Unfortunate Reality....

Who is to be blamed ???
First of all, why should we blame someone? How about us?
Interesting and horrifying topic indeed, it spreads a question at our minds,
"Where are we heading  ?."

To answer that question, the tortoise character in the film "KungFu Panda" reaches my mind. "If you sow a seed of Banyan tree, banyan tree will sprout similarly for all the trees, you will get what you sow." How true it is...

1) Delhi "Gangrape"

I really dislike and kind of irritated by hearing, seeing this trademark term.
Rapes were there, rapes occurs and will occur??? That question is a much needed one of present times, whereas we don't have a perfect answer.

Man evolved from animal, may be we don't have proof, may be we have some.
However, we have animal traits in us other than the Laughing thing and the sixth sense. Besides Animals are way better than us.

If there exists a rogue dog in your street, there are possibly two solutions
1) Crush it to death (F the blue cross)
2) Avoid travelling via that street.
It depends upon the person, if you are wise you would choose the latter one.

I do accept that, asking women to stay indoors after 9 PM is absurd and inhumane. What to do? We are all forced, it is tough to provide security for all heads across the nation. Even if we have some tough laws, there will be some Satans to violate it.
PRECAUTION is much needed.
In other words, prevention is better than cure.

It is really sad, we are finding someone to point our fingers at, we need some scapegoat to deposit all the blame games. CHEAP indeed. 
When we are not aware of our stinking environment, why should we blame it on someone?

Contradicting my words, I do agree that Indian laws are impotent and never exercised to the level best. REASON?
We shall only protest with candles for few weeks, we shall post some weird FB status and we shall hold some punch words as banners BUT WE SHALL NEVER VOTE and WE SHALL NEVER TEACH THE GOVERNMENT A LESSON.
You need someone to blame for such scenario, please check a mirror nearby.

How responsible the Delhi folks were? When they saw two semi naked people calling for help? What rights do we have to protest for better, strict laws?
How responsible the Mumbai folks were? You staged a protest after the 26/11, how many of you went to cast your votes???

Still we need someone to blame???
It will be hard for the world's dumbest person to find a dumbest person than him.


2) Shooting incident at USA

Do you know what is the most lucrative business in today's world?
Telecommunication? Automobile?

America uses Afghanistan, Vietnam, Iraq to display its arms mighty and rest of the world countries imports goods from American arms manufacturers.
So, sometimes we will be falling in our own PIT and it is America's time now.
SHOOTOUTS are not so new there, it has been happening since 1998.

As is was mentioning earlier, YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU PLANT.
What Americans planted at Afghanistan? Iraq? Vietnam?
I don't believe in GOD but our KARMA do exists, you will get what you sow. Damn true.

You just Google about the penetration of ARMS in American states, you will open your jaws as large as possible. America is one of the very few countries which exercises it's LAW to the best, Still then Crime rate like shootouts are not reducing. WHY?

It is all with the MENTAL HEALTH of such people, YOU NEED A STRONG FAMILY SYSTEM to support a person in both tough and best times, else he/she will go berserk and do such weird stuffs.
Again here, it is not the arms manufacturers the main reason, neither the buyers.
Who it is ?

It's US(not USA, its US/WE) again....

So i repeat the question again,

Where are we heading to???
Years rolls on and rolls out.
 What do we learn from our mistakes? What do we infer from our scapegoats donated for such violence.

As Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see". DO NOT EXPECT SOMEONE TO BEAR THE BLAME and SMILE FOR YOUR CHEESE. It's US before none.

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  1. Today i am first. well said bro. try to write it in your newspaper.

  2. @சேகர் Nandri nanba :)
    I would like to write, provided my boss nods for the permission :D

  3. Good one bro.... That's the reality we are facing... well said...

  4. @Dilip Rajendran thanks for the read machi.
    Glad that you got my essence.

  5. Really powerful words, DK. Yes, The change is in US.

  6. @Meoww Thank you Meoww, for a read and sorry for not being able to read your posts nowadays :(

  7. Yes, I sometime think, if I had seen the semi naked couple calling for help,would have I helped them? Really Shame on us.

  8. Good question "Where are we heading" and hope there will be more answers to the question.

  9. Well Said Deepak, I will like to add one more thing, As you said we never teach government a lesson as we do not vote.

    However I do vote, and let us say those who do not also get inspired from your blog and vote with their best judgment. Still the real people who place these "unlawful lawmakers" in the Indian Parliament are not us. There are 90% of Indian people who are not connected with us, they do not bother what people with Candles in Delhi or other cities are doing, they do not know what we want, but they DO VOTE. These are those people of whom we do not care, including less educated who do not read, with lower standard of life and mostly poor. They do not care if a girl is raped in Delhi, or any change is required in law to punish those offenders. They only care for their lively-hood and will not take their vote seriously and vote for anyone for a little bribe. in effect these people are making the govt.

    We have to make an effort to connect with this 90% of India. We have to take them seriously and only then they will also take us seriously and understand our requirement. Fighting directly with the Govt is not working and not expected to work easily, but we can connect and work with those who are making the govt.

    Only then we can expect to have any positive change.

  10. Yes, the change can (and should) start with ME, each one of us.

  11. Hi Deepak,

    Visiting your blog for the first time and this post makes sense. I echo your thoughts of wasting time in playing the blame game. You've made a point, that to save yourself from the animal, you should not lock yourself up in a cage. Similarly, why should the women have to pay the price for such behavior displayed by the male members of our society. I suggest that the women should learn self-defense and go out with no fear in their minds. If and when the time comes, they can teach such males a good lesson in respect for humans. The movie, Mirch Masala is an apt example in this context.
    Good post, keep writing good stuff. Following you now.


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  12. @Ranjana's craft blog Same feel ran on me ji... we must CHANGE.
    THanks :)

  13. @Fayaz Pasha None of us here knows the answer Fayaz. Thanks for the read :)

  14. @Saurabh Sehgal That was a lovely and sensible comment i ever read...
    Thanks a lot and well said.

  15. @Saurabh Sehgal That was a lovely and sensible comment i ever read...
    Thanks a lot and well said.

  16. Good to see you back in business, dude. Keep it up.

  17. More than the content, I'm awed at your writing style. So very mature.:-) And yes, we should all stop being hypocrites and starting taking responsibility upon us rather than just blaming others.

  18. @The Fool Thank you sire :) i gave a come back long time back :D

  19. "Be the change you want to see"
    -> Well said in your own style!


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)