How Secularism Works In India ? ?

Frenzy, this is the word i will use to denote Indians... once we admire and admit a thing in our daily lives, it is damn hard for anyone and ourselves to eradicate it from us, even Surf excel can't remove the stains...
In that list i will add Cricket,Religion and Movies... there might be many more but to me these are visible frenzy promoters...

Cricket,Movies -belongs to a different category but whereas Religion is something more than a strong,Hot word in India perhaps Asia.
Fundamentalist and ardent followers of different religions are wide spread in much higher numbers in India than anywhere else.
Though India is the birthplace of numerous religions and principles, India still follows the SECULARISM.
What is secularism ? A State or country which rejects a common religion and religious consideration as country's Interest...

I read an article recently which provoked me to write a post about this topic,here i go...
Maqbool Fida Hussain and Salman Rushdie are the two examples which we gonna take and talk about...
Their common things, both belongs to Islam community and both of them are highly regarded and portrayed in their own fields, one in ART and another one in WRITING...

What else they have in common ? Both of them earned a severe disrespect and hatred by people across the globe, Hussain damaged the beliefs of Hindus and his awkward and so called art spoiled his own respect and made him to seek asylum abroad.
Where Rushdie with his idiotic and so called novel damaged the beliefs of his own religion and got a Fatwa from Iran's big fish.

What do we infer ? Hussain's paintings deliberately attacked Hinduism at India but Salman's book created a negative cloud across the globe, when Hussain made his idiotic paintings on Hindu deities none from abroad objected it and even our so called MEDIA called it as intolerance against art...

1)Art never compel or force you to draw nude paintings of religious deities, which are considered as sacred symbols.

2)Writing ethics din't compel any writer to hurt religions sentiments including their own,Who the hell are those absurd morons to upset religious sentiments, because i hate religion i can't stage a protest against the religious stuffs, be it absurd or wonderful everyone has right to pursue what they like and no one has right to hurt another person's sentiment...   

Leave those two idiots and let's come to our main point, secularism in India, India is divided in two vast categories, they call them MAJORITY and MINORITY...
When someone speaks against minority people, automatically he will be counted as Pro Majority person and his thought s and behaviors are against our secular thoughts.
At the same time when someone speak against majority people, HE IS REBEL....

Being a Hindu if you support minority people pf India, you will be counted as GOOD PERSON and a person who fights for equal rights, How shame it is ? duplicity i say...
Hussain and Rushdie both committed a great mistake, each of them hurt a religion...

But Hussain is considered as a VICTIM and Rushdie is considered as an OFFENDER, both of them demolished the beliefs of some people, number might differ but both of them are same stupid guys.
How clean we are ? Our Media supported Hussain and treated him like a REBEL, i am glad the Rushdie dint arrive to the Lit fest, still some idiots have read out the verses in that banned book... i will be happy if they are alive.

Our secularism is BIASED, anyone who speaks against minority people are considered as people against Secularism, at the same time when anyone supports minority though they have mistakes they are considered as PROTECTORS.
What does Rushdie and Hussain tells us ?

Never Hurt religious sentiments in a religious spiritual land, if you do so, either you must escape to some country or you must REST IN PEACE..
This is India and not western countries to speak blasphemy, am an agonist just because i hate religions and deities i cant go to public and spread anti religious thoughts. if i do so i will be either murdered or deported.
Secularism In India.. means ?

Protect minority even if they had done mistake and just curse majority even if they are innocent, i can understand the troubles faced by the both kind of people, in the name of interrogation so many Muslims have been jailed for years.
Secularism in India lives only by the name but certainly not in the reality....

Coming to Hussain, am very much happy that he was not allowed to enter India, i wont and any true Indian won't allow a stupid man who painted Nude Bharatmata and that too in the shape of INDIA, how silly and shame is this ?
Now Rushdie the Satan, am glad that he was not allowed to attend the fest, you hurt ISLAM and now they pay back you, in the name of writing you can't write whatever you can, if you write so face these ill treatments..

Wish there will not be any more moron,absurd and idiotic so called writers or painters from INDIA, if it happens.. it is a national shame :(
And our law makers will certainly be ashamed of current situation, in which secularism and religions are used to gather votes and woo voters with their so called reservation and support...

Ads Of India...

Pot Shots, they term it... and yes, will be interesting and funny to see two big heads fighting like street end ladies who fights for the Tap water and i have witnessed few tap water fights, it will be very humorous to an extent and we must be certainly happy if that war of words doesn't end up with a riot...

Pepsi Vs Cola... Khan Vs Khan... Idea Vs Reliance... Audi Vs BMW... Nano Vs Bikes and lot more, now in recent times it is very interesting to learn that Newspapers have joined that elite list.
The two Print media moguls are great in their own way and i must be honest while expressing in what way they are great..

1) Great in delivering news as it was...
2) Great in placing advertisements at sensitive places...                                                                                
Most of you would have come to a conclusion on which print media i am talking about, one The Hindu and another one is Times of India...
I have been reading Hindu for years and i must admit that i learnt lot more words by reading Hindu and their skills are certainly adorable, their way of expressing things and their gravity stand on issues will be impeccable.

Few Months Back TOI came up with an Ad for their Chennai edition, which portrays a man who is sleeping everywhere, he sleeps because he got bored with the conventional news dailies and the songs which comes in Tamil will be very nice to hear, like a Lullaby !
Times of India deliberately Targeted The Hindu t Chennai, which is Hindu's head quarters. i was just thinking why Hindu is still dormant and now the dormant volcano has become ACTIVE and have erupted some videos which i enjoyed a lot.

