Shopping is all about FUN, provided your bank balance holds some descent amount...
Forget it, just a feeble joke, you can shop with whatever amount you have.
As formula 1 driver Vettel quoted India, "Money is not the prime factor for happiness".
It's all about a heart to share and a heart to spend money for themselves and family.

You are a man of what you wear first next comes what you do, You can be a Managing director of a Forbes listed firm but a poor clothing style can reflect in the way people receives you.
On the other hand, you can be a person with debt ceiling reaching your head but a descent outfit can will boost your public figure.

Driving in a congested roads with full of smoke farting automobiles and in dilemma about parking slot. apart from all such disturbances, you have to lie for getting a permission.
This is how a sweet turns bitter.
So people nowadays prefer ONLINE shopping, there are plenty of sites which provides QUALITY service.

Your job is to pick your taste and register your address, your package will arrive at your doorstep. SIMPLE...

So now I am going pick some apparels of my like and gonna share with you.
From where ?
Well here it is," SHOPPERSTOP ".



If it is TAJ MAHAL for India and CARPETS for Persia, then evidently it is CALVIN-KLEIN for fashion brand.
What else factor you need for buying a Calvin-Klein product?
Wearing a Calvin Klein coat over a T Shirt is nowadays trend, this will certainly make the watchers VORACIOUS :P

T-Shirts with quotes and sayings are awesome, it can bring smiles to the faces of the people who really understands the meaning.
This Jack and Jones t-shirt will be an apt match along with the Calvin Klein long sleeves.
Pepe jean is serene and calm to team up with a dark coat, so ultimately it would be a good combo for a simple yet sizzling look.

4) Vettorio-Frantini Casual Derby Shoes:
The very main reason for liking this shoe is "It has god colors and it is quite attractive".
Apart from that, this shoe will match most of the jean pants.
Gives a casual stylish look.


5) ESPIRIT Timewear- Silver Black
6) IDEE Sunglass
7) REVV Ring  


ESPIRIT the name itself enough, Silver color watches is an impeccable match and a style icon for guys of this era.
Moreover it would be like a bracelet and gives a rich, stylish look.
IDEE Sunglasses:
Brown shaded coolers will always stand out of the box, unlike conventional black coolers it has got some uniqueness.
REVV Ring:
Times are gone where only girls were concerned with jewelry.
This Black shaded ring will be a contrasting one for silver color watch, so it will be add more stylish look.

That's it, i have listed my wishlist which i consider as simple and sizzling pack.
Shopping is done with ease when you shop from quality service providers like shoppersstop.
And above all, you don't need to push yourself for a shopping in a crowded, congested place.
Stop going to bus stop and never put a full stop for your shopping idea, because here we have SHOPPERSSTOP.

Shoppers Stop Perfect Look

Pick your favorite apparel & accessories from

and put together an ensemble that’s the perfect look for This festive season. The most stylish look stands a chance to win some exciting prizes!


  1. hui ! happy to see you after a long time . blame my exams and your absence . liked the ensemble . you are gonna sizzle in that . . all the best for the contest ! hope you are doing good :)

  2. The ensemble looks great. All the best !!!

  3. wOW great post :) Surely you will win a voucher. All the best ting ting :)

  4. Spending money on shopping backed by a quote! :-) All the best!

  5. loved the shoes and espirit watch most of all :)

  6. Best wishes for the contest, Deepak!

  7. as always...interesting to read... :)
    Gud luck... :)

  8. You are back and how..! good to read an entry from a man's point of view. All the best and may the best man win...lolzz


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