Life Cycle !?!

You don't need a MBA degree or CAT score to understand and realize few concepts with in MBA, there exists a funny and true saying which quotes, Dhirubai Ambani who had no degree in MBA or BBA maintained and developed his firm to a fine stage, which was not sustained and followed by his kins, who finished MBA at premier institutions !

Well, its time to move on from academics...So what is cycle ? Cycle is a vehicle which has 2 wheels and helps us to move from a place to another place, oops sorry... BLAH BLAH.
Keep is simple, cycle is nothing but a series of incidents from its beginning to an end.

Product life cycle, is pretty familiar over the administrative people.
it deals about the peak and fall of a product, why i am blabbering all these here ?
I have a relation with that, can be called as temporary relation(as of now)....

My modified understanding as follows:

1)A product has multiple stages from its entry to end, at the entrance it will undergo serious competition from rivalries and it has to sustain the fight in order to survive and to face so many obstacles.

2)Once it satisfies the tough fight, it has got some development stage, by failing in certain criterion it will understand HOW STUFF WORKS and also it will try to rectify the mistake.

3)Peak time, now everyone will praise the product and will write stories which will extend to pages.
Such a great product, wonderful product, class range product etc etc. even if it comes with flaws, people will not mind it, because it was an established product.

4)Decline, now this fruit tastes bitter. by this time, people will get bored of this product, "What yaar? always eating Dosa. lets try PIZZA:P"
That attitude will roll and by that time, that product faces a DECLINE.

WHY I AM WRITING/Blabbering this ?
I can relate this to my blog, at the time of entry i faced serious troubles, none will come to comment and none will appreciate, i sustained that part and committed mistakes, tried learning from them, for sometime remained as a successful blogger, few newbies came to me for tips, i was surprised.

And then, there came this question, BLOGGING BLOGGING BLOGGING? whats there ?
SO there i gave a gap and i lost 50% of my interest and also due to some poor network and lack of time, i skipped my blog routines, my visits got declined, ranking declined....

This is a virtual world, people will talk for a day about our presence, then they will carry on their works, that's how things revolves here and that's the only way to keep us alive :)

There are very few things which remains as an example for exception, among them "A FAMOUS PRODUCT is GREED TO LIVE".

Be it at a baby stage, youth, middle aged or aged... the greed of living some more time never diminishes.
Certain greed lies as an exceptions :)

That's it, PRODUCT(people) life cycle redefined :)


  1. Hi Dee..Finally you are here..:-) Nice to see ur post..:-)

  2. Well. Once product declines, it is time to launch new product line.I have had 3-4 life cycles like that, taken a back and come back re-invented myself and written new kind of stuff. Welcome back to blog-o-sphere.

  3. welcome back Dee... :)
    was an excellent read...very true...completely agree with you... :)

  4. Haha..I love your approach and yes you are a hundred percent right ;)

    Welcome back :)

  5. I missede u tons, buddy!!! Glad to have you back--and the time off seems to have done you good--thoughts are getting to be profound:)
    You know the Greeks heroes would fight with the Gods to ensure their "product" (i.e. their skills) did not decline!!! We need to fight the inner war to keep at it...keep blogging, my friend!

  6. nice are right here...most of the successful businessmen and women learnt the basic lessons of life, the hard way and not in an air-conditioned classroom, thats why they never forgot those lessons and actually knew the essence behind each of those !!

  7. Good to see you back in action. Looks like you have really been busy with your studies, guessing from the topic. - There are very few things which remains as an example for exception, among them "A FAMOUS PRODUCT is GREED TO LIVE". Dang, that is whacky. Given your strange sense of humor, it is sometimes difficult to make out if it is an original Deepakism or something serious from your studies. I am never going to look at product life cycle the same way again.

  8. Somebody"s back! Nalla irrikeengala?
    The break seems to have mellowed you. Good one, eh. Do keep the humour coming too. Welcome back. :)

  9. That is true. And glad to see you back :)

  10. Welcome back to blogging. It's a typical Deepak Karthik post once again.

  11. Dee is back again ...!!!! Y on earth u r so infrequent dude..??still d netwrk problem persist ???
    BUt one think I can say the above dnt really apply to u..we all love u through your expressive ingenious posts....we await ur full tym re-entry into d blogosphere... :)

  12. Great to see you back Deepak !! I seem to have similar issues except that my network has been good but my mind has blanked off and i hardly seem to get the urge to write .....maybe because of the pressures in day to day life! well need to analyze myself ;).
    As usual a nice post Dee !!!

  13. Great to see you back bro. :) And I don't think you are on the decline at all in the blogging arena, in fact you are yet to reach your peak. So I hope you keep blogging and keep improving. Most importantly I hope you have a better internet connection. :P

  14. Informative and interesting blog :)

  15. So true... I am in introductory stage ..

  16. Just to say that you lost readers and ranking you blabbered this much? x-( :| :P.
    Good that you are back. Have to kick you nicely :P :P.

    BTW, I think you will gain back your ranking and readers ;) Cause in case you didn't know, there is another cycle.

    Recession >> Depression >> Recovery >> Prosperity.

    See :D. Things will start looking up once again ;) :D.
    So glad to see that you are back man :D.
    Missed you and your posts like anything :( :|.

  17. What deepak..full of lectures? For a moment i thought am sitting in a class room..
    I guess in college or school days u would have written good essay question..
    Jus kidding...
    To my opinion,update and insert a new thing watever u develop..
    Am a beginner, blogging ia passionate for me and god only knows whether it is gng to sustain..
    Keep blogging as many ppl still following u..

  18. Blogging, sustaining a blog, is such an excellent example of a product going through its life cycle.
    Missed your posts Deepak. Welcome back.

  19. Was wondering where you were or if I was missing your posts somehow :)

  20. if you want to be in history you got to be history...

    i mean see Einstein or mahatma Gandhi...people still remember them and talk about them today...or matter of fact, if you take an example from blogging world, consider leo babauta or tim ferris, people still follow them with increasing numbers .. it doesn't matter even if they stop writing today !

  21. superb reentry,great blabbarings.

  22. Hi ...nice to see u here after a long time:):):)

  23. Hi
    Welcome back...I made it a point I will not just read but make it to type a comment too.
    But believe me MBA can present so many wonderful concepts of life too!! Ahh Dhirubahi Ambani( no comments) This is for Deepak only:-) Lol

  24. I am sure if you were my teacher in Economics I would have passed and not had to depend on statistics exam to make the pass marks


  25. Good to see you again....missed you a lot...
    Never go behind numbers...good products will be always liked by people...remembered .... So keep going...expecting some more good posts from you...numbers(comments, followers etc) will automatically follow you


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)