Now as a payback, Hindu targets and very deliberately attacks TIMES OF INDIA for their poor skills, i have been to their site several times, first page will be a FULL PAGE ADVERTISEMENT and then a half page advertisement and then some hot actress photos and some filthy stuffs.
Hindu on the other hand it is quite genuine with their contents and justifiable with their advertisements, Hindu Nurtures English and i don't want to mention what Times of India nurtures.

Stay ahead with Hindu the caption says...

This Video is pretty funny and can say this as EXAGGERATION...
Few young lads are not aware of TAHIR SQUARE and NOT AWARE about the Vice president and so on, but the point to note is they are aware of SIZE ZERO ACTRESS and AIshwarya rai's daughter... quite shame and i feel quite true...
Q:Who will succeed Ratan Tata ?
Answer 1: His son :P
Answer 2: Mukhesh Ambani...

Q:Who is Ram's father in Ramayana the voice questions..

Answer 1: One of the Pandavas LOL
Answer 2: No idea..
Which news paper do you read...
Three censor tones, which means three words and their lip movement can be easily understood

Whatever it is just enjoy the video, we can enjoy the HUMOR between the rivalry of two great(as i explained) MEDIA guys :P
I must and i will say, The Hindu is ahead(good way) over Times(ads) of India....

TOP 10 Intelligence Agencies..

TOP 10 Intelligence Agencies in the WORLD.

10) ASIS- Australian Secret Intelligence Service….

9) CSIS- The Canadian Security Intelligent Service (CSIS)


8) BND- The Bundesnachrichtendienst is the foreign intelligence agency of the German government.



7) RAW
- India's external intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing 
For More- RAW



6) FSB- The Federal Security Service of Russian Federation (FSD) FSB
5) MSS
- Ministry of State Security is the security agency of the People’s Republic of China. For More-MSS
4) MI6- MI6 or, as it is known formally, the Secret Intelligence Service.For More- MI6

3) MOSSAD-Israel's extremely active intelligence agency.
For More- MOSSAD

For More- ISI
1) CIA- Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
For more- CIA

This List furnished above is not an absolute one.
By gathering information available Online, i just produced the list,so keep it cool.

Jana Gana Mana Creates a World Record!

While surfing through the list of latest HOT news, i came across this phrase "15K sing Jana Gana Mana and creates a World record" ...
It made me happy, certainly every Indian will be happy and proud of reading this...
so here i share :)

January 26 is our republic day... Republic, Honestly do we know what it is actually ?
Few seconds back with the help of Google i got the answer, here i share...
""A state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president...""Though it is not exactly what's happening in our state, we must accept this definition.. 
Over 15,000 people from the city on Wednesday participated in a mass singing of national anthem 'Jana Gana Mana', creating a world record in the process. With a tally of 15,243, they took India into the 'Guinness Book of World Records' for "the most people singing a national anthem simultaneously", erasing the previous record held by Pakistan for 5,800 individuals.Very much happy that we have broken the Pakistan's record..

Republic Day: The best thing about this day will certainly not be the BORING speech from the politicians and certainly not the irrelevant programs from any ABSURD TV channels, but will be the PARADE that happens in capital, it will be great to watch, Doordarshan with it's substandard technology still surviving just because of few function like these...

Flawless performance by the Army guys and also the school children's of Delhi, will be a wonderful sight to watch, i am not lucky enough to watch in straight... i believe someday it will come true :)
63rd Republic day and the History should not be and must not be faded...
Whenever we hear our anthem or any patriotic song, there will be a GREAT FEEL inside us, which i have experienced many time...

So let's forget the SCAM and Corruption charges for few days and let's celebrate the R DAY :)though we are not completely republic and we are just republic in the NAME but not in the action, it's time to spectate the STUNNING SHOW :)
Happy Republic day Indians !



Location: Bus Stop
Hero: "Proposes to Heroine"..
Heroine:"Accepts it with a smile"...

Right after that !

Alps mountains
Hero & Heroine: Sings and Dances together with some white and black dancers...

After knowing that Duet song,Heroine's Dad sends a dozen rowdies to thrash Hero.
But our hero manhandles everyone with his 2 legs and 2 hands..
He will kick dozen people in a single kick after that one by one every rowdies will Que up to get beaten by hero, hero won't get a single scratch but all rowdies will have some fractured bones(we must seriously think about pushing hero to our army).

Much Interesting scene, climax.. Villain gang owns Ak-47 which is similar to Akshaya Pathra, vessel in which food will be found always. like that in Villains gun and in our hero's gun "Bullets will be loaded for 100 Rounds or more"
Villain will shoot multiple times but none of the bullets will reach our hero, but hero shoots only one time but it will pierce through villain's forehead :)

How horrible it will be if Tom hanks and Sofia dances in middle of Vatican square(Angels and demons)...

We have a funniest movie industry but with unused talents, we copy only the films not their methods and not even their technologies, we spend crore and crore for a single movie and to market it we need much more bucks but the film will come like a CRAP.. Total crap...
We have talents but we don't have a scope and we don't have a futuristic approach..
everywhere we go for some masala movie, which we should watch without expecting logic and we should not ask questions basically.
But the good thing in having songs is we have got some unforgettable songs of the century, so many musicians and so many singers with their iconic voice mesmerized us, but now we have to think some other strategy...
Youths of today are listening much to pop and some seizure craps, we are very much lured to Hollywood movies, no mistake in that.. they have the content and juice which our industry lacks.
Our media is very much interested in who is visiting who and who is in affair with him and at what time that actress leaves the actor's house, Just like a paid watchmen..

