How IndiRank Works ?

May 03:
"Indirank updated ?"

"NO !"
"But today they said na?" "Shit man... Let's brush and get ready for work"

May 04:
"At least today ? they updated?"
"Awwww.. Grrrr..."
Next update expected on ?

It's 3:00 AM, i had a break up with my sleep.Finding tough time, can't go for a walk...

My kidneys and my gold chains are at stake :P TV channels ? OMG, half naked girls dancing...
Can't watch for long time(it doesn't mean that i have watched) :)
So what else ?

Why not blog about INDIRANK..                                         
Tan Tan Tad an.. Tad an Tad an(never mind entry music)
Indiblogger's INDIRANK page will say and define it better than anyone else, but still i feel that i can define par with that..

Sorry i am not drunk and while writing this, i don't even find myself sleepy...

By the time i entered Indi, my first INDIRANK was 49.
I was very happy, i haven't come out my school, lesser the rank is better is what i thought and i have been taught :P 
later i heard that higher is the better.

In a month, i blogged nothing but words, i will collect words and post them in the for of post, yes a so called post, people voted(few reads and voted)...

Then I blogged about some trending things, like some new cars, mobiles etc.
They certainly helped me to gain traffic from Google and as the result my rank raised from 49 to 69 :P

"Wow, then why not do that again" buzzed myself and continued that good work for one more month.
But this time, one of my heroine boosted my rank like Jet pack :D kick ass :P Here she comes....

While rambling and scolding Rahul Bhat for his stupid movie, i mentioned Sunny LEONE there, surprisingly while checking my STATS in blogger, i got some weird keywords. i will mention you the very decent(according to me)

1) LEONE But :P

2) LEONE and Rahul Gandhi
3) Sunny LEONE pictures

4) @!#@#!@#!@# (censored)

OMG, to that exact post traffic was booming like BAR counter.
What's happening, i am i running a blog or a porn page, got confused of myself...
At end of the month, as i expected my blog rank went to 85 :D

Ever success story has a women behind them, For me Sunny LEONE is behind me... i meant behind my rank hike but not exactly behind me :D

1) Incoming Links
2 moz Rank
3) Alexa rank

These 3 are taken to consideration while ranking your blog, honestly if you hire a spammer to advertise your links on other blogs, pretty easy

1)"Good post, Laptop services free @......"
If you want to do that, you can easily increase the external juice passing links like such and also SEO tips will increase your blog.

For example,

While commenting use "Name/URL" option, add your name and URL... while clicking on the name, it will redirect them to your page. quite easy :)

2) moz rank is all about, popularity of your page in web. personal bloggers will find it tough to reach the higher levels, but beauty bloggers and specialized bloggers have higher stake at this.

So your moz rank will help you to get good rank and also "Keyword matters"...
What is alexa rank then ?
Alexa is a famous search engine that provides extra information such as traffic rankings. An Alexa ranking is an indicator used to gauge site performance.

3) How frequently you will update?

yes that matters of all above, for a month i skipped my blogging and went on for a vacation, obviously ranking went down...
If you post a WORD a day as POST and if that attracts people, you will rock the NUMBERS.

One friend of mine took 30 days challenge, whether good or bad he shared a photo for every 30 day...
I am sure, he will get good rank this time...

Keywords- like luckily i got Sunny leone :D there can be funny reasons and stories behind a successful post( in terms of visits)
Very importantly, your statistics will be compared with other bloggers statistics(that's what rank page says)...

So pray that other blogger network should disconnect often( only if you are very greedy and rude and sometimes funny :P) but your network should increase like petroleum price..
Develop a good network through Facebook, Twitter and Inditalk...

Without promoting and appreciating others work, time required to make you happy about your blog will extend and will get postponed.
Interact :)
Write funny stuffs as i do often, it has got no great stuffs but help people at least to laugh :)

A blog with 80+ Rank doesn't mean that, "This is the best blog in Indi" as i said earlier, rankings are based on traffic but not on QUALITY..
There are plenty of quality writers at all ranks :) All of us are unique in our style, for few its get clicked and for many it takes some time to reach break even point....

After all IndiRank is just a number which is always a desire of all Indibloggers to have it MORE(includes me), i can say it as JUST A NUMBER. i don't wanna be a HYPOCRITE :P

Lets blog a ton and get satisfied with what we get...
next month we can improve it....
i will suggest leone fans to help you as well :)
Almost 3:30 AM... need to get some sleep :P

Tata ba bye ciao....

