Jodi No:1

Two sheep enjoying the sunset @ hill top !
Their privacy damaged :(
Caught @ Mahabalipuram... 

As Altitude Increases...

How good is to be a MODEST or HUMBLE person ?

There are quite a few virtues which will highlight you from others, now a days and in coming years i doubt their(virtues) SURVIVAL.
One life on One Earth, that's the only thing we have. so as long as we stay here, there are something which should be taken care of.

We have people, who hangs Draupadi VastaHaran picture in their house (The picture in which Lord Krishna will save Draupadi from Humiliation)
But moral of what they do will be straight opposite to that of the picture...
"Journey of a thousand mile will start with a single step", you can be 6'6 or 7'6 or 4'5,
We were all once a toddler.
Similarly, how far you may go and whatever you may fathom...

Never forget your past.

Reason for this post is my experience with people who forget the past.
There exists a marginal difference between feeling inferior and showing humbleness...
Gotcha ?

"Famous Tamil quote Katrathu Kai alavu, kallathathu uzhagaluvu", which hardly means, what we know only handful of things but there are so many things to learn which stands in the size of world... What makes a legend ? Legends are treated as legend for their activities.

Apart from lack of humbleness and modesty, people lacks an another thing, to me which is like water in our body,

Why do we lack something which is abundant in a dog?
That's shameful, not for us but for DOGS.

They will kill themselves if they came to know that they are compared with human beings :)

Forgetting someone who stood by in hardship is as equal to burying him alive, not all humans are same, yes i can understand that. but all humans are alive because the heart beat, do you deny ???

Then as we all same in that case, why can't we all show some gratitude.

Phew... why i am talking all these? i don't know... Just a piece of peace.
When i vomit something in my blog, i have the feel of relief and when someone reads it and tries to implement at least by 1%, what else will make me much more happy?

It is not always about what you are and what you show but it is also about how you are and how you show.
Remember it, Humbleness and gratitude are the most wanted thing for the people at top:)

Geographically proved.
Know why?
Most of the people who are at high level, their HEART turns in to a STONE after reaching the SUMMIT and so it forgets the past and so the water evaporates...
Stone heart has got less water in it :)

Mass Suicide- A 55 Fiction..

Torn parts of their body were wide spread, even the goat which follows a scapegoat will take cover, but those warriors who followed the deceased didn’t do so…
It was a MASS suicide.

They are killing themselves for a benevolent reason and they shed blood for “us and our environment to survive”.

Thank you Rain Drops…

It is to become one !

Well, I don’t know how to start this post…
This is like writing about something which is reason for my presence here in this world and also it’s like writing about something which is one of the purposes of my existence. I don’t want to make riddles, yes I am writing about MARRIAGE.......................

For more check my guest post at MARRIAGE BOOK

Yellow and ME !

Carnival is over now and it will be the next day of marriage, everyone sleeping there by and the agents, contractors busy in packing, shifting things.
Family packing their dresses and jewels, vacating the marriage hall....

It will be like a SILENCE after a TSUNAMI !
That's how we can correlate the Post IPL season...
Apart from the spot fixing scandals, Sharuk's dirty brawl and almost a rape from an international cricketer
Cheap cheap and silly silly incidents had happened, but did we stopped watching or speaking about IPL ?
A big no !

That's the reason why BCCI remains as an invincible KING in international arena.
Everyone knows it none corrects it(including the one who writes it and the one who reads it)

Why i am writing this you may ask ? asked already... Let me clarify.

I am one of the stupid who will shout and cheer for IPL and an ardent follower of cricket.
i love cricket because India rocks(believed to be) there.
India rocks Neither in hockey nor in football.

From the south most part of India, in a Humid and under scorching sun's dance, i loved and i love playing cricket.

Those are like part of our culture and it's not easy to abolish abruptly.

Chennai Super kings, is the team i cheer, for that i can state 2 reason
1) it's my home state
2) FOR Dhoni :P

Yesterday, CSK lost the IPL-5 Finals...
These are not new for us, we are well seasoned...
We have lost in finals, won in finals, lost in semi finals and won in semi finals and still the only team from India to WIN CHAMPIONS league.

IPL and Chennai super kings are synonymous, you call it fixed or loosened, i don't care...
Quite a few people are very happy with KKR win over Chennai, we are not kids to jump up and down after eating candy for first time.

As i said earlier we are well seasoned, we have a fine,calm captain and we don't have Chris Gayle or dale steyn, we are not relying on one man, we played and rocked as whole team, we don't have actors with us.
We are not involved in shameful brawls.
We have won fair play award and lots of feathers are still at our cap...

We have nothing to prove, we have a cool Captain who never scolds or pushes his fellow team mate in front of camera.

