If you are a lawyer reading this, Please i request you to appear for me in court of law if I'm getting arrested tomorrow, who knows may be NOW.
I did not commit any murder neither i looted public money.

Asking me what crime did i commit ???
Well, i Just tweeted and posted my opinion on social networking sites.

Yes i can hear you saying this, "You deserve a capital punishment!"
And all that i say is
"I'm so sorry sir, i really don't know that India is undemocratic, oppressing and monarchy nation. I swear i will not voice my genuine opinion and again I swear that i will find asylum in some other nation which gives their citizen "Freedom of Speech", Probably in GULF countries, so kindly appear for me and grant me a bail".

I hope you are not smiling or laughing at this above conversation but we have all rights to laugh at Indian Constitution and it's so called text on "FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS".

Arrested for tweeting this, arrested for posting that, dailies quotes such stuffs in their articles very often. People who planned attacks on our sovereignty and people who plans attacks on India are out there free and few are jailed in High security prison where our government spends bucks in Millions.

But we are in a grave position.
You can be arrested for posting your fair opinion, to avoid getting arrested all that you have to do is "SEE NOTHING, HEAR NOTHING, SPEAK NOTHING and POST NOTHING".
Japanese had 3 monkeys but We Indians, we must add 4th Monkey to replicate our current position.

ROUSSEAU and BHARATHI, These two who lived in different time line and geography had the same problem that we are facing now, Rousseau who influenced French revolution with his writings and Bharathi who influenced Indian youths during the time of Indian Independence, if they came to know about the present scenario on freedom of speech.
They will come back and will find a strong tree preferably with in the premises of supreme court and for sure they will HANG THEMSELVES TO DEATH.

As i always say, WE CAN ONLY BLABBER by writing about such topics which affects us but now even blabbering and expressing one's thought is considered to be a venomous act against STATE.
So YOU, yes you. If you are expressing your thought, i meant if you are expressing your voice AGAINST the actions of government in a fair way, YOU ARE CONSIDERED TO BE AN ENEMY OF STATE like the person who wrote this post.
AND Don't ask me whether those people who voices their concern are terrorists.

So now we have only 2 options.
1) Don't voice your views if they are against state
2) Find a good air carrier and fly away, now you can write.
Though the 2nd option looks safe, never try it.

I am not sure whether any Special team will fly for Switzerland to check black money accounts but they will come for you.

There is a PLAN C.
And it's UNITY.
Remember a cartoonist who got arrested in the name of HATRED actions against state and later released as pressured piled from public.
That's the way COOKIE CRUMBLES(In India).
MEDIA, Yes Electronic Media, i don't think that BABY B is so important than this.
So Kindly Shift your steering wheel this side, you can save a person's future.

Finally, please find me a good lawyer....
I may need him in coming days as long as i live in INDIA.


  1. Bura maat suno, Bura maat bolo, bura maat dekho, nice one :)

  2. True, really don't know, which kind of democratic country we live...

  3. @Ranjana's craft blogWe live in a fascist nation which was once a democracy

  4. Well Said Deepak!! And for sure you need to find a lawyer who can help you anytime. Moreover, you had to be very strong (Mentally as well as physically) to raise your voice against.

  5. so hence forth do not romance social media ...varna

  6. forget about expressing...dont even 'like' a status...

  7. hahah..you never know if they arrest even ppl who comment here :)

  8. The fourth monkey is a cool idea! I wish someone could add it :) More than posting we might be in trouble even if we like a post against a political person

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  10. Well said !! And Jai Ho---this is India. Btw, pass on the lawyer's contact number to each one of us :P
    In fact, living in WB...I need it urgently !:D

  11. There is another way too, Get hold of every leader together and hang them ..

    OH MY GOD .. Deepak if you find a lawyer to represent you, can you ask him to represent ME Too .. after this statement I am sure to be taken in now ..

    One needs to ask these leaders and the Govt what are they doing about the Corrupt who we know are one ..

    bunch of hypocrites the lot of them ..

    KHADI pehene Chor..


  12. @Panchali

    oooooh .. I hear you mam.. you please take care ... he he he

    and pass on the number to me tooo



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