A Beautiful Movie.

The ultimate problem of writing a review for a film is to group the positive things that you infer from it and certainly it's an uphill task.

When you have only one seat left at a crowded bus, obviously you will get that seat as soon as possible,
But, when you have a free bus and when only few guys are there, we find it tough to settle in a single attempt, we will have a seat at front then we will switch often.

The thing i am saying is, when you have abundant words to say, we will find it hard to communicate, that's what i experience now after watching this film.

Basically it's a biographical film about a famous mathematician/economist and very basically i hate Mathematics to the core and yet basically i hate mathematicians much more than how i hate maths.
I was reluctant, i skipped watching this movie many times for which i regret now.

What's the benefit of watching a film?
i am sure, this question will not be asked by someone who have watched this film.

Russel crowe, what a man? his integrated classy acts and organized harmonic mannerisms have added an circumferential beauty to his character, After watching this film whenever you and i hear "John Nash" only crowe interrupts us.
This movie teaches so many thing for wide range of people:

For Young Aspirants:
Do something what you are best at and whatever you do, get the best out of it.
"John Nash, renowned mathematician and many such prodigies arrives at Princeton university. John Nash comes under extraordinary pressure like our Sachin, he wants his research paper should be the best one of all.
In that stage, he develops delusion and schizophrenia...

He develops a fictitious roommate and a niece of him and also he imagine himself that Russian spies are after him.
At this point of time, passion turns fatal.

Naturally blessed code breaker finds it tough to break his sick behavior.

For Married people:
The strong message this films gives is "togetherness", which is deficient in today's society, wife of john Nash will stand by him in all ways, she will bear everything and every non sense done by Nash.
At some instance, she reminds me of our mythical Sita, who goes along with her husband to forest.

He ages and ages, he fights hard for his survival among the society and with his perseverance, he copes with normal people..
Schizophrenia is not so easy to live up with, you will have break down of thoughts and a world in yourself.

Such delusions are pretty dangerous for people around you.    

I loved this part of scene.

A stranger waits for Nash at his classroom.
As the class gets over he approaches Nash by calling his name.
Nash stops for a moment and asks his student to confirm whether there is a real man standing(checking for delusions).
That person will be at Nash for conveying that he have secured a NOBEL PRIZE(1994).

Diet For Mind:

He Saw the World in a Way No One Could Have Imagined. 
we will be having diets for body but a diet for mind, as per diet for a mind, he ignores the unwanted thing and that's how he rocked.

"These little things can differentiate and highlight best minds out of common minds"
Have a beautiful mind...
The Only Thing Greater Than the Power of the Mind Is the Courage of the Heart 


  1. Day by Day your become a great writer machi !!! This was a good review for the movie!!! which i watched a long back !!!

  2. Excellent review :) Keep up the good work.

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  3. A review that is almost spiritual--we forget the message while focusing solely on the story and acting and what not. Thanks Deepak!

  4. When I saw this movie i was totally at a loss of words. It is definitely a task to review a movie as powerful as this one. But u have written it well :)


  5. a truly awesome movie indeed....
    nd well said that :Have a beautiful mind...
    The Only Thing Greater Than the Power of the Mind Is the Courage of the Heart , true indeed.

  6. Wonderfully written review. A very different style and you touched on the high points of the movie in a very unique way. And what an awesome movie it was. :)

  7. How i missed watching this movie? btw gud review.. ll watch it soon :)

  8. i don't remember the name of movies that i watch. made a note of that. will watch it, if i haven't already.

  9. I have seen it a long time ago and was trying to remember from your points!

  10. Its a beautiful movie and your review seems to have done justice to it ...:)

  11. Aesthetic review about a wonderful movie. It's great that you kept away the plot, and caused a intrigue to watch the movie.

  12. Good review Deepak. I have missed it. Sure, I will watch it at the earliest!

  13. I saw this movie ages ago and indeed a mind is a beautiful thing for sure ... russel crowe has done sucha good job in this one


  14. I like the Sachin and Sita analogies.

    Btw, I hate maths too.

  15. I have seen this one...Lovely movie :)

  16. Its a wonderful movie..I had seen it once

  17. One can't deny the fact that this is probably the best movie of all time...A TRuly Beautiful Movie :)

  18. I am yet to watch it Deepak. I am sure i will watch it today :) nice review

  19. the best learning from the movie is that Nash theory is implemented in today's date while making some very important decisions relating to world economics in various parts of the world .. for eg : with respect to oil trading etc .. it's been said if Nash theory is universally accepted than there'll always be a win win situation and nobody will lose anything ..

    what a theory .. what a man John Nash in real is...

  20. Thanks for the review.. will try watching it


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