"My Ex Fell In Love"- A Review

There are plenty of things procrastinated by people every minute, an under graduate student procrastinates his/her higher education plans and blah blah. 

How about a budding writer procrastinating his/her debut novel plans?
Well, as an exception my well known blogger friend and now a AUTHOR has done it. Launching a novel at an early age is not so easy, it is so similar to lighting a candle in maelstrom.


A catchy title indeed, it pushes us to give a read " A temptation".
Protagonist of this humorous story is "YATHARTH" whose position is like cat on the wall, unable to decide and take his side.

He is not alone, he has "FRIENDS". Friends who will give you cold chocolate when you are suffering with high fever and yes, friends who will provide you all the very support that you don't ever need.
By doing so, they solve the basic purpose of being a friend.

If you are person who loves a story with so much of humor and suspense, i sear this book is exclusively printed for you. never prolong your waiting time, get a copy for yourself.
You can certainly enjoy the light, witty and enjoyable story which revolves around youngsters.


Shubham Choudhary is a well known blogger in BLOGOSPHERE and as an author he accomplished something so good for his age with his DEBUT NOVEL.

When asked about the story behind this story:
He added this, "
If you assume that I am going to tell you a story of how “My EX Fell In Love” came into existence after one magical conversation I had with some genius who made me realize my inner writer, then sorry to disappoint you, this didn't happen. I have always been a guy who loved to write. When the torture of write ups became too much for my school and college teachers to handle, I decided to convert that to a blog and irritate the rest of the world."   

And a friendly request/offer from him as quoted, "As one of the reviews said, “If you have a few hours and want a good laugh without exercising your brains much, do give “My EX Fell In Love” a try”.


  1. Interesting..Would like to give a try..:-)

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