There are lot of youngsters coming to action, but film industry is not differs much from politics, here also we have dynasties and we need someone to sneak in to the industry, talents are next !
Nepotism prevails...
The best thing and innovative thing that our film industry bought is Sunny Leone and some crap erotic movies, some old head Bhatt must be kicked in their Butts..

What next ? i am going to watch Don No 1 :P :P you too watch some funny thrillers..
we have very few films in the TIME'S Movie(guess only 1) list but we have misguided tons of talents..

Absolute Betrayal..

I am no historian and not an archeologist either, i am going to present you a so called article on RELIGIONS, am quite young to understand the functions and fundamentals of religions and i have no belief over them, not only religions i have no trust and belief over all things which have lost their purpose.

Purpose of religion ? i can't spot an absolute purpose, i can say few well known, 1st among them is to LIVE A PEACEFUL AND MORAL LIFE.
Half of the world's population don't know what peace is, but we still present noble prize to crusaders who fights for peace, well without using much words and wasting your time, i begin my post..
I had a SHORT STORY  in my school time called "BETRAYAL", i was not listening to the teacher's explanation and i was caught and asked to write the meaning for BETRAYAL as an imposition. ever since that moment BETRAYAL is an unforgettable word for me.

What is betrayal ? i have searched to confirm the meaning(hehe), Google says  "BETRAYAL- Exhibiting DISLOYALTY".
Disloyalty has become a common thing, it happened and happening and am damn sure it will happen.
If you ask me, what is the worst ever betrayal ? i will say Betrayal is a betrayal, be it for a 1 rupee candy or for a 1 crore car, a betrayal is a betrayal and it is a SHAME.
Still i can point the worst ever betrayal as BETRAYAL OF RELIGION.

Christianity: A Christian is someone who has decided to entrust his or her life to Jesus Christ. A Christian trusts Christ for forgiveness of sin, a right standing before God, and guidance in life.
I have not read much of bible but i admire many phrases in it, i don't know whether Jesus is real or an imaginary one, but his principles are jewels, there are very very few Christians who follows all the principle of Jesus.
But i respect Christianity for it's benevolent activities, which serves and helps poor and needy people, but Since biblical times, Christians have involved in Killing people who opposes Christianity.

*Christians have involved in destroying and killing pagans.
*Female philosopher HYPATIA was brutally killed by some Christian mobs.
*Innocent women were murdered in the name of Witches.
*Countries which has major people as Christians have involved in conquering,invading and killing civilians. 

So ultimately, be it 1 or 1 crore Christians, we have Christians who betrayed their religion by not following to the rules and conditions of Christianity.

Islam:  Islam means. Peace and obedience, most of us after understanding the meaning will feel astonished, yes, Islam means peace,patience and obedience.Prophet Muhammad is an example for tolerance, but what's happening now ?

Airports looks and treats Muslims with a third eye, TERRORISTS are symbolized as people who grew long beards and wear a cap or whatever, Muslim countries are feared to travel and world's deadliest person is a Muslim and there are less peace in middle east, middle east which was once a calm place for development of Islam is not the same now.
All these because of very few terrorist who are just identified with Islam names, of course terrorism has no religion but terrorist has, just because of some 100 200 terrorists, whole religion is treated in a different disgusting way.
In the name of JIHAD, thousands of innocents are killed in roads, who is doing all these ? Is that JIHAD to kill innocents ? Prophet told these things to do ? NO but at this place Muslims have betrayed their religion.

JUDAISM: Judaism differs from Christianity in a very basic way, Christianity believes Jesus as Messiah but Judaism doesn't believes that point, During the Nazi rule and world war times, countless Jews are brutally murdered, why ? just because they are Jews who follows Judaism, in this case Religion betrayed us, but don't worry Jews have also violated their own TEN COMMANDMENTS !
Jews should not KILL PEOPLE

But they are forced to kill people, especially Islam people and till now Israel(land of Jews) are doing that, forcing countless Muslims to stay under bullets and many of them are extradited and serving prisons, her is the place where Jews violated and betrayed their religion.

Buddhism: Buddhism is a path of practice and spiritual development leading to Insight into the true nature of reality...
Gautama Buddha, from royal family cried and worried for sufferers and left all his wealthy possession to enlighten people, in his name and in his words BUDDHISM was started, one of peaceful and respected religions in the world.

Sri Lanka is a nation of Buddhism where we can find tall and gigantic Buddhist statues  but it's real face is "KILLING COUNTLESS TAMILS MASSACRED THEM in the last few years, they killed month old babies, raped women etc etc.."
China's dragon stand over Tibet and  indirectly killing 100's of Buddhist monks.
I believe Buddha will not be happy and will not be smiling by seeing these atrocities.
here Buddhist people have betrayed their religion and Buddha.

Jainism and Sikhism: These are two religions i highly very highly respect, SIKHS have made India proud and they are contributing continuously, their share is much higher than any other religion or region.

1984 Anti Sikh riots which killed many Sikh people and they are just killed and attacked just because of being a Sikh.
Operation Blue-star which is aimed at killing extremist who were demanding separate state, it resulted in Hurting Sikhs sentiments and as a result Prime minister of India has been murdered by her SIKH security man, Why khalistan ? and few people who demands Khalistan are also indulging in terrorist activities.Movements like Babbar Khalsa have certainly betrayed their religions.