Meet you again with some stupid stuffs :D


  1. Interesting subject you selected :) That was very nice to read.

  2. I was confused about Indirank...mine it went down in between..Didn't know why...Then thought leave it....suddenly its 81...Don't know why :-)
    Anyway...nice post...thanks for the Jnan shared :-)

  3. i know this keyword thing from one of my friend who works on SEO and it helps me a lot and yes sunny leone helped lot of people in blogging i know some of them

  4. Oh Dear!! Between the debate on quality versus quantity and the points you have touched on in your post, I think it is better to become a maoist. I experienced the Sunny Leone surge too after I mentioned her in a post. The tragedy is that even to this date, it remains at the top of search traffic for my blog. Maybe I should make a list of all the adult entertainers and put them as tags or keywords!! Maybe, given the kind of stuff that goes into rankings and numbers, and given some of the stuff that passes off in the name of creative writing, I should stop writing posts altogether and just stitch together a patchwork of keywords. Thanks for the smile you put on my face, Deepak.

  5. Haha! Superb post Dee.. :D
    The more you post, the higher the IndiRank. That's the mantra, irrespective of the quality of the post. There are some great bloggers with a IndiRank in the eighties and some pathetic bloggers whose IndiRank is also in the 80's. :P Now I wanna write a post about Sunny Leone as well, just post a pic of hers and you will definitely get insane number of page views. :D

  6. ha ha ha...fully enjoyed, Dee, your purpose is served:) and mine too:D

  7. Thanks for the enlightenment, Deepak :)) So, now I know the mantra...LOL

  8. ha ha ha ....serious enlightenment ..badly needed i knw d secrete :D :P

  9. oh, i have written a post along those lines. will publish that once my current post goes out of indivine. we need visitors, yup.

  10. HAHA!! that was a great read! Thanks!

  11. ha..ha...I like the way, you put ur thoughts,in a simple funny way...:-)

  12. :D :D everytime when i read your posts, i laugh, my mom asks, "hey edhukku computer ah paaththu ipdi sirikkira...". I use to reply her, "ma, joke padikren ma :P "

    Sooper happy posts you give your readers. Thanks for making me to laugh.

  13. That was informative. Now we all know a little more about what we could do to work on those ranks. And yes, @#**#@ does sell :D.

    You've made me laugh several times. That is a good reason for people to come back here. Good luck with the new Indirank, Deepak.

  14. one of these days I am going to take this seriously & try it ;)

  15. Is it that trending topics as key words are useful in a blog post? Probably too many people posting on the same may lead to one's post being lost in the clutter, right?

    Thanks for sharing these insights. Looking to improve my IndiRank with the help of these tips.

    Cheers... :)

  16. Interesting for some one like me for whom writing has become more imp than workin on improving indi rank

  17. this was hilarious. you gotta thank sunny leone for helping your ranking!

    *runs off to find myself a pornstar-muse


  18. you are so funny, Deepak. In a way I like your posts because they make me laugh or smile at least. You need to write me a guest post someday--that will be the most offbeat thing a serious person like me can do and of course the counters will start rocking!!!!

  19. lovely one here deepak... Loved the part where u said that sunny leone is behind your success funny!! keep blogging mate


  20. Nice post and Yes, I am waiting for that rank to get updated ha ha

  21. well lets put it this way , I have two blogs one on wordpress and one on blogspot.. they both are registered , both have Exactly same articles , put on exactly same dates .. yet the rank is different.

    I lost faith in it ages ago.

    another thing i see on indiblog is groupism , I see people visit only those posts and press the VOTE button without even reading what the post says ..
    I guess people are more interested in how many votes they get,rather then how many actually READ the article


  22. So, will your next post be on how Indivine works? :).

  23. Bro!
    You are rocking.. That's funny post.. and congrats on reaching 1,00,000 views.. Keep writing.. and importantly enjoy writing..

  24. I love how your comment section glows and the label is nested

  25. HAHAHA.. U made me laugh so much.. Great post.. And I am sure with this post your ranking is going to rise with the rocket speed..

  26. lol.. what an analysis... so, u can write such great post at the middle of the night?? great yar..

  27. i never understood how these search engines work, i get search results
    "which has better girls cse or mechanical"
    "nak*d engineering girls"
    "confused writer"

    though no content is related to my blog except the last one, anyways ice post , i think i will write about sunny leone soon to boost my traffic

  28. it was fun to read to it,
    i never gave that much thought to indirank....i think i might..people are so obsessed with it#just saying

  29. I'm in despair! The lack of IndiRank announcements on time has left me in despair!

  30. Nice post Deepak! I wonder why I did not find this post till now. In my case, may be bcoz I joined Indi late, 1st rank for me was 69...After that it never went below 70... (Boasting village girl..hehehe)

    village girl

  31. Excellent info. Indirank is not about quality but quantity!

  32. hahhah
    Seriously laughed a lot when i read that sunny leone boosted your blog
    I think I am goona use Poonam panday to boost my blog.


  33. I'm waiting for my first Indirank which was apparently supposed to be two days ago. Aaaahh!! Ha... Atleast this post gave me some laughs :D Sunny Leone wohooo ;)

  34. Interesting topic... Sunny Leone :P :D :D ;) well IndiRank is important and interesting too.. :P Btw when will the next IndiRank update will come? :P :D Mine is 81, and it's been just once since they updated after starting of my blog.


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