To my so called dear friends, enemies and neutrals.
I finally bought a domain for my blog with my name and I know that it is no great achievement, anyone who roughly holds 600RS and an odd name can register a web site with his name.

But buying a domain for my BLOG is something special to me, the reason for "what I am" from "how i was" is my BLOG. From Mechanical Engineer, i shifted my career to writing and the only reason behind that, is the page that you are reading...

Just a formal post as it would count as the first post from my blog/site with .com :P
I have very few words for my fellow and new bloggers.

"BLOGGING WORLD is not so a different one, here exists politics, gangs and wars."
"Few people would project them as PRO bloggers and would give you free advice."
"Stop hearing and start writing, just write anything to everything and discover yourself."
"Stop idolizing bloggers but respect. Ditch those don't worth being with you."
"End of the day never care for what an ass hole accuses you."


"Expecting to be a good guy for all is not so bad"
"But Expecting that expectation to happen in reality is damn bad my dear."
"Don't give a DAMN(including me)."

Happy blogging...

Keep writing :)  


  1. hey nice to know that you got an independent platform :) good going . . you too keep writing more ! :)

  2. congrats karthik for the domain .. and that's quite a leap you took from mechanical to professional writing .. all the very best buddy !

  3. Congrats bro! A personal domain is one we all wish for...

    Happy writing :)

  4. woww itz great.... congratz... u r rocking..!!! and yaa i mean it... luvd dis one :)

  5. DEE ANNA rockzz as always ,,congrats bro for yr .COM !! plz keep posting which u seldom do dese days !! rock d blogger world :) \m/

  6. Congrats on buying a new domain for you bro... Keep writing...

    Someone is Special

  7. Good Stuff.

    I hope you remember me too.
    I have a new blog.

    Rohan Shankar.

  8. Hey Dee! You rock man!!
    Hearty congrats and all the best:)


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)