I have been trying to scribble about this particular topic for a very long period, something affects me much in magnitude than this topic so i was diverted to write about them and forget this topic in time, but now I am determined(very much) to pen...
Let's start...

You could have seen him in your friend's laptop as a wallpaper perhaps in his bike and who knows you could be having his picture in your t shirt that you are wearing, wherever and whatever...
You would have seen him at least once in your history and he is considered as a global insignia and an icon for REVOLUTION.

Guessed rightly? Yes it's CHE GUEVARA.

A friend of mine had his wallpaper in his mobile and i was really shocked to see CHE's wallpaper replacing KATRINA KAIF, stunned with his change i swiftly asked him,
"Dude do you know this guy?" pointing at CHE's poster.
"I don't know dude, i think he is a Russian communist who fought in World war II,  wasn't he HUH ?" he questioned me back..

BANDWAGON EFFECT has so many such examples in India, i have no problem on hanging CHE's poster anywhere and he deserves it, as he sacrificed his life for empowerment of sufferings.
I will be wrong if i say CHE is an OVERRATED revolutionist, no way. CHE DESERVES SUCH RECEPTION.

Well, then how about INDIAN REVOLUTIONISTS ??
Say Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Kattabomman and Udham singh ??? Din't they revolt against the suppression?
Weird world, Right from Football clubs to such Icons we are devoting aliens than our very own species and this must have infected us from our ancestors, else BRITONS wouldn't have entered so easily.

I don't have any right to say like Ditch CHE and HAIL Bhagat Singh, what i say is Treat them alike and never ditch our very own revolutionists for your BANDWAGON LUST.

So as long as we devote and worship foreign entities by forgetting our very own revolutionists LET'S HANG WANTED REVOLUTIONIST board before changing your wallpapers. 

By the time when Pakistan swings in DILEMMA on renaming a street's name after Bhagat Singh. if  our very own people neglects our very own revolutionists, no wonder if the street get's it name as CHE's CHOWK.  


  1. Thanks for giving me a light on CHE..!! Seriously, we could speak to the apparel industry to manufacture more funky stuffs on the Indian revolutionists. Maybe then some losers in India might have some respect for them.

  2. They say in Tamil "தூரத்துப் பச்சை கண்ணுக்குக் குளுமை"
    It happens in all cases, when something is close to us, we won't recognize it! The same thing, when it is away from us, we would notice it, right?

  3. We have to respect our own revolutionists also and consider them alike.
    Well written.

  4. God bless you with 100K miracles for bringing this topic to the front! BTW don't expect much, I've seen/heard people taking with Che's pix on his T-shirt telling that he is some rock band guitarist!!! So it's better that our Bhagat singh ji never get printed on some fabric and then misunderstood as some country vocalist :-))

  5. strange but true we know alien revolutionaries not for their work but for the radicalism in them and we do not promote/publicize our own revolutionaries because they were freedom fighters and not rock starts whom we should idolize....!


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