Should Sports Bodies be headed only by Sports Persons? And if that sports person also happens to be a politician or if he holds a stake in a multi-million dollar franchise, will you accept him/her to be the head of the sports body?
Fascinated by reading the entries for IBL, here i pen one.


Should sports bodies be headed only by sport person ?
Just say YES/NO, Replied ?
Fine let's move ahead....

Reputed Construction company requires a fresher


Imperial Group of hotels urgently needs a qualified manager for Chennai Branch
CONDITION: MBA(More than 75%), relevant experience.
Read them ?
DO you think they are expecting way much for their respective firm, i don't think so.
You can understand the pain only when you experience a pain and similarly you can be a PRO in a specific field ONLY if you have vast experience and knowledge in it.

Have you ever watched the film"Catch me if you can", hero of that film who is an intelligent thief and a smart fraud, will be asked to work as a COP who should find people who practices his post, Though it is a film(based on true story) message it conveys is hard and robust. 

Well, let's play some blame game...
India has got a population in billions and more to come but still we stand as a malnourished kid in international arena. so what can we do ? lets run run run...

1) Farook Abdullah
2) Praful Patel
3) Rajiv Shukla
4) Shard Pawar
5) Suresh Kalmadi

and the list of POLITICIANS/SPORTS HEADS goes on...

By seeing this, i think we have to replace all Airplane pilots with City bus drivers.
Just imagine how ridiculous it will be if we ask an American to write a ghazal in Hindi and how about asking Shakira to dance Bharathanatyam ?

To become a politician you need nothing but money and to become head/ president/ secretary of a sport body, you need to be nothing but as a politician.

A person when trained and nourished with proper hands, can reach heights irrespective of his color, caste and gender.
As an example, you can see an amputated South African sprinter flying through the tracks.

Indian football team and 1950 World cup, Have you read that story ?
Indians practiced and played without shoes, Indian football federation had no money to spend, as a result Indian team was not allowed to participate.

Indian hockey team, many of us are not aware of a fact that our national game is hockey(No NOT IPL) years back, there was a speculation.
Our media guys raised cameras, "4000Rs per match for hockey players ? SHAME INDIA SHAME" they said and days after, they started covering Poonam pandey from 360 degree.

Waste of Human resources,
Do you know, In kerala there will be an annual rowing competition, finest rowers will fight hard for a meek prize.
If IOA nourishes them with good guides, am sure India can expect a podium finish in that event.
Months back, a young archer sold her bow for a meager price, for ??
Just to fix the holes in her house, if she had 1% allowance of what you give for politicians probably we could have had sent one more contender along with our archery team.

Blaming cricket and saying it is the reason for impartial growth is nothing than a stupid absurdity, BCCI has good marketing techniques and they are strong enough to reject a government bill, reluctant and robust structure.

Why don't you make your Hockey federation like that ? if you can't then stop blaming cricket.  

1)Poor infrastructure
2)Poor finance 

3)Poor management
and if you are expecting a word "Strong" h
ere i go,
1)Strong Nepotism
2)Strong stupidity and so on...
We have enough man power but we don't have enough guides to guide them to shores.

You politicians, take care of the ministry allotted for you and let the men wear men outfits and let the women wear women outfits. Fishes can only swim and they cant walk, Lions can never be a vegetarian, let the Lions rule the jungle and the tortoises take some rest.

Politician(also the chairman of state cricket board)- " What is this ? what are you doing with the funds, why that player is standing without a bat and helmet ?"Team Coach- "Sir he is our Umpire, he is not supposed to BAT"
Politician- "Ah i know that, why the goal keeper is standing too far?"
Coach- " saab, this is cricket and he is our wicket keeper"
Politician- "Bull shit, you know nothing and you are fired, get lost. "

At the same time, veterans like Milkha Singh, P.T Usha and more such well known players can be used as an advisory person to the sports bodies. 
TO SEE AN INDIAN NAME IN ALL THE EVENTS OF OLYMPICS, we don't need men or women, all that we need is a place to train and a coach to guide and obviously a GOOD MANAGER, HEAD who can understand the pain of being a sportsman.

GIVE US A QUALIFIED HEAD, we can send our highest ever contingents in the coming Olympics, if China can do that, why cant we?

If we are guided properly and if the funds are used effectively, Indian National Anthem can be heard in most of the podiums and an Indian name will flash the screens and papers throughout that specific event.
It can be done(only with a proper HEAD and cant be done with aches) 

And here i ask you again,
Should sports body be headed only be a person with relevant experience ??




  1. I agree with you totally DK. It's just absurd, the idea of people who don't know anything about sports calling all the shots when it comes to deciding the life of talented and hard-working sportspersons. So do we get to mark you on a score of 10? ;P

  2. Our poor performance in global sports arena is an indication of the kind of encouragement sports gets in India:(

  3. how abt sunne leone as the sport minister...:P :D
    c has experience and her performance is awesome too..... :D , and c can be a grt motivating factor to the men sport persons, to win medals :D........LOLZZ
    well since its a serious issue...
    stating seriously :its a big YES only veteran or persons closely associated with them game shud be made sports head while the administrations like managing events and sponsorship and all shud be left to sum qualified professionals (investment bankers perhaps)..........
    now on a more serious tone : Deepak ji when do u intend to bring out the chennai girl part 3
    wen wen.............

  4. @Sudeshna DasLOL :P it's your wish KNIGHT :D send me a message about your scores :D

  5. @saikat mbka ghoshPerfect Idea :P must seriously work on it :D
    part 3 will come soon bro, you are not forgetting it ;P very bad !!!

  6. Very nice post Deepak and i really liked the way you have connected the various incidents that has occurred or happening now.Rightly said..persons who have no idea of the sport heads the federation and yeah he would surely call a wicketkeeper..goalkeeper !!! loved this part.
    There needs to be drastic shift in the collective thoughts of the people in the government to bring about a massive change in the way the business is being conducted by these sports federation to see more podium finishes in future.

  7. Hi Deepak

    Good post.

    If you ask me it need not be someone who actually played. It could be someone who follows the sport with passion and knows all the rules of the game. Not all cricketers are good captains and vice versa. SImilarly not all sportsmen may be good managers. Hence I feel being an ex-sportsperson is not mandatory!

  8. @jaish_vats agree to that part, but we have plenty of ex sport stars willing to do such job :)
    Not all sports guys are good managers but all politicians are bad at managing a sports body :D
    thank you :)

  9. Sports is one of the most corrupt portfolios in the govt. But I think past couple of years have been good in terms of sports development. A long way to go though..

  10. Even though things are looking up with respect to sports other than Cricket, we still have a long way to go. First thing we need to do is, remove each and every politician who holds any kind of position in a sports body. If the sports bodies are clear of politics and corruption only then they will prosper. And I agree, blaming Cricket for the apathy of other sports in the country is not right.

  11. @joshimukardgood point :) hopefully in this olympics we can see some improvement :D Hope so
    Thank you !

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