Buses OF Chennai County- Part II

And with her vanilla voice she said...

"Hi all, Wait for Buses of Chennai county Part 2 "..Missed her picture? Here... PART-I
Poor conductors are not blessed enough and not lucky enough to enjoy the pleasure of INJECTING ELECTRICITY.

With his impudent voice bus conductor asked, "Where."
With her blissful voice she sprayed, "Tambaram station".

The moment i heard the word, "Tambaram stations a.k.a dation" as we heard in 

I grinned, smirked and was totally amused after hearing her destination.

I have no beliefs over deities but still for some reason i asked Mr.Maruti,"Can you shift Tambaram dation from India to Antarctica?"
"You lifted Sanjeevi Mountain for Ram and Co, can you repeat them for this Raavan to make a co ?"
Hanuman Spoke, Yes he did... "Brother, going to Tambaram?"
I am sorry, it was just a man sitting next to me, perhaps a stupid man who spoiled my conversation with Mr.Maruti.
"Yes", I replied politely.
"Please Inform me, i have to get down there", he requested.

This innocent fellow wasted my 2 mins of the available 30 minutes(rough time to reach OUR destination)
"What happened to this driver, went berserk huh?"
"Whenever a pretty girl exists at my eyesight, why all these drivers speed up their dying engine and why they don't do it when i have grandma next to me" WEIRD.

"It's too much, why ogle her? What she has got?"- My Ego buzzed me.
"Let's inspect the road, yes that Devil-damn road"
(Now, driver gradually reduces his pressure on accelerator pedal)

War between NIGHT AND DAY are over, as usual DAY won the war,
"Will revenge you later"- Night said and left swiftly.
"Blue bloods spattered across the sky and our victorious king started our day with a grin".
It's just another day with you MR.SUN a.k.a SON OF NONE.

"Chennai Super kings ku Whistle podu", It was my favorite cricketer Dhoni
(on an advertisement).

"Whistle podu... i read those phrase"
Someone followed my instruction aptly and sooner this MUSIC came "Whizzzz.....zzzz".
The guy next to me stormed with,"Brother, is this Tambaram???"
"NO, I WILL TELL YOU, I WILL BE GETTING DOWN THERE WITH YOU"- replied with a smile to hide my irritation.

I don't want to see his face again, then for every whistle he will repeat his question, swiftly i took my head on the other side.

"What the FUN".
"That Orange chudi was ogling me" (you have to believe, Her taste can be poor)
"As soon as i saw her eyes focusing me, she abruptly turned towards the front"

But i have to say, "Beautiful girls are like stylish T shirts kept FOR SALES"
"Even a minute delayed, all that you can see will be an empty HANGER".

"Whizzzz.....zzzz"- Conductor interrupted us...
The guy who was pinging me all the time is "Grr.........."
"Get down, it's Tambaram"- i woke him.
"what? why you dint tell me before? conductor stopppppp".

"This is the final stop"- conductor addressed him
I smiled and checked that THRONE,
"Gone baby gone".

"Time pass, time passed and so she"- Convinced myself and walked towards the ticket counter, this is for SUB-URBAN electric train.
"There will be 2 queues, you can see all kind of heads there.... Long hair, smooth heads, white hairs, grey hairs and even shaved heads and helmets"

"Big queue","i have to choose anyone""Murphy laws"
"Lets go there".

"I was analyzing the TRAIN TIMINGS and i felt a color familiar to me approaching"
"But it was an orange shirt, shit... then i started looking straight because i am STRAIGHT :P"

"Finally got a ticket and walked past the bridge to the respective platform"
"Zzzzz.....Train came, Boarded...
Zzzzz ............ Train started, Zzzzz  Train went and i stepped down at my respective station".

Zzzzz " Now what you ask?

ORANGE, not that shirt but our Chudi"
"I confirmed her ogling at bus, because she just did that again"

There was a guy, who stopped everyone and was asking something to them

Soon all of them showed him their tickets and left the place...

I walked towards him and as i expected, HE STOPPED ME and said, "I know you have your tickets but you are going too fast, save some for sequels", and he asked me to inform you all "Please wait :)"



  1. good one.. next one in the seque? kab release ho rha hai :D

  2. "Beautiful girls are like stylish T shirts kept FOR SALES" super... i am going to make it a 1331 thirukural.....And also story nice. but i heard its a short story. when it goes to climax..

  3. Will u post the last part please! Danks! :P in advance!! :P

  4. @Nandini Garg Dost, it will come soon :) thanks for the read :)

  5. @சேகர் haah thirukkural ah ???
    nandri nanba, seekram mudichidren :)

  6. @Rajrupa GuptaInspired by real life incident ?? May be YES :P
    thank you ji, will post soon and will intimate you :)

  7. hmmmm. good attempt for a debut!!

  8. Beautiful girls are like stylish T shirts which are never on sale. you have to pay full price before you get to hang out with them...LOL

    Keep writing cute stories, they are so much better to read than articles on real life :))

  9. M.Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi - Went behind Yellow churidhaar!!!
    This Deepak ji going behind Orange churidhaar.
    You prefer chudi to T-shirts. That's good :)
    Waiting for the next chapter.

  10. enga madhiri vaisu pasangen enge irunthalum...ponnu patha varthaigal appdiye pongi vazhiyum..too good mate..keep it going.. :)


  11. enge madhiri vaisu pasanga ellam ponne partha vai le jollu..mande le article appdi pongi vazhiyum..too gud mate..keep it going :)


  12. lol. really loved it. A really humor filled post. Very well written karthik. :)

  13. Your story is getting cheesier by the second :P but in a good way!! ;) .. why do I get the doubt that this could be your real story?? :P

  14. "Beautiful girls are like stylish T shirts kept FOR SALES"

    22222222 guuuuuud............, nxt tym picture na anaya ..plzzzzzz :)
    awaiting yr nxt post soon :)

  15. ORANGE...romba slow ...soap opera maathiri..adatha episode eppa thaan varumo????

  16. Lovely narration with a ting of suspense. Till now nice going. Want to read the last. You get more humor and fun in the local trains and buses at KOLKATA.

  17. I read the Part 1 and could not wait to read the Part 2 and now will have to wait for the sequel. You like playing with reader's mind don't you? :) I am really impressed with the way you build up the story and quite a unique way to end it as well. Enjoyed reading your post. Keep up the good work.

  18. Waiting for the next part..post it soon Deepak :)

  19. i so loved both the parts..
    its so capturing...
    eager for the next..

  20. Damn funny bro. Loving it. :D Waiting for Part 3. :)

  21. This is not altogether fiction, is it? ;)

  22. haha cud almost imagine a bus , a chick and the guy who irritated u;) nice story! Write the next part sooN!!

    for some reason the girl shud hav worn a white dress-- ah dreamy like in all stories.. ANYWAY its ur story

    Go on!

  23. It has too many stopping like town bus.. make it fast i cant wait fr nxt prt dude...:p

  24. Hi Deepak / Karthik :) !!

    One thing i have realized in all your posts, the flow of the narrative and the way you put across is damn interesting. You get people interested, they have no choice but to read the whole of it and then you play mischief by saying "Please Wait" !!:)

    I thoroughly enjoyed your chudi and bus ride ...


  25. Nice and interesting.. But again I am waiting for the 'To be continued' part ... :P

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    Mind Blowing Classical Tamil Songs

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    I have forgotten that lovely face, whom shall I share this grief with ?



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