Even in post match presentation our words will be very comfortable, we don't back stab our fellow players...

FAcebook status war and comment wars, haha funny they are and at times it will erupt like active volcano, forget them forget them...
Let the ignorant man to erupt.
As i said earlier, Chennai Super Kings has got nothing to prove or achieve.

The most successful team and it's captain from Jharkhand had done enough for us to party :)
When i mean chennai super kings or whatever IPL team, it doesn't signify the state or city alone, there are plenty of cross cricketers playing for other state.

Taking that in to note, IPL has 50% 50% effect on Indian Integrity !
Whatever happens, my whistle will never stop for CHENNAI SUPER KINGS...

And for our mighty CAPTAIN, there were some captains in PAST.

Few were banned for match fixing and few got scared away after hearing a request to captain India and few showed some shame tactics in the name of aggression, never been a captain as much as cool and composed like you !
And to the ignorant kids who fights with ground staffs and asks sorry at last, here we come at champions league !

Exam Bhooth !

Phewwwwww to the infinity...
That's the height of my Maths preparation, nothing else can annoy you than a semi solved problem, next step ?

Assuming A= omega B=Alpha C= Beta, but my English teacher in primary schooling had never taught me these, either she should have arrears in English or i must have had a deep sleep.
Bull shit....

Why i am talking all these ? still i exist in my Exam medium.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? that was the most annoying,irritating question for me in recent times, from opposite house aunts to backyard uncles... all those ALL INDIA RADIOS will ask this question every time i see them.


 Google Images

For this particular purpose, i skipped attending neighbor's marriage (sad that i missed my delicious banana leaf food) and also i ll reach my home like thief, will take long routes to avoid those leeches.
For 6 months i was like a terrorist, will run run run....

Run Deepak Run, its my MANTRA !
Let this stop and i was talking about exams right.

Well, we can talk for years if we talk about HOW EDUCATION WORKS IN INDIA, perhaps education in India can not even worth calling it as EDUCATION.
If we copy some answers from a guy near by us, we will be barred but if we just repeat the phrases as it was in the book, news channel will spot us @ TOPPERS.

Night before the exam, oh my goodness, hardly sleep will touch me. if i close my eyes

"Will the question i studied will come ?"
"Will i pass this time ?"
AND after all those questions, finally i will krrrrrrrrrr...

My alarm sequence,
5:30 AM, 5:35 AM, 6:00 Am, 6:30 AM
apart from these, i will keep alarm in my mobile, dad's mobile, mom's mobile...
Despite of all these forts, i will wake up only after the final alarm :P

Have to do morning duties, rush up and catch the bus...

Footboard and conductor saab will say this "What you doing to pluck by studying engineering?"
You will not be fine in future i swear you- he punches.

After hearing all these appreciations, i will run to find my exam hall and also will await some cute girl(expectations) to have a seat with me.
Suppose if the exam sucks she will be helpful for time pass....

At the verge of final bell, suddenly i will read all the chapters and one voice "Get inside get inside"....
That giant invigilator KEEP YOUR MOBILE INSIDE YOUR BAG, remember i can ban you from attending all exams if you have it inside your pocket !
Even Kasab sleep peacefully inside the jail, but students cant even breath inside the exam hall :P

That blue sheet:

Question paper, it will be distributed....
Having a FINAL LAUGH, that's what i remember... laughing for one final time.
Once the question papers are given, i will try to see my friend at other corner, he will laugh at me and so me and so the exam invigilator !

Additional sheet:

Honestly we don't know why we add additional sheet, it will be hard for us to complete the main sheet, we will write HISTORY,Geography in MATHEMATICS :P
there will be a war, whether we pass or not, we will not let the invigilator to have a seat for a minute.

Sir additional sheet :P
we will be more curious on who gets the first additional sheet.
Frankly even if they provide us a mark for an additional sheet, we would have passed :P

Exam OVER !

"" Machan Will you pass ? ""
"" NO how about you ?????? ""
hehe NO !
(if the other one says YES, then we ve to call an ambulance)

Then a sigh of relief for both Einsteins...

but this time, i have done my exams well :) skipped my blog and regular activities and hope i will pass...
that's the reason for my irregular and inconsistent blogging activity :P 

Indian Paisa League !

pa pa pa pa pa pa-paaaammmmmmm pa !
I tried my best to bring down the lyrical form IPL stadium music :P

Well the festival(IPL) has reached the most interesting stage, HUNT for the top four teams, in a cricket frenzy nation, these stuffs are pretty common.
As everyone writes their view, i would like to write my perspective in words.
Indian Idol- Pop Idol
Big Boss- Big Brother
And so on. those countless reality(so called) shows were adapted from all over the globe.
Similarly IPL is believed to an adapted format of EPL.
(you can even see the adaption of IPL logo beside the players jersey, which is very common in EPL)

Whatever it is, something which gives fun without hurting anyone must be appreciated and accepted.

