Yellow and ME !

Carnival is over now and it will be the next day of marriage, everyone sleeping there by and the agents, contractors busy in packing, shifting things.
Family packing their dresses and jewels, vacating the marriage hall....

It will be like a SILENCE after a TSUNAMI !
That's how we can correlate the Post IPL season...
Apart from the spot fixing scandals, Sharuk's dirty brawl and almost a rape from an international cricketer
Cheap cheap and silly silly incidents had happened, but did we stopped watching or speaking about IPL ?
A big no !

That's the reason why BCCI remains as an invincible KING in international arena.
Everyone knows it none corrects it(including the one who writes it and the one who reads it)

Why i am writing this you may ask ? asked already... Let me clarify.

I am one of the stupid who will shout and cheer for IPL and an ardent follower of cricket.
i love cricket because India rocks(believed to be) there.
India rocks Neither in hockey nor in football.

From the south most part of India, in a Humid and under scorching sun's dance, i loved and i love playing cricket.

Those are like part of our culture and it's not easy to abolish abruptly.

Chennai Super kings, is the team i cheer, for that i can state 2 reason
1) it's my home state
2) FOR Dhoni :P

Yesterday, CSK lost the IPL-5 Finals...
These are not new for us, we are well seasoned...
We have lost in finals, won in finals, lost in semi finals and won in semi finals and still the only team from India to WIN CHAMPIONS league.

IPL and Chennai super kings are synonymous, you call it fixed or loosened, i don't care...
Quite a few people are very happy with KKR win over Chennai, we are not kids to jump up and down after eating candy for first time.

As i said earlier we are well seasoned, we have a fine,calm captain and we don't have Chris Gayle or dale steyn, we are not relying on one man, we played and rocked as whole team, we don't have actors with us.
We are not involved in shameful brawls.
We have won fair play award and lots of feathers are still at our cap...

We have nothing to prove, we have a cool Captain who never scolds or pushes his fellow team mate in front of camera.

Even in post match presentation our words will be very comfortable, we don't back stab our fellow players...

FAcebook status war and comment wars, haha funny they are and at times it will erupt like active volcano, forget them forget them...
Let the ignorant man to erupt.
As i said earlier, Chennai Super Kings has got nothing to prove or achieve.

The most successful team and it's captain from Jharkhand had done enough for us to party :)
When i mean chennai super kings or whatever IPL team, it doesn't signify the state or city alone, there are plenty of cross cricketers playing for other state.

Taking that in to note, IPL has 50% 50% effect on Indian Integrity !
Whatever happens, my whistle will never stop for CHENNAI SUPER KINGS...

And for our mighty CAPTAIN, there were some captains in PAST.

Few were banned for match fixing and few got scared away after hearing a request to captain India and few showed some shame tactics in the name of aggression, never been a captain as much as cool and composed like you !
And to the ignorant kids who fights with ground staffs and asks sorry at last, here we come at champions league !


  1. hail d king (dhoni) and Chennai Super kings....dey deserve 2 b d bst ipl team ever.....nd hail dis not so frequent blogger dese day....y u get vanished every now nd den.DEE :D :P

  2. Nicely written. :) It clearly brought out your passion for the game of cricket, for Chennai and the Super Kings. Silence after Tsunami - good one. :)

  3. Deepak - i am an ardent cricket fan, went to school just to play and bunked classes in college to watch the test between India and Zimbawe, when Taibu was the captain...

    I didnt watch IPL 5, for i thought it as just an entertainment rather than the game..and i felt happy, for whatever his reasons be, when Keerthi Azad, said about the entertainment factor after SRKs brawl..and my intutions tells me, the matches are i drew my intutions based on the evidence in support and I wouldnt say it is just a casual thing.. i am sorry i do not have 5-6 hours to waste watching a game, which is fixed and all through that have to listen to see boring antiques being done by Jim Morrisson and Sidhu and quite a few ladies, who actually havent ever held a cricket bat in hand, but seems to describe the cut and the hook as something, they play even in their dreams..

    I used to be CSK supporter, being a mallu and being addressed by all north indians, rather everyone staying on top of Bombay as Madrasi..i felt a pride in being associated with the oldest culture prevailing here..

    and about the final thing on captains, Dhoni is a fairly composed champ..a very good captain..but personally I feel, the whole thing of team India, came in with Ganguly and the 2001 icc knockout tournament..of being aggressive and sledging back when required...though now he seems such a sorry pathetic shadow of what he used to be during his time..

  4. As usual a nice post Deepak. I am a cricket lover and there are times i feel that the results of these IPL matches are fixed. People may say " Grapes are sour " since CSK lost but then think about Shakib's catch..the ball was well below the waist yet the umpire gave it as a no ball...CSK players celebrating the wicket conceded 3 runs and the very next ball Shakib scored 4.... If was declared out i doubt KKR would have won !!!!!!!

  5. Loved it :) Anywys im alwys a CSK fan.. no matter win or lose ;)

  6. Hi

    I dont follow cricket with any craze but I am an ardent fan of MS Dhoni! He is super-cool :)

  7. Someone, a non lover of cricket, reads the post and is forced to comment, means........?? :)
    Nice one !!

  8. @jaish_vats
    hi dee!
    I ditto Jaish.
    your post is cool too!

  9. Chennai ki OOOOOpodu - yellow never a dirty fellow- lovely post and I am also surrounded by 3 ardent yellow fans in my house!!!

  10. I love cricket too but somehow this time the ipl was not that attractive to me at all, I think there is too much of cricket nowadays and people are getting bored it seemed. The stands were not full as they used to be ..

    and sorry I am not a csk fan, I was following Punjab , sadly my team did not do that well as I hoped but always a next year :)

  11. Fair enough :).. I was backing up for CSK to win the finals.
    They are still the dignified winners :)

  12. makes me remember about days wen i played for my school and played a match winning innings for my school being vice captain

    .....ohh hell i miss dose moment

  13. well i would still say, it's not CSK and IPL that's synonymous but CSK=IPL=Srinivisan that makes it synonymous!!!


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