Shame Shame Sena Shame...

Sena means ARMY right ?
That's what few guys told me but i said LOL,
I considered it as on a sarcastic note...
No not an euphemistic word on SENA but on ARMY.

Few days back, news flashed like " Sena Attacks a Party house "
Guys and Girls were targeted for partying.
Reason- It was against Indian Culture.

So men wearing Pants and women wearing t Shirts are Indian culture ?
Or Watching PORN in the assembly is an entity of Indian Culture ?

I really wonder, whether theses jokers are making fun of themselves...
Why these bastards din't attack the ministers who were watching porn at the assembly session of their very own state ?
Honestly am lucky to co exist in a state where there exists NO SENA and no JOKERS...

These morons are best choice for sending along with Indian contingents if OLYMPIC association adds Stand up comedy as a part of Olympics.

Slapping a girl and hitting a guy with a group of jokers is no bravery, these bastards will shit in their pants if they are asked to go with single hand.
Government, yes our culture filled government can simply watch it and our responsible media, will shoot this at different angles and will post it 24X7 (Till they get an another sensational news)

Laugh out Loud....


  1. exact writing...these bastards doesn't have right to live

  2. Well said! What a shame...indeed!! But, India's parliament is full of Hypocrites who can be so annoying and pathetic ...Yes, best is... LOL!!

  3. sir where r u dese days...all ok ??..u fine :)
    sir when will d chennai girl part 3 come up..c i still want to see her pic :P :D and the exciting story that follows... :)

    acha u wrote sumthng...abt Sena ?? actually they r !@#$%^ @$%^*(()&^%##! ###$%^&&&..srry dnt want to dirty this comment thread..:)

  4. I read that one of the girls lost her hearing as she was slapped by the goons! Sad...If these men really had any responsibility we have enough issues in the nation to be dealt with ...Begging, Poverty,Corruption for starters.....

  5. Rightly said..Government busy raising their personal bank balance and media busy for gaining TRP and in between the general public are being victimized..

  6. Laugh Out Loud, indeed Dee...

    This is the same party that has vandalized Mumbai since decades, and tried to ban SRK's My Name Is Khan. Unfortunately, they're losing steam now and these are desperate attempts to try and create the fear they once could command in the minds of common man.

    Not just Shiv Sena, many others like MNS and RSS are involved in this moral policing while God knows what they themselves do behind closed doors...

  7. shame...these so called 'self appointed protectors of our culture' deserve death.

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  9. i wish they knew what Indian culture is....pity them....
    shame indeed

  10. I am seeing your post after a long time ----very well said Deepak


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