Airtel Super Shits

Uncle Sam wants you to join Army ?
Hell no, as of now uncle Sam wants you to join super singer show.

Hardly, there would be a soul without knowing Airtel super singer in South.
No matter whether you know Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa or Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Ri Sa, if you are participating in that specific show, you can be compared with LEGENDS.

In a surprising turn, Indian Army is planning for a very similar selection process as that of Super Singer. Geologists are in high doubt that whether Ganga would be a perennial river flowing all the months of a year but they are pretty sure about the perennial telecast of Super singer (Junior, senior, super senior, sub junior) all around the year.
Indian army, which is knows for its tough selection process, now it is very much jealous of the Super Singer team for their much tougher procedures.

They would keep some plenty of rounds ranging from A to Z and in all of a sudden, they would keep the ELIMINATION rounds. which is nothing but to keep the TRP rating on a high note and over again they would call the eliminated jokers for a wild card round.

Of all, the excited parents with full of anxiety will pose as if their kids are on the verge of dead sea and king cobra. Perhaps it will look like an acting competition rather than a singing. you can see people crying, hugging and fighting as well. With the presence of 2 or more ASS lickers aka anchors, whose job is to do nothing than grease the participants and the so called gods
(Judges) with some super dumb jokes.

To speak about our JUDGES, who find themselves went through a perfect machining system to come out as a tuned play back singers. They would do all the possible acts to keep the viewers on toe.

'Sruthi Sari illa'
'Sushmitha Sari illa'
You have to practice a lot and so on sugary appraisals all the way from the music gods.
No one knows about the motive of the show in between there would be some spats to hike the viewers rating.

The scene of such drama would go like as if the SINGING habit is a vital to survive the world and by forgetting the fact that these people are singing the very old songs perfectly executed by the legends, everyone jumps.

Where such things are leading to?
Already there are dozen boring serials with the same theme of making the viewers to cry is on full swing, besides such reality craps including the dancing freaks are certainly annoying a section of viewers. Besides, the kids participating the show are given a feel of celebrity touch, which turns them to act superior psychologically. Plenty of occurrence could be noted as the show off teasers.

Television has got a power that can change people to an extent.
with such conventional craps, it certainly annoys a section of people who hate grinding the same stuffs all over the year.


  1. LOL... I like watching it, kinda different from the regular soap stuff, But the judges reaction was well narrated totally true...

  2. Oh you wrote this with that much irritation? :/ But, very true! I also feel the same, "sushmitha sariyae illa" :P

  3. yeah yeah thirumathi selvam fan la ne.. so unaku singing show crap ah theriyum :P as u r daily soap person i m sure u are loaded with tisssues :P nywaz nice post.. very true!


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