Hinduism: According to me and being a Hindu, this is the religion i hate most, certifying people based on their work, what the hell ? Unaccountability and no rights to enter the temple, who gave these people all rights ?

One of the oldest religion and religion with broad views, scholars and astrologists of this religion is world's famous TRUE, but how many people have suffered the ill faced as an Untouchable ?
How many Hindus lost lives and How many Hindu's killed others in Hindu-Muslim Riots ? no god/goddess asks us to give human sacrifice and no god asks us to kill people of other religion.

In the name of temple or Masjid, how many innocents lost their lives and how many families suffered that pain, numerous rules and classifying people based on color,gender and religion, oh man what a shame ?
I am not at all proud of saying myself as Hindu and i am not a true Hindu and so none, BC MBC SC ST FC we are classifying ourselves like TEA BRAND which are to exported.

Religions have done enough cruelty and damages to humanity, just imagine how good this world would have been without religions..
Religions has failed their purpose and we have betrayed their values and teachings.
No one has right to call themselves as a TRUE RELIGIOUS PERSON or whatsoever.

ABSOLUTE BETRAYAL is by Humans to Humans in the name of Religions.....
P;S- Just shared my so called views over the religions, i could-have been wrong in mentioning things and i have got no right to hurt any religious sentiments..
Just made this post after the shameful political controversy of SATANIC verses ! 

Pursuit Of HappYness...

pursuit of happ(i)yness...
There are only 2 kind of Movies ever made...

1) Movies, that we will watch till credits(which runs around for 5 minutes), we will crave "Why don't they extend it ?"..."Why don't they have a sequel".."i will watch it one more time".
2)As you have guessed, other kind of movies will makes us to ask, "When this crap gonna end ?" "Why did i come here to watch this crap?" perhaps most intelligent souls and time keepers will walk out as soon as they touch the limit of patience.

But there is a 3rd kinda movie, tough to say that movie as only one of it's kind, there are several such wonders, if i were GOD perhaps a richest billionaire alive on milkyway galaxy, i will persuade all the selectors in this galaxy to give this FILM all the possible awards in all categories.
"Pursuit of Happyness",i have watched it quite a times... but every time when i watch the climax, i will say this to myself  "i have to watch it again".   

I am not going to tell the story or what i liked it, i am just going to share my euphoria and share my some of the unknown and unnamed state after seeing this movie.
This part of the state i call it as "UNKNOWN STATE".

Every man and woman will have tough tougher toughest time in their lives, few has it emotionally, few economically and few in both kinds.
This movie must be added in all dictionaries officially as a replacement for the word FATHERHOOD.

This movie tells, how a man fight hard to excel, remember not as a bachelor but as a FATHER, this father fights for his future, fights for his dignity, fights for his son and fights for happiness and at the end he accomplishes.
Will smith exceptionally expressed the emotional scenes.
i will share you the one which affected me very badly...( MUST check this one)
This movie to me is a ray of optimism, ray of courage and a ray and an example for a PERFECT FATHER.
Every dialogue of this film must be in Unforgettable dialogues list.
We have 100's of movie to speak about motherhood and certainly motherhood and mothers deserves much better than what we portray and what we praise.

At the same time what about a FATHER like this guy ? for your information this movie is based on a real story not a reel one, an inspiring story that inspires every troubled heart and a must watch master piece. if you haven't watched this movie, don't comment, but watch.. may be in a month,week or years, you will remember this post and then come here and share your views, am not exaggerating anything.
This movie is definitely An elixir composed of Optimism,Love and Courage.
I find shortage with words and phrases to explain about this movie, i would rank this no 1 in Must watch movie.!
for more CHK THIS:The_Pursuit_of_Happyness

There are movies which will make you laugh, will make you cry and will make you think.
This is a movie which will make you to do all those listed above, an INSPIRATIONAL MOVIE !

MEMORABLE QUOTES Pursuit of Happiness:
  • Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.
  • This part of my life, this part right here. this is called "happiness".
  • Don't ever let someone tell you you can't do something,. Not even me. All right?
  • You got a dream, you got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you you can’t do it. You want something, go get it..

TITBITS On Narcissism & Hypocrisy.

"I will Look much better than George cloony"(Charlie Chaplin in reality) and if i sing, my neighbors will ask  as "Is that Mohammed Rafi on speaker"(Donkey's Bray in reality).. and you know "you can't spot a single difference between my rock dance steps and MJ's mesmerizing moves"(seizure in reality) apart from that i can swim in Tsunami and i can drive my ambassador with 350Km/h and I blah blah blah "
- Words from an Narcissist.

"I will Look much better than George cloony"(Charlie Chaplin in reality) and if i sing, my neighbors will ask  as "Is that Mohammed Rafi on speaker"(Donkey's Bray in reality).. and you know "you can't spot a single difference between my rock dance steps and MJ's mesmerizing moves"(seizure in reality) apart from that i can swim in Tsunami and i can drive my ambassador with 350Km/h and I blah blah blah "-- But i hate self glorification and i hate narcissism to the core. 
- Words from an Hypocrite.

Narcissist are quite familiar in blogosphere, best to way to find a narcissist ? do you know that ? then stop reading and switch on your web cam and show your face, if you don't have a web cam better find a mirror and show your face.
Everyone has a narcissist and an hypocrite in them but only the quantity and quality of hypocrisy, narcissism differs. deny or embrace it ?.

