Piece Eating Peace

There are some people who thinks that talking on behalf of a minority would project them as a savior such as Moses, Martin Luther Kings et cetera.
I remember the visuals of the protesters waging a war with a state for murdering a culprit in the name of encounter, though there exists few irregularities in such process. The death of a 100% culprits are often scrutinized, debated and argued. I could not get a clue why such things are happening.

Later, someone said me, These guys are HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS who stand by the humans who were not treated as human and often suppressed. Their motive requires our attention, but their field of fight and the prime reason reason for the fight would be a criminal who was either hanged or shot by the cops.

Such People are called as saviors of the HUMANITY.

Another set of people, who would identify them as ANIMAL LOVERS, they will go gaga if you ever hurt an animal and according to them all non vegetarians are devils who eat lives.
Such people, cares more about the lives of the animals than that of the human.
Such people would feed a costly dish for their pets but never care for what a man eats at their street corner.

Such people are called as saviors of the ANIMAL KINGDOM.

For some reason I feel that the whole world must have been a single race with a single culture and practicing a single language. In that case, probably half of the demolished sacred monuments and massacred people would be standing with us.

According to our mythology, Ram visited Lanka to save his woman. he thrashed anyone and everyone who came up his way to find his woman and save her from the hands of a giant.
Just because a man took his woman, Ram gathered a score of soldiers and fought a war, which he won and rest exists with papers. I certainly wonder for this thing, plenty of Seethas' and a bunch of Rams were massacred even in temples and in mass  Neither Ram nor Allah went for rescue, not even the Buddha. For a woman, a man gathers an army and thrashes an island. How much army should we gather for a species which is in a verge of getting extinct.

Neither gods, nor the saviors tried to save young kids and yet to born babies in the womb to survive.Race and languages have camouflaged the killers, so that they killed even the wombs just because the young one took an avatar in a Tamil woman's womb.

The activists i mentioned and the gods i quoted, never cared a fuck to ask WHY ?
Leave them, there exists another supreme eye in today's world. Its Media.
International media is a different case, there was a woman who gave her life for the people who were struck between two guns.

I have to mention Marie Colvin here, a journalist who covered the civil war in Lanka and died covering the war in Syria. Our Indian media is quite different, all that is bothered about what's the name of BIG B's grand daughter and whats the hot thing going between two famous actors, It is all so important than covering a genocide.

If it was not channel 4, half the truth would have died along with the victims.
But our beloved Indian media, never cared a shit to cover what's going in South.

From god to media, everyone including me failed to protect innocents, How would you feel when you are forced to move out of your native place and just imagine how it would be to watch your son/daughter scattered in to pieces while playing in the street.

I am not sure whether god would punish the guilty, if god would punish guilty and if it is going to do them. Then perhaps, God must kill self.
I am so sick with the politicos here in India, they don't see hearts, eyes or ears.
It's just vote. I don't know how RAM feels and i Don't know how Krishna feels but I find myself damn guilty for failing to protect my people

SO keep on killing people.
Keep on massacring people other than you clan, other than your language and keep doing it.
At least by then the world would find peace with the pieces.
But certainly there would be none left to enjoy the tranquility.

Bloggers, you guys write on LOVE and so on blah blah blah.
Why not about this ?
I would be happy if we create a marathon of posts to implant the conscience to feel the pain among the bloggers.


  1. சரியாக சொல்லி இருக்கிறீர்கள்
    I think You know Tamil
    நேரம் இருந்தால் இந்தப் பதிவைப் படிக்கவும்
    பாலியல் தொல்லைகள்-குழந்தைகளை இப்படிப் பழக்குவீர்!

  2. Each post of you publish makes to think . I always like and appreciate your writing .
    But its always true War is the worst solution to any problem.

  3. Your frustration with God is understandable when people fight each other and kill each other. God perhaps works on the basis of certain universal laws and rules and he would not change it just now and then just as our politicians keep amending our laws. One of God's rule pertaining to humans is that the latter is created with a free-will. Humans can decide and act on both ways, good or bad. If they prefer to do good things, ultimately things would be good. If they chose to do bad, things would go bad. To analyze and decide, God has also provided man with intelligence and wisdom in varying degrees (perhaps for them to understand the contrasts)Again you are free to accuse God. Because of the same rule. For punishing any one doing bad things immediately, God needs to change his laws. And that he wouldnot do like the humans !


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