CAT, XAT, MAT, GRE, TOEFEL, IELTS, GATE and the list goes on alike their syllabus and alike their complex question papers.

Recently I read an invitation/advertisement displaying “FREE CIVIL SERVICE COACHING FOR THE RIGHT CANDIDATES.” Here they dint mean that they will not coach for communist candidates (I would take that smile as a token of understanding this feeble joke).

So they have mentioned, “Only for deserving candidates free civil service coaching will be given.”
Remember they are not coaching those who had their preliminary level cleared but they are going to coach candidates for the very basic level.

Even for a basic level, they are laying such draconian rules, like excellent communication skills/ strong academic records blah blah….
In order to receive such coaching which would PROBABLY place you as an Indian administrative service officer, you are supposed to undergo so many tests, interviews etc.

My plot is not about civil service examination, to prove that I am providing an example here; I was supposed to check a job portal notification.

WANTED: Butlers for a 5 star Hotel.
Qualification: Any degree, excellent communication skill, smart worker and flexible to work hours.

These are the laws laid by them for a mere post of BUTLER; just imagine how hard it will take a person to attend an interview for a managerial post?

A person undergoes cyclic tests, hurdles to find a place inside a firm as an employee.
A person undergoes various level of training to clear an exam which will help him to find a place inside a premier institution.

How about our Ministers? How about our M.P and M.L.A?
I can hear you abbreviating as Morons of Parliament, though you are right with your answer, we don’t have any right to upset/hurt a …….. ?? MORON, by comparing a moron with someone who is unequal, it’s bloody stupid.

A student undergoes years of training and perseverance for finding a place for him inside an institution, similarly a graduate goes through numerous steps to add I.A.S or I.P.S behind his name.

How about M.L.A? M.P?
Do they undergo any kind of tests? Viva voice? Interview? NOTHING.
My point shall be understood clearly with a basic example, There exists a system in school where students must clear an exam to enroll themselves but whereas teachers are not required to be an educated person, will you place your kid at that school?

We are supposed to choose one among the thieves to rob our own TAX MONEY. This is our position for the past 3 decades.

Every day, a new pasta says a famous food outlet near my home, every day a NEW SCAM says my daily.
Let’s keep it like; let’s have a test followed by an interview (HR and Technical).
Home minister will be asked questions from his own fields and similarly for rest of all ministers.
M.L.A and M.P’s will be asked questions from their own duties and Indian history, geography and science.

Possibility of all the existing office holders clearing these tests, interviews is as meek as India winning the FIFA world cup.

We have only 2 solutions left,
1) Study well and find a well paying job at overseas, shift your family there and never ever come back.
2) Live with these existing scams (at times write such futile articles at your blog).

{Finally a post after 2.5 Months, sincere apologies to my fellow bloggers and readers for not being active, there is no question of giving up my blog at any circumstances, will try to be active. THIS IS MY 200th post.}


  1. Good to see you back, Deepak. MLA also has selection process by party and fees per seat.

  2. Hahahahaha Deepak you really have the art of popping up appropriate questions !!! Nice post after a long hiatus...welcome back !!!

  3. Very well written and I absolutely enjoyed reading your post!

  4. Ur back my boy !! so good to see back in the blogosphere ... Happy 200th post !!!

  5. deepak pretty thought awaking...!!but u forget one thing anyone is eligible in politics.. yet not all can sustain in the gutters stagnated ya.. i m not supporting anyone i m just trying to say.. any soul who has no self.. who can stoop down to any level.. go lick anyone's foot.. be heartless and do anything just to loot... then u can surely survive till the last ==== POLITICS !!!it is not necessary only illiterates do all these.. down south so many are like that.. just a degree is missing but they have received so many post docs by eating the public's general piece of life and central is even worse not worth a comparison.. on the whole.. its just a huge hole and it doesn't stop ever... we can just say.. youth of tomorrow must do something.. blah blah.. but even if you or i go to the post.. we will not be allowed to do anything.. that's how the system is and they have also formulated it like that... !!

  6. What a great solution! :D You always rock in your own style!

  7. nice to see you again on blog
    i also post after one month
    nice post to starts again
    if politician starts giving entrance test , they will also passed it for sure because they have a strong weapon named"CORRUPTION"

  8. anna .....missing yr hilarious posts ..plz b more active :)
    and do u aspire to be..........MP :D

  9. Welcome back D! A great one as always:)

  10. Or you could vote, and convince others to vote.

  11. The Kings were people who knew how to kill others and enjoy themselves. Today's kings (civil servants as well as ministers, MLAs, MPs) are the kings.

  12. Hey, where did you go away? Never mind, good to see your humor back :D

  13. welcome back Dk and congrats for the 200th post !

  14. Welcome back. M.L.A s? Tests? ha ha...Ask them to spell their names correctly first! I bet most of them cant! They are the ones who wont think twice before hitting each other with chairs in the assembly!

  15. well written.will surely help me in an upcoming debate......anyone who wants to give some valuable points both for and against PET is more than welcome.


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