I Miss You Ammachi...


This November 5th my grandma left us alone and it will be an unforgettable day of my life, i was brought up by maternal grandma since my parents were working, she never made me feel like i was away from my mother, her care can never be scaled on any scale.
She has always been a great grandma for me though i have not treated her what she deserved, throughout my heart and blood i miss her very badly.

I am not writing this to show my grief but i am appealing to my friends/readers not to miss the moment with our elderly people, none knows what happens next and even to ourselves.
Lets live each moment and let's not regret later for not being able to spend much time with loved ones once they are gone, once they are gone to a place where they can't return back.


I am not sure whether you are reading this or not
And I am not sure whether there exists rebirth and hell/heaven
I believe your soul will guide me to better paths
And I believe you are aware that how much i miss you
Love and care i had for you was just 1% of what you showed towards me
And I am helpless to clear my debts and i can never
Whenever i see a old granny crossing the roads and watching my eyes
Your moments with me flashes.
I had cried enough to fill gallons and as usual
Weeks and month passes, the intensity of my grief may ease
But i swear i really miss you and i will really miss your hand made foods
Especially your HOT COFFEE, DOSA and TASTY SAMBAR.

You was there with me when i entered this world
And now
I was there with you when you left this world
I am blessed and i request you to enjoy the peace.
The good deeds that you have done will place you in a better ambiance



  1. May her soul rest in peace Karthik. I can relate to your feeling and may god give you enough strength to bear this loss. Take care

  2. I can understand your feelings...May God give you the strength to tolerate your granny's sad demise...

  3. Let her soul rest in peace and I guess she is the only lucky granny about whom her grandson had blogged.

  4. praying for the strength to you and your family...


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