Narcissism is certainly not a sin to fear about, without loving ourselves we can't love others but hypocrisy ??
Hypocrisy, everyone in this world is an hypocrite, i strongly believe that. at some part of time at some place we would have behaved like an hypocrite.

People advices "Be yourself" if you follow that are you really behaving yourself ? or you are following his words ?
Gandhi is known for his patience and non violence movement and he is certainly FATHER OF OUR NATION, do you Know that whether Gandhi behaved like a father for his son ?

Double standard lives, everyone plays it. they speaks one with us and replaces the word with some other things when the person at other end changes.
Similarly the officials getting transferred after an election,
Change is only thing which never changes.

What about a narcissist ?
It is not a sin to love ourselves, but certainly a mistake when we love ourselves more than a level. so we will have a superiority feel, like the sick Nazi's and few sick bloggers in this blogosphere.
if you go and check about me page of them, you can find some phrases which even Napoleon or Alexander will not use.

I don't have rights to call them as Absurd idiots, perhaps in my view they may sound like an idiot, to their world they are right.
famously noted as "Everyman feels that he is right in his own view".

But problem arises, when you are being an hypocrite and blames an hypocrite and when you are being an narcissist but you will blame narcissism, a shameful act indeed.
Recently i visited a 3 letter site, a site dedicated for narcissist sicko's, there a sicko blamed a group of people for narcissism, but certainly it is his own view and he has the right to express.But what i infer is that, his ABOUT ME page is 200% narcissistic than what he blamed :P

Showing our strength and showing our good virtues are not an exhibitionism, it is a gift for our hard work. perhaps a fortune.
Since we are deeply routed with blog, we must confess that we have a group of people who consider themselves as a "GREEK GODS/GODDESS FOR BLOG", they may or they can be.. who cares ? but who gave them rights to hurt an individual ?

Hypocrites advising me.. ah I cant tolerate that, he will have an elephant sized crap in his front head but still asks me to wipe my face..
Neighborhood is a birth place of narcissism, Aunty walaas.. "My son sent me a diamond necklace and it costs 15Lakhs", "My daughter got a seat in MIT","See my new saree 25,000Rs" bullshit them !

Dear people, why playing double standard ?(if you don't play just skip reading)
If you consider all these as an advice, i will be the FIRST IN THE HYPOCRITE list
i am not blaming or depreciating anyone, just sharing what i feel.
My elastic limit started to crumble, i cannot tolerate the craps from any hypocrite or narcissist !
Ok i dono how to end :P feeling light after cursing all :P :P cheers !
finally, i wish to repeat my own words "Everyone has every character in them(Includes narcissism and Hypocrisy) but only the (%) Quantity differs" try to be balanced....




No, this is not a review for the movie wrong turn and i can smell that many of you are uncertain on what this topic is all about, since there are numerous wrong turns everyday, this one(this wrong turn) may be the first nail in our(bloggers) coffin.

"Tele-marketing advertisements which were haunting our mobile phone's inbox is no more now and so my messages to friends", instead of slashing the convict our government is penalizing the victim.
We are the victim, previously they limited the messages per day to hundred and increased it to 200, why din't they find a solution to avoid or eradicate to remove nonsense messages alone ?" WHY PUNISH ALL FOR FEW ?

Similarly now ONLINE CENSORSHIP, instead of removing the offensive and malicious content alone ? it is impossible ? OK if impossible will you remove the entire site, which also educates some good and much needed things.

"It is ridiculous to ignore the whole basket of fruits for finding few faulty ones " that's what happened on limiting marketing messages, this may happen in the case of online censorship too.
Are we moving to the TOTALITARIAN(Chinese) way ?  yes, i think so. if those 21 companies don't comply with the government's stand, that position may happen soon.
I wish that should not happen, Harsh ways definitely can't be a perfect path to reach perfection.

I wish and expect government to find an alternative way to remove obscene and malicious content which they fear, before going and talking about removing and banning offense, INTERNET is that really growing or available in India seamlessly .

Most of the networks and service providers are giving Unlimited internet usage for huge bucks and giving limited usage for low bucks, before  deciding whether to ban or not, government has to think upon the GROWTH OF TECHNOLOGY in India.
Steps like India's and world's cheapest tablets deserves an applause, why government can find a user friendly way to fight viral contents than banning the entire thing.

Even if they ban or block, people will find a way to view it using proxy settings, fact is that we can't eradicate 100% things we can only lessen them, in that case why government is keen on bringing draconian laws to technology ?

Government often fails to safeguard our premium institutions like CBI and often their sites are hacked and some data's are hacked, instead of banning things government must think upon safeguarding our Online subjects.
We must appreciate certain things like, removing obscene and offensive contents which speaks blasphemy and brain washes people.

Google and other sites named says it is difficult to block only the offensive contents, similar position happened with China and Google opted to go out !
They are just like Landlords, finding revenue from both kind of tenants :)

But "BLOCKING EVERYTHING" is not the fair way to achieve that, Indian online community can't survive peacefully without social networking sites and blogs.
While opening PHOTOSHOP CS3, i can see 10-15 Indian names there, all our brains are serving aliens.
Why can't we bring them here and find a solution, why cant' we find an effective way to keep worms at bay ? GOVERNMENT must think well before they take a foot on BANNING.
I am very sure, government won't ban or censor major things, you know why ?


