogging for about a month was worth the trouble to clear your subject :)
    Now it's my turn to skip blogging, but I see I'm still commenting and wasting my time here!!

  4. Hi

    Good luck for the results...And talk about examination style in some parts of India! A loooooooooong way to go!

  5. You said about everyone out there.

    Interesting read!!!!!!

  6. From one Engineer to another, I can understand your pain brother. :P I have been there and done that. Awesome post. :) Good luck for the results. :)

  7. If we copy some answers from a guy near by us, we will be barred but if we just repeat the phrases as it was in the book, news channel will spot us @ TOPPERS.

    awessssssssssssssooome man :P :D
    All d bst for ur result sure u will do very very well..God Bless :)
    So i guess d is back now fultime :)

  8. LOL. Join the club buddy! :D :P We all engineering students are sailing in the same boat !
    I too skipped all blogging activities for exams, and yeah, it feels amazing on being back :)
    You just nailed the entire reality to truth!

  9. haha nice one deepak , tht reminds me of my my college days..

  10. all the best for the result :)

  11. that's why you were invisible for so long?i am sure you will do well......your post reminds me of my own exams,you described the feelings so well.

  12. haha... "whether we pass or not, we will not let the invigilator to have a seat for a minute." I so relate to this! And additional sheets, we used to have that one student every year in every exam who always wrote at least 10 more sheets while we struggled to complete the main sheet and always used additional sheets to draw the invigilator's face! Keep it going! :)

  13. Man How I hate those who ask for extra sheet

  14. Hope your exams went well and just as everyone boy even I am sure you will do really well ...

  15. Welcome back to blogging dude and best of luck for job.

  16. Its a satire which truly depicts the condition of indian education system !

  17. its the story of every home, i also hav my views on this you can get them here

  18. reminded me of my college days...

    all the best for the results Deepak..

  19. Amazing stuff.
    The craziness is what enhances the memories..!!

  20. Yes it reminded my college days.. :D My problematic Question paper came in front of me :D

  21. Your post had me laughing and took me to the miserable days of last minute studying for exams....!


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