Living a DREAM!

"So your dream came true! ", people who are so close to me utters."Every dog has it's day " Damn True...

I am here to share few things about my dream. 
To be Honest education and degree those we get after wasting years and bucks, is of no better use than adding behind our name in Marriage invitations.

75% of our Indian youths studies and studied engineering and I am one of the folk who is likely to get hit by a stone thrown over India and another possibility will be temples
I Chose engineering(mechanical), after failing Mathematics and being treated as an underdog, wasted time by preparing for arrears and was running like a fugitive for taking a cover from neighbors and relatives.
People who are with me on Facebook will be aware of it, since not all my blogger friends are with my FB. I would like to share it again since it is free of cost.

I AM FREE NOW as my dream half achieved, I'm placed with The New Indian Express as Trainee-Correspondent.


I couldn't have grabbed this offer without THIS BLOG, It has offered much but never misguided or disappointed  me. I cannot find a way to thank my blog for it's priceless gift.Without a terrific blogging network, i would have left this habit of writing a long time ago.
That's it, when you have the purr desires and true dreams,  Entire universe will guide you to claim it.
My dream is only half achieved, rest can be done and has to done only learning and thriving and I am sure of achieving it.

Dream, Dream and Dream 
Dream transforms into thoughts 
Thoughts results into action. 

- Kalam. 


  1. many congratulations dear and my best wishes for all your success in this new prestigious assignment...get going :)

    best wishes,

  2. Way to go Deepak. Wishing you the very best in achieving the balance half of your dreams !!

  3. Congrats for your achievement dear Deepak... Way to go dude...

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  5. congratz buddy... itz my dream to work in Indian Express... and i know how much happy you are now.. keep going you are doing a great job :)

  6. Congratulations bro. Its a very big thing, I am happy for you. Rock on!

  7. Congratulations :) Continue doing your wonderful job!

  8. Best wishes on finding your dream job and may you now climb the ladder of success!!

  9. you are right..Not just a degree is enough to get a job these days.. Even me in such a state.. Blogging helps in many ways....Congratulations :)..Keep going :)

  10. Thats a great news
    your hard work have paid off lol
    Continue blogging

  11. A millions congratulations bro... :)

  12. Way to go Karthik. Congrats and Keep dreaming of bigger things :-)

  13. A lot of congratulations. Really it is a perfect success.


  14. Congrats Deepak - good things happen to good people :) you will be based out of the Ambattur office?

    All the best!


  15. Congrats dear... And now here is something for you. Thanks for your support

  16. Congratulations, Deepak. May the road rise to meet your feet.

  17. many more congratulations deepak .. way to go!


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)