Indian Paisa League !

pa pa pa pa pa pa-paaaammmmmmm pa !
I tried my best to bring down the lyrical form IPL stadium music :P

Well the festival(IPL) has reached the most interesting stage, HUNT for the top four teams, in a cricket frenzy nation, these stuffs are pretty common.
As everyone writes their view, i would like to write my perspective in words.
Indian Idol- Pop Idol
Big Boss- Big Brother
And so on. those countless reality(so called) shows were adapted from all over the globe.
Similarly IPL is believed to an adapted format of EPL.
(you can even see the adaption of IPL logo beside the players jersey, which is very common in EPL)

Whatever it is, something which gives fun without hurting anyone must be appreciated and accepted.

But the buck stops here? Obviously there will be a set of people who will look for the HOLES.
Take me in.

INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE will be more appropriate if it had been named as INDIAN PAISA LEAGUE.
Money money money- GODDAMN money man.
If you have no money NO HONEY:P that's how stuff works, MONEY and POWER plays a better cricket than any other professional cricketer, IPL is a successful example for that NOTE.

If you wanna see SET max, you must subscribe for some amount in DISH TV, which will be pretty costly than usual rate.
INDIANS are the best in MARKETING, that's why IPL remains a successful show than rest of the world. we have a great community which follows cricket blindly.

TRP rating- Mantra and Petrol by which our MEDIA works, for that CAMERAMAN uses a very old Technic by SHOWING the pretty girls and in order to benefit the telecasting firm we have got STRATEGIC TIME OUT.

That strategic time out is not for players obviously but for marketing kings to develop a strategy which will give much more bags of money.

Now those cheer leaders, i have no idea for what they are here ? this idea is totally stupid, though they are glamorous and hot, what's the purpose of having them on field.

Advertisement, trust me in coming IPL you can't see the players face, because there will be some advertisements coming and also you cant see GREEN grass at grounds, everything will be allotted for advertisements.

There has been a talk about FIXING the IPL matches, i am not sure of it. But there are enough evidences to claim speculations.

Most of the matches ends at death overs, we can see plenty of turning points and unbelievable results. Just because of those incidents we can't label it as FIXED and still we cant leave it as NATURAL.

SO finally what i am trying to say? Instead of bothering TRP, Cheer girls, advertisements and lame marketing Technic, we have got good source to kill our time and instead of raising so much of questions we can enjoy and forget, all that we loose is our valuable time, nothing much !

P:S- Kingfisher and Indian airlines must seriously think up on hiring such marketing guys to bail them out and yet another funny thing is, when Kingfisher airlines is still in danger zone, Mallya ji enjoys his match with a royal challenge in his hand :p what a world :)


  1. sahi hein.....I{L (Indian Paisa league)

    ps:but u got 2 b a sportsmen ,bcci,&businessmen ,

    correctly pointed out so many matches have such unexpected ending...(sumthing smells wrong :P :D)

  2. Absolutely true. Sometimes I feel the story of kingfisher a joke. We see aviation stumbling in one side and otherside we see ads worth crores of rupees for cricketers from kingfisher.

    Why not pay the salaries of Kingfisher rather than just sitting back in ground.

    And IPL, it is one of the Indian loots............... Extracting Indian money to foreign cricketers.

    If BCCI have so much money, ask them to develop other games in INdia. Sorry for this harsh comment. I feel the same with you.

  3. nice post :) marketing gimmicks are a must for any business survival :P

  4. ...kyaa baat hai Dee:)! Thoroughly enjoyed dude! likhte raho plz:)

  5. And finally Chennai ll win :D

  6. money hai to honey hai Sir ji ...

    Totally agree with you.. they did say that ipl will help young indian cricketers but its been 5 years now I have not seen many make it to the indian team .. it is still filled up by the oldies :) if you know what i mean


    1. Bikram, on the contrary, were you able to recognize a Ashok Dinda, a Sourab Tiwary, a Ajinka Rahane, a Shikhar Dhawan, a Shadab Jakati, a Rahul Sharma, a Manish Pandey, a KP Appanna, a Deb Das, a Manpteet Goni, a Iqbal Abdulla or a Ambatti Rayudu if IPL was not in existence?
      Whatever Deepak is saying is true and i also agree if the matches are fixed, but there are few positives for sure.

  7. Absolutely right Dee, IPL = Indian Paisa League. Its not only with IPL, its with almost every reallity show and their nos. are increasing day by day. Nicely written.

    Ashwini Dey

  8. Being outside the country not able to get much of ipl or the frenzy associated with it here in Spore :(

  9. No surprise if bcci comes up with a proposal to make five ball over to provide 20 seconds slot for one more ad in between over.
    Good post Deepak.

  10. This was a well written article Deepak. Topic it self says that what u r going to say in it. Especially "No Money No Honey !!" Well done dude !!!

  11. Players have truly become the slaves of MNCs...Nice post :)

    village girl

  12. It is indeed the Indian Paisa League !

  13. :O Cricket :O I don't know cricket :D

  14. Super Post Karthi, Srry wasn't around for weeks, messed up with site!!!

  15. IPL yes its Indian Paisa league
    but its ok yaar there are lot of shows running in India earning money
    yet not as HUGE as IPL.
    its an entertainment and people sees it like this


  16. have a look at your Surprise Deepak....:)

  17. Its all "story
    after all who cares when they get "mocked entertainment"...
    ITS ALL IN THE GAME.. :) :)
    good work..

  18. wow thats very good..Your thought is so nice and am totally appreciating with you..
    here is my blog
    Thank You..


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