"UP" Above !!!

Submitted for the contest organised by the O2 EVENTS, about flying and the first flight.
I am penning my expectations On FIRST FLIGHT EXPERIENCE :D

"Good Afternoon Passengers, this is your captain Mr.Sir.The Great Deepak Karthik speaking, Shall we start the Engine ? Ready Start 1...2...3..."Vrooooooommmmmmm.........

As i finished the above lines, two best buddies of mine gripped their hands on my shoulder and we cruised all over my locality.

"As a child i was always attracted and fascinated by planes"
If i say these lines, i have to call myself as goddamn liar :P
I grew up in a small town in the center of Tamil Nadu, free from Industrial farts and busy bee honking roads.

I had a pleasant locality to grow with and i loved that.
I will spend my summer holidays at my uncle's house,Chennai. Theme parks, beaches and forget not AIRPORT.

My uncle will Lift me high over the compound walls of Chennai Airport, i can see a WHITE OBSESSED BIRD struggling to move.
My first encounter with these GIANT birds called AIRPLANE.

Years passed and unfortunately i opted for MECHANICAL ENGINEERING and to serve the terms, i was forced to study LIFT, THRUST, WEIGHT, DRAG blah blah...
AN OLDIE professor will reach our class on time,
Students, take today's question...

"An Airplane flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet and with an airspeed of 300 Miles per hour, relative velocity of wind acting against the Airplane is 100 and the total aerodynamic force is plunging........................."
and honestly these are the times i hated AIRPLANES to the core.

Well, past is past...
If you are still interested to go ahead, i am sharing my expectations on first flight there :D

I have won the contest organized by o2 events and i have got my flight ticket to THAILAND.
Since they have provided 2 month validity for the ticket, now i am applying for passport :)
I had a fine filter coffee.
Passport came, Don't ask HOW ? and WHEN ? BUT PASSPORT CAME :D :D

Just bought necessary things, dresses and blah blah...
Packed my luggage and am all set to reach Chennai Airport.
My Flight is scheduled to leave Chennai airport by 11:00 PM and reporting time is 09:00 PM.
I reached the airport on time and was directed to waiting lounge, i went there and got a seat to place my seat.
Something missing ???
Yeah, where is that "Sir, TEA COFFEE, TEA COFFEE, MASAL VADA GUYS" ??
OMG, these facilities are available at Train station which charges a meager amount but these idiots charge as much as possible but i cant find my Masal vada here :(   

D TIME came, Sweet voice directed me to board an Airport bus.
I got in to the bus and luckily got a window seat.
I felt like an ant walking in to the arena of giant naked birds, for first time i am traveling in a bus with NO CONDUCTOR.
Phew now no "change" problem.

Beautiful charming and add more such synonymous words, an angel welcomed me and guided me to my seat, my veins they are filled with excitement, thrill and of course little bit scared.
Be it train or bus, the journey will be pleasant ONLY if you are traveling with a beautiful girl.

While my thoughts were roaming about the person who is about to travel with me, that angel started to convey something.
Possibly on how to use the belt and how to act during the time of emergency i guess.
I left it leisurely by saying, " While i don't even listen to the stupid faces who lecture me, how can i listen to the words of a beauty " Naah....

We can copy the actions of people around us in case of emergency, i am an optimistic person so before all that, i think this flight will be safe TILL i get down at Thai airport.

Scene 4:
Middle aged uncle placed his seat next to my seat and i whispered "WTF" and he said "Hello, young man...".

I have to act like a hypocrite now, "hello uncle"
blah blah blah....

Scene 5:
Captain announced something,
"Hello passengers, Welcome to "Flight A00.000", this is your captain Young Ming Chang speaking, have a pleasant journey"
If there is a girl next to me, perhaps i could have kept my eyes wide to avoid sleeping, what now ?
Sleep Sleep Sleep...
Usually, we will have a habit of asking the next person to wake us at our exact destination, SHOULD I BE ASKING THIS UNCLE ? Naa...

"It may telecast him that i am new flyer, SO SHUT"...
"Are you getting down at Bangkok ?" Uncle asked
"Yes, I am and what about you"

He replied many things, if i have to mention it "This post may go far to sequels"
We made a good friendship with each other.
Had a great conversation and flight attendant announced us "We are approaching Bangkok International airport"
We got down and we as we walked...

New Air, new place and new people....
WOW i said...

Life itself a travel, we travel across ages and years, different kinds of people.
We will stop at places and will be travelling as long as we reach OUR DESTINATION.
Once we reach our Destination and that will be our final place :)
before that i felt we must travel as long as possible and have to meet, mingle with as much as people possible.
That's the sweet message i learnt from my first flight experience.

Now what???
Well, my expectations are over and what next ? Have to submit the entry on time and as usual have to wait for results :)


  1. tea tea coffee ..deepak only rs 5 ...do u want tea or coffee..??? :P :D.....
    hilarious as usual ......
    all d bst to IBL and DEEPAAK :)

  2. Nice one Deepak.. hope to see many more sequel to your Bangkok trip and am sure you would have had some pleasant experiences there ;)

  3. Super post! Had a good time reading it!

  4. Wow great post buddy! I can't stop myself from reading the whole post once I had stared at the title :) thanks for sharing :)

  5. Congrats on the win, now you can safely fly on the wings o your dreams :)

  6. Enjoyed reading the post ...good luck

  7. enjoyed reading this post- hahahha reminds me of my first flight experience:)

  8. ""As a child i was always attracted and fascinated by planes"
    If i say these lines, i have to call myself as goddamn liar :P" - The first impression which made to read de post! Enjoyed it!! Very good one!


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