"It is impossible to construct a machine which performs at 100% efficiency."
- So true.
But one can try constructing such machine and Viswaroopam is one such kind.
To write a review on Vishwaroopam, you must watch the film couple of times perhaps more. If a person writes a review with a single attempt, he must be extremely genius or must be a notorious liar. Vishwaroopam- A must watch film(If you are not an ardent of our YUCK masala films)
A fantastic movie, a different attempt, a class apart, people terms that film like that. 
May be or may not be, but hero on the screen of the film is also happens to be the hero off the screen.
Kamal Hassan, hardly there exists an artist with extraordinary maturity in Indian film industry, Kamal an exception. 
Perhaps, he must be the rarest of the rarest in Indian film industry to earn and invest in film over and over.

True artist they say, let it be. Vishwaroopam is certainly a different try(espl In Tamil film industry) other than Kamal, no major director or actor can execute with LESS flaws.
Though the film has derived few scenes from Holywood, it is obviously foolish to say that MOVIE as an effect of Hollywood.

The very first scene which affected me,
Kamal Hassan's bharathanatyam. Impossible for any 50+ to do that matching with girls of 30 years of age or less.

May be Bruce willis can perform a stunt in 60's, but can he perform a dance ? A dance with the actions of that or girly man ? Hell no.
A big round of applause for Kamal for perfectly executing and showing his vibrant acting talents as a Girly man.

Between, the scene of killing Deepankar(Samrat) is just awesome :D and one more character which made a mark is Pooja Kumar. With her expressions, she is just a perfect match for Kamal Hassan. 
Next perfect scene is that super duper fast fight stunt and then a slower version of it, which makes us to think of SHERLOCK HOLMES :P
Story i simple like that of most common spy thriller movies, way of handling and the perfection level is much better than the Indian films. Worth of spending millions is ultimately seen in locations and characters.The final moment of Negro jihadi is so close that of Denzel Washington's 'Siege'.

Though the reviews are already made and as the film is rolling out well, It is a milestone in Indian movie list. Never a movie in Indian cinema had made such perfection to stand for a while. Well done Kamal sir.
I can see your directions approaching Holywood, else you would have saved India like half the Indian super heroes do in Climax :D


  1. hmm i havn't seen d movie !! but aftr dis review me gonna definitely watch it :) ,,,,most of d reviews were not so good 4 d film,,but i definitely count on dis one review :)

  2. other than minor flaws and little slowness , I loved the movie !
    I wrote a review too. that wud be my detailed reply but waiting for a magazines response before publishing on my blog !

  3. Even I loved the fact every bit of it..hats off to Kamal's talent. May be because I'm diehard fan of him...I feel other than Kamal no one would have given justice to the character(s)..
    Liked this post too Buddy!

  4. Haven't seen the movie so far. But heard that the first dance sequence and the technical aspects of the film are really good. Kamal is a hard-worker, some people might not like his movies,only because they fail to notice his ingenuity.

  5. After a long time, I read your post. Most of my friends love Surya, Vijay, Ravi, etc., and when I say "my favorite hero is Kamal Haasan" they look at me in a different way, asking, "Kamal?".

    Kamal sir is always different and this vishwaroop proves that!
    And as you said, to write a review, i'm sure, one must watch the film more than one time if one is not a genius!

    Nice review!


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