Few days back i got a call from Obama(Not the Mrs. Obama) "Deepak, you have done an incredible job, united states of America owe you a lot than the number of civilians we killed in history, Congratulations for hitting 100,000 page views on your blog, we salute you Deepak and..."

I interrupted him and said, "Sorry Obama, i am quite busy with my post, i will catch you in my lunch time, bye".

Whoa.. I guess by this time enough amount of abuses would have been showered with my name in the TO address :) i am quite bored with complaining Indian society and the stuff as it works in India.
Here i am going to write something about myself for myself...

Page count is nothing but a number, number is nothing but a number which every man assign values and desires to have it more and also have it less at times.
So we can't neglect the fact that "Numbers matters".

So as i mentioned and broadcasting, 100,000 is the so called milestone by blog reached.

Am very happy for that and i hope that you too will be.
Few people may call this post as sub standard post and a post to praise myself and a post to boost my frequency of posting and whatever you may call, you can blabber on.

And one of the very important reason for this post is to THANK few people who inspired me and improved my quality and advised me and guided over all the time, it will be awkward to mention their names and thank them...

I collectively Thank all indibloggers from A to Z and also to Indiblogger family in Facebook, Writeup Cafe(thanks BK) and to my best friends in FB,Twitter, Gtalk...
I still remember my position while writing my 50th post, i was just hitting flies which was flying over and over my monitor, i had a great frustration with that NO RESPONSE period,
I will Write/Scribble but none will be there read and scold..

Later on, i continued to write and of course with errors, every process needs some time to get clicked,I spent my time on my process and luckily it got clicked(i hope so).

To the new comers, in blogging and also in indi, i am not a pro on giving comments, but i request you not to give up just because you don't have people to appreciate, as i was saying every process will takes some time to blast.
Wait for your moment and cherish it together...

Again to my 250 followers(as of now) and to my 263 readers and to my Facebook friends and especially to my fellow bloggers @ indi, A BIG THANKS from this SMALL BOY :)
I know this is not a great achievement to celebrate but i can take this as my first step, i have never been successful in any other format, blogging took the best out of me.

Out of all bloggers in our blogosphere i felt myself as quite younger and without seeing ego many elder bloggers appreciated me, big thanks again to those big hearts !
I feel comfortable with you all and of course there will be some exceptions, we have to learn to ignore.

We must have a diet of intaking only the best of what available...
I strongly believe in two words, SORRY AND THANK YOU.
Sorry if i or my words have hurt you anywhere, thank you if you or your words have helped me anywhere :D
Dedicated to my motivators S.PRASANNA KARTHIK( my bro and who inspired me to blog) and to S.Gurumurthy.



  1. Great...I enjoy your posts...Keep going...soon the count will reach 1000000

  2. Congrats Deepak on the new milestone....wow 100,000 visitors !! It is an achievement the the credit is entirely yours as your style of writing posts with so much humor packed it it. I really loved the start of the post ""Sorry Obama, i am quite busy with my post, i will catch you in my lunch time, bye"...ROFLMAO ...nice man and keep up the good work.

  3. @Ranjana's craft blog very very happy to hear it from you :) thank you ji !

  4. @Engram that was a sweet comment sir :) thanks for your support and encouragement !

  5. so its kinda 2 milestone 250 readers + (250*400)hits d same day :) kudos..miles to go.........keep blogging with ingenuity :)
    Jai Deepak Maharaj :P :D

  6. 1,00,000!! that sure is a milestone...congrats! keep going!

  7. Congrats Deeeeee :D.
    Its PARTY time ;) :D

  8. @saikat mbka ghoshwithout your support, it is nothing bro :) thank you maha maha raj :)

  9. wowoowowwo... you are mr. popular i must say , congrats on the 100,000 oh when will i get that number i wonder ... Congrats Sir and well done.


  10. very many congratulations to u :) not just a no. its a milestone and hope many good things keep coming ur way!


  11. @Bikramjit super thanks to super op :0 save the queen :)

  12. Congratulations bro. Keep going. :)

  13. Congrats Deepak...keep up your good writings:)

  14. congrats man...keep scribbling... :D :D :D

  15. hey good and humble post, consistency and hard work always pays...way to go, congrats

  16. congrats ! I read through a few posts ...you write amazingly well ... keep writing :)

  17. Congrats dear...I believe what makes you a successful blogger is that you make each visitor feel special! In fact that is a quality I admire in you :)

    Regards and prayers
    village girl

  18. Hey Deepak, Thanks an awesome achievement! So proud of you! Keep it going!


  19. Congratulations Deepak! And all the very best :)

  20. Congrats Deepak. Keep blogging.

  21. Congratulations Deepak! Here's wishing you many many more years of blogging....:))

  22. Good going Deepak-many more milestones await you.

  23. Congratulations, Great milestone. Keep blogging.

  24. Congratulations bro, waiting to see 1000000 as your pageviews . . .

  25. That's so cute... reading your blog posts is making me know more about you and your blogging journey


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)