But the buck stops here? Obviously there will be a set of people who will look for the HOLES.
Take me in.

INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE will be more appropriate if it had been named as INDIAN PAISA LEAGUE.
Money money money- GODDAMN money man.
If you have no money NO HONEY:P that's how stuff works, MONEY and POWER plays a better cricket than any other professional cricketer, IPL is a successful example for that NOTE.

If you wanna see SET max, you must subscribe for some amount in DISH TV, which will be pretty costly than usual rate.
INDIANS are the best in MARKETING, that's why IPL remains a successful show than rest of the world. we have a great community which follows cricket blindly.

TRP rating- Mantra and Petrol by which our MEDIA works, for that CAMERAMAN uses a very old Technic by SHOWING the pretty girls and in order to benefit the telecasting firm we have got STRATEGIC TIME OUT.

That strategic time out is not for players obviously but for marketing kings to develop a strategy which will give much more bags of money.

Now those cheer leaders, i have no idea for what they are here ? this idea is totally stupid, though they are glamorous and hot, what's the purpose of having them on field.

Advertisement, trust me in coming IPL you can't see the players face, because there will be some advertisements coming and also you cant see GREEN grass at grounds, everything will be allotted for advertisements.

There has been a talk about FIXING the IPL matches, i am not sure of it. But there are enough evidences to claim speculations.

Most of the matches ends at death overs, we can see plenty of turning points and unbelievable results. Just because of those incidents we can't label it as FIXED and still we cant leave it as NATURAL.

SO finally what i am trying to say? Instead of bothering TRP, Cheer girls, advertisements and lame marketing Technic, we have got good source to kill our time and instead of raising so much of questions we can enjoy and forget, all that we loose is our valuable time, nothing much !

P:S- Kingfisher and Indian airlines must seriously think up on hiring such marketing guys to bail them out and yet another funny thing is, when Kingfisher airlines is still in danger zone, Mallya ji enjoys his match with a royal challenge in his hand :p what a world :)

Life Cycle !?!

You don't need a MBA degree or CAT score to understand and realize few concepts with in MBA, there exists a funny and true saying which quotes, Dhirubai Ambani who had no degree in MBA or BBA maintained and developed his firm to a fine stage, which was not sustained and followed by his kins, who finished MBA at premier institutions !

Well, its time to move on from academics...So what is cycle ? Cycle is a vehicle which has 2 wheels and helps us to move from a place to another place, oops sorry... BLAH BLAH.
Keep is simple, cycle is nothing but a series of incidents from its beginning to an end.

Product life cycle, is pretty familiar over the administrative people.
it deals about the peak and fall of a product, why i am blabbering all these here ?
I have a relation with that, can be called as temporary relation(as of now)....

My modified understanding as follows:

1)A product has multiple stages from its entry to end, at the entrance it will undergo serious competition from rivalries and it has to sustain the fight in order to survive and to face so many obstacles.

2)Once it satisfies the tough fight, it has got some development stage, by failing in certain criterion it will understand HOW STUFF WORKS and also it will try to rectify the mistake.

3)Peak time, now everyone will praise the product and will write stories which will extend to pages.
Such a great product, wonderful product, class range product etc etc. even if it comes with flaws, people will not mind it, because it was an established product.

4)Decline, now this fruit tastes bitter. by this time, people will get bored of this product, "What yaar? always eating Dosa. lets try PIZZA:P"
That attitude will roll and by that time, that product faces a DECLINE.

WHY I AM WRITING/Blabbering this ?
I can relate this to my blog, at the time of entry i faced serious troubles, none will come to comment and none will appreciate, i sustained that part and committed mistakes, tried learning from them, for sometime remained as a successful blogger, few newbies came to me for tips, i was surprised.

And then, there came this question, BLOGGING BLOGGING BLOGGING? whats there ?
SO there i gave a gap and i lost 50% of my interest and also due to some poor network and lack of time, i skipped my blog routines, my visits got declined, ranking declined....

This is a virtual world, people will talk for a day about our presence, then they will carry on their works, that's how things revolves here and that's the only way to keep us alive :)

There are very few things which remains as an example for exception, among them "A FAMOUS PRODUCT is GREED TO LIVE".

Be it at a baby stage, youth, middle aged or aged... the greed of living some more time never diminishes.
Certain greed lies as an exceptions :)

That's it, PRODUCT(people) life cycle redefined :)