Ever since 1983 Cricket world cup Final, cricket has been a synonymous word for SPORTS in India.
Few people wonders "what's there with Cricket ?"few says "It's a boring game"
few believes as "all the matches are fixed, they are playing for money".

Indians(we) are really craziest people in the world, we will be attaching ourselves emotionally with something, if you take western countries they will put their kids in a separate room and am very very sure, western country people are less emotionally attached than us..But we(Asians) where Hinduism,Islam,Buddhism,Judaism etc etc all of them have their origins in Asia and we(Asians) will attach ourselves to others easily and we are well known for hospitality..

Hospitality and diversity led Europeans to settle without much trouble and which paved way for British to control us for centuries..
And so we exist with commonwealth games and CRICKET which is a product of English is bulky bulged here with money.

Coming to the essence:
What's wrong with cricketers and what's wrong with cricket crazy fans ?
A common ardent fan who devotes cricket as religion and players as god expects four things(perhaps it may expand)

1)Every delivery that an Indian bowler bowls must return as a wicket !
2)Every delivery that an Indian batsmen face must be converted in to boundaries.
3)Every lofted ball of opponent team must fall on the hands of an Indian player
4)Every appeal that is kept in front UMPIRE must be given red light perhaps a finger raised towards the sky.
BONUS POINT: Every match that India plays should be WON ! 
If nothing goes this way, Indian cricketers name will top the list of MOST ABUSED HUMAN BEINGS.
And their family members will occupy the rest of the slots.


Go to Facebook after our cricket team got defeated, we can find status saying..
"India loses again, poor captaincy, poor bowling and poor fielding" there will be 10 likes and 100 comments.

Go to any 24x7 news channel:
TIMES NOW is the most hated channel for me,
joker who never makes us to laugh)
He will speak as if he is the roman god for cricket, he says" i believe DHONI should have selected Ojha instead of Ashwin".. they call him as cricket EXPERT.. as if he smashes all the deliveries to mercury..
MEDIA(bunch of Jokers) will make CRICKETERS as scapegoats, what if they party with some actress ? it's their personal,, do they scrutinize you(media) ??

GO TO A TEA SHOP: 80 year old grandpa.. "These youngsters are useless,we should have Kapil dev as captain.." they will be in a thought that Kapil is still playing under DHONI's Captaincy !:P

Cricket is a game and a game has success and victory as PART AND PARCEL of the life..
even an educated ignorant(like me) will refuse to accept cricket as game.
In my college days, we had a fight... Sourav or DHONI ? i am an ardent DHONI follower, we heated up the arguments and it ended up in dean's room ! i am ashamed of that :P

I can see so many people advising Indian team in blogs, few consider themselves as SIR BRADMAN and few consider themselves as SACHIN and bestows the bad words...
CRUELTY and why this killing rage ?

1) Youngsters are jealousy over cricketers because most of their girl friends are in love with some young gun and those cricketers are partying with their sweet heart heroines.
2) Oldies are angry with the bank balance of cricketers :P
{my own view no sarcasm}

If India wins, certainly it will be a happy news for all of us,, If they loses it will be a heart breaking news no doubt in that..
None gonna come from Australia and none will crown us if India thrashes Australia and importantly everyday we have to go by the same dirty street, same job and there will be no change in our routines..
similarly no change with our routines if we lose the series !
i feel we are taking too much of cricket OVERDOSE... which is not prescribed by media neither by BCCI but forced and spoon feed by MEDIA and so called CRICKET EXPERTS who have never touched a cricket bat in their life.. so SAY no to KOLAVERI :P

P:S- Image shown is no way related to this post, but if you are very angry over me or TEAM,, please drink a sip :) Bindaas !
since most of the abusers are in guys i have added why this KOLAVERI DA.. for feminine abusers WHY THIS KOLAVERI D :P

The Men,The Women And The Blogger !

I like to blog it blog it...  I like to blog it blog it... I like to blog it blog it..
So let's do it do it :) an interesting discussion with a NONSENSE blogger helped me to write(blabber) something about this topic, I love to write(confuse) by comparing things, because it is damn easy to compare things than writing a BLAME post, POEM(incredible) and short(LONG) stories which extend up to 4 pages :P and I will try my best to act as a referee while comparing,blaming,judging MEN(bloggers) Vs Women(bloggers) and just because of being an intermediate person (it doesn't mean that i don't belong to either of the category :P)  (A) joke you can Laugh(please)...

Blogger: a person who owns a blog or site and updates it regularly, which can be on specific topic or some all rounder topics.
It implies that Blogger is neither a feminine term nor a masculine term.
So blogger is a person who owns and updates a blog, be it a professional blogger or a rookie blogger like me, we are all bloggers with no men and women discrimination :)

Even then I would like to write about men and women bloggers, just for laugh gags and for few thoughts too, see i can't always blame government in every post ok, i need you people to laugh too :) so this post...  let's think and laugh :)
Women Bloggers: if you have watched Titanic or some disaster film, when there are very few life boats left. They ask only women and children to escape first, by taking that as a model; here i begin with women...
Women- A sensational topic, if I praise women guys will label me as "DON JUAN", if i try to be harsh on women i will become a "Male chauvinist", what to do.. Let’s take risk..

Women bloggers are dominant and they are considerably high perhaps equal to men, from my class to college, i had more guys in my class than girls :(sob sob !
But here, women bloggers are equal in numbers (shut up Romeo).
Female bloggers are edge over than male bloggers, i accept it and i feel anyone who observes will accept it.

1) LAYOUT: Don’t count the votes or comments. just read their blog and analyze (not their picture), i certainly admire many women bloggers for their writing skills, words selection and the way they narrate things. They are better in ergonomics as well, women bloggers blog will be attractive (includes the flowers and teddies) but still their color selection and layout, gadgets and their taste will be adorable and it will be much better.

2) Communication skills: I must accept it too, women are better than men in communication skills, Women bloggers tend to communicate more effectively, they focus on how to create a solution and how to finish it up the post and that works for the readers, taking sensational issues and they will find a better solution, NO BAD WORDS and their emoticons, and empathy will attract readers. 
Science itself speaks; women hold languages in both of their hemispheres, while men hold it only on the dominant hemisphere.
I have experienced this while shopping with my mom; she can easily bargain things which my dad cannot: P

3)Temperament: Women are delicate creatures and so women bloggers has a good temperament, they will argue like hell to prove their point and at times they may never accept the other's view and argues, but the way they take you will be a soft approach.
NO foul words and few good hearts will silently hear all your sarcasms and let it off.

4) EGO FACTOR: Everyone as a human will have ego in them, may be the magnitude will differ but everyone has it and women has it much (i feel), " HIIIII... “Send to some women in chat, reply will come like "Hi."  and important thing to note is, reply will come 5 minutes later :P
Few deliberately avoids and suspects people to hold their standards, that's for very true and few women bloggers will never visit your blog unless you visit them :P few expects comments, if you go have a visit at their place(blog) and make a comment then ONLY they will show their face at your blog :P 
Watch out guys, few female bloggers looks like they never bothers you but they are silently watching your moves, once you visit their blog, you will be awarded their visit :P

5)Talent Factor: I am not telling that women are more talented than men, talents has no gender, color and race, Talent is like a thing which everyone has but very few exposes and very few acknowledges it.
Coming to the comparison, Female bloggers shows multi-talent  than male bloggers, usually male bloggers will be either having a photography blog, humor blog, non sense blog etc.
But female bloggers (as far as i know) has art blogs, poem blogs, short stories blogs etc,they concentrate on single topic at times and excels in that.

They are better than male in multiple tasking and don't forget they shine in what they do, few shines in art, few in poem and few in social reform. but certainly as far as i have seen female bloggers are much talented and gifted.
If you have analyzed the PODIUM, every contest will definitely have winners and mostly it comprises a female (i believe). They are good at organizing in what they do, they wont blabber and leave readers confused like me....

Now i must analyze MALE bloggers hehehe :)

1)Layout: i don't think you can find flowers or toys here, be happy if you don't find some SAW posters in their blog, guys are good commentators.. They will exactly find out a good figure even if she is coming in a kilometer distance.
If you are a good listener you can be a good speaker like that, few guys are good at selecting colors and selecting harsh gadgets, trust me there are some guys with weird colors. There must be a caution board “BEWARE OF COLORS "...
Guys are not fragile and tender, they are harsh and so their blogs. you cannot expect adorable flowers but be happy if you don't find some ZOMBIES in their blog :P

2)Communication Skills: Here comes the killer :P, in my class i had guys who were certainly talented than any other soul, they will murmur all the answers professor asks for but they never communicates it, communication is the key skill to express our talents and we must use apt words at apt place, personally i don't have great exposure to sexy words, i will use normal words and so many guys. Female bloggers are edge over than male bloggers in communication, be it poem or stories, considerably they are better.

3)Temperament: He he... as i said Guys are not fragile, everyone knows it, go and scold a guys as "***", you will receive multiplied words "***** *** ** ** * *", so male bloggers are certainly against one thing and that is " IF YOU SPEAK AGAINST THEM THEY WILL HATE YOU".
I went in to a guy's blog and expressed my contempt over his write up, he never visited and never replied and never commented on my blog again :P 
Guys hate bad reviews and they will be harsh, this is certainly a negative thing, interaction with a guy will be worst than an interaction with a women.
P;S- Women hates men, men hates men :P :P :P :P

4)Ego Factor: i am laughing again, few guys are like buffaloes, if a girl comes and yell, "HEHEHE" will be the reaction. EGO is certainly lesser for guys, but they feel like an huge embarrassment if a women comes and corrects his mistakes: P
Yes it is natural: P  just visit the history...
Guys won't bother even if you don't visit their blog, they will write write write and few votes votes votes: P guys has ego but it is much less comparing to a women. Elastic limit is there for everything, after that cookie will crumble :)
If you are a women, just go to a guy's blog and post " wonderful post, i loved it".. 
Reply: hey you?? Thanks thankss a Lott,,, i am happy
Then he will tweet to you
: " hey thanks for visiting my blog "
Then he will mail you:" hey there? thanks for visiting my blog"

5)Talent Factor: It is damn difficult for a women to beat a guy in humor and photography, photography blogs which in my experience, most of the blogs are from guys, because guys travels a lot(also a reason), but guys will have a great creativity in defining things :P
They are best in explaining things with humor, HUMOR factor is much with guys, be it foul words or appreciating words or sarcasm, guys will do it best.
SPORTS: guys are glued to sports, so you can't overcome a guy in sports and it is his passion, sports blogs and they way they unite their blog and associate it with what they do will be terrific.
Important point about blogging is SHARING VIEWS, we can't expect everyone to view a thing in our way, so i don't and won't expect you to accept my points, its one among my weird posts, obviously it has no use and i have no rights to judge people or label people, but i feel i can share what i feel :P

Every baskets has a rotten fruit and also a sweetest fruit in it, by just seeing one or two rotten fruit in a basket NO WISE men will throw the entire basket. 
if he commits so, he must be a retard :P

We are coming to the end of the post huh,,, so as a KID blogger i compared you all GIANT bloggers, don't take it in a bad manner,, i always have a great respect for you, even if you consider me as a BAD ROTTEN PIECE, i wont worry :)
Just express your views over this post and my weird comparisons :P

5)Talent Factor: It is damn difficult for a women to beat a guy in humor and photography, photography blogs which in my experience, most of the blogs are from guys, because guys travels a lot(also a reason), but guys will have a great creativity in defining things :P
They are best in explaining things with humor, HUMOR factor is much with guys, be it foul words or appreciating words or sarcasm, guys will do it best.
SPORTS: guys are glued to sports, so you can't overcome a guy in sports and it is his passion, sports blogs and they way they unite their blog and associate it with what they do will be terrific.
Important point about blogging is SHARING VIEWS, we can't expect everyone to view a thing in our way, so i don't and won't expect you to accept my points, its one among my weird posts, obviously it has no use and i have no rights to judge people or label people, but i feel i can share what i feel :P

Every baskets has a rotten fruit and also a sweetest fruit in it, by just seeing one or two rotten fruit in a basket NO WISE men will throw the entire basket.
if he commits so, he must be a retard :P

We are coming to the end of the post huh,,, so as a KID blogger i compared you all GIANT bloggers, don't take it in a bad manner,, i always have a great respect for you, even if you consider me as a BAD ROTTEN PIECE, i wont worry :)
Just express your views over this post and my weird comparisons :P

N"0" Comments !

"She was bloody beautiful and she has the best face that i have ever encountered”, No use by saying all these words to myself but what if we complement these words to that woman we witnessed ?(quite strange and weird huh)
She may consider us as “Jerk,Pervert, Johnny Bravo” etc etc:) but she will or may have a good,great feel because some strange dumb came to her and complemented her as Miss Beauty perhaps Mrs.Beauty:P.
She will(may) proudly share it to her roommates perhaps to her husband :P
What matters here ?? Happiness and Joy that comes after compliment.
Either positive or negative comments are good because it shows I am still relevant-Justin Guarani.I am not posting this to comment my posts but i know gentle hearts will comment(positively) :P 
Why this post ?
I love reading articles as long as it is short but i do read some big articles and after reading i long  for sharing my views, so i COMMENT them !
Mostly positive rarely negative :P
How to deal with comments ?See, you must be grateful to your readers and as a matter of fact most of them are bloggers, who apparently longs for comments.
It is not mandatory to comment or share your opinion,but a real,true comment will be the best gift to the writer !
after all we are here to express our own perspective at times it may confront or coincide(depends)
Whenever i feel to share my view, i will go comment them.
Your CAPTCHA is WRONG :P – SAID the Spasm Detector
I am poor at eyesight :(
Bloody Idiot your CAPTCHA is WRONG again :P – Spasm Detector
This time i got it..
but i lost my patience, i feel we must provide easy platform for readers to express their views, if you put all obstacles in the way they express, how can you expect them to comment again ??
They are not hackers, they are just poor readers :P
YEs, i accept detecting spam is must do work, but try to do it in an alternative way, in my blog. 
Like there are some style like, if you check the AM NOT SPAMMER check box, your comment will be accepted.
I will moderate comments, i believe there won’t be any CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA with tough alphabets are damn irritating, often it gives a feel of breaking DA VINCCI CODE !
Try the best to avoid CAPTCHA, am no tech expert, try Google to find an alternative for spasm detecting and try your best to avoid CAPTCHA.
My Bitter Experience:
Few days back i went to”X” site, which is quite famous but there a super soul deliberately abused me in wonderful words just for expressing my view(though it stupid) and labelled be as IGNORANT dumb retard :P
It is the best way to label and treat,abuse readers, only if you wish to stop them reading your articles :)
If you hate their comment and if you feel it is offensive better remove it, abusing at them and labeling their view as IGNORANT is what i call as FOOLISHNESS !  
I have removed several comments which i felt as offensive, i know that’s a worst thing, i just do that to avoid useless arguments.
Sharing views and padding up views are two different things.
Another kind of blog, to comment your view, you must learn math tables,
7*_ =21 ?
I often burst to laughs, what a crazy idea ? this is innovative, but sometimes irritating for poor dumb in math(like me).
Sometimes CAPTCHA code will be empty, but still it asks us to fill :P
WAR OF WORDS:A blogger friend criticized me for pasting links beneath my comments after that i stopped adding my link with my comments(only @ her site) comments are the better way to promote your blog, give them a link while commenting, it might help some total stranger to give a visit :)
If you think that leaving links as strangest thing, we should not be leaving link at any place, we are all here to express and publicize things, whats wrong in sharing links ? is that a sin ? it's a way to lure readers, perhaps a easy way to become a seasoned blogger !
Comments will make you a different person, i said about the honest comments !
At end of the day, we are here to share our views in the form of BLOG, be good and do good, which i am trying to do :P I just shared my opinion. din’t say anything in an intention to HURT any bloggers for their CAPTCHA…
Just felt it is irritating to fill captcha all time, so if you wish you can look on that, if majority feels that captcha should be there then i have no issues :)
Happy Blogging (No